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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on... :( Going to create a ticket now with support, but I would love to get some quick tips if someone have them... Cyberpunk 2077 is waiting. *cry* Many thanks!
  2. From here I call all the people who do not work well the ambient lighting of the LS100, so that we protest together. Leave here your protest, your comment. Yes gentlemen, that is how sad reality is. We invested a lot of money in CORSAIR ambient lighting to have LEDs that turn on when they want and not always. It's reality. Gentlemen of CORSAIR, I know that this post will not be to your liking, but I hope you do not delete it. Let us express ourselves and update the software so that we do not have errors. It is not explained that it worked since August, and now it has not worked for a month
  3. Hey Yall, Im not sure anyone is on these boards, so little engagement lol. Anyway, Ive programmed a macro to paste in an email template I have, about three paragraphs. It always locks up and freezes, Ive tried adding pauses between characters, cant seem to get it to work. Sometimes it slows down to the point where I could easily type the whole email out myself faster. If yall have any ideas Id love to hear it. Id like to be able to program whole emails to various keys, it would save me so much time! Thanks _DCP :eek:
  4. I bought a white M65 Elite on Amazon. 2 months in, left clicks only 80% of the time. I contact support, wait a few weeks for a replacement. 2 months after I get it, same exact issue. Now, a regular person would want a refund - not possible, says customer support. They say this issue is "extremely rare". This is absolutely a lie, as there are hundreds of reviews and forum posts about this exact issue. Many people are on their 5th, 6th mouse. I dont want another M65 that could fail me at any moment. I dont want a different ugly corsair mouse. I just want my money back, and I want out. Ive been buying Corsair products for years, but after seeing Corsair not take responsibility for this, I think Ill be passing on all products from here on out.
  5. I have a st100, a k70, a mm800, 3 ll120, one harpoon mouse and a h100i pro. My problem is that when I install Icue my pc disconnects some devices like my keyboard and all the other devices get freezed for 4 seconds, then everything gets back to normal but if I’m playing this is just fatal. Also sometimes when this occurs my pc just freezes and I have to restart it. I’ve installed windows 10 again and I consider to have a nice hardware and a good psu. X470 asus tuf motherboard, 2700x cpu, rx5700xt gpu, 32 gb of trident z ram, a 850w core reactor and a good ssd. All my drivers of any type are updated, including my peripherals and I have the last version of Icue. I don’t want remove Icue, I manage all my lighting and fan/pump speeds there. Please help me. I’ve had tried everything for 6 months and I’m still stuck. I'm just tired...
  6. Updating of firmware keeps on failing. It seems like it doesn't even move above 0%. It just fails after ~5 seconds. It doesn't brick or anything. Everything is still working even after a failed update but I just want the latest version of the firmware. After failing I need to restart iCUE to be able to click the update button again. OS: Windows 10 v.1909 64 bit USB version: 3.1 iCUE version: 3.23.66 Mouse firmware version: 0.6.70 Dongle firmware version: 0.5.49 Updating to firmware version: 1.7.58
  7. Updating of firmware keeps on failing. It seems like it doesn't even move above 0%. It just fails after ~5 seconds. It doesn't brick or anything. Everything is still working even after a failed update but I just want the latest version of the firmware. After failing I need to restart iCUE to be able to click the update button again. OS: Windows 10 v.1909 64 bit USB version: 3.1 iCUE version: 3.23.66 Mouse firmware version: 0.6.70 Dongle firmware version: 0.5.49 Updating to firmware version: 1.7.58
  8. I have MP510 with Win10 installed on it. There are two other drives: Crucial MX500 and WD HDD. Corsair SSD Toolbox v1.2.5.7 Toolbox reports that there is update for SSD from version 12.2 to version 22.5. When I click update it downloads firmware, but then fails during installation. What am I missing? Is it because W10 is installed on this drive? I checked BIOS and SATA is in AHCI mode. Please advice on how to update the firmware.
  9. I have a self-build PC here (not built by me) that is performing very strangely. When it is turned on it starts up, everything turns and fans spin, but then it shuts down and the last code that I can see is 39, though I suspect there may be another that flashes quickly. It then goes throught the exact same process and shuts down with a code 39 again, but on the third boot, it stays on, however, there is nothing displayed on the screen and the Motherboard is showing a code 18 ... any ideas very welcome, please !!! The MB is an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390, I have removed the GEFORCE RTX2080 video card and gone to on-board graphics but it's made no difference.
  10. Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter un clavier Strafe RGB et il est actuellement en version micrologiciel 2.05. iCUE me propose une mise à jour vers la version 3.08 mais lorsque je lance la mise à jour j'ai un message 'Echec de la mise à jour' directement et je suis obligé de redémarrer pour que mon clavier soit de nouveau détecter par iCUE. Est-ce que quelqu'un peut me dire comment je peux mettre à jour mon clavier ? Merci d'avance
  11. Just wanting to know if I am still able to RMA my PSU, I bought it in AUG-SEP 2013. However I do not have a copy of the reciept and the company I purchased from no longer operates. Am I just SOL? Or can corsair help me? I've seen the issue I'm having many times in the forum and all the solutions are for RMA.
  12. I live in Germany. I got my K70 RGB on May 2018. The Enter key broke in June. It required three tickets, THREE and a youtube video ( [ame] [/ame] ) until they were able to send the enter key. Including an angry response (Ticket 2) on "Feedback for your solved problem" which was not solved of course. The W key broke in September, created ticket four, got promised to get a "W" key, and nothing. Ticket 5 is the angry response to their "How good were we?" again... I even got a tracking number ( RR028475695TW ) which I could track and it looks like it ended up in nirvana again. I cannot understand how Corsair can fail so bad, first the broken keycaps which is a first anyway and I am using Computers since the C64/C16 Era and never had broken keycaps during normal usage. And then that unexplainable failure to send the replacement caps, how can Corsair NOT notice what happens to their package? How can't corsair NOT notice that keycap problem which is KNOWN since 2015? Why don't they send it in a way so they can track whether their packages got lost? I am among those crazy who got the Titan, and later the Titan X, alway quite fast PC. I have not problem with an expensive product with the right quality and working support. This experience is so bad that I can only warn everyone to never buy anything from Corsair. Is there anyone at corsair who can clear up that massive amount of fail?
  13. Hey! Und zwar.. ich habe in meinem Crystal 570x die h150i dadrauf sitzen hinten 3x SP120 & vorne 3xLL120 dazu habe ich noch 3 weitere LL120 verbaut. 2 Oben, einer hinten. Die ganze Verkabelung läuft über 2 Lüfter hubs & 2 Node Pro's.. damit Sp und LL halt nicht zusammen laufen. Jetzt habe ich aber folgendes Problem, erst haben alle 6 LL120 geleuchtet.. dann nur noch 4 und ein halber. Alles umgesteckt und probiert, scheint an der Software zu liegen.. Nach einiger zeit (120min) ist das Problem fortgeschritten und nun leuchten nur noch 2 1/2 von 6. Hat irgendwer das gleiche Problem oder weiß was los ist ? :[pouts::[pouts::[pouts: Die 6 LL120 wurden jeweils in 3er packs gekauft.. sprich wenn es doch ein Lüfter fehler sein sollte muss ich wieder den ganzen Rechner auseinander reißen und 3 wegschicken statt nur 1 kaputten.. Hoffe das ganze ist nicht zu Chaotisch geworden. Schönen Montag noch. UPDATE Jetzt leuchten wieder 5 & einer nur halb.. und sie gehen alle 30-90sec einmal aus und wieder an (sehr schnell) Erneutes update nach 5 minuten ohne dran rumzuspielen (static light) Jetzt leuchten nur noch 2 & das auch noch halb und in komischen farben statt dem eingestellten weiß. Update 3 Nochmal alles umgesteckt.. scheint wohl der lüfter zu sein der ein weg hat.. Dennoch auch mit dem abgestöpselten defekten lüfter flackern alle andere..
  14. Dear corsair Let me straight to the point 1st h80i have noisy pumps.. I rma-ed 2nd unit last 2-3 month suddenly pump failing.. While my pc running overnight, it suddenly shutdown because overheating One pipe/tube hot ... another really cold...bios showing cpu fan(pump) speed 0 Tried shacking, reseating but as the cpu fan speed stay 0 the cpu temp rise fast from 60 to 90+ in few secs Is this just my bad luck? Or corsair product quality downgrading? Even corsair have easy rma service.. but if the product failing many times, it not worth the down time + possible hardware damage Hope the 3rd will last good time... or no more corsair product for me
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