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  1. They do it because like other makers, they bought the chinese Omron switches in bulk, and they are betting on the numbers that there won't be issues, and simply replace and replace until you get a working one. The guys doing the refurbs are prolly taking used mice and fixing the broken wheels and not replacing the switches. I have a refurbed Ironclaw Wireless to replace my perfectly working one that had developed a broken wheel. I never used it. I have a G903 Hero that I bought while I waited for the RMA to happen. (which took 2 weeks to get the reply) EDIT: decided to test it out, at least it doesn't double-click (wired at least) The skates also have more drag than the G903 Hero. And I used to think the Ironclaw wasn't that heavy, until I started using it after 2 months of the G903. :D I have to depress the click buttons more to register vs the G903.
  2. I use a K63 Wireless and a G903 Hero wireless, so they can work. I suggest you take both out, and then connect the K57 dongle, wait a couple of secs, then do the G502 dongle. This way when the 2nd one initializes, it can select a better frequency.
  3. Welcome to chinese Omron switch hell. This affects many brands.
  4. Wired vs Wireless : with the advent of 1000ns polling or better on wireless, latency has become a non-issue. It's now more of a matter of convenience and whether the wire drag annoys you. As for which Corsair Mouse: I like the setup on the Nightsword. The 3-button setup on the thumb area looks efficient, and has a nice aim button option. (This config is seen on other makers)
  5. Never going to happen.
  6. The issue is that the arm of the switch on the Omron switch bends, and can cause irregular contact with the switch base. They can be reshaped, if you are willing to open up the mouse and pull off the switch case.
  7. Nice, if/when my replacement breaks I'll consider doing the same
  8. Then it appears you may have a faulty dongle, and needs replacement.
  9. Put the dongle in a USB2.0 port if you have one, or just another port that is direct from the PC. Don't use any hubs. See if it gets identified. If not, force a firmware update so the dongle gets redone.
  10. The trick is getting it aligned with the mouse. It blinks white when it gets power.
  11. I've found that with some hardware combos, the multiple wireless dongles may step on each other, indicating they are selecting too similar channels to communicate. Often I can solve this by turning both off, then turn on the kb, then the mouse. (My K63 and Dark Core did this often)
  12. Check if Power Saver is enabled in Settings. This disables the RGB.
  13. 1) The RMA process is straight forward. You file a submission on their Support Page, and include a description of the problem, and a copy of the invoice and pic of the serial number. Then after awaiting the unforeseen waiting period (I am still waiting) they either ask for more info, or give you a RMA number, and return info. With Corsair, you pay for shipping to them. 2) iCUE has a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand the author's mindset, you can figure things out. It's like learning Corel software. 3) This downtime forced me to go back to my Dark Core, and now I remember why I bought the Ironclaw. The butt of the Dark Core doesn't fit my hand well, it's too short, plus my thumb doesn't rest where it should be to easily use the Forward button. So I decided to treat myself to a Logitech G903 Hero while I await RMA. Took a day to get hand adjusted to new ergonomics.
  14. After the store return policy expires, you have Corsair's RMA service.
  15. You can add me as a broken wheel victim. Broke while I was scrolling a web page, and I don't use the wheel button in gaming. So yeah, this is fail. Using my Dark Core as a backup until replaced.
  16. If you do a hard reset, the factory profiles should be created. Unfortunately I forgot how to hard reset the mouse.
  17. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025348571-How-to-Reset-your-computer-mouse
  18. Seems you have Fast Boot enabled in Windows. Disable it.
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