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Found 8 results

  1. So my mouse has been acting up for a while. Left clicking seems to not register unless I press where the red circle is on the attached picture below. If I click in the red circle, it's a single click. If I hold there, I can drag files and highlight text. Anywhere above that circle and it's basically hit and miss for clicking. Sometimes it registers no click. Sometimes a double click. I can highlight stuff or drag a file to a point, then it just deselects everything/drops the file in place. Right mouse button seems to work completely fine regardless of where I press. Any chance Corsair is working on some new mice prototypes with better buttons?
  2. It will randomly not responding.....when i exit iCUE and it will make double/triple click sometime but not responding is really annoying
  3. Back in the iCUE1 days I used to run this same exact macro which essentially presses left click, does a random delay, then releases left click. This is then setup to repeat constantly while the key is pressed with the same random delay range. This macro worked perfectly in iCUE1, but this is not the case in the new iCUE (which I deeply regret upgrading my keyboard firmware to). If I go to release the macro it will sometimes stop before finishing the release left click command - thus resulting in the mouse button being held down until I manually click. Is this a bug that is only specific to the new iCUE? I searched online and in this forum but I could not find anything that specifically addresses and fixes this. Any help would be very much appreciated! For reference I am on iCUE 3.18.77 on a K70 RGB v3.08
  4. I bought a white M65 Elite on Amazon. 2 months in, left clicks only 80% of the time. I contact support, wait a few weeks for a replacement. 2 months after I get it, same exact issue. Now, a regular person would want a refund - not possible, says customer support. They say this issue is "extremely rare". This is absolutely a lie, as there are hundreds of reviews and forum posts about this exact issue. Many people are on their 5th, 6th mouse. I dont want another M65 that could fail me at any moment. I dont want a different ugly corsair mouse. I just want my money back, and I want out. Ive been buying Corsair products for years, but after seeing Corsair not take responsibility for this, I think Ill be passing on all products from here on out.
  5. I've had my M65 Elite RGB for about 3 months now and around the 2nd month it started having issues where the left click would sometimes work and sometimes not. As in I'd have to click something twice in order for it to register 1 click. I sent it into the retailer that sold it to me and they tested it and said it was fine and sent it back. I've tried adjusting the polling rates. I've tried disabling the corsair service entirely and even removing the corsair icue software, nothing seems to fix the issue. I dont think it's hardware. I'm currently on Windows 10 1909 x64. Anyone have any idea on what the issue could be?
  6. They really need to add the ability to bind left click again for the mice. That or have the last version it was doable in, openly and easily available for everyone to find. I really wish I hadnt purchased a mouse from corsair at this point. If this cant be fixed soon, this thing is going in the trash, and ill go back to logitech. Does corsair offer than suggestions to people who want to bind macro left click? I saw they said some people would screw up their stuff trying to bind left click but thats not a reason to take it away from everyone. Many posts asking for it, and the 'some people couldnt handle it so screw you' response is upsetting to say the least.
  7. Hi Can you please tell me how i can create a left click macro, as it seems this is disabled via icue. I understand that this may have been disabled to prevent total unuse of left click, but there are safety features iCue developers can introduce to prevent this, such as a hotkey to disable/enable macros, or just allow left click mouse clicks as the only option when creating a macro for left click. Sabre rgb mouse is clearly advertised as having this button reprogrammable. This is somewhat of false advertising Thank you
  8. Anyone faced Corsair Scimitar RGB left click issue? Sometimes the left click will trigger middle click. When i click and drag it over the screen to select files, if the middle click problem kick in, it will un-select everything. Same as when i left click on Google Chrome tabs, if the middle click kicks in, the tab i wish to click will closed...
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