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  1. When I have the headset connected but no sounds playing i hear a slight static in the left ear only. If i play a video and pause it the static is quieter then a second or two later it gets louder and stays that way till i play the sounds/video again. I've tried different ports on the computer for the receiver. I've tried different computers all together. But its really bugging me and im not sure what to do.
  2. Hi - I registered here because I LOVE this mouse, and I HATE this mouse. I love it because it's the perfect mouse for my super weird claw grip, I love the weight, and I love how it works (WHEN it's working). I hate this thing because it randomly (every 30 seconds or so) lags at tracking my movements, and every few minutes it STOPS tracking completely; I move the mouse, but the pointer remains completely stuck in place. When this happens, I can still click the buttons - for example, right-clicking brings up the menu, etc - but the pointer will NOT move until I lift the mouse then put it back down. Until I pick it up, it will remain stuck regardless of the wild movements I make. EDIT: This issue persists whether I use the mouse wirelessly or wired. I have not tried BT, but that won't solve anything anyway. I have tried this on 3 Harpoon Wireless mice, with old firmwares, with latest firmwares, with wire, with dongle, with polling rate at 1000, 500, 125, etc. I have changed the DPI settings, I've changed the lighting settings, I've turned off the lighting settings, I've turned off the sleep settings. I've even disabled the "Allow computer to put this device to sleep" setting in Device Manager for EVERY USB device and hub I could find. I've uninstalled iCUE, I've reinstalled iCUE, I've tried older version of iCUE. The result is always the same. Then when I grab my Razer Mamba from my other computer and plug it in to the SAME USB port as the Harpoon was using, everything works flawlessly. When I plug the Harpoon in to other computers, regardless of USB port or revision (USB 2.0 or 3.0) it always does the same weird tracking drop outs and lags. Guys, if anyone out there has some kind of solution or has experienced the same issues, please speak up because this thingy is driving me nuts but I don't want to give it up. Thanks for reading this far!
  3. Hello, is my second Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless in 1.5 Months... and both with the same problem, broken wheel, im not using the wheel button so often , like 2~5 times a day, the wheel i use a lot but not the button... Anyway the mouse cost 80€ and the material are so so *****, so please dont buy this mouse. The wheel now is inside the mouse fo some reason... and ofc i can not scroll the pages :mad: :mad: I am sharing this to prevent other people from doing the same as me, buying this garbage, as it is not even worth 1 €
  4. Hello! My K57 Wireless RGB keyboard stopped working wirelessly. I have iCUE installed and have attempted to update the firmware thinking that could be the issue. Unfortunately, the firmware is up-to-date and even forcing a firmware re-installation did not fix the issue. From what I can tell the dongle wont power up or be recognized by windows when plugged into any USB2.0/3.0 port in my PC. In iCUE the dongle firmware version shows a "?" and the dongle polling rate is greyed out. I even tried the method of resetting a wireless keyboard found on your support page. I did see the lighting on the board flash, however, the dongle issue remained. I am at a complete loss here, as I even un-installed every keyboard driver VIA Device Manager from within Windows 10. I restarted my computer knowing Windows would automatically fetch and re-install the device driver. As expected, windows did re-install the driver, but the dongle issue persists. I have owned this keyboard for about a year now and have never run into any issues using it on multiple computer systems. I paid $100.00USD for this keyboard on amazon brand new and there is no sense in having a wired up wireless keyboard. It is entirely redundant. Below I have attached a picture of a Screenshot of my iCUE software showing how the dongle cannot be recognized or is dead entirely. This has me baffled and I have reached out VIA the Support System. --- I have also responded to a previous thread in which the original poster and others are having the same issue I am facing. The thread however was at least a year old. So I am posting my own thread in hopes of receiving a faster response. Link to my reply in the other thread is here.
  5. I recently picked up the corsair HS50 Pro Wireless headset and installed the iCUE program and I cant for the life of me get it to sound like my other headset did for warzone, footsteps are getting blended in with the horrific sound of enemy gunfire and teammates too, it just sound like a cheap headset and I would really like to figure out how to fix it as it cost me a pretty penny, the only preset that i have had a little bit of success with was the default "pure direct" setting, but even then i don't even hear the footsteps until they are right beside me or I'm dead, also the static noise and hissing that this headset produces is awful, i will probably get another headset if this persists and i cant find a good balance for audio.
  6. Hi y'all. I can't seem to figure out what is going on with my virtuoso headset. I've listed below what the problem is and everything I've tried to fix it. Thanks in advance for the help! I should also add this is a new issue. It was fine for many months and has only been occurring in the last month or so. Problem: When its connected wirelessly and I am on discord, zoom or any voice chat, the audio becomes garbled then will cut out all together. The time it takes for this to happens varies but is always within a minute. Resetting the headset fixes it for a couple seconds but it fails again. When the headset is connected via USB this issue doesn't happen. The other weird thing is that if I'm not connect to a voice chat, the issue doesn't occur. For example if I'm watching youtube or playing a game, the wireless sound is always fine. Trouble shooting I've tried: Initially I thought it was the 2.4 GHz wifi that was interfering but I turned that off on my router all together and it still happened. In addition I used a wifi analyzer on my phone and there's no other wifi signals on 2.4 GHz around my computer. I have also done a fresh install of iCue software and the Realtek audio drivers to no avail. I've heard that there have been some issues with the recent iCue software and windows, but the fact that in USB mode the issue doesn't happen makes me think that's not the issue. Once again, any and all suggestions are welcomed!
  7. Hallo, Ich habe mir ein neues Virtuoso RGB Wireless gekauft nachdem ich dieses Problem bei meinem alten hatte (Am Anfang war alles ok aber nach knapp einem Monat fing es im Wireless (Slipstream) Modus an zu piepen, egal ob Ton abgespielt wird oder nicht) Ich habe in verschiedenen Foren nach einer Lösung gesucht und viele Leute hatten ähnliche Probleme und die anderen sagten, dass er/sie das Headset durch ein neues ersetzen sollte. Also habe ich mein altes Headset umgetauscht, nur um herauszufinden, dass ich das gleiche Problem mit meinem neuen Headset auch habe. Also brauche ich eure Hilfe, was kann ich tun, um dieses Problem zu lösen. Ich habe die anderen USB-Anschlüsse meines PCs auch schon ausprobiert und wenn ich es mit Aux versuche, habe ich dieses Problem nicht. Außerdem bekomme ich, wenn ich es per USB anschließe auch keinen Ton! Danke schonmal für die Hilfe im Voraus!
  8. As we all know Corsair names their refreshed models with PRO -> ELITE. That means the Ironclaw RGB Wireless will get refreshed too. Here is the list of changes I wish to see: Improved scroll wheel Improved connectivity Improved connection switch (similar to Dark Core) USB C Battery indicator Fixed mushy feeling on left mouse button
  9. I've seen a bunch of suggestions on how to fix this but none have worked, I've paired the two, reinstalled drivers, uninstalled the devices, clean installed iCUE, forced updates to the dongle and headset, checked privacy settings, set the headset as default communications device. I get the sidetone in the headset but Windows does detect any sound, it does detect the microphone though. Just curious if anyone has found another fix, sucks I just bought this and it is giving me issues right out of the box. Questioning why I'm even loyal to Corsair now since they still haven't responded to my warranty claim on my VOID PRO's that drain the battery in an hour and won't fully charge. Thanks
  10. Hey there folks! 2 or 3 hours ago I did an firmware update (i don't know why I did that.. I honestly dont). I'm stupid. And since then, I have no audio on my headphones. Also, I've noticed that the USB stick is flashing instead or lightning. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back to another port - no success. Tried resetting it - holding mute for 15-20 seconds and then turning it on - no success. I've uninstalled the iCUE software like 10 times, same as my sound drivers - no success. I tried it on my dad's PC - no success. What's left to do? I bought in store in Serbia but they gave me 6 months warranty and It's been 9 months since I bought them. What should I do now? Have I destroyed them? I messaged Corsairs customer support. EDIT: FIXED!! " I fixed it. connect the USB cable and hold the power btn for 15 seconds then ur headset led bulb will blink as red(orange). then force update the software, after that red bulb and dongle bulb will of, then aging u have to press the power btn until its on , then they will be connect together " or " Hey guys. I know you said your headsets was faulty, but it wasn't. Windows just stop recognizing the headset (mainly the most recent windows updates), which causes the headset to lose its default settings which also supports its functionality. This may include it not connecting, you not hearing the standard "powering on" and "powering off" sounds or not hearing anything else plus the mic not working even though everything is set to default. Now the fix: 1. Take a paperclip and insert it into the wireless adapter and hold it down for a few seconds (until you see the white LED flashing rapidly) 2. After LED started flashing, press and hold the headset power button for at least 8 seconds. This will pair the adapter to the headset and restore the default settings. 3. If successful, the headset should flash green followed by red to indicate a successful pair. 4. I know this will 100% work, so enjoy and don't update windows. I wish AMD made a replacement for windows too XD. " - Thanks to SL Legend & henry ford from YouTube video- [ame] [/ame]
  11. Hello, I don't why but recently my headphone stopped working. I get some audio for a small period of time (1-2 seconds) and then I can't hear anything. The headphone are well charged and are ON. I tried to re-sync the connection but without luck. It keeps going quiet after those seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks
  12. Schönen guten Morgen. Mein (noch relativ neues) HS70 PRO Wireless geht leider nicht mehr richtig an. Es wird zwar erkannt und gibt beim Einschalten noch einen Ton von sich (aber nur ohne, oder nur mit halber Ansage), kann aber kein Audio mehr abspielen. Das erzwingen einer Aktualisierung hat leider auch nichts geändert. Hat vielleicht noch irgendwer Ideen was man machen könnte um es wieder zum Laufen zu bringen? Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank im Voraus!
  13. The mouse seemed to enter a standby mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. After that, you'd have to move it a greater distance before the pointer would move also. This was driving me a little nuts! Luckily, a soft reset seems to have fixed the issue! There's no iCUE for my OS (Linux Mint), but I had Window 10 on a laptop a few months back (not any longer). I am pretty sure I set the mouse to power saving mode back then (for wireless ofc). Apparently, this also applies even while using it wired :rolleyes: (I haven't used this mouse for a few months, until now). Just thought I'd post this here anyway. Plus, it's really a bug / oversight, and they should fix that.
  14. Hi guys, I have been trying to connect my Dark Core RGB Pro SE for over a week and a half via wireless to no avail. I love all of my Corsair products but am sorely disappointed right now. All of my software and drivers are up to date. I've followed the directions on the corsair website, in the manual, and on the phone with a corsair representative. Is there anything else that I can do to keep me from returning my Dark Core Pro SE mouse as it will take almost a week for a replacement to arrive.
  15. Hi Corsair community Ich habe mir vor knapp 2 Wochen das Corsair virtuoso wireless rgb gekauft und war zunächst sehr zufrieden. seit gestern jedoch ist mir ein akku fehler aufgefallen... Der Akku entlädt sich aufeinmal VIEL zu schnell , obwohl ich nichts geändert habe. ich meine von Voll auf kritisch dauert es 30 min.... und jetzt das kuriose, immer wenn ich das headset aufladen möchte kommt sofort " charge complete" und ich habe wieder vollen akku..dann wieder nach 30 min wireless auf "kritisch".. Was meint ihr? Akku schrott und umtauschen oder gibt es eine andere Lösung? Ich bitte um Hilfe...ich hab mein geld echt dafür zusammengekratzt:[pouts:
  16. Hello all, I got my wireless headphones about 1 year ago and just recently decided that I needed to research what was up with the quality of my mic. The sidetone when enabled allowed me to hear the mic perfectly (basically 50 hertz to about 16k hertz) but the mic in windows is cutoff at about 8k hertz. I made sure the samplerate was at DVD quality in the sound settings, have forced the firmware to update, reinstalled iCue multiple times, and have tried multiple drivers, but nothing worked. Is there any solution to this? The attachment is a spectrum analysis of the mic in action from the default driver.
  17. A year ago, i bought the headset and now just recently everything coming out of the headset is really quiet, 100% Volume on everything, Before 20% Volume was right for me, because it wasn't too loud and it wasn't too quiet. But now everything is quiet across all programs. I cant update the firmware either because i don't have the 'Firmware Image' Is it a problem with my actual headset or is it the firmware?
  18. Buenas, tengo unos HS70 PRO Wireless me iban genial hasta hace unas semanas que actualice la versión de iCue a la 3.37.140 y la autopercepción directamente se ha desconectado y no se puede ni subir ni bajar, esta desactivada por defecto y me gustaría saber si es un problema de esta versión ya que en las anteriores iba bien. :sigh!: Gracias y un saludo!
  19. I want to buy the Corsair Virtuoso RGB WirelessHeadset but I am not sure if I should get the SE or the non SE. Important for me would be the Mic. After watching many reviews I still cant tell which one is better. SE was better but after an Update the non SE got better, people claim. Best would be to buy both and compare them but thaats rather diffucult in my situation. Would be glaf if someone could tell if there is really a diffrence. Which ones Mic. quality is better if so.
  20. Hello everyone, I have a small problem and I can't find a solution that works anywhere. My Void wireless will randomly say Auto shutdown initiated and power down, in the middle of a game. This must be a a software bug because I have auto shutdown disabled in the cue software settings. Can someone please tell me how to stop this from happening? I tried everything, reïnstalling the drivers and the cue software and resetting my device but to no avail, nothing works. Thanks in advance, Thierry
  21. Whenever I've put my headset down for periods longer than 10-15 minutes and it goes into an off-state, I find it struggles to reconnect back to my PC. I have to remove the device in the control panel to get it to reconnect. Is there a setting to help with this?
  22. Hi all, I hope you can help. I bought a Harpoon Wireless RGB mouse, plugged in the receiver and it was working fine. I downloaded the iCUE software to adjust the constantly changing logo colours and now the cursor doesn't move and the buttons do nothing. It's as if the mouse and receiver no longer talk to each other. When I first installed the software it asked me to plug the mouse in for an update, I did that and waited until it finished, then unplugged it and everything stopped working. It works when I plug it in, but obviously I bought a wireless mouse for a reason. I tried resetting the mouse as per the Corsair website, that did nothing. I've tried rebooting the PC, plugging the receiver into a different port and I've tried uninstalling the software. Still nothing. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
  23. I don't exactly have the best details for this, but it is an issue that has been occuring for at least a few versions. https://howto.streamlabs.com/streamlabs-obs-9/slobs-not-picking-up-pc-audio-12070 I am currently using the Corsair Void Pro Wireless, on iCUE 2.25.60, firmware 30.08
  24. I recently got a set of LT100 Lighting Towers. I wanted to use them more like decorative lamps however, which meant they needed to be some distance from my PC. The devices have a few built-in lighting presets, but these presets lack the customization that I would like. I then decided to see if I could make them wireless, and do it cheaply as well. I am aware of existing commercial wireless USB repeaters but didn't want to spend $50+ so I figured out how to do it myself. All in all, this project cost me less than $20. Here is a terrible MS Paint drawing explaining how it works: Supplies Needed: Raspberry Pi (I used a Zero W because it's cheap and has WiFi, but any WiFi enabled Pi will do) microSD Card (8GB or larger) USB-OTG cable microUSB Cable USB power adapter Instructions: 1. Follow this tutorial to get your Pi up and running in headless mode. 2. Install the VirtualHere server onto the Pi by typing the following commands into the SSH terminal you opened in Step 1: wget https://www.virtualhere.com/sites/default/files/usbserver/vhusbdarm sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdarm sudo mv vhusbdarm /usr/sbin 3. Make VirtualHere server run on boot so your Pi continues to work after power loss by creating a file at this location /etc/systemd/system/virtualhere.service containing this code: (you can do this by typing sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/virtualhere.service, pasting the contents below, pressing CTRL-O to save and CTRL-X to exit.) [unit] Description=VirtualHere USB Sharing Requires=networking.service After=networking.service [service] ExecStartPre=/bin/sh -c 'logger VirtualHere settling...;sleep 1s;logger VirtualHere settled' ExecStart=/usr/sbin/vhusbdarm Type=idle [install] WantedBy=multi-user.target 4. Type these into the terminal to start the VirtualHere service systemctl daemon-reload systemctl enable virtualhere systemctl start virtualhere 5. Plug the microUSB cable from the power adapter into the power socket on your Pi. 6. Connect the LS100 to the Pi 's USB port using the OTG adapter. 7. Install the VirtualHere Client for Windows 8. In the VirtualHere Client, find your Pi and expand the list. You should see a CORSAIR iCUE Smart Lighting Tower. Right-click on the LT100, and check the Auto-Use Device box. 9. Your LT100 should now show up in iCUE. I hope this guide was helpful, and if you have any questions feel free to post a reply to this thread. This same method should work in theory for any other iCUE-controlled device you wish to make wireless.
  25. I am attempting to remap the 'DPI Up' button to Page Up, and the 'DPI Down' button to Page Down. This works, but it also adjusts the DPI of the mouse. None of the lights are changing, like iCue isnt aware the mouse is changing the DPI. This even happens if I disable the buttons. ICue thinks its disabled, the mouse lights don't change, but the DPI increases. Is this supposed to be happening? How can I stop the 'DPI' buttons from changing the DPI settings?
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