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  2. If there is an edit on here I cannot see it.. But on the PCIe cables it is pin 4 not 8 that is missing from three of the PCIe cables, one cable if fully populated. So looks like the ones that come with the RX1000X are type 3 cables if they have pin 4 missing? (must be old stock as was purchased new only a month ago). But as above, why is one cable fully populated? I have some corsair type 4 cables from another build, where the PCIe has pin 2 missing? Are these cables compatible? The pins on the PSU in relation to the GPU side do not match up between the two cables.
  3. You don’t want to blow exhaust from one radiator into the intake of another. Exhaust air temp is approximately equal to the liquid temp passing through it and so you are then blowing 37C air at 37C water and the result is nothing changes. You effectively loose the top radiator as a cooling apparatus. You’ll see people do this often because they are unsure how to work a dual radiator system in a standard shape case, but the all exhaust, “negative pressure”, passive rear intake is the way to go — in or out of the cabinet. If you are going to stay in the cabinet, the trick will be to manage the exhaust flow and that will happen best with the top/front exhaust. You probably need some type of venting for the heat to escape the top and right side. In a worst case scenario a standard house fan blowing air into the cabinet may displace the warmer air.
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  5. Hello all My first post here! I have a RM1000X PSU and am currently looking for another PCIe cable. There are 4 in the box, three of them have pin 8 missing on the PSU side, one is fully populated? Why would they be different? Also, what type PCIe cables does this PSU use? Type 3 or 4, I know the desc on the website says type 3 and 4 for PCIe can be used between both but stil? I have tried to make sense of the pin outs but tested the pin locations on the GPU side against the PSU side the Thanks
  6. Hi and afternoon. After many years of being a console gamer , I am starting my 2nd PC build. It is a big step from my first PC build which was from the Pentium P3-450 era lol 😄 A lot of time has passed since then (and technology) so I started to get myself a few things on my shopping list..... Can you confirm that the following connections on my RM 850x PSU are the correct ones to connect my Geforce 3080 into ? Many thanks 🙂
  7. The same thing has happened to me a few times. I’ve had 3 dimms not show up before, but it always went back to normal. I just wish I know what fixed it. One thing you can try if you haven’t is force a firmware update. I really think it’s a software issue and not your mobo. If I can think of anything else I’ll let you know.
  8. Thanks for the info. I actually can't easily have the PC out in the open, so I have asked the person who built the cabinet for me to make some mods. I have also now ordered a 5000d, so will treat what I have learnt so far as good experience for that build. In addition to the temps that I have recorded previously, I changed the fan orientation so they are pulling air in, so all positive. Updated temps below....again all on Hydro X profile, which seem to really up the fan speed when the water temp is >40C. The only configuration that hasn't resulted in the fans ramping up is full negative pressure outside of the cabinet, so it looks like negative gives you the thermal performance without creating a racket. What would you recommend the config be for the 5000d? I see that Jayztwocents had the front fans pulling in fresh, with the side and top rad mounted fans exhausting!?
  9. I installed two 480 rads and one 420 rad and it fit just barely. I have push and pull on the 480s and just push on the 420. My loop starts from pump/ reservoir to dual RTX 2080ti’s then to cpu out to 420 rad then to 480 rads, finally back to pump/reservoir. When playing games my temps average between 40 and 50c on both video cards and cpu.
  10. Hi everyone, i have a Corsair Void Elite Wireless RGB Headset. It`s about 3/4 year old, and i have a problem with the mic arm. It`s way too loose. It won`t hold in the up position, it just falls down. Is there a fix for this?
  11. Same problem here with Void Elite Wireless RGB. Corsair didn`t answer my RMA since 8 days. Can i also get the plan for 3d printing? Thanx
  12. pour l'insert je suis déjà aller a la concurrence 🤫 (dur pour le fanboy des trois voiles que je suis ) et pour l'offset 7mm d'EK c'est pas la même finition ca fait pas très propre Je vais fouiller chez Bits pour voir Mais bon Corsair Go étoffer un peux a ce niveaux là SVP 😁 j'aime pas quand la boite et pas noir et jaune 🤣
  13. Bonjour, Avez vous essayez de resynchroniser votre casque et votre dongle depuis le logiciel iCUE? Dans certain cas, après une mise à jour du Firmware du casque cette resynchronisation est nécessaire.
  14. Bonjour, Que vous indique le logiciel concernant votre pompe ? Le commander core est il reconnue comme un watercooling elite capelix ou comme un commander core depuis le logiciel iCUE ? Avez vous bien effectuer une réinstallation complètes d'iCUE : https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE-
  15. Hey bud, did you find a solution for this issue or is the mouse still behaving in this way? Like you said it only happens in warzone well untill i was playing the new Call of Duty Vanguard beta and the same happened in that also.
  16. It's alarming of how this problem has not been fixed yet. iCue is a joke at this point and I cannot believe how unusable this headset is. So many hours spent troubleshooting this, just to end up in with a useless pair of headsets. Two months ago I bought a DOA set of Vengeance RAM, which I got an advanced RMA for, but have not gotten reimbursed for it yet as well. Having this many discrepancies in such short succession is really souring my experience with Corsair. I have already distanced myself from iCue and perhaps I need to do the same for the hardware as well. I hope the Corsair team can address the headset problem with a viable solution soon.
  17. OK so, just had to press the keys a lot harder than I was expecting, like a bit past the point where it feels like they bottom out. Oh well, may end up just using the wheel for skipping and a macro key for play/pause.
  18. I still have iCue installed and I use Equalizer APO. Like I said, all I did was use EAPO to edit the config file and increase the volume of the mic from -6dB to +10dB.
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  20. pour l'insert de cintrage : https://www.docmicro.com/tuyauxliquides_tuyau-accessoire_Alphacool-Meche-Caoutchouc-pour-Tube-Rigide-10mm-Interne-1-Metre_13146.html Pour l'offset de 7mm : https://www.docmicro.com/embouts_embouts-accessoires-adaptateurs_EK-Water-Blocks-EK-Quantum-Torque-Rotary-Offset-7-Noir_15127.html Bitspower fait aussi des raccords de décalage qui s'accorderaient plus avec les raccords Corsair (Bitspower X-Cross), mais je n'en trouve pas en france en noir de la bonne taille (pas chercé longtemps non plus ^^)
  21. Hace unos días estaba usando mi teclado con el sistema de icue y queria conectarlo a mi ps4, utilicé las teclas "bloq win + F1" Y ahora no me reconoce el teclado, al parecer es el firmware que está dañado, alguien podria ayudarme a conseguir el firmware de este modelo? El que he encontrado es el de k63 wireless y ese no me funciona .. ayuda urgente por favor¡
  22. Hace unos dias estaba usando mi teclado con el sistema de icue y queria conectarlo a mi ps4, utilicé las teclas "bloq win+F1" Y ahora no me reconoce el teclado, al parecer es el firmware que está dañado, alguien podria ayudarme a conseguir el firmware de este modelo? El que he encontrado es el de k63 wireless y ese no me funciona.. ayuda urgente por favor¡
  23. So I've looked through all the threads on here can't seem to get the keys working. They don't even seem to be being detected as being pressed. I can assign other keys to the media functions and they work. But reassigning the media keys to something else like "A" doesn't do anything. I have type lighting enabled on the media keys but when I press them nothing happens.
  24. So this is PSU detection and not PSU data availability? That may not be related the current issue. If the PSU is not detected in CUE, that normally is a USB path problem. There is no specific reason the HX1000i shouldn't display in CUE 3 or 4 and others are using it. My ancient AX1200i with its funny little dongle sled was recognized in both programs as well. If it shows in the USB list but not CUE, I would submit a ticket to Corsair Support regarding this. Turn on debug logging in the CUE settings so it can capture error logs.
  25. Hola, compre los cascos asesorado por el vendedor que eran compatibles con Pc y Ps4. En pc funcionan genial y se escuchan muy bien. Pero en Ps4 los compañeros de clan dicen que apenas se me escucha y no hay manera de subir el volumen del micro. Me pueden ayudar por favor. No me gustaría tener que volver a usar los viejos por este problema. Un saludo y gracias.
  26. Same problem, after upgrading to the latest dongle firmware today (v.5.5.102), I can not pair the headset to the dongle by wireless, the headset is working normally in USB mode. Also, opening the dongle "Connections" from iCUE does not show the Pair button enabled, is disabled, the dongle is permanently flashing red. Here are my software versions: iCUE - v.4.14.179 Virtuoso SE dongle - v.5.5.102 Virtuoso SE headset - v.0.17.149
  27. Hi folks. Just a quick question. With 6 fans connected to the commander core can the fan speeds of each fan be controlled individually? Thanks.
  28. Same issue here - this drove me up the wall when I suddenly started getting stuttering audio and fps drops in game, did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 and the problem vanished, but immediately reoccurred when I reinstalled iCUE 4. The OPs fixed cured the issue
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