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  2. EDIT (weil ich hier meinen Beitrag nicht editieren kann?!) Der PC ist in iCue nicht mehr drinnen, warum auch immer. Die Prozessor AiO leuchtet nicht und der linke LED streifen am PC blinkt 4x hintereinander. Hoffe, das hilft nocht.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It's not plugged into any sort of hub or anything, it's plugged directly into the motherboard in the back. My computer has no USB2 slots, it's all just USB3 so the second suggestion isn't really an option.
  4. I have the same Problem after donwload the .DLL i get a 0x0000007B error -.-. reinstall this **** and agian ResampleDmo.DLL error -.-
  5. Bonjour, Voilà j'ai un problème avec mon casque Virtuoso Se. J'ai remarqué que la partie en smili-cuir sur les coussinets des oreillettes commence à s'effriter. Esthétiquement c'est vraiment pas le top et pour avoir déjà vécu ça avec un autre casque, je préfère pour le coup prendre les devants avant que le tout s'effrite complètement. Mes questions sont les suivantes : Que puis-je faire ? Retour de produit (sachant que je l'ai depuis un peu plus d'une année)? Corsair procède-t-il au changement des coussinets ? Merci d'avance
  6. it sounds like an USB problem. Sometimes happens when you plug to a USB hub. If you use one have you tried to plug directly to the motherboard? Maybe also try connecting to a USB2 socket if it doesn't solves it.
  7. Title above. The headset works fine in Wireless mode, but in wired mode I get this error if I try to use it. No sound comes out at all and windows doesn't even register sound being put through the device, even when I have it set as the default audio device.
  8. Für das HS80 wird die iCUE Version 4.x benötigt. Die Version 3.x hat noch nicht die benötigten Daten, um das Headset anzusteuern. Da sich die Version 4.x derzeit in einer BETA befindet, kannst du den Download über unseren Kundenservice in Erfahrung bringen.
  9. EDIT: Nevermind, I'm blind! Thanks for your help!! 🙂
  10. I've seen before (perhaps in this thread, been following it for ages!) that people sometimes stick RGB Node Cores to the back of a XR7 before sliding the radiator mount tray (i.e. the dual 480 one) in, since it will fit between the radiator and the back of the case compartment. Cut your RGB cables from each fan and reattach the header, and a lot of cable mess gets saved. I'm planning a build this way, and would love to do the same for the fan cables too (as it stands they'll go to 4x 10-way powered splitters). Does anyone know if it might be possible to use the Commander Core XT in the same way, so I can shorten the RGB and fan cables and leave the rear compartment mercifully uncluttered? For reference, the RGB Node Core is 72mm x 45mm x 13mm, thus I understand will fit inside the "groove" on the side of Corsair 54mm rads. The XT is reportedly 132mm x 69mm x 16mm, so is 3mm thicker and won't go inside the groove. Is there 1.6cm of space between radiator and case, assuming using dual XR7s on a 480mm mount, both front an top?
  11. Thanks! How do we know mine is Type 4? It says on the description (EXCLUDES AX1600I)
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  13. The problem occurred last week, I keep iCUE software updated as soon as an update is available. I didn't change my profile. For any reason, while booting my computer, I noticed the color profile wasn't here anymore during the bios POST, my keyboard was full black in any M1 / M2 / M3 profile. Once booted into Windows 10, I saw the default 9 colors profile applied to the Keyboard, and therefore I started to investigate latest iCUE updates. That's why I though the latest iCUE v4.16.194 was the culprit, but in fact, regarding your comment, I'm only discovering this "not so new" limitation just because my K95 suddenly lost its recorded M1/M2/M3 profiles... Anyway, I'm in front on this limitation now, I cannot use the old and working "save to M1/M2/M3 hardware profile" feature anymore 😒
  14. I'm plotting out a Hydro X build. My understanding is that if the XD5 pump speed cable is connected to the fan #6 header on a Commander Pro, it can then use the special Hydro X curve functionality in iCUE. Is this also possible with the Commander XT? Cheers!
  15. Mahlzeit! Beim starten meines One 140 blinkte aus heiterem Himmel einfach der linke LED Streifen. In iCue stellte ich dann Prozessor-Temperaturen von fast 100 Grad fest. Schnell die linke Seite aufgeschraubt und siehe da, die AiO leuchtet nicht. Für mich hört es sich zwar so an, als würde sie laufen, aber die Schläuche bzw. die Pumpe selber werden super heiß. Jetzt also meine Frage: Wieso ist die AiO plötzlich einfach über Nacht kaputt gegangen und wie oder wo bekomme ich eine neue her, da es ja nicht einfach nur eine x-beliebige Kühlung ist. Danke euch!
  16. That's clearly not an HX cable at all. You'll have to ask the right cable to the seller, or get one yourself. At this stage, i'd doubt the other cables too even if t hey do fit ^^' HXi uses corsair type 3 cables. You must use a type 3 for the 24 pin cable You can use type 3 or type 4 for all the others (PCIE, molex, sata..) as they are the same pinout for reference : https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility
  17. Hey @dustinito, du hattest ja schon in diesem Thread Konflikte mit der ASUS Armouny Crate Software beschrieben. Ich denke das die Konflikte mit Gigabytes RGB Fusion und Razer Synapse damit auch behoben werden könnten. Hier eine kleine Anleitung gepostet und hoffe das dies deine Probleme löst. Falls du Razer Maus und/oder Tastatur benutzt, kannst du Synapse gerne wieder installieren. Bei RGB Fusion könnte es so sein wie bei der ASUS Armouny Crate Software. Grüße M.Jay
  18. While modular cables are made to be like that, that doesn't mean that you can swap PSU's willy-nilly. The connection to the PSU isn't standardized and sometimes even PSUs from the same manufacturer and the same line won't be compatible with each other. Corsair publishes a PSU cable reference : https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility. So ... in your case, it will work as both are Type 4 cables.
  19. If your cable doesn't fit one end in the PSU, then it doesn't go with the PSU. For the 24-pin, the connection to the PSU on Corsair PSUs is going to be split into two connections and the cables will connect. Other manufacturers do things differently. But you absolutely must have cables for the PSU; the PSU connections aren't standardized.
  20. Hey @dustinito, wie @muvo es dir schon korrekt erklärt hat, kommt hier dazu eine Anleitung: Deinstallieren von iCUE komplett Installieren von iCUE 3rd Party Mainboard Software Plugins aktivieren/deaktivieren (iCUE) 1. Deinstallieren von iCUE komplett speichere und exportiere deine Profile aus iCUE (sofern du Profile erstellt hast) Windows Taste + i App & Features iCUE auswählen und deinstallieren nach der Deinstallation Windows Taste + r und %appdata% eingeben und mit Enter bestätigen indem Ordner "Roaming" den Ordner "Corsair" auswählen und löschen, ggf. Papierkorb danach leeren zurück zum "AppData" Ordner und in den "Local" wechseln auch hier den Ordner "Corsair" auswählen und löschen ggf. Papierkorb danach leeren 2. Installieren von iCUE Download von der neusten iCUE 4 und installieren importiere deine Profile und wähle Sie aus (sofern du Profile erstellt hast) 3. 3rd Party Mainboard Software ASUS Armouny Crate 4. Plugins aktivieren/deaktivieren (iCUE) In iCUE in die Einstellungen wechseln (Zahnrad-Symbol rechts oben) Unter dem Punkt "Allgemeine" die Plugins einmal aktivieren (siehe Bild) Da dein Mainboard kein "MSI Mystic Light" unterstützt kann es aber sein, dass die Software "MSI Center" hier iCUE stört. Jetzt müsstest du normalerweise deine RGB komplett steuern können. Du könntest jetzt gerne noch ausporbieren wieder die ASUS Armouny Crate Software zu installieren, um somit dein Mainboard in iCUE anzeigen zu lassen, sofern es unterstützt wird. Sollte es aber wieder zu Konflikten kommen, bitte noch einmal alles wie hier beschrieben von vorne durchführen. Grüße M.Jay
  21. Hi All, Created this account as fear might be cracking up. I bought a HX1000i second hand and I am trying to fit it. I have been building computers for years but I can't seem to figure out how on Earth to connect the 24 pin ATX cable. The connector on the unit is on the bottom right and it says 24PIN but it seems to be in a 5/7 bank split and I can't find cable to fit - is it non-standard or am I doing something really stupid? Thanks for any help in advance.
  22. I have this incredible Corsair AX1600i I want to buy a new pre-made PC, and the max PSU i can choose there is an RM1000x one. Figured I'd buy this one and just swap the PSU itself when I get the computer, leaving the RM1000x cables in there, and feed them with my 1600i. Would this be fine? I guess modular PSUs are made to be like that, modular? -Kim
  23. As others have already mentioned a leather version would be ideal for less noise to escape and also a deeper version for us with bigger ears! As far as color is concerned I'm not really bothered.
  24. @Corsair Marcus eine gute Idee, dann könnt ihr besser sehen was direkt umzusetzen ist und was auf die to-do Liste für spätere icue Versionen gehört. Aber wenn wir schon mal ein Thema sind, ein pendant für die corsair Hardware wäre auch nicht schlecht. So ploppt ständig der Wunsch nach einer Verlängerung der Rgb seite der Lüfter auf. Die Kabel sind zwar lang, aber die Gehäuse werden auch nicht kleiner 😉
  25. After buying the HS80, it was time for me to install the iCue Software for the first time (never had any corsair peripherals before). Oh boy, what a big 770MB installer for this software-suite, just so that I can see my HS80 battery life. Also it comes with a lot of disadvantages compared to just using the HS80 without iCue: - Discord sound prompts (mute/unmute, joining/disconnecting room sounds) are now delayed for ~2 seconds - my Sound device configuration (2 Channels, 24bit, 44800Hz) is always getting overwritten by iCue with multichannel surround sound (although i completely turned Dolby or surround modes off) after every reboot - additional, unnecessary load on the system, because of the constant sensor monitoring for temps, fans speeds etc, even when you remove the widgets from the dashboard Imagine a person that has - a Razer mouse - a Steelseries Keyboard - a Logitech Webcam - a Corsair Wireless Headset This persons system would get completely wrecked with the amount of additional bloatware on the system that is required to use these products with all Features. Sadly all those big players that sell peripheral, seem to go this route with the "one app for all devices" approach. Some companies can get this "all in one software" done relatively compact and without many downsides for people that use only one device from that company and some can only get a huge bloatware with a lot of negative side effects. I get it, it's less work for the software development team and If the "user" is using multiple devices from the same company, it can be nice to have only one software for all those devices. I truly wish that Corsair would release a very compact software, dedicated for their wireless Headset lineup (maybe even multiple little apps for other peripherals as well) that is only offering the basic features (show battery status, search and update firmware, turn RGB on/off). But since the Discord + iCue bug is already known for over a year, without any solution (other than the embarrassing workaround of using Discord in Win 7 or Win8 compatible mode), I doubt, corsair will listen and do something about it.
  26. My question was not answered. It is not about modding or any noise. When you use the Silent profile, does the RPM go higher than 2200 RPM when under heavy CPU load?
  27. As long as spare part earcups are going to be available, I'm happy. Maybe also release some earcups with a different kind of fabric. The HS80 is very comfy, but the fabric is very hard to clean, because dirt/handruff/hair seems to hold on to the fabric like velcro. Other than that, they are feeling good and they have the right amount of thickness. I also like, that the HS80 are dampening the ambient noise only a little bit. Maybe other people prefer a strong noise dampening and therefore earcups with leather-like material, but to me the rather low dampening amount is much preferred.
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