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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, is my second Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless in 1.5 Months... and both with the same problem, broken wheel, im not using the wheel button so often , like 2~5 times a day, the wheel i use a lot but not the button... Anyway the mouse cost 80€ and the material are so so *****, so please dont buy this mouse. The wheel now is inside the mouse fo some reason... and ofc i can not scroll the pages :mad: :mad: I am sharing this to prevent other people from doing the same as me, buying this garbage, as it is not even worth 1 €
  2. I'm on my third one of these mouses, I love it overall and can not find another mouse like it but the same thing keeps happening. The scroll wheel keeps breaking. I have used a total of 3 and i'm only at 1 year 8 months from date of first purchase, haven't you guys found a fix? This is ridiculous, I now will be on my fourth....
  3. My mouse does not appear in corsair ICUE, it works, it is connected to my pc, those rgb leds work, but it does not appear in IUCE, it is an ironclaw rgb wireless. I have tried in wired and wireless mode, nothing happens, please help me.
  4. Mouse refuses to work wirelessly after boot up or a reboot on my laptop. Need to unplug the USB Wireless Reciever and plug it back in to get it to work. Both mouse and reciever are seen by ICUE. Tried mouse on desktop PC that also has ICUE installed and did not display the same issue and seemed to work normally. Tried resetting and re-pairing the mouse but thad also did not help. The issue seemed to start after a firmware update. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Did some more testing with the laptop. Mouse works fine in UEFI BIOS. However it does not function in Windows nor when I tried an Acronis Boot CD (Linux Based). The Acronis Boot CD however did register the mouse clicks, Windows does not. Removing and re-inserting the dongle fixes the issue until the next reboot. Windows 10 Pro version 21H1 OS Build 19043.1387, Dell G3 15 3500 Laptop, Intel UHD Graphics and GeForce RTX 2060
  5. Bonjour, J'ai un soucis avec ma souris et les réattributions des touches, j'ai trouvé un topic (fermé) d'une personne ayant eu le même problème que moi mais sa solution ne fonctionne pas pour moi. Voilà mon problème : J'attribue par exemple la touche " % " à la touche "augmenter les DPI" de la souris (pour le lancer de grenades dans BF 5 par exemple), mais quand je suis en jeu et que j'appui sur cette touche, non seulement il prend en compte la commande pour le lancer de grenade, mais en plus il m'augmente les DPI de la souris ! Et bien sûr il y a le même problème avec la touche "baisser les DPI".. Sachant que l'option "conserver la touche d'origine" n'est pas cochée dans ICUE, j'ai donc l'option d'origine qui se superpose à la nouvelle commande J'ai essayé de contourner le problème en n'activant qu'un seul niveau de DPI sur les 3 mais même comme ça la souris trouve le moyen de changer la valeur des DPI. Je n'ai aucun profil intégré d'enregistré dans la souris et le problème persiste peut importe que je sois en filaire ou en wireless. J'aimerais donc savoir d'où vient le problème ? Sachant que ICUE est à jour et que tous les firmwares de mes périphérique le sont également. Merci. Lien de l'autre topic:
  6. So I've caught word that the Ironclaw and Ironclaw Wireless are part of corsair's previous design generation. This gave me an idea, and a glimmer of hope: This is the perfect time to improve on the Ironclaw's design. There are three main things I would like to change about the Ironclaw. One, is to have the same button layout across both wired and wireless models. The Wired model needs to have the same buttons as the wireless, if not just phased out entirely. The spare button would work much better as a sniper button placed under the thumb, rather than under the index knuckle. This one matters a lot to me, the addition of two more buttons on the right hand side of the mouse much like the ones on the top-left side. There is a gap between corsair's 10-button mice, and the scimitar. These two additional buttons will surely fill that gap!
  7. Hi, I'm aware this has more than likely been asked numerous times but I'm struggling to find a definitive answer. I've just received my Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse, I love the shape and feel and weight and everything however I am struggling to map the additional buttons correctly. It's got the back and forward buttons on the side which typically, when used on a webpage, would take you to the previous page etc. or when pressing in the scroll wheel it would open the link in a new tab. I'm not getting any of this. I've just gone into a game and it seems as if they're not programmed at all as individual keys? I think what I'm trying to achieve is to have them as mouse 4 and 5 etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. I bought the ironclaw for my First Build, and since then it just makes problems. Sometimes it wont Connect and just flashes, it wont recognice any inputs or if i move the mouse it´s stuttering when its in wireless mode. The newest one is when i turn it on after unplugging it from the cable sometimes , it kills my keyboard and im forced to restart my PC. Im just pretty annoyed to pay that much for a Mouse which wont really work, and me being kind of new to Pc im not sure if thats just my fault and im doing something wrong or if the mous is broken.
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to see if I can map my sniper button to the right mouse click while still retaining the original mouse right click. It would be cool to see if I can lower the dpi while aiming during a game. AFAIK this is possible with the icue software running but I would like to have this as a hardware action so I can use this feature when playing in another devices. Any workarounds or ideas that some of you have tried are welcome. thanks.
  10. Good morning community, I would like to ask you that if someone who has the iCUE profiles of the IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS mouse can pass them to me please, because I accidentally deleted them and do not know how to recover it, rather I try everything to recover it but without results; Now I hope someone from the forum will help me by uploading or passing me the factory files of the mouse. In advance, thanks community. Below I attach the files that I would like to see passed to me; by the way I mention that the ones that I am going to upload are not correct since they are edited. IRONCLAW RGB WIRELSS HW 1.cueprofile IRONCLAW RGB WIRELSS HW 2.cueprofile IRONCLAW RGB WIRELSS HW 3.cueprofile
  11. Hello everyone I have had my iCUE for not even a year and I've had no issues with it up until now. I used my Ironclaw RGB on both Mac OS High Sierra (home) and Windows 10 (work) - the mouse works perfectly with no problems on Windows but it is no longer being recognised in Mac OS High Sierra. I originally installed iCUE 3.10.125 with no problems whatsoever, I then updated the software to iCUE 3.25.60 and that is where every thing started to go wrong. iCUE 3.25.60 is not compatible with Mac OS High Sierra 10.12.6 (that was not clear in the software update originally). I have uninstalled/installed iCUE, reset the mouse, used CCleaner multiples and have updated my mouse dongle via Windows 10. I have contacted Corsair support, they have suggested everything above but nothing has worked thus far. I have iCUE log files that show that the Ironclaw is recognised but the status is empty, there are missing files and the device detector is disabled. Can someone please help me? --- I have resolved this issue myself iCUE logs.zip
  12. The iCue software no longer detects the Ironclaw Wireless mouse when you connect it using Bluetooth. Is that expected?
  13. ma souris corsair iron claw se connecte bien et marche en 2. 4 ghz mais se connecte pas a icue et la même chose en USB (je venais de l'avoir je faisais se que javai a faire et j'ai vue que javai une mise a jour de icue pour ma souris et au pour y lancer je clic dessus puis y me dise de brancher le câble USB alors je le branche puis je pouvais le déplacer ma souris mais aucun clic fonctionnais et quand je passai la souris sur les logo il y avais pas la sorte d'entourage gris alors je redémarre mon ordi, je lance icue et y détectais la sort de clé 2.4 ghz comme quand je la débranche et bein le logo de la souris s'enlève et oui j'ai essayer d'autre port USB qui faisais la transaction de ma souris a mon pc mais il y a un point déclamations rouge et non pas jaune comme quand un casque et éteins alors je passe ma souris dessus et oui mon clic et revenu mais il y avais rien quand je vais dans réglage puis dans paramètre périphérique et ont vois la souris mais quand ont Click dessus sa nous y sélectionne bien mais rien dessous juste du gris alors merci de me dire comment il y régler rapidement
  14. I have been using the ironclaw RGB mouse for about a week now and i have only just noticed the scroll wheel button (mouse button 3) doesn't work at all. This is a major inconvenience for me and I was wondering how to fix it, or will i have to replace it? I have already done a soft reset and reinstalled the ICUE software.
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