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  1. Has anyone added dampening foam under their K70 MK2? I was thinking about adding it to help reduce the ping sound.
  2. This is a keyboard my friend gave me because he was having issues with it and didn't want to go through the troubleshooting process, he just upgraded. When I first went to test the keyboard I plugged it into my 2011 MacBook Pro (I am building a new computer, but waiting on some parts) it worked fine, it lit up, my computer recognized it and I was able to type. But after restarting my computer I have been unable to get it to work at all. Even tried plugging it into a much newer MacBook and still nothing. When I plug it into my MacBook I get a "CRP DISABLD" drive that shows up on my desktop. I have tried anything I can find online to troubleshoot. Any thoughts on what I could try next? I will have a PC to test on in the next couple of days.
  3. Hi all, my right shift key has stopped working recently. Sadly I shipped this keyboard half way around the world to get my hands on it, so shipping it back for support isn't really an option. What sort of things can I try to get it going again for myself? I have tried removing the cap and directly pressing it, still no response.
  4. As menttion in title my win lock and volume mute key not working , i tried reinstalling i cue and older version nothing helped ! rest all key are working fine just the volume mute key and windows lock key not working ! windows lock key on keyboard also stuck on red color , i tried removing keyboard cables n all still no use ! is there anything anyone know please help me !:(:
  5. Depuis ce matin plus moyen d'utiliser mon clavier, dès qu'il est connecté, c'est comme s'il tapait tout seul des caractères aléatoires. Le seul moyen de l'arrêter c'est de le déconnecter.... Evidemment la garantie vient de se terminer.... J'ai essayé le reset en appuyant 5 sec sur ESC en le branchant mais rien ne change. le led pour les majusules n'arrête pas de clignoter (je suppose que c'est aussi une des touches envoyées par le clavier). J'ai essayé aussi sur un autre PC sans iCue : meme problème: [moue:: [moue:
  6. I have bought recently an used Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire UK Model and noticed that the "W" key doesnt lite (and the "E" sometimes also dont lite) when the keyboard is on. Tried all possible configurations in ICUE (I never used tis software so I dont really know if I was doing right) and nothing... stays the same no lite... I do not know what is happening but would like an help from you guys that have the same keyboard and problem. Is there a solution to this? The keyboard has the latest firmware updates.
  7. Good day, The K70 keyboard does not picked up in Windows. The lights come on, but is not picked up in Windows or iCUE software. The keyboard has been plugged into three different Computers, and it works on them. Using USB Tree view, the keyboard does not show up. When you plug other keyboards in the same USB ports, the keyboard is recognized immediately. Steps taken already. ESC key keyboard reset. Completely uninstalled iCUE software, including registry entries etc. and reinstalled. Removed the SSD drive from other Computer that keyboard works on, booted PC with that SSD, still not being picked up or showing in USB Treeview. SSD moved back to the other PC, and the keyboard works on the other PC. To make sure it is not a hardware issue on the Computer, I took the PC into our local Computer store that had a K70 in stock. Once we plugged in the new K70 they had in stock, it was picked up immediately by the Computer. I'm at my wits end. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed in another thread or if it does not go here.:sigh!: The keyboard started the day with LEDs working badly, they did not change to the corresponding color (all the white keys and those that were bad were in yellow for example) and also, these were working with a different mode, moving to the right. This could not be modified, after not even with the ICUE software I could solve anything, not even updating it. I decided to restore it with the button behind, from here the keyboard does not turn on any lights except the scroll lock, num lock and caps lock, these blink constantly. As I read it is in bios mode, but I am not being able to get out of it either by touching f1 + the winblock key. I also tried restarting it by pressing the ESC key but it didn't work. In addition to all this, in ICUE, I cannot update the keyboard FW. It detects it, starts updating it, reaches 100, disconnects it from windows and is there, I have to unplug it and plug it in again to be able to use the keyboard. PLEASE HELP, I already contacted support and got no response.
  9. Hello! Today I observed that one key (D) has a slightly different color. I've tested all three basic colors (R, G, B) on instant lighting and everyone works fine, but when I set white, the D key has more blue in it. Is this reason for RMA? I have warranty till May 2021 and I don't wanna keep keyboard with flaw. I don't have lighting always on and I've never spilled anything on it. https://imgur.com/a/rskcHMC
  10. So I contacted customer support and it didn't really help as the response time is abysmal and the suggestion didn't help either. This issue is only really prominent in 2 games, Rainbow Six Siege and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. My FPS for both of those games is almost always at 144 with no issues. The problem that occurs is "Keyboard" lag. Randomly, the RGB on my keyboard will stutter and my keystrokes will register insanely late. I have A LOT of things to fix this but I am not sure what is causing this. It just seems so weird that it only happens in these 2 games. I have tried: - DISM.exe - Fully re-installing both games - Updating Java (I was reaching at this point as I had no idea what else could be causing it) - Making sure I have the latest drivers AND windows update - Making sure my power settings are correct - Making sure that the firmware and iCUE software is up-to-date - Trying to play games with iCUE in system tray, trying with it open on my second monitor, trying with iCUE fully disabled as well but nothing. The funny thing is, when I use the compatibility settings for "Wolfenstein:Youngblood" and set it to Windows Service Pack 2, I get 0 keyboard input lag but the RGB still stutters. What the hell is wrong with this software? I'm yet to find a fix for Rainbow Six Siege, but the fact that this keyboard is quite expensive yet it literally "lags" in video games is a joke. I mean for god sake my £30 keyboard didn't have issues like this. I upgraded specifically for the fact that the keyboard has iCUE software and that it is "reliable" according to reviews. I don't think I can even return it because the issue clearly is caused by iCUE software.
  11. I spilled a cap of water on my f9-f12 keys and now my keyboard is bugging out... All the keys work but the keyboard starts to spam random keys after being plugged in for like 1 minute. Also the f9 key and some of the keypad keys are different colors than the rest of the keyboard... I used a fan on it for about 1 hour and not a lot of water got into the keyboard... Now this happened before but the biggest difference was i didn't spill anything the keyboard just started spamming random keys i fixed it some how not sure but it involved me resetting my keyboard and some other things i'm not really sure how i fixed it but I'm assuming that's what's happening now but then again like i said the the f9 key and some of the keypad keys are displaying different colors than the rest of the keyboard what should i do?
  12. Keyboard is only a week old and has been working fine but this morning I booted up my PC, and the keyboard wasn't working. No lights. No function. The only sign of life was the "Num Lock" light above the little "1". (My computer is about 3 years old, and never had an issue like this, so I assume its on the keyboard. Not a PC issue.) Loading up iCue... it showed me a "!" with a triangle around it, but no other message. The issue was resolved once I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Since I first started using the keyboard, I installed iCue software and latest firmware. (3.36.125 / 3.24) Since I encountered the issue, I soft-reset the keyboard (via plug in holding the Esc key), cleared onboard storage, and reinstalled firmware via "Force Update" button I'm not sure if those steps will prevent the issue from happening again since it took about 9 days to first occur, but its safe to say my confidence in the product is shaken. Looking for any insight into why this may have happened and/or is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again? i.e. Is it a sign of defective hardware? Is there a more stable (older) firmware I could use? I think its fair to say, if this problem persists in the future, its not acceptable. So I have to ask myself if I should be returning or exchanging the product while I'm in the Xmas return window, but that is going to close up in a couple weeks. If the only solution provided is to reset/unplug that wouldn't be very acceptable knowing it happened already and could happen again. It would be great to hear something like "This happened because X. And could be prevented by doing Y." But that's often not really the way of tech support/debugging issues unless extremely common :-\ One post I saw suggested disable Windows "Fast Boot" ...but I really shouldn't have to disable Windows features to ensure the keyboard works properly. It should work just like any keyboard has worked for the last few years. I'd prefer to keep fast boot enabled.
  13. i bought and installed the keyboard: K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX Speed in my profile the program says : maximum 5 custom or 1 predefined lightning effects can be created for hardware profiles. is there a way around it? im trying to build myself keyboard for dead by daylight :eek:
  14. Does anyone actually get any use out of these? The tunnels are so narrow that I can't use them for anything I own. I especially need them for my headphone cables. I cannot find a single area to put them without being annoying and intrusive. Thankfully I have the underside passthroughs but the wire for my DT990s is too thick to fit into the tunnels, so I'm left with a rocky and unlevel keyboard. Anybody here actually able to use the tunnels?
  15. good morning, i have a Corsair K70 RGB MK2 keyboard that already has some use, despite not having visual marks. I use it daily without any problems, until yesterday when I arrived to play, I have the Scroll Lock Light flashing and the "~" and "´" keys seem to be blocked because when I open a page write "~~~~ ´´ ´´´´ ~ ´ ~ ´ ~ ´ ~ ´"Something like that. I've tried cleaning the integrated storage but an error appears. What can I do to try to resolve?
  16. I have a k70 rgb rapidifire with speed switchs but unfortunily my wrist rest got broken while moving, so i found someone selling a strafe rgb wrist rest near by. Are they compatible? They seem to be the same size, but i can only find them sold seperatly
  17. Ive had this keyboard for a pretty long time now, and my K70 Rapidfire RGB recently had an issue, where i couldnt update the firmware, it says its at 100% but it just wont update, ive waited idle for more than 30 minutes and it still at 100% but not finished updating. Other than that the firmware that its using is ? and is (probably) not detected by the software, ive tried soft reset, reinstalling ICUE, pc restart, connecting to other ports and such. But none of them seems to work for me, Any ideas on how to do a hard reset? Or just generally load the firmware onto the keyboard. Im currently using the latest ICUE software so its not ICUE's issue. Thanks!
  18. So i bought this K70 Mk.2 Rapidfire Speed keyboard about a month ago and ive been loving the quality of the keyboard. that being said it has been having a couple of very off turning problems, some have been solved some havent. the current problems im aware of and am trying to fix are as follows: Firstly, sometimes when i turn my PC on to my surprise the keyboard doesnt light up. upon checking the iCue software i see that the keyboard is not recognized and i need to replug it into my pc. my question is how do i fix this problem? maybe a driver? maybe a faulty cable that waranty could take care of? would appreciate help Secondly, sometimes when i scroll using the media volume scroll wheel it gets stuck and i cant do anything while it is stuck, leading me to have to restart my PC or replug the keyboard. my questions regarding this problem is how do i either prevent this from happening in the future or when it does happen, how do i fix it without needing to at the very least replug my keyboard. All help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  19. hello i get a strange rotation of the viewfinder when i right click the snipe after a jump. This rotation doesn't appear when i walk, run or camp. I get the same problem with battlefield 4 and 5 the keyboard is the k70, i'm on win10. There is no problem with a basic keyboard, so i thought there was a macro so i reinitialized the keyboard (page down and up when plugging the K70) but there is no change Do you understand what i mean? Should i record a screenshot? Is there something to do? thx!
  20. I've only noticed this recently, but 8 of my keys have gotten stuck on red. I've attached a GIF to show which ones are red, and you should also be able to see that they are flickering. It might be hard to see, but the flickering goes from left to right. When the flicker happens, the keys briefly go to the blue that's everywhere else. Things I've tried: Disabling SDK Updating iCUE (haven't reinstalled) Updating keyboard firmware Restarting iCUE Service Clearing keyboard's onboard storage Changing polling rate I don't have Corsair Link installed so I don't think that its a lighting control issue. The most recent thing I've installed since I noticed the issue was Solidworks 2020. Edit: the direction of flickering just changed from right to left.
  21. hey everyone! i have this keyboard for like 2 years and had no issues. today i turned on my pc and suddenly 8 keys started to blink. my keyboard setting were simple - AWSDR keys were the only highlighted (white static) keys and now i have 8 keys that just blink. what i have tried so far: changed USB port - fail hard reset (hold ESC, plug in wait with esc pressed for 5 sec) - fail uninstalled ICUE and reinstalled - failed removed drivers in device manager - failed i recorded on video [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] i have no idea what more i can do to fix this...
  22. Hi guys so I have a Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB keyboard since July 2018. a week ago I had a power outage & now when I turn on the computer red led lights on some keys is not working and when the PC boots up & iCUE software loads up those keys only display two colors only blue & green. I have Windows 10 64bit version 2004 installed , running latest ICUE software , running the latest firmware (V.3.08). I tried resetting the keyboard through the unplugging the usb cable and pressing the escape method, I uninstalled & reinstalled the ICUE software still nothing
  23. Good morning, I've had this Corsair K70 Mk2 for a while I always avoid using it because of the same issue: The keyboard freezes randomly based on how bright the RGB is. If I turn it all the way up it freezes in just a couple of minutes, on the other hand, if I turn the lights off it never freezes, the logic applies to using it at half brightness, it takes a long while to freeze but it will happen at some point. What I would like to know is if someone may have had the same issue before and how they managed to fix it. The only suspect I have is it might be trying to draw way too much power, more than my MOBO can output I have tried plugging it in onto both USB 3.1 gen 1 and gen 2, with only the keyboard USB plugged and with the support plug as well. The keyboard was tested on different computers and the firmware is updated.
  24. I attempted a hard reset of my keyboard with a firmware I found online and I'm able to get the keyboard in an operable state where the num lock, caps lock, and other light indicators are blinking. When I try to update the firmware through iCUE, the firmware gets to 100%, then makes the Windows peripheral disconnect sound, and stays stuck at 100%. I tried this with different versions of CUE and iCUE, and it all did the same thing. I even tried using a firmware image I found online for the iCUE app , and I get the error: "the file you selected is not a valid firmware". I tried this all on different polling rates and USB ports, and none of it works. Can anyone help me?
  25. Hi all, So, I basically bricked my keyboard, unless some nice user of this style of keyboard is willing to give me a new Firmware image. I was trying to update it and it turns out I was using the wrong firmware version. I tried to put back the old firmware image but, low and behold, it's not in the recycle bin. PLEASE HELP!!!! THANKS
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