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Found 9 results

  1. So today I updated iCUE on my laptop and after the update the audio started stuttering. (it was still v3) I uninstalled the software with IOBit to perform a clean installation. Downloaded v4 and installed, the issue was there again. I did the tests with my Corsair VOID Elite Wireless headset, a pair of Xiaomi earphones and without any headset, the stuttering was always present. To people that may have the same issue the fix is: Open the iCUE installation folder and locate "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe" Kill the Corsair CpuIdRemote process with the task manager or any process manager Quickly change that file extension to anything you want, for example "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe.dumb", this will prevent the service from restarting Enjoy Waiting Corsair to fix this...
  2. As the title suggests when ever i have ICUE downloaded it makes it so that my mouse jumps around when i move it. it also makes my sound stutter for some reason. Is there anything i can do to stop from happening with ICUE installed?
  3. Hi. I have read a few threads were members are experiencing rgb stutter on fans ect controlled by icue. This is now happening to me. The rgb on the fans seem to randomly stick and then reset themselves to my profile. This happens on all profiles and only when icue is in operation. If I completely shut out of icue the random stutter/synch stops. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix in progress? Cheers
  4. Ok so.. I was playing GTA V today when suddenly the game started stuttering everytime I moved the mouse. I tried restarting the game, tried different games and even rebooted the system but the problem persisted. Eventually I went to iCUE and changed the mouse's polling rate from 1000Hz to 500Hz and that fixed the problem. Could this be an issue with my motherboard's USB controller or did the mouse deside it can't do 1000Hz polling rate anymore?
  5. Hello, As a video is way better than stupid explanation, here's the link : [ame] [/ame] As you can see, there are lags of stutter in the lights. It happens every-time I'm loading something. A game, a window, a program,... Alt+tab to go to windows when in a game does it every time and even worse I have the h100i + 4 LL120 fans I got the RGBs cables linked to a 6 rgb slots corsair device ( can't remember the name, sorry ) which is linked to the LED slot of my commander Pro I got 2 fans cables ( 3 because it's the h100i ) linked to my motherboard ( because the slot 1 and slot 3 of my commander pro doesn't work... ) And the 3 left in the commander pro. Do you have any idea why is there some light lag ? Im starting to get desperate because it seems I'm the only one getting this problem... I don't know what to do. Here are my specs btw: CPU : I7-7700k PSU : RM1000x Corsair GPU : SLI 1080Ti x-trio msi RAM : 4x8 ddr3 Corsair Thank you,
  6. For a little while my mouse wheel seems to be acting up. It is no longer scrolling fluently and is stuttering or switches directions at random. I am going to pick up a can on air to give it a spray, and I was curious if any other people have had this issue. What side should I direct the air flow? Since the mouse is now out of warranty, would it be safe to open up to have a look and better clean? Are there are instructions that I can follow so I do not damage my mouse and that allows me to reassemble without any further problems? The mouse is on sale right now, and I wonder if I should just repurchase the mouse, but I want to make sure this mouse wheel issue is not something that is prone for this model. Thanks for the help!
  7. Heyho there guys! Finally got my K70 LUX RGB today! I'm already an owner of an Harpoon RGB but never made some spectacular lightning settings for it because my hand is always on the mouse. But with the K70 I wanted to do some cool stuff. So I plugged in the Keyboard (only one USB Connector) and the Keyboard started shining red, except WASD and the Arrow keys, they shined white. Then I installed iCue and then hell opened: The standard "Rainbow Circle" was on my keyboard and I thought "Neat!" but then I saw that my mosue lagged/stuttered. I couldn't move the mouse properly and the LED was going on and off. Then I saw that the LEDs on the keyboard also started to lag a bit. I was pretty confused so I tried to close iCue and the Keyboard went back in its original layout. Mouse worked propley again. Then, uninstalled iCue, checked my Chipset-Drivers, USB-Drivers and so on. Reinstalled it, same issue. Googled and searched the forums and r/corsair and r/pcmr. Found nothing, just some tips like "update your drivers" or "check different USB Ports". I tried every possilbe USB Port combination for those two adapters (all 3.0 ports) and neither worked. I also tried to Plug in the second USB-Adapter from the K70 but it didn't work either. Then I found out what the switch on the back was for, tried every Polling Rate, 1, 2, 4, 8 and BIOS. When set to BIOS I can operate my mouse and Keyboard, when set to any other but BIOS, nothing works. I'm really desperate right now and seek assistance :(
  8. I installed LL RGB fans with the Corsair Link software system and noticed stuttering and high CPU usage while it runs in the background. To get around this, I've created a windows PowerShell script which sets the two process priorities to their lowest levels which runs every time my machine starts up. Maybe this will help someone else too. Script Pseudocode: Store a log file with full path in a variable Store both corsair processes in variables Set maximum number of try attempts try to get the first process while the process is not found, try again until max try attempts is reached, sleeping for 2 seconds after each try if the process is found, set its priority to "idle", otherwise log that the process was not found reset try and repeat same logic for second corsair process. Below is the script and how to install it: Open a blank notepad document and paste the code below. Save the file as myscript.ps1 in the a safe place that won't get deleted (a folder in your documents, perhaps). You may have to change the file type from .txt to "all files". $outFile = "C:\Users\[b][color="red"]<USER>[/color][/b]\Documents\[b][color="red"]<CUSTOM_FOLDER>[/color][/b]\customlog.txt" $now = (Get-Date).ToUniversalTime() "Starting corsair priority droop: $now" > $outFile $CorsairP1 = "CorsairLink4" $CorsairP2 = "CorsairLink4.Service" $maxtrys = 20 #try to get process number 1 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $trys = 0 while(!$process -And $trys -le $maxtrys) { "$CorsairP1 not found: $trys" >> $outFile $trys++ Start-Sleep -s 2 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue } if($process) { "$process found after try [$trys]" >> $outFile $process.PriorityClass = 'IDLE' "$process set to IDLE" >> $outFile } else { "$process did not start in time" >> $outFile } #try to get process number 2 $trys = 0 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP2 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue while(!$process -And $trys -le $maxtrys) { "$CorsairP2 not found: $trys" >> $outFile $trys++ Start-Sleep -s 2 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP2 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue } if($process) { "$process found after try [$trys]" >> $outFile $process.PriorityClass = 'IDLE' "$process set to IDLE" >> $outFile } else { "$process did not start in time" >> $outFile } Replace <USER> with your windows username Replace <CUSTOM_FOLDER> with a folder where you'd like the script log to be saved. Assign the script in the Local Group Policy Editor From the start menu search " Edit Group Policy" In the console tree, click Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) . The path is Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) . In the right window pane, double-click Startup. Choose the PowerShell Scripts tab at the top, click Add. Click Browse and find for the myscript.ps1 script file you saved above. Click Ok, then Ok again to close the "Startup Properties" box. Close the Local Group Policy Editor, you're done. Restart and check the log file to make sure both processes were found and their priority levels were lowered. You can also verify the script worked by checking their priorities in the Task Manager (right click each corsair process, click "go to details", click "set priority", see that it is at its lowest value) Resources: Assign Computer Startup Scripts How to Write and Run PowerShell Scripts
  9. Hello, I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro x64 after a bad install of the Spring Creators update and since installing CUE, it's had problems working. Problem 1. CUE does not save lighting to memory of my M65 Pro. I hit save, but there is no confirmation of anything happening. The lighting profile turns off if a) CUE is closed, b) the computer is restarted, c) Windows goes into screen saver mode. Before reinstalling Windows, the lighting profile remained the same as long the PC was on. 2. When the program is started at system startup, there is a USB disconnect sound. If I disable CUE at system startup, the sound does not play. 3. There is considerable stutter in one game (World of Warships) when using this mouse. When I switch to my Logitech M705 the stutter goes away. What I've tried 1. Complete reinstall, including registry cleanup. 2. Three different versions, 2.24.50, 2.23.40, and 2.16.87. 3. Changing the polling rate. (For game stutter) 4. Creating different CUE profiles. Of note: These issues were not present before I reinstalled Windows, CUE has worked flawlessly up until now. Current version I'm using is 2.24.50. I'm not really sure on what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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