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  1. Hace unos días estaba usando mi teclado con el sistema de icue y queria conectarlo a mi ps4, utilicé las teclas "bloq win + F1" Y ahora no me reconoce el teclado, al parecer es el firmware que está dañado, alguien podria ayudarme a conseguir el firmware de este modelo? El que he encontrado es el de k63 wireless y ese no me funciona .. ayuda urgente por favor¡
  2. Is there any way to change channel on this device so that it can be used in conjunction with my G903? Right now it's causing random hitching in my mouse tracking and I'm about to refund this thing.
  3. After unplugging then a clean up, my K63 Wired keyboard shows up as CRP DISABLD in Windows Explorer. I have no idea why or how it happened. i tried both holding ESC key and the flashing mode hole underneath one of the stand and both don't work. Can anyone help me please?
  4. I did upgrade the firmware yesterday for my k63 keyboard since it appear in my icue program. The program asked me to connect the keyboard to PC with usb cord and the upgrade went on to half way then it stopped and the upgrade dialog box dissapeared. After that my keyboard cant connect wireless to my PC anymore. I tried whatever they said in the corsair web the RESET and NOTHING happen to me at all. I personally think that i have to flash the keyboard bios in order to step back to older firmware but i cant find the way to CONTACT CORSAIR SUPPORT TEAM at all. I read the older post they said about ticket but i dont get it. I dont know how to get a ticket so PLEASE help me, i just want it to work. This keyboard is very expensive to me and i couldnt afford a new one. :(::(::(::(::(:
  5. constantly been a PIA, plain bricked or a lit up brick, this K63. it was supposed to replace the corded kb, but i have the corded kb nearby so i can log into the pc, when this K63 decides to regularly act up. constant reset. constantly unresponsive. now, this K63 works while connected to its USB cable, but doesn't type but lights up when going wireless. FN + F9 does nothing. rudimentary iCUE software has its regular instability. creating new profiles each time it has this connectivity issues. i think when i turn off the pc, then remove the dongle, turn on the pc, then insert the dongle into the usb port, it detects the k63. frustrated with its unreliability as a wireless kb. so, take me through the troubleshooting steps, please, again. if this doesn't work then i'm binning this board, and buy different manufacturer. i bought it for my b'day, and i've replaced one, and this second one has been troublesome. spent too much time/effort troubleshooting a device which needs to be reliable, it regularly doesn't do its single purpose in life, type. yup, disappointed, now getting bitter.
  6. iCUE tells me there's a "required" (the keyboard is working just fine) firmware update, ok. Then it tells me that in order to update the keyboard I need to turn on the keyboard, connect it via the dongle, and then plug in the USB cable (I'm using the cable I got with the keyboard), ok. Here's the problem - as soon as I plug in the USB cable, the keyboard disappears from the list of available devices in iCUE, and of course the update fails. So... what exactly am I supposed to do? Edit: when I say "fine", it does work fine, not perfectly, that's why I checked for updates in the first place - the media control keys just stopped working.
  7. Hi, as you may know, if you press alt while typing on a numpad you get different symbols like these: ☻♥♦ or these ↓▼►. The corsair K63 doesn't have a numpad but I added a profile switching and numlock macro on the right windows key (because it has two windows keys, so one to spare) and selected different keys for numbers and operations resulting in a functional numpad. However...... Once I press alt, I only have a second to use the numpad because after that, alt is pressed and released continuously as if it was any other key like the t: tttttttttttttttttttt. This does not happen in my laptop. If I press a letter it does, but not with alt, in fact, I can press the alt of my laptop and then use the "numpad" from the Corsair K63 keyboard and it works just fine. I've tried creating a macro on the alt key... Creating an alt macro on other key, creating a new profile, but all efforts were in vain. It seems this is a mistake, alt should not, by any means, behave like any other key, it should behave like the one in my laptop or any other functional keyboard. It seems that Corsair implemented a default behaviour on it, when it should have its own. Does anyone have any similar experience with this or any other keyboard? I would appreciate any suggestions.
  8. So yeah just 5 minutes ago i was sitting on my computer watching YouTube till I decided to spill some sugar free juice on my keyboard. I've had this happen to me before and I've always gotten the keyboard back to working. Last time the fix was to change the usb port after opening the keyboard up and cleaning it. This time i spilled it right on where the main components of the keyboard are. I flipped the keyboard upside down as fast as i could after spilling all the juice then i unplugged the keyboard and after a couple of minutes I plugged the keyboard right back in. And now all that lights up are the scroll lock and caps lock lights. I tried reseting the keyboard but nothing lighted up and nothing happened. I tried opening it up and finding out that there was no juice inside the keyboard but on the keys there was. So does anyone know what's happening here and how to fix it. And also nothing happens when I press any keys
  9. I just can't figure out how to change it. I bought the keyboard some time ago and I can't find the manual... The device and dongle polling rate option is grayed out on 1000 Hz and I can't change it. How do I alter it?
  10. I just got my wireless k63 keyboard and it works great, the one thing I am bummed about is that it has no per-key lighting I can only choose from a few of the predefined lighting effects. I found a few threads from 2018 and you guys said you were working on it. Are there any updates on when it might become a feature?
  11. Hey guys! I was wondering what kind of keyboard layout the EU prefix means in the cases of the K63 and the K63 Wireless. Is it a German layout, or something else? Thank you for your help!
  12. Hello,i bought my corsair k63 2 days ago and then accidentally noticed that my keyboard have weird clicky sound of right side of spacebar. I just wanna make sure that's it's fine or not. [ame] [/ame]
  13. Hello, After failing to update i ended up with a usb dongle V3.1.2 and a v 3.1.0 keyboard witch the icuea software recognized as 2 different devices. what can i do? help. thanks in advance
  14. I was in the process of updating the firmware on my k63 using iCue. However the update failed due to an unknown reason and now whenever I plug in my k63, I am greeted with a windows drive with a title "CRP DISABLED" with a single file in there called firmware.bin. The keyboard also doesn't light up. Is there something I can try?
  15. Hello, I'm interested in buying the K63 keybord because I saw that all its keys can be remapped to a personalised macros. Is there a limit to the number of keys you can program ? Or can all the 87 keys of the keyboard be reprogrammed to different personalised macros using ICue ? Also, is the profile saved onto the keyboard's memory ? This is crucial for what i consider using the keyboard for. Thank you very much for your help. Ch.
  16. I've just received my K63 from Amazon but there's a high pitched noise coming from the keyboard when the lights are turned on. The noise level increases with the brightness level. It's so annoying that I have to turn the lights off :mad: My fear is that if I request a replacement from Amazon that I'll get another keyboard with the same problem. Is there anyway that I can be sure a replacement will not have the same problem? Or should I just seek a refund and look for a different Cherry red keyboard from another vendor? :sigh!: FWIW: P/N CH-9115020-UK S/N 04319187301
  17. Hello, When I connect my keyboard to the cord, I lay it on top of my computer tower, which sits just beside my couch. So the cord and port connection is affected by gravity, and I have to make sure its straight or it doesn't charge anymore. I notice that normal wear and tear may be affecting the connection. How do I protect this connection? Has anyone come up with ideas or solutions about protecting the micro usb connection port while the cord is charging the keyboard? I was thinking about buying a micro usb wireless charging adapter and a wireless charging pad, and to bypass this when I need to do updates with the keyboard via direct connection. Is this viable?
  18. Hi, i just created a macro on the iCUE softwere, but I have no clue on how to activate it. Anyone can help me?
  19. This is making me nuts. I can't get either of my Corsair products to connect to my Win10 laptop over Bluetooth. The only way I can use them is with the USB dongles (don't get me started on one dongle per device...) I can connect other devices over BT - Xbox One controller, various headphones, a Wacom tablet - but neither of these Corsair devices. When I go to "Add Bluetooth Device", Windows will at least see the Harpoon mouse, but it just keeps loping back to "Try connecting again". It won't see the keyboard at all. I know the keyboard and button presses, but they simply don't work. I've got 2 of my 3 USB ports tied up with Corsair dongles... it'd be really nice to free them up. Does anyone have any suggestions or guesses? Thanks in advance.
  20. Like the tittle, I can't type normally one day, if I want scroll down, it zoomed out, then if I want to pause a game by pressing escape, it changes the window. Then when I check the input using on screen keyboard it shows that both of my control, alt and window buttons were pressed all along. I can't deactivate this, even when I unplug my keyboard the onscreen keyboard still shows this and I can't un-press these buttons somehow. I haven't tried to use another keyboard or plugging my k63 to another pc to verify in which error does this problem came from (because I thought it was hardware, but after I unplugged it I kinda think this has something to do with software) PLs I need help
  21. I recently bought the ENHANCE Keyboard Sleeve Travel Case It happens to be a seemingly uncomfortably tight fit, compressing the keys and hardly fitting in general, But it makes it. In retrospect it may have been a bright idea to do a bit more research prior to actually purchasing a sleeve, but alas. I've done a search here and not found a related post. So I'd like to ask, Does anyone have this partictular sleeve and keyboard, and have opinions on how it fits with the way it works/ how it effects the keyboard long term? (keys pressed for extended periods during travel, etc) Or does anyone have experience with another sleeve that they would like to recommend? Thanks in advance for any and all constructive input.
  22. I have the wireless K63 and Void Pro and Dark core se. I'm having problems with the mouse and keyboard. With the mouse if i leave it charging on the corsair wireless charging mousepad overnight when i go to use it i have to turn it off and back on for roughly 5 to 10 minutes for it to actually power on and be recognized by my pc. With the k63 keyboard I am having an issue where if i have the usb plugged in to charge it a whole section of my keyhboard won't work, specifically the "T" "G" and "B" keys, but as soon as i unplug it they work just fine. This is across multiple builds, i even just built this brand new amd build I'm currently using and same problems. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ICUE and it doesn't help. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I just registered here because I'm looking into getting a mechanical keyboard for work. The K63 caught my eye and I'm especially curious about CUE's key remapping abilities. I read this post which basically instructed how to remap keys on the keyboard. But, since I'm moving from a full-sized keyboard to a TKL, I was curious if it's possible to: - remap the numbered keys (0-9) to the keys above the arrow keys (the block with Insert, Home, Page Up/Down, etc.) - have the remap work only when a modifier key is pressed It's a bit of an key remapping edge case scenario, I know. K63 is advertised as being "fully programmable" so I was curious if this could be done :biggrin:
  24. I have a problem with my keyboard.It will switch on and work for about a minute then just suddenly die and not turn back on. If i leave it for a while (few hours) then try again same thing, it would do the exact same thing. I've came to a conclusion its a capacitor going bad, i de-soldered 2 capacitors, shorted them and then soldered them back on and the same problem but i didnt have to wait this time, hence why i think its a bad cap. I've tried everything like factory resetting the keyboard, reinstalling its firmware, tried it on dif pcs and same problem. While i wait for new capacitors to arrive, has anyone else had this problem before? Thanks
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