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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm at whits end here and hoping someone can be of assistance, since updating to windows 10 v2004 or whatever the latest is, I found that my mouse has started to lag when moved fast, at first I attributed this to my OS, so I wiped my computer and reinstalled the OS, everything worked fine at first until I installed the iCUE software, still, I wasn't convinced that it was causing the problem, I mean how can the software I have NEVER had an issue with cause so many problems so...I got in contact with the laptop manufacturer and we discussed it being a CPU over-heating problem, they came out 2 days ago and replaced the Mobo, CPU, GPU, Heatsink, Screen, RAM, just about everything but the shell. Once again, worked for a lil bit until i installed iCUE. I'm now 100% convinced that it's the problem. I tried to downgrade to older versions (3.20, 3.19 and 3.18) and now all of these seem to be doing the same thing. Uninstalling iCUE stops the issues so I'm like 90% sure this is the problem, though I am not objecting to wiping the machine again with an old version of windows if needed. I have turned down the polling on the mouse and this seems to work for a little bit but then eventually goes back to doing what it was doing, my conundrum is I rely heavily on iCUE and the ability to remap keys to my side buttons (looking at you shift and ctrl) and as I don't know another program that can do this I am a bit stuck. A further explanation of the mouse issue is...If I move the mouse on the screen at a normal pace, it works fine, the occasional lag is barely noticable and I'm convinced I dealt with it in the past, anything above a snails pace though and the mouse sloooooows down then zooms to catch back up to where it should be, this makes playing MMOS almost impossible. Is this an issue with windows or an issue with iCUE? Lappo is an Alienware 17R4, mouse is a Corsair Sabre. DPI is always set to 1500, never changing from that but since either updating one of the two, it can't hack it no more. Hopefully someone can help me either diagnose this or fix it :( Edit 20/8 +4 hours: I reinstalled iCUE because ultimately I need it and can find ways to minimize the lag. I noticed once I opened iCUE the lag stopped, almost instatly and I was unable to replicate it, I closed iCUE back to the icon bar and it was back...the dreaded lag, reopened iCUE and bam...no lag? version is 3.19.120
  2. Default keyboard polling rate is 1000Hz. Is there any advantage in reducing it, like energy saving? And does that iCUE configuration affect hardware profiles, or is it only effective while iCUE is running?
  3. Ok so.. I was playing GTA V today when suddenly the game started stuttering everytime I moved the mouse. I tried restarting the game, tried different games and even rebooted the system but the problem persisted. Eventually I went to iCUE and changed the mouse's polling rate from 1000Hz to 500Hz and that fixed the problem. Could this be an issue with my motherboard's USB controller or did the mouse deside it can't do 1000Hz polling rate anymore?
  4. Hey, I've got an M65 PRO and it seems to be generating quite a bit of coil whine at 1000Hz. Turning down the polling rate has a tangible effect on the amount of noise. To have it inaudible, I have to set the polling rate to 250Hz or lower. Additional Note: - It also seems to occur when using interacting with applications such as FireFox or Windows, however when interacting with certain apps such as iCUE, it doesn't seem to be audible. - I've tried different USB ports to no avail My questions are: 1. Any ideas on how to resolve the coil whine? 2. If not, is there a way to set polling rates based off game profiles? Logitech allows for polling rates to be based off profiles, but it appears iCUE only has one central setting for the mouse in Settings. Thanks!
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