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Found 8 results

  1. I've seen a bunch of suggestions on how to fix this but none have worked, I've paired the two, reinstalled drivers, uninstalled the devices, clean installed iCUE, forced updates to the dongle and headset, checked privacy settings, set the headset as default communications device. I get the sidetone in the headset but Windows does detect any sound, it does detect the microphone though. Just curious if anyone has found another fix, sucks I just bought this and it is giving me issues right out of the box. Questioning why I'm even loyal to Corsair now since they still haven't responded to my warranty claim on my VOID PRO's that drain the battery in an hour and won't fully charge. Thanks
  2. The mouse seemed to enter a standby mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. After that, you'd have to move it a greater distance before the pointer would move also. This was driving me a little nuts! Luckily, a soft reset seems to have fixed the issue! There's no iCUE for my OS (Linux Mint), but I had Window 10 on a laptop a few months back (not any longer). I am pretty sure I set the mouse to power saving mode back then (for wireless ofc). Apparently, this also applies even while using it wired :rolleyes: (I haven't used this mouse for a few months, until now). Just thought I'd post this here anyway. Plus, it's really a bug / oversight, and they should fix that.
  3. Im sure this has been brought up a million times and one, but troubleshooting has been a struggle. We have been going between getting the sound to work and getting the mic to work, but now the issue seems to be the Realtek driver might be overriding something with the headset when we plug it in? (words from my friends, not me whos also running some troubleshooting. The headset and mic are coming up as Realtek and not corsair) We checked the 3.5mm ports and those work with other devices, and we checked the headset on other computers and it works there. What are some things we could be missing besides doing fresh installs of drivers and such.
  4. With the Harpoon wireless mouse I can treat the mouse as wired by attaching the cord to the mouse and a USB connection and changing the position of the button in the back to Off, so that the neither of the wireless settings are chosen. In this wired mode is the mouse always charging ? Is there any difference between the mouse always charging and the mouse being used as a wired mouse ?
  5. Hello, I am trying to find one of the higher ends of Corsair Product's Mouse to purchase. I want to know what mouse is everyone's go-to for FPS/Competitive games, I already own the budget Corsair Katar, its been doing me well for a few years, but the rubber part where my thumb rest is starting to wear off and my rubber cord is torn, and I just that I recently purchased a pair of Corsair Virtuosos Wireless SE and I wanted to get a wireless mouse as well from Corsair. I am not sure if there are negative traits to having a wireless mouse, is there any delays even a millisecond, is wired much better? Would wired be a better choice for more competitive style gameplay? What are some recommendations for Corsair mouses, preferably on the more $$ side?
  6. Hace un par de días invertí emocionado en este excelente mouse por varias recomendaciones que he leído aquí en el foro, el problema es que al momento de cambiar de mouse y jugar varios juegos de EpicGames y Blizzard no puedo configurar los botones de sniper (el botón grande accesible con el pulgar), Perfil superior e inferior, Más PPP y Menos PPP. Únicamente pude utilizar los botones de Volver y Adelante reconocidos en ambos juegos como (4) y (5). Tengo la duda si es porque en la configuración de los juegos solo permiten dos botones extra, o tengo mal configurado el mouse. Gracias por su ayuda!
  7. I have been using the ironclaw RGB mouse for about a week now and i have only just noticed the scroll wheel button (mouse button 3) doesn't work at all. This is a major inconvenience for me and I was wondering how to fix it, or will i have to replace it? I have already done a soft reset and reinstalled the ICUE software.
  8. I've been browsing through these forums looking for as many ways as possible to fix the 7.1 surround on my wired VOID headset, but the solutions that seem to work for everyone else only applies to the Wireless version (i.e. re-pairing). Since the update I've attempted to eliminate any possible areas of concern I could think of: Updated Video Drivers, Audio Drivers, and System/BIOS fully uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE after the CUE update to iCUE (done x2) checked default settings and audio devices forced firmware update on the headset fully uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for the headset disabled and enabled the device in Device Manager adjusted settings for application control before resetting to default again and all of this of course involved plenty of system reboots. I'm getting a little desperate because I've not found any solution to fix the problem. The button for Dolby Digital is toggle-able, but nothing changes in sound quality and I've lost the roomwide effect in Discord Voice.
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