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  1. I just unboxed my brand new corsair k63 that I was looking forward to very much. I was a little bit dissapointed it wasn't ice blue, but apparantely that version isn't available in the Netherlands. Anyway. On first use, I see that the keyboard is freezing after 3 - 10 seconds. It stops responding to any keypress and if I was pressing a key during the 'crash' that one keeps repeating. The battery is fully charged and I have tried doing a factory reset. Please help.
  2. Is there any way to change channel on this device so that it can be used in conjunction with my G903? Right now it's causing random hitching in my mouse tracking and I'm about to refund this thing.
  3. Hello guys, I love corsair equipements and been a customer for almost 20 years. I just bought a K63 wireless + lapboard for 180 € on amazon. The thing is simply not working. It works for few seconds, then stop, alternatively. - I fully charged it, - Tried to reinitialize it - I set the dongle 10 cm from it with the usb cable. - Tried to connect it directly with the cable - Installed icue v4 and updated the drivers. --> not fixed. I've opened a ticket and didn't get reply for now. I am very surprised that such an expensive product could be defective. I've been using a 20 € Log**ech wireless keyboard for years and never had issues with it. I see a lot of negative feedbacks online and it scares me. Should i return it to amazon while I can, or is there a chance to get it working? Cheers Gilles
  4. Bonjour, j'ai un gros soucis ces temps-ci. Mon Imac ne détecte pas mon clavier, j'ai essayé de le reset mais rien ne fonctionne Merci de bien vouloir m'aider !
  5. So i have just bought the Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard, and as the title says the keyboard randomly wants to stop registering keystrokes after about 30-90 minutes of use. Things i have tested to this point is using it wired or with the dongle and even bluetooth. same problem occurs every test. I have tried resetting it with holding the ESC button in and restarting it, the keyboard flashes and confirms i have done it right, i have also tried the hard reset with the small button under the stand on the back of the keyboard. updated ICue to the latest version and force updating the firmware. Nothing seems to save me from having to return this keyboard. Firmware version installed: 3.13 ICue software version installed: 3.37.140
  6. My Corsair K63 keyboard will not turn on after a failed firmware update. It's completely dead, basically a brick. Suggestions? I only got it within the past 3-4 months... sorta ridiculous it's dead already.
  7. Hello and Happy New Year. I just updated iCue to 3.36.125 and after a system restart the AIO is not showing in iCue. The cooler works fine but I would like to control the LEDs again and use the custom fan profiles I have made. I have tried reconnecting the USB cable, re-enabling it in device manager and re-installing iCue.
  8. Hi, Any idea why this effect in particular is not working on my K63 Wireless keyboard? I have tried all the effects on iCUE and they work fine.
  9. Does anyone have a firmware earlier than 3.07? I've contacted support, and talked to 3 different people, first I was told that there's no way to revert back to an older firmware. Finally the 3rd person I talked to told me they can email me an image of an older firmware that I can update my keyboard to. When I got an email it started they no longer have any previous firmware for my keyboard. How don't they have the previous firmware available? So once again can anyone send me an earlier firmware for the K63 wireless? Can I just reset my firmware? The reason why I need to revert back to an earlier firmware is because I use this keyboard with the Xim Apex on my PS4 in my living room. It works wired but after 3.07 it is no longer wirelessly compatible with Xim.
  10. so I recently bought a corsair k63 wireless + lapboard and it randomly doesn't register me typing sometimes (on either wireless or bluetooth) or it will register one keypress as loads i.e. ttttttttttttttt. I saw a post talking about holding esc while turning on to factory reset, this seems to have solved the issue, however, as it happens randomly I'm not sure so posting here if there is some other known required fix for this issue.
  11. I just bought a k63 wireless keyboard 2 days ago. First day I use it through wire, seems work but no any response to any key after about an hour. Until I unplug, power off, and back on. It works. I remember I have face this bug before I bought this at the showcase retail shop, any key is no response(even light button, FN F9), and that sales just unplug, restart and plug and it works again. I guess this critical bug has been reveal and quickly fix by a mature company. I just updated to v1.02, it ALWAYS STUCK after a time within 10 seconds to couple minutes. Here to clarify "stuck" means the keyboard totally paused, I have apply a visor effect to it, it stop at the position when it stuck, and until I reboot keyboard.
  12. Hello everyone! This is my last ditch effort to try and fix my K63 wireless keyboard. I am currently using this keyboard on my living room PC along with the lapboard. My issue is random input lag issues. Right now, I can type as fast as I want and the keyboard keeps up no problem then, randomly, the keyboard will lag so hard I have to let it sit for a few minutes before I can use it again. I have contacted customer service and had the keyboard replaced two times so far. Each time I get a new one, it works great for months. I have pretty much tied the issue to Icue. When I uninstall Icue and clear the registry files, it works flawlessly for a while. But I can't run without Icue as my AIO and headset are corsair. So, when I reinstall Icue the timer starts again. Previously I was running an Ironclaw RGB wireless mouse too but it had the exact same issue and I never fixed it. So I tossed it for a Logitech G903 lightspeed. I have never had a single issue with the Logitech. (sorry if mentioning that is against the rules) Does anyone have any ideas to try? Corsair support has never been any help other than RMAing hardware. I love this keyboard, no one else makes a lapboard that is this nice! Icue and firmware on the keyboard are up to date as of a few moments ago, Just reinstalled and cleared registry files. Running Windows 10 Pro 2004, hardware as follows: Asus ROG Strix z390e gaming mobo Intel I9-9900k slightly over clocked 32gb Gskill RGB 3600 (4 8gb sticks bought as a kit) Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti Overclock edition Corsair H150I Pro AIO Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated, this has been an ongoing issue for nearly a year. Other little things I can remember trying are, swapping the receiver to different usb ports, disabling SDK on the keyboard, running the keyboard hardwired doesn't help... Thank you in advanced! Sorry for the long-winded thread.
  13. Here is my problem : I have for somewhat reason f...ed up something with my keyboard and it won't pair with the dongle. I can use it with bluetooth, but not wired or with the 2.4 GHZ dongle. I have tried the hard reset using the escape key while turned off, i have tried installing the firmware manually using the small button on the back of the keyboard... Anyways i have done merely everything i've read about re-pairing and it doesn't work. A lot of people said to use the pairing button in the ICUE panel but i don't see it anywhere. ICUE detects my keyboard but a lot of options are greyed out. It says i need to update to firmware 3.13, but when i do all the steps, the last step asking me to put the dongle back in won't work since the keyboard doesn't pair with it so it wont complete the firmware installation... I'm really lost here guys can you hjelp me out?
  14. Hi guys, Recently i have bought an k63 wireless keyboard, sadly i can't pair it with usb dongle (via BT and wired works just fine). interesting thing is that in iCUE FW version of keyboard is 3.13 but dongle version remains uknown. https://imgur.com/UTOPTa0 https://imgur.com/B9g33yS I literally tried everything: downgrading, factory reset, removing dongle drivers from device manager but without effect. Edit Tried to pair keyboard on macOS but still without effect, In macOS device manager Corsair dongle version is 3.13 but in iCUE is "?"
  15. I need help, got this keyboard recently, after installing cue software, clicked update to latest firmware, followed instructions, then after finishing update when I tried to disconnect usb cable and pair it wirelessly it doesn't work. Just keeps blinking white.
  16. The keyboard keeps freezing, and iCUE says its not connecting it only works when i turn it off and on and then plug the usb cable in, wireless is not working and i do not have bluetooth, i have the latest firmware, all my drivers are updated, i have looked throughout the form and have found no solution.
  17. Hi, My "E" key has gone dark - to be more precise, it has gone off altogether and the W key is also quite dim. I've had the keyboard apart and done some voltage checks and found very little voltage across the "E" key, yet if I measure it relative to the row test points there's 2V to the LED, which leads me to believe the LED itself has failed. How do I go about getting hold of a replacement blue LED for a K63 wireless so I can replace it? Cheers JD
  18. Hi I attempted to update the firmware for my k63 and failed. The wireless keyboard does not respond does not turn on When connected to the pc I get is CRP Disabled. How can I recover?
  19. Hi, I have a brand new K63 wireless a few days ago, and have had it plugged into a USB3.0 port on my PC for 2-3 days, however it still says the battery is charging. When I disconnect the USB cable and connect it via the wireless receiver the status light goes red and says the battery is low. I have the latest version of iCue and the latest firmware for the keyboard also (v3.07) Is there something I can try, or is it possible I have a faulty keyboard? Edit: forgot to mention that all power saving settings are off, including USB power settings etc. Thanks.
  20. Hi everyone, Sunday I wanted to format C:\ and set my thumbdrive as 1st boot device. So I reboot and slam DEL during POST in order to get to the BIOS, after 5 failed attempts, I started slamming F8 in order to get to the boot menu. I failed again 5 times. I repeated the same trials in wired mode, all failed. I finally unplugged my Logitec USB Keyboard from my office PC, slammed DEL during POST and got to the BIOS on first try. Does anyone else experience this? If I had the part# at hand I'd have opened a ticket at the support. I'll do so tonight when I get home.
  21. Hi, my keyboard k63 do not turn on the lighting, could help me how to reset it?
  22. Hi, I had a K63 wireless keyboard that failed like a few others after a firmware update. Went through support and was sent files to attempt to recover but this failed. The failed keyboard was replaced however the replacement failed again after firmware update. This was replaced again however with a different keyboard, so far so good but the replacement is not a K63 and therefore does not fit the lapboard I have. I game from a sofa as we dont have space for a desk, I've been holding off getting another K63 as seeing a few users having similar issues with firmware bricking the keyboard. I did notice the K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard looks near identical to the K63 just not wireless. Does anyone know if this will fit into the lapboard? Or do Corsair have any plans for a new revision of the K63 Wireless that will work with the lapboard?
  23. Two days ago my keyboard was working fine. I have had this keyboard for over a year now and have had some minor issues that i was able to troubleshoot and get past. Yesterday I go to play a game and all of a sudden its not working wireless. I connected the charging cable and for about 3 to 5 seconds I got movement in game but then it stopped. So i checked iCUE and i had an update. While trying to run the firmware update it stopped working altogether midway and i had to abort the installation so i could retry it. After aborting it i started to get a notification of a Bin file for the dongle when i plugged it in. At that point my keyboard stopped lighting up or even showing the green light to indicate it was charging. So i tried to run a hard reset. (hold esc for ten seconds, turn it on wait a few more seconds then release) and a few other versions ive read to run a hard reset. None of which worked this time. (i say this time becasue thats how ive fixed my issues in the past was with a hard reset). So now im stuck with the device being detected on iCUE. But no function from the keyboard and a constant update that keeps telling me i need to plug in the dongle then have the power on and then plug in the chord to start the update. but upon doing so it just brings up another copy of the device on the iCUE dashboard which then sends me into a loop of repeating the same process. Ive tried older 2.0 ports and my 3.0 ports and different methods but none are working. I hope this isnt the end of this keyboard and i dont really know what to do. ive submitted a ticket but im posting here to see if anyone else could help me figure this out sooner.
  24. Hi folks, ich versuche seit geraumer Zeit meine neue Tastatur mit meinen Rechnern zu verbinden. Momentan arbeite ich mit zwei Rechnern "gleichzeitig" weshalb ich mich für diese Tastatur entschieden habe. Mein Plan ist zwischen Funk und BT zu schalten, was mit der Maus schon super funktioniert, leider verbindet sich meine Tastatur partout nicht mit dem Funkempfänger. Gibt es da noch irgendwelche "geheimen" tricks? Andernfalls muss ich mich leider wieder von dieser Tastatur trennen. Besten Gruß
  25. I plugged it in same as I always do for the 9 months or so I've had it. Went to bed woke up unplugged it led wasn't on and it will no longer charge or even turn on. I've tried the escape soft reset trick I've tried different cords different USB ports no luck. No leds come on indicating anything. Icue won't see the keyboard as well. Sent a ticket in no response and I just want my keyboard to work.
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