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  1. Hey, I've heard there's general issues with the M65, but this is getting real weird. I can no longer reliably left click with my mouse, and seeing as these problems started about 5-6 months after purchase, and now 10 months after purchase have become almost unbearable, I seem to be luckier than most. However, on top of not always registering left clicks, it will now occassionally register single clicks as double clicks. What's going on? Is there any fix at this point? Seeing as this mouse seemed more durable than most M65s, I am worried that RMA will just get me a mouse that'll be fried in 6 weeks instead.
  2. Greetings community members and expert staff! For some reason, after updating iCue to the newest version that I downloaded yesterday, 4.18.209, the sniper button on my M65 RGB mouse "sticks" in an activated mode even though I released it. It REALLY screws up my shots and is very annoying to deal with. This is, in my opinion, the best FPS and shooter game mouse on the market, with excellent weight, friction, customization and response. Please help! If anything, how do I revert to a former version of the software? The worst thing is that it was working just fine til I updated. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted as well as washing out all my mouse drivers and reinstalling them. I have removed my profile and completely remade it. I only use two DPI settings, the base one at 1750 and sniper button at 350, if that makes a difference. Thank you!
  3. Hello guys. Any place in the USA to buy this model (or the non RGB)? I couldn't find any place to shop except NewEgg that cost too much than the original value. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I very recently purchased an M65 Ultra wired, upgrading from an older M65 Elite that was starting to get the double-clicking issue. So far the mouse has been great, save for a rather annoying issue with the Mouse 4 (Back) / Mouse 5 (Forward) buttons which, when iCUE is running, act as if they are being held down when I press them for longer than approximately 7-10 seconds. As mentioned, if I close iCUE this issue is completely eliminated. I have attempted to soft reset, force upgrade the mouse's software (v. 1.13.33), and reinstall iCUE (v. 4.18.209), all to no avail. Hopefully someone here has a solution.
  5. Using my first M65 Military Green since 2014 and my second "attempt" around early 2016 I gave up about the middle-mouse-click issue and still use the model on every title I don´t feel the need to use that randomly functional button. I´ve seen the new PRO RGB model (sadly not military green...) and like the new sniper button position, BUT I´m a bit concerned if the middle-button will die on me early once again and make me salty about the purchase. Is the new model more sturdy than the previous ones so I´ll don´t have to switch over to my secondary mouse with working middle-click? Cause 1-6 months is a really low lifetime for a not really often used button... Besides that issue I really like the design and grip of the M60/65 series a lot more than most others I had yet.
  6. So recently I started having issues with the side (back/forward) buttons not working my my M65 pro and the mapping for my sniper button stopped working too (i use l shift to run with the sniper button since I dont really play sniper builds). I have a backup m65 pro I just opened and still causes the same issue. I tried both on a different laptop and they both work fine. I can get everything to work if I uninstall iCUE, remove corsair from regedit and from appdata. But after restarting my PC the issue starts up again. I can map the back/forward button to their macros with use original input or whatever but I cant remap the sniper button. Any way I can take the drivers from the laptop (where mice are working) and transfer them to the non working setup? or any advice for this?
  7. Hello guys, I recently bought an M65 pro RGB and downloaded iCue to set my profiles. All seemed to work perfectly, apart from the fact that the upper led stating the different dpis levels, returns the wrong colors. For example: I set a dpi profile as Red and the led shows up Yellow Same thing for green etc while blue and violet seems working fine. So i thought one of the rgb microleds was broken, until it randomly came back to normal and showed colors, then randomly did the issue again. Any thoughts? Anyone had the same problem? Let me know, best regards :)
  8. Hello Everyone, over the years i had a couple of Corsair mice, keyboards and other components and I'm pretty happy with them. But one thing bothers me about the mice. These I had since 2016: M65 RGB - Broken wheel (2016/5) M65 PRO RGB - Broken wheel (2016/8) Scimitar Pro RGB - Broken wheel / Still in use (2018/9) Ironclaw RGB - Broken wheel (2019/2) Glaive RGB Pro - No problems so far (2019/11) Dark Core RGB SE - Broken wheel (2020/6) Dark Core RGB SE - In use (2020/8) Everytime one wheel failed, either only scrolling or just middle click, I took it apart and saw that the wheel and axle are made out of translucent plastic. The axle for the wheel is like 1,5mm. The axle broke either left or right side of the wheel, one side meaning scrolling- and the otherside middle click not working. I'm happy with my corsair products, but this bothers me. Everytime I bought a new mouse i hoped they replaced the axle with a metal one...But nope. atm. I'm using my 2nd Dark Core SE, which I'm also starting to feel the wheel scratching/touching somewhere and sometimes the middle click doesn't work. I also googled. Other people are also having the same issues accross different models... I highly doubt Corsair are trying to fix this, since it is an issue for me since 2016... Kind Regards, Caklyn
  9. Just purchased a Corsair K100 RGB keyboard with current firmware, an M65 RGB Elite mouse, and have the latest version of iCue installed. Whenever I reboot Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, the K100 key lighting goes dark until after I log in. Is there a way to spec a default profile so it always boots pending login into a lit keyboard? The mouse always has a default lighting defined whenever I have not logged in yet but not the keyboard. Second, whenever I link a keyboard profile to a specific game app, whenever I run that app, the keyboard again goes black, rather than its profile being selected. When I remove the app link, lighting comes back. Any ideas as to what I'm missing here? Watched several YouTube videos, but what they portray doesn't work.
  10. Hello, from a couple of months, I have a very annoying issue with my mouse, random double clicks, I use this mouse for CAD work and 3D modeling, and the problem it's messing with my work, any help, or tips?
  11. It will randomly not responding.....when i exit iCUE and it will make double/triple click sometime but not responding is really annoying
  12. The USB is plugged in (I own a Windows Surface pro) and first of all, the sound it makes when you normally plug in a usb device never played. Second, it was never detected by the ICUE. It does not light up, nor does it move the cursor. It was never even detected by my laptop i guess. Im sorry but i really dont check this forum often at ALL
  13. I bought a white M65 Elite on Amazon. 2 months in, left clicks only 80% of the time. I contact support, wait a few weeks for a replacement. 2 months after I get it, same exact issue. Now, a regular person would want a refund - not possible, says customer support. They say this issue is "extremely rare". This is absolutely a lie, as there are hundreds of reviews and forum posts about this exact issue. Many people are on their 5th, 6th mouse. I dont want another M65 that could fail me at any moment. I dont want a different ugly corsair mouse. I just want my money back, and I want out. Ive been buying Corsair products for years, but after seeing Corsair not take responsibility for this, I think Ill be passing on all products from here on out.
  14. While my sniper sensitivity button still works, my forward and back buttons simply DO NOT WORK, yesterday they were working just fine, and I have had this issue before, I already tried enabling all HID mice in my Device Manager, and uninstalling all HID mice and plugging the mouse back in, neither worked, every time I have had this issue the solution has been different, I have had the mouse for about 5-6 months now, and it has happened about 4 times.
  15. Hello everyone, I recently bought a M65 RGB Pro and K70 RGB. I connected the M65 to the passthrough and observed the following thing: When I shut down and then turn on my laptop, the mouse does not turn on. Unplugging and reconnecting the keyboard passthrough adaptor fixes it but I was wondering if there is anything else I could do to fix this. The mouse works fine if plugged into the laptop directly by the way. P.S. Sorry if this has been posted before, I looked around the forum and on the internet but could not find anything.:): Edit [10/05/2020] I turned on my laptop now and the mouse powered up right away. No idea why now it is fine.
  16. Hey everyone In my very limited knowledge of computers, Ive tried to bind the sniper button as my microphone button in Counter Strike GO with no success. I only will use it in CS:GO. The Sniper Button is not recognised when trying to bind it in the game options. I've tried playing around with CUE but really nothing i tried worked, reading the user manuel was painful and didn't lead me anywhere. (honestly CUE is a bit complicated for my basic understanding). so... 1> Is it possible to bind the sniper button to voice communication in CSGO. 2> If so how is this done. (please as simple as possible so my brain can compute it). Thanks for any solution in advance.::pirate::
  17. Hola, desde ya muchas gracias por leer. Tengo este problema desde que lo compre (hace ya tiempo) Nunca logre que funcionen los botones adicionales. Físicamente funcionan, ya que la función original "atrás y adelante" si funcionan. Y si en iCUE los configuro con la opción TEXTO si inserta el texto. Obviamente la que me importa es la de MACROS. Pero probé otras opciones como Teclas A/Z etc y ninguna funciona. Es frustrarte ya que el que muse que tenia antes de una marca supuestamente menos importante no me daba ningún problema Cabe destacar que el resto funciona. Detecta los perfiles creados y se cambia automáticamente al usar distintos programas. Cambian las luces a las configuradas... etc Saludos y gracias
  18. Hello, I have recently purchased a K70 RGB Mk2 and an M65 RGB. I would like to edit the RGB colors on both devices which I believe iCUE is required to do so. My problem is that I have installed iCUE and it is running in the background as it can been seen from Task Manager using resources but the UI for the software never actually opens. It is not showing in the task bar or in the system tray. If someone knows why this is occurring or has any input on how to resolve I would be grateful. Just to note I have tried a earlier version of the software which opens but it is very slow and seems to stop my K70 from working claiming there is a malfunction. I would like to get the latest version working, so as I said above and contributions to finding the resolution is appreciated. Thanks
  19. I own the vengeance C70 case along with the M65 FPS military mouse. Is there a matching keyboard? Fitting to the military green aesthetic.
  20. reine Verständnisfrage: In der Regel sind am MoBo neben dem herkömmlichen PS/2-Anschluss zwei USB-Anschlüsse für Tastatur und Maus vorhanden. (weitere I/O-Schnittstellen sind in der Regel auch vorhanden) Die Corsair-Tastatur (K70 MK2 low profile) hat zwei USB-Stecker und die Maus (M65) einen weiteren. Also in der Summe drei. Das man die USB-Stecker mit den USB-Schnittstellen verbindet ist ja klar, aber wie belegt man diese. Also, jeweils einen von der Tastatur und den der Maus in die USB-Schnittstellen neben dem PS/2-Anschluß (sind eigentlich ja auch dafür gedacht) und den zweiten der Tastatur an einen weiteren freien USB-Anschluß oder die beiden Tastatur USB-Stecker an die beiden USB-Schnittstellen neben dem PS/2-Anschluß und die Maus an einem freien USB-Anschluß? Oder ist das grundsätzlich völlig Wurst, wie man die Peripherie anschließt? Also angeschlossen habe ich die Corsair Tastatur und die Maus via USB und sie funktionieren auch ohne Probleme. Ich habe mich nur beim anschließen der Geräte gefragt, ob es da eine Logik gibt, wie man die Tastatur und Maus anschließt oder ob die Anschlüsse alle "gleichberechtigt" sind, USB halt. IO.pdf
  21. Heiho, ich habe seit gestern die o. g. Maus. Diese hat wie so viele 2 Daumen Tasten, welche ich im normalen Windows Betrieb zum vor und zurück wechseln nehme, für Browser o. zum Beispiel Explorer Fenster. Nun habe ich das Problem das ich wenn ich auf einer Website bin und einmal "zurück" drücke es sofort um 2 Schritte zurück springt. Ich vermute man kann es in iCUE einstellen, aber dafür bin ich leider zu unbewandert mit derartiger Software :)
  22. I bought a factory refurb'd M65 PRO RGB from Scan.co.uk less than a week ago, however as described in the title the side thumb buttons cease to work unless i use one of two workarounds. (neither are practical) The 2 workarounds ive found are either to force close CUE (Makes me lose my RGB and more importantly DPI settings - cant play a game like that), or to Repair CUE with the installer (then have to restart my pc). If im playing an online game or using one of those buttons to push to talk with discord it completely ruins my game. Both of these methods work in making the side buttons work again, but this is the only way. Without closing/repairing CUE the side buttons flat out don't work. I had an M60 for years with no similar problems and given that the buttons work under some circumstances im sure its not a hardware issue. Can I get some advice on what to do/how to fix this please? Also all firmware is updated to latest Many thanks peachyyy
  23. Hallo Ich habe mein M65 Pro gestern per Post erhalte. Nach kurzem einspielen bemerkte ich ein deutliches "kratzen" auf dem Mousepad. So bin ich sofort auf die Fehlersuche gegangen. Mit dem Ergebnis: Der vordere Aluminium Steg steht viel zu weit ab. Da dies aus Aluminium besteht ist ein leichtes abschneiden oder feilen nicht möglich. Ein Umtausch ist beim Online Händler möglich, aber keine Option für mich, da ich keinen Ersatzmaus habe. Werde Heute Abend nach einer Lösung suchen. Schlimmstenfalls nehme ich den Dremel. :mad: Nach tagelangen Recherche nach einer neuen Gaming Maus und vielen guten Test bezüglich der M65, bin ich doch sehr enttäuscht von der Qualität. PS: Habe es jetzt mit einer Dremel abgeschliffen da es mein Mousepad bei jeder Bewegung zerkratzte. Nun gleitet die M65 Pro sanft über den Mousepad. Ansonsten finde ich die Maus hervorragend. Besonders zu erwähnen ist die Snipertaste. Tolle Idee Corsair.
  24. I'm writing this on my phone so I apologise in advance for bad formating. I got a M65 mouse in late December and it hasn't caused me any issues until Monday. I was playing street fighter on my PC and not using my mouse for a while. When I tried using it again the lights had gone off and it wasn't working. I tried plugging it in to every usb on my computer and restarting my PC multiple times but it just randomly started working again after about 15 minutes. Today I got home and it won't work on my PC or my laptop on all the various USB ports and the USB passthrough on my K95 platinum. I have looked over the cable as well as the mouse and everything looks normal. Anyone have a solution?
  25. Dear Corsair staff & fans, While i just opened my iCUE software i noticed that there was a firmware update for my M65 Pro RGB to v3.06. But since there isn't a changelog anywhere on the internet, i wanted to ask if someone here in the forum had some intel on that. I always like to know for what I'm updating my firmware, that's why. I hope someone knows/can find out, what the exact changes are. Kind regards, Camiel
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