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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, not sure if the term sticky keys is correct. but every now and then my keyboard will act as if certain keys are held in. Certain keys then become shortcut keys (i think this is what it is doing) for example, when i press W it will open microsoft word. when i type e it will do a É. The keyboard has done this since new, but has always been intermittent. It is very frustrating. I have tried resetting the keyboard, like it suggests on the troubleshooting guide. It is in my office and the keyboard is perfectly clean, never had a spillage. so not sure what has caused this to be faulty? Any help appreciated,. Thanks, Grugsey
  2. Hello Corsair Friends, I looked for a way to send this to you directly but I do not see anywhere on your contacts page that allows for a direct e-mail for feedback. As such I'll post my feedback here. I am a heavy Corsair user. I run the 1000D case with full Hydro X setup. I also sport various corsair keyboards and mice over the years, as well as a few headsets for the household. I am a bit of a fan (to say the least) and heavily invested in the Corsair ecosystem. I just received a complete Corsair LT100 starter kit and two expansion towers from Amazon. The packages arrived in good shape with no noticeable damage on the boxes or products themselves. Unfortunately this is the only positive note from this experience. Here are the details: 1. The Corsair LT100 Starter kit was defective out of the box. Only the primary light tower was detected by my PC and the second tower was completely unresponsive. 2. The first expansion kit I opened up did not have the correct "Y-Splitter" RGB cable, only a single RGB link cable. This rendered the expansion kit useless. 3. The second expansion kit DID come with the correct "Y-Splitter" RGB cable, but I found this cable to be faulty. The behavior description: The second expansion tower did not respond correctly when connected to the Y-splitter RGB cable. When I manipulated the cable in my hands, the tower would flash erratically, suggesting a faulty connection/ground on the RGB cable itself. At the cost of over $250.00, the quality of this kit was very poor. The experience was so disheartening that I have decided to return the entire setup via Amazon for full refund. I hope this feedback serves to help address what is clearly a QA issue for this product line. Thank you for your time and be safe!
  3. Hello, Corsair community. I have just experienced a faulty PSU that just destroyed my Motherboard and most likely my other parts... I don't know what to do, I have the receipt of where I purchased my motherboard which is from CanadasComputers. But I wanted to contact Corsair first if they can do anything about my motherboard being damaged. I had the Power supply for about 1 or 2 months now and it was working fine, but then all of a sudden, when I tried turning it on it, turned on normally; my RGB turned on and everything but then it made a weird noise and then poof my computer turn off and then I tried turning it back on and then it made a spark and small smoke came out of my motherboard side where the 24 pins connector was, and then it wouldn't turn back on... it made a weird noise and it smelt very bad. I was very scared and I unplugged everything. My motherboard was the x570 Rog Crosshair and I am devastated, I don't know what to do , I have the proof of purchase ; receipt for both my motherboard and Corsair PSU from certified retailers, but I don't they can cover for the damage the PSU has done because I bought my PSU and MOBO from two different retail ; Canada'sComputer and Amazon.Ca sold by Amazon(Amazon Prime) Please any tips on what to do?
  4. I bought a white M65 Elite on Amazon. 2 months in, left clicks only 80% of the time. I contact support, wait a few weeks for a replacement. 2 months after I get it, same exact issue. Now, a regular person would want a refund - not possible, says customer support. They say this issue is "extremely rare". This is absolutely a lie, as there are hundreds of reviews and forum posts about this exact issue. Many people are on their 5th, 6th mouse. I dont want another M65 that could fail me at any moment. I dont want a different ugly corsair mouse. I just want my money back, and I want out. Ive been buying Corsair products for years, but after seeing Corsair not take responsibility for this, I think Ill be passing on all products from here on out.
  5. For months now, I have been having this issue with my corsair H100I platinum radiator ML fan that came with the unit. One of the fans makes a loud grinding noise when spinning and is much harder to spin than the other. If I spin it by hand, as shown in the video attached, one fan spins freely and smoothly while the other only spins for a second and quickly halts whilst also making the mentioned grinding noise, even at very slow speeds. It seems to be the motor as the blades are not coming into contact with anything. Does anyone have a solution to this that doesn't require sending the entire unit back? https://imgur.com/OKRKJf9
  6. I got my MP510 1TB SSD a week or so ago and it started playing up when I tried running programs from it, I've ripped it out of my PC countless times now and tried it on PCIe to m.2 adaptors and m.2 slots on my board, it works fine normally but as soon as I run a game or any other program from that drive it dies and then no app can write to the drive even though I can see the drive in file explorer, if i try and open anything that uses the drive at all it crashes, I then restart the PC and the drive is gone entirely (including from the bios e.t.c.) then another restart or 2 and its back and acting like nothing ever happened until I use it again, I can download files and install to the drive but once I run anything on the drive regardless of what it is it gives up and starts all over again, although thinking about it downloading to the drive may be an issue still because I've not actually downloaded much to it at all. I've actually broken my PCIe extender for vertical mounting my GPU because I've had it in and out so much in the last few days diagnosing the issue. Just contacted scan about a replacement or refund but if its going to be a common fault I'll pay the extra for a Samsung SSD that should be more reliable. If there's something stupid that I'm missing that will fix this then let me know but I've checked the firmware is up to date and I'm using my existing m.2 drive without issue and the programs that were crashing on the MP510 are running fine on that one in the same slot on the board. I've tried maybe 30 different methods I've found online for drives disappearing and not one of them has worked at all.
  7. Hello, I've ordered a Corsair RBG fan hub controller online and received it on the 5th November, after installing it on the same day, following the instructions, I've plugged my PC back in and as soon as I turned it on, a load of black smoke came out from behind the panel which made me turn it off immediately. After removing the panel more smoke came out which sounded the fire alarm and I've noticed that the SATA power cable from the controller has fully burnt down damaging my other cable components. (H150i pro hydro series cooler). If I return the product, do I get compensation for the damage the faulty product has caused? And what are my options. I've reported it to the corsair support members but they've not explained it clearly on what happens. I've shopped with corsair multiple times and never experienced a single problem until now.
  8. Hello Regarding closed ticket #683959 (Faulty T1 chair, ball bearings falling out of wheels, and metal frame on chair base touching the PU leather causing discomfort and pain). I was given a full refund RMA on the 7th August 2018 which went unnoticed due to the ticket being open for 6 months before getting anywhere. To be honest, I had lost hope in getting it sorted. Just out of interest, I've logged in tonight and noticed the RMA was finally granted, but obviously, I have missed this update. I've got the link to print of the RMA shipping label which has a Bolton (UK) address. Am I good to go ahead and get this shipped to you via a private courier now and finally resolve this matter? It appears that I only got the RMA as I submitted a feedback report, which seemed to put my support ticket the gear it needed to get moving after sitting dormant for so long. I'm happy to send this back to you tomorrow for the refund and I'll be a happy chappy. Thank you, Alec
  9. As title says I've been having nothing but bother, I originally RMA'd two kits of 2x4Gb DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz RAM - making a total 4x4Gb sticks - when these were in my system I received nothing but memory errors, windows crashes etc. So, 14+ days later I received a new lot of RAM this morning via RMA and low and behold this has issues too - not memory errors or crashes etc but a rather irritating one that has just been annoying the hell out of me - it will not run past 2800mhz when all four sticks are installed either via XMP or manual timings as suggested here on the forum - these are on the QVL for my motherboard and my CPU - 6700k, I should note that the previous lot of 4x4gb sticks I sent back all ran at the rated 3000mhz with my CPU mildly OC'd to 4.4ghz using just the XMP setting. I've tested for hours on end and this RAM you sent me as replacement will only run at 3000mhz when only one individual kit is installed - in short, runs good when I just put one kit of 2x4Gb sticks in - in any configuration with the RAM channels - this is the case for either kit. But all four sticks together? nah they don't place nice at all! Not happy and well, the RMA service was a total shambles - no updates and constantly having to contact your customer service team via live chat or skype was a nightmare when 1) you're in the UK 2) neither customer service person I spoke to knew how to help or what was going on with my RMA's Because it was two separate kits purchased at two separate times your support team thought it best to handle them individually - two RMA's for the RAM kits, which was irritating as all hell to keep track of, the codes for these should any corsair rep wish to look into it was 660413 and 661178
  10. Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas! I am writing here today to try and recieve guidance on what i should do regarding my Corsair K70 LUX RGB (Cherry MX Brown) keyboard. I had purchased this keyboard as a replacement for the K70 RGB (non LUX, Cherry MX Red) that i unfortunately RMA'd because of key chatter and CUE incompatibility, and i had thought that i would have fixed my issues with the LUX right? Wrong, It seems that i am having a different issue with this one which i will explain in points, but please be aware that i am new to mechanical keyboards and Cherry MX switches in general. - Issue #1: High Frequency Noises emitting from the keyboard A rather bizarre issue, but if i rest my wrist on the wrist-pad and begin to type, it emits a "screeching" noise if you will, I'm almost certain that this isn't supposed to happen. - Issue #2: Springy Noises coming from keys I believe this is called "Ping" and i may be experiencing it on my keyboard, on release of a key i can faintly hear a noise similar to that of a spring being pinged. (Hence the name of the issue i suppose). I am not sure if this is normal or not on Cherry MX Brown keys. - Issue #3: CUE Compatibility I am not sure if this is my keyboard, CUE itself or something on my PC thats doing this but i am experiencing a issue where most of the time CUE states that no device has been found, or simply doesn't show a message at all, leaving my supposed RGB keyboard to default to the red and white WASD and arrow keys. Since i am using a ASUS Strix Z270F motherboard i plugged only the keyboard cable into the USB3.0 port. Any help regarding any of these issues would be greatly appreciated, I am sad to see this happen as Corsair usually make sick products! If it turns out that i have to RMA this keyboard as well, how would i go about doing so as I am from the United Kingdom.
  11. This issue has been fairly well documented here on the Corsair forums and on other sites by other users with the same problem. It's really sad, because this was not a cheap mouse and it replaced a 9 year old working Logitech G5 (original). The scroll wheel randomly actuates even when moving the mouse around and forget about using the scroll wheel as it was intended. The scroll will jump up and then down, making it useless. I contacted support about this issue last year and got no where. Eventually I was told "Sorry your product is out of warranty". I understand there is a 2 year warranty on these mice, but what bugs me is this issue is a very well known design flaw. Why not show some good will to very loyal customers and offer to fix it, or at least provide a working solution? I run a computer shop and have built hundreds of computers and have always championed corsair products in my build (especially cases and power supplies). I've used near 100 Corsair CX and HX/RM supplies in a single year. In my history of using Corsair products I've only had to RMA 3 products. 1 was a bad stick of laptop RAM that was used for near 4 years. 2 was the front port cluster on my Corsair 400R case that I broke and was after warranty and the Corsair support guy sent me a new one for free even though I acknowledged it was my fault. That same front port cluster in my current machine broke again (USB plastic in the center) and I didn't bother to seek a replacement because I was thankful he even replaced it in the first place. The third was a day one fan speed controller on a CX430(M) that went bad. So I've had my experience with Corsair and it's been overwhelmingly positive. Above and beyond support of their products. So when I've had this experience on a product that is clearly a design flaw (affects the M65 too) it bothers me to be told "sorry, out of warranty". This isn't the Corsair that I've come to know and I expected you guys to back your products. If I can't fix this issue, I'm going to have to chuck an otherwise very well taken care of and perfect good M95 mouse, what a waste.
  12. Hello All I recently bought a Spec-Alpha case and moved my current system out of the old case, I just wanted more room to expand. One of the reasons I bought the case in the first place was because of the fan controller located at the front. Sice there is four "fan plugs", the ones that power the fans and come from the fan controller, i assumed that the controller could handle four fans. I connected the three supplied fans and got everything set up. I was suspicious at the time because I felt one SATA plug to power three fans wasnt very much, considering amperage and so on but still went ahead with it. I ran the system about an hour in the morning even turning up the controller to its max setting. in the afternoon i started it back up and there was smoke coming from the case. I immediately shut off the powersupply but the SATA power wires to the fan controller had burned out. I'm getting a new unit from the shop I bought it at but am nervous to connect the fans to the controller this time around. Has anyone else had this issue? The fan controller should be able to power the three fans it comes with right? Sorry for the long post, hopefully someone can clarify if this was a faulty wire or if it really was overload on the wires which caused the wire to burn. Thanks in advance Gölsche
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