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  1. Hello, My scroll wheel on my Corsair Scimitar mouse started glitching. I'd like to replace the scroll encoder, but I'm not sure if it's a 9mm or a different model. I tried to google the part name however I couldn't find any reference for a replacement.
  2. I always update firmware of my mouse to latest version. But I've faced double clicking problem for long. So, I almost but new mouse but I try to search about double clicking problem with Harpoon RGB Wireless. Then I found this solution (old firmware). Old firmware fix this problem. I wonder why the latest firmware has this problem but old not. I hope Harpoon RGB Wireless will get new latest firmware that fix this problem.
  3. When gaming or not my mouse can randomly pause or hang for a split second, tried the corsair harpoon mouse I have for another pc and it works just fine. Just started happening about a week and a half ago with no hardware or software changes that I could think of. Only happens while moving the mouse pretty quickly that I have noticed. I thought it was just a hardware problem so I ordered a new one and had the same issue with it. Thought I'd leave a list of stuff I've tried so far before ordering the new mouse and after with no luck. Disabled icue forced firmware update on old mouse Uninstalled and reinstalled hid and virtual driver in device manager malware/virus check Cleaned the mouse air and the pad with a cloth Tried lowering the dpi and poll rate Checked my gpu, bios, chipset and any other driver I could think of was up to date Reinstalled windows but kept data and files (really didn't want to go for a full wipe if I didn't have to I know the simple option is just to get another mouse but I really liked the 2 side buttons on each side. Appreciate any input, thanks!
  4. Not sure if anyone else has this problem. When iCUE software shows any kind of pop-up from the system tray (e.g., an update notification or the menu when the iCUE icon in the tray is clicked), that area of the screen where the popup appeared becomes unusable, even if the popul is long gone. This then propagates to any other applications as well, not just Windows desktop: I cannot click, right-click or drag anything in that area of the screen. The only thing that helps is completely restarting the iCUE application. I have Windows 10, build 19044. See example in the attachment: I try to right mouse click in the area where the popup was and nothing happens. Here after the pop-up is closed I try left- and right-clicking on this area, then drag some stuff there and try to move it away, but it doesn't react to any mouse activity.
  5. For quite a while now (a year I would estimate) I'm having issues with the left click on the mouse when it's connected via USB-C to (any) PC. When I left-click the mouse it acts like I'm holding the left-mouse button. Then I need to randomly left- or right-click the mouse to get out of that state. Note that the problem only occurs when it's connected to a PC. My mouse and iCue software are fully up-to-date and I've reset the mouse to factory settings to make sure it's not profile related. Can someone please help me solve this annoying issue? Thank you.
  6. when I unplug the mouse and switch to wireless mode, after about a minute or so icue will just forget that my mouse is connected in wireless mode and my button mappings will stop working. I don't have a precise timing as to when it happens as the mouse continues to function fine until I try to use one of the side buttons that relies on icue.
  7. I'm on my third one of these mouses, I love it overall and can not find another mouse like it but the same thing keeps happening. The scroll wheel keeps breaking. I have used a total of 3 and i'm only at 1 year 8 months from date of first purchase, haven't you guys found a fix? This is ridiculous, I now will be on my fourth....
  8. My mouse does not appear in corsair ICUE, it works, it is connected to my pc, those rgb leds work, but it does not appear in IUCE, it is an ironclaw rgb wireless. I have tried in wired and wireless mode, nothing happens, please help me.
  9. I had my mouse (Scimitar RGB Elite) display my cpu temp colors in the past. I updated my graphics card recently, updated the icue program and restarted my desktop with no colors showing at all anymore. It seems as though it cannot locate the source of my cpu temperature and wont display any colors because of it. I'm unsure if anyone has stumbled upon the same issue, and if so, how it was resolved. Thanks!!
  10. Hallo Forum, leider habe ich aktuell das Problem, dass ich an meiner M65 Elite die Sniper-Taste nicht mehr programmieren kann. Ich kann zwar eine Funktion auf die Taste legen (z.B. Profil wechseln), aber es gelingt mir nicht, hier einfach nur einen Tastaturbefehl zu programmieren. In Icue sieht alles fein aus, es funktioniert aber nicht. (Getestet in COD MW und COD Vanguard) Gestern ist mir der Fehler aufgefallen, nachdem vorher alles funktioniert hat wie gewünscht. Reset der Maus habe ich schon probiert (ausgesteckt, bei gedrückten Maustasten wieder eingesteckt) - leider ohne Erfolg. Hat hier jemand das gleiche Problem, oder vielleicht schon eine Lösung? Gibt es eigentlich eine Anleitung für Icue? Auf Youtube habe ich nur Tutorials zum Thema Beleuchtung gefunden. @Corsair Sorry, falls ich diese Funktion nicht gefunden habe. Aber falls nicht vorhanden, könnte man in Icue vielleicht eine Funktion einbauen, um die Programmierung zu testen? Es ist total lästig, wenn man beim Experimentieren immer wieder in ein Spiel wechseln muss, um zu probieren, ob alles klappt. Bei anderen programmierbaren Geräten kenne ich die Funktion "Profil testen". Im Voraus vielen Dank für die Hilfe.
  11. Hello, I very recently purchased an M65 Ultra wired, upgrading from an older M65 Elite that was starting to get the double-clicking issue. So far the mouse has been great, save for a rather annoying issue with the Mouse 4 (Back) / Mouse 5 (Forward) buttons which, when iCUE is running, act as if they are being held down when I press them for longer than approximately 7-10 seconds. As mentioned, if I close iCUE this issue is completely eliminated. I have attempted to soft reset, force upgrade the mouse's software (v. 1.13.33), and reinstall iCUE (v. 4.18.209), all to no avail. Hopefully someone here has a solution.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to pair this mouse up to a Bluetooth receiver on my desktop PC running Windows 10 however I'm having a bit of trouble connecting it. The Bluetooth version is reported to be HCI 6.12576 / LMP 6.8891, which is Bluetooth 4.0. Unfortunately it was bought without the wireless USB receiver, so I am not able to connect it that way. On the PC I have tried to add a Bluetooth device by going to Start > Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth or other device and selecting Bluetooth (Mice, keyboards, pens, or audio and other kinds of Bluetooth devices). The instructions say that I need to hold the PROFILE UP button, then power on the mouse to the BT position while still holding down that button. The LED is flashing blue as expected, but never turns solid blue as I am unable to pair successfully. I am able to connect the mouse via a USB data cable and the PC is able to detect it. I have also installed iCue, but I think that's only for using it with the wireless receiver. I have enabled Bluetooth discovery in the Bluetooth settings by selecting the checkbox 'Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC'. I have also proved the dongle works by sending a file to my PC from my phone. I have also proved that the Bluetooth is working on the mouse, as I was able to pair it with my phone and I am able to see a cursor on my phone screen and move it around. Is there anything else that I may have missed here?
  13. So my Brother got an used Dark Core RGB quite a while ago and now gave it to me. But when i tried connecting it, it would only work wired. I tried a lot of things and found out that there is a firmware Update for the mouse. The big problem though is that for it to Update, it requieres a wireless USB-receiver, which we do not have due to it being bought used. How can i connect my Mouse using Bluetooth? (It does support Bluetooth connection) Do I need the Firmware Update for it to Work? How can i get it without the receiver?
  14. I've had this issue for a while and tried everything i can find, I tried updating frimware and such but i can't find anything. If an mod could send me an old version that still makes them work i would be happy.
  15. I know this has been posted repeatedly, but I have never found a forum with a fix. I love my mouse, but the point of buying this was for wireless..... It worked perfectlyt the first two days i had it, then i had to charge it and it has never connected again after that and i can only use it wired... I have tried hard resetting ther mouse by turning it off and turning it on while holding the side buttons, i tried initatring the dongle connect on icue settings. Nothing has worked. I have the dongle in a USB 3.0 slot on my pc. i dont have pictures attached bc theres really nothing to take a picture of. any help accepted. thank you
  16. I ordered this mouse and it’s on the way to my country. Was just wondering how long does it take to charge via usb c wire and a random Qi wireless charger pad. Any recommendations for which type of Qi charger I should get? (wattage etc.) Edit: Also, can I leave my mouse on the Qi wireless charger pad overnight, perhaps a day or two maybe?
  17. I have a corsair iron claw RGB wireless gaming mouse model number RGP0052. While I’m playing war zone it will start acting weird. The buttons I have assigned for running and sliding and reload will stop working while I’m playing the game. About 10 minutes into playing it will stop working. When I’m done playing for the day I will try and close the computer downAnd I won’t be able to click on the start button to shut the computer down. Plus sometimes when I click on a search bar where you type things it will randomly and continuously show the number six. One of my buttons on the mouse is for the number six. And it will continuously push that button as if it was stuck. Can someone help me.
  18. Hi everyone, I got my Dark Core RGB Pro SE yesterday, and after messing around with the software and looking for hours on forums and YouTube, I cannot figure out how to successfully bind the two upper left buttons on my mouse. I managed to bind every other button (forward, back, scroll click, etc.) but these two will always change my DPI settings. Even if I have only one DPI profile activated, or all three with the same DPI level, they still change whenever I press one of those two buttons. The mouse really comes advertised with these buttons as customizable buttons. A little bit of a letdown so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi - I registered here because I LOVE this mouse, and I HATE this mouse. I love it because it's the perfect mouse for my super weird claw grip, I love the weight, and I love how it works (WHEN it's working). I hate this thing because it randomly (every 30 seconds or so) lags at tracking my movements, and every few minutes it STOPS tracking completely; I move the mouse, but the pointer remains completely stuck in place. When this happens, I can still click the buttons - for example, right-clicking brings up the menu, etc - but the pointer will NOT move until I lift the mouse then put it back down. Until I pick it up, it will remain stuck regardless of the wild movements I make. EDIT: This issue persists whether I use the mouse wirelessly or wired. I have not tried BT, but that won't solve anything anyway. I have tried this on 3 Harpoon Wireless mice, with old firmwares, with latest firmwares, with wire, with dongle, with polling rate at 1000, 500, 125, etc. I have changed the DPI settings, I've changed the lighting settings, I've turned off the lighting settings, I've turned off the sleep settings. I've even disabled the "Allow computer to put this device to sleep" setting in Device Manager for EVERY USB device and hub I could find. I've uninstalled iCUE, I've reinstalled iCUE, I've tried older version of iCUE. The result is always the same. Then when I grab my Razer Mamba from my other computer and plug it in to the SAME USB port as the Harpoon was using, everything works flawlessly. When I plug the Harpoon in to other computers, regardless of USB port or revision (USB 2.0 or 3.0) it always does the same weird tracking drop outs and lags. Guys, if anyone out there has some kind of solution or has experienced the same issues, please speak up because this thingy is driving me nuts but I don't want to give it up. Thanks for reading this far!
  20. Hi guys, Really love the sabre RGB mouse, had it since 2017, but the middle mouse click is failing, sometimes it works if I press it hard enough, usually does not. I have reconfigured the Button 8 to do the middle mouse click function for me and that works fine but I wondered if there was a way to fix it? I have already tried software fixes, (soft reset, icue close, icue update etc.) I have already opened the mouse up, cleaned out debris and there is no "obvious" issues, it still makes the tactile "click" noise, if I press directly on the button (instead of the bar) and it also occasionally works. It looks easy enough to remove the button (desolder) and potentially install a new button there, but does anyone know where you can get that button? (part code?) I'm in Sweden right now but shipping from the UK is easy too https://i.imgur.com/qRorU2E.png https://i.imgur.com/12CbD0t.png
  21. Is there any way to change channel on this device so that it can be used in conjunction with my G903? Right now it's causing random hitching in my mouse tracking and I'm about to refund this thing.
  22. The mouse goes into sleep mode after a certain period of time. Macro keys don’t work. When I get to mouse’s interface sw, the mouse appears to be turned off but it works like a charm. When the mouse is connected to wireless dongle and try to charge it, the cursor disappears and doesn’t move. Also scroll button is not working properly.
  23. Dear Corsair; Please add support SCIMITAR RGB to iCUE 4. I bought this mouse on 2019 and you not support it! Please respect customers. I have lot of Corsair devices and just for this mouse cannot use iCUE 4 because it not support it. Best regards
  24. I have a K55 RGP pro mouse, and whenever i move my mouse in game, my frames drop a lot, like from 100 to 20. But when i use another mouse or my touchpad i experience no lag. Pls i would really appreciate it if y'all can give me a fix/
  25. Bonjour, Je constate des latences lorsque je bouge ma souris, comme un petit freeze qui survient régulièrement. En jeu (warzone) c'est clairement infâme ... Depuis peu je vois ces lags sur mon bureau. J'ai procédé à un test d'input lag sur internet, je constate des pics de latence qui reviennent fréquemment (ci-joint la capture). Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
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