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  1. I have recently bough this keyboard and installed the latest version of icue. When I turn on the pc, the keyboard is set to the default layout (Everything red except WASD and arrow keys). When I open up iCUE, it starts the raimbow for a few seconds and then it stays completely red. Instant lighting is disabled and iCUE DOES recognize it as RGB, but no matter what setting I put, it just stays red. Please help. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Hello, I've been looking through internet for a solution but sadly I couldn't find anything. I tried reinstalling iCUE, updating it, disabling SDK but nothing seems to work. (I'm not using anything else for lighting control either) Why is this happening? I thought this was an issue from years ago that would have been solved already with a new update for the program? I hope someone can help me with this, it's bothering me. My keyboard has been working fine for years and out of nowhere I get 1 red light I can not change.. Sorry in advance if I did overlook a post on the forum on this. Thought it might be easier to post something myself. (I'm using a Corsair STRAFE RGB Gaming Keyboard)
  3. For a good couple of months now my monitor won't go to sleep. It's easy to check this, I just set the timer to 1 minute and after one minute the monitor goes back for a fraction of a second and lights back up. Today I started troubleshooting and started unplugging my USB devices one by one. The culprit is my Corsair Strafe keyboard which when unplugged lets the monitor go to sleep normally. Initially I thought the problem could be related to iCUE but even if I close iCUE and stop all related background processes the monitor wont go to sleep if the keyboard is connected. I also have an Ironclaw RGB mouse so it's not generally "Corsair" related since having only the mouse connected and iCUE running does let the monitor go to sleep. What can I do?
  4. Hi I have just built a new PC and am now using iCue4. On my old sytem using an older version of iCue I was able to save RGB colour settings to the onboard memory (i think thats how it worked) of my Strafe RGB keyboard so that they were a certain colour when you first booted your system. This had to be a static Colour, but this option is not available for the keyboard in iCue4. I am running a different colour scheme now and it's annoying that the keyboard is a different colour to everything else until iCue has started running and the colour profile I am using starts. Does anyone know how to change this?
  5. My friend recently got me a new keyboard (Strafe RGB) but we noticed that every time I plug something in (headphones, mice, etc.) to my pc, all the lights on the keyboard turn red and I have to force quit the CUE app. How do I fix this?
  6. I like to watch streams from twitch while gaming but sometimes would be nice to have macro key to mute only google chrome / twitch. This keyboard have FN+F5 but it mutes all sounds including game sounds. Anyone want help me? Keyboard i have is Strafe RGB.
  7. Hi! I just recently bought Strafe RGB and I'm loving it. Just one thing is bothering me. When I set lightning to white I get bright blueish / aqua color even with brightness setting on 100%. And you can clearly see the difference between blueish white on the keys and pure white on lock lights (which are always white). Googled similar problem but with Logitech keyboard. Is this normal or should I return it for another one?
  8. I bought a refurbished Strafe RGB from Amazon not even a week ago and I had been using (and loving) this keyboard without issue since then. I had downloaded iCUE and applied the necessary updates, per usual. On Wednesday afternoon, I shut down my PC (I do this a couple of times a week; normally it's in Sleep mode). About 7 hours later, I booted up my PC again, but my keyboard did not turn on and was unresponsive. There were no lights at all. Thinking it was a fluke, I restarted, but still nothing. I tried plugging it in to various USB ports, but still nothing again. Instead I noticed a message pop up saying "CRP Disabled" and my PC treating it as a storage device with only "firmware.bin" contained in it. I did lots of searching and found that the general consensus is that the firmware file has somehow been corrupted. I tried a soft reset (hold Esc when plugging it back in) just to see if maybe that would help anything, but it didn't. I've already submitted a support ticket about this and am still waiting to hear something back, but in the meantime I'm feeling rather desperate to get this resolved, so that's why I decided to post here. I was really enjoying the keyboard and it's a real bummer to have something like this happen 4 days after getting it. I'm also on a bit of limited time, because if the issue cannot be resolved, I need time to be able to contact Amazon to have a replacement sent. I'd really appreciate any help or other suggestions.
  9. Hi guys, I have a problem with my Corsair Strafe. After starting the pc from suspension, the first letter I press on the keyboard does not appear. In addition, the Num Lock LED does not turn on again (always after suspension). Not a big deal but a lot of bother. I can solve in any way?
  10. Hey Corsair, Hope this thread isnt way out of place, but i couldnt find a better place to post this. Im looking for a new keyboard, but simply cant find what im looking for. Living in a nordic country, makes my wish/dream kind of hard to fulfill, since its not easy to find the correct keycaps. Which got me thinking, that i might have a "cool" suggestion for a Strafe mk.3 keyboard. 1. Slipstream wireless 2. Capellix RGB (for the extra bling) 3. Pudding keycaps (again, for the extra bling) 4. Mechanical switches, preferably clicky switches 5. Nordic layout I know you got a board, which almost fullfills the criteria, but its missing the pudding keycaps and mechanical switches. Could you please make this happen, Corsair. I promise i be the first to buy it :)
  11. iCue is telling mere there is a firmware update for my Strafe RGB keyboard. When I try to perform the update, the update fails and the keyboard disappears from iCue until I exit and restart iCue. Any suggestions?
  12. Hello, and sorry for my english. When i save a new profil using Icue, there's no problem, but when i restart my PC, it's impossible to get my profil. So my question is how to save correctly a profil on my Strafe mk2 Thank you
  13. Wondering if anyone else has this issue. I've had this keyboard for a while and it has worked great for a few years. However, recently out of nowhere the "V" key gets stuck. That key doesn't light up, but the letter V just keeps typing on the screen. I tried resetting the keyboard, but then get a different problem. Now either the CTRL button gets stuck instead or both the CTRL and V buttons get stuck. Rebooting the PC is the only fix that works 100% of the time, but it's temporary.
  14. Hi ! I've got an issue with my keyboard that has been going on for a while, it's the LEDs, whenever I restart my PC (most of the times, not every time), my keyboard doesn't get recognized by iCUE. the issue it causes is, that the keyboard defaults to red and white LEDs and I don't have the 'CAPS LOCK' LED and I never know when it's active or not >< I can still use the keyboard and everything works though. I tried: - Different USB ports (3.1, 3.0, rear and front. I don't have 2.0) - Delaying iCUE on startup - Closing and opening iCUE - Force re-installing the keyboard's firmware *Note on the USB ports, I tried about 3-4 ports, not every port* Nothing changed it, but in order to detect the keyboard and the LEDs and everything, I have to manually disconnect the cable and reconnect it. I also tried navigating through the BIOS (Gigabyte z390 m) and device manager to see if there's anything related to power that may affect anything, I didn't find anything interesting there. My OS is Windows 10 Pro (latest version, formatted 2 months ago), and every chipset driver + BIOS is updated, iCUE and the keyboard are updated as well. Also another thing to note about iCUE, I got a Commander Pro and a PSU, both are getting detected no problem. Does anyone know how to approach it? Thanks. !
  15. hi guy, I have a trouble with my keyboard strafe RGB 1. My keyboard can't connect with icue newest. and scroll light flashes continuously. and The keyboard not light up any button i try uninstall and reinstall icue 3.5, Emily Maxwell it not work sorry because my eng so bad :D i use windows 10 pro version 1803 Help Me! w88|
  16. Bonjour, Je m'adresse à vous une seconde fois j'ai un problème d'éclairage avec mon clavier. C'est un sujet qui reviens beaucoup dans les postes ! Mais personne n'a la réponse. Lorsque que je met par exemple en couleur statique le blanc certaines touches affichent rose. Je dispose de la dernière version iCue v.3.35.152/Firmware v3.08. Svp, évitez de répondre de contacter le support. J'ai essayé de faire un reset / la technique Pgup/pgdown, en vain. J'attends une réponse de votre part ou bien l'aventure Corsair se terminera pour moi ici. Merci.
  17. Some leds on my Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard do not display the correct color. I reset it, do the Pgup / Pgdown manipulation but nothing has changed. I would like to have some help please. My ctrl, functions keys and right shift show pink when I put white on iCue for example but when i put blue it works well. Please Heeelp.
  18. Hi, After a power outage my keyboard Strafe RGB MK.2 stopped working, once i plug it in the CRP_DISABLD folder is opened with a firmware.bin file in it. I've already contacted support and they give me some instructions to hard reset the keyboard and manually install a new firmware file which they send me. 1: Unplug your keyboard from the computer. 2: Locate the small pinhole underneath your keyboard. For some, this will be located near the polling rate switch by the cable. On others, it will be located underneath on the tilt legs on the bottom of the keyboard. 3: Using a small paperclip or push-pin, press down on the button inside the pinhole. 4: Plug your keyboard back into the computer, while holding down the pinhole button. 5: Once it is plugged back in, your computer should recognize a drive called CRP_Disabled. Please open this. 6: Download the firmware file from the ticket. If it is compressed into a .RAR file, please extract this file to an easily found location on the computer. 7: Delete the file FIRMWARE.BIN from the CRP_DISABLED drive, and then place the file with ISP in it’s name to the CRP_Disabled drive. After completing the process the keyboard is still not responding, once i plug the keyboard the CRP_DISABLD folder is opened with the old firmware.bin file is like the keyboard is not correctly installing the new firmware or is not able to do it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. I have a k70 rgb rapidifire with speed switchs but unfortunily my wrist rest got broken while moving, so i found someone selling a strafe rgb wrist rest near by. Are they compatible? They seem to be the same size, but i can only find them sold seperatly
  20. After a while, it seems like my Strafe MK.2 RGB keyboard will have the 3 upper left LEDs (Profile Switch, Backlight brightness, Windows Key) start blinking. Is this significant for any reason, like an error or warning? I can reset the keyboard and it will stop (until some time later when it will start up again.) Is there something that I need to set to get this not to happen? Or something I need to fix? Thanks in advance!
  21. I'm surprised I don't hear more about this, but why are all the symbol keys (brackets, semicolon, quotes, etc.) and number keys on the Strafe printed upside down? What is the reasoning behind it? Flipping the key doesn't work, because then the symbol is upside down (except for the quotation key, which, curiously, is the only one actually printed upside down), and the key's flat side is along the bottom, out of alignment with the other keys. I use it as a regular keyboard as well, and I can't get past that. In all the reviews I read and watched before buying, I never heard a word mentioned about it. I noticed other Corsair keyboards are like this (but not all, strangely) and many other companies do it with their gaming keyboards. But WHY? Can someone help me to understand the logic behind it? Anyway, love the keyboard, but that is really throwing off my typing. I don't know if I'll return it over this, but I may have to.
  22. Hello everyone, I am currently experiencing a heavy delay on the volume knob. I can't even use it this way Anyone has the same issue?
  23. Hi Guys, I bought my Strafe RGB about 2weeks ago, and I've been experimenting with CUE2. So far i have mastered making Profiles and effects. Since I'm New to this RGB Keyboard, I would like to ask how durable are the RGB LEDs on the Strafe? I'm currently using it with high humidity of about 78-93% on average. Also any tips on how to take good care of the LED's? It's a Beautiful keyboard and i want it to last. Thanks! :D:
  24. When i plug in my keyboard (stafe RGB) on my mac its says on Icue "no device detected" I tried to reset my keyboard but it dont worked. I cheked the firmware and that wasent the problem. I reinstaled it and downloaded the last version but nothing worked. So can someone help me? ( sorry if this is bad English but i am from the Netherlands so sorry )
  25. I touch type but my niece was using the keyboard and told me the quote key is upside down. The ' is at the top and the " is at the bottom which is opposite to what you do with the shift key. I can't flip it 180 because the angle would be wrong. Love the keyboard and this would not bother me but want to maybe advice this is something I have seen. I know the numbers are all "upside own" but the colon and semicolon right beside the quote key is correct/different orientation.
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