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  1. Hi Buddy.. quite a technical one this... start with this my advice would be to use a PWM repeater on any rad fans to bring the number of fan headers down that you need and indeed making control of them easier (they become one single fan in icue). that would free up a pwm fan header to teh 13th FAN..... that would just leave one fans RGB to sort (above diagram covers 12 fans).. i would add the extra one using one of Pirate Dog Techs RGB Fan Splitters. this lets you place 2 fans on one RGB head on the RGB Fan LED Hub.. either that or add an extra RGB Fan LED Hub or a Lightning node core
  2. hi buddy.. 1.. yes follow the diagram buddy 🙂 2.. yes buddy. that way you can match their speeds easier and keep them tied to fluid temp... personally i would put all the rad fans on a PWM repeater and have them controlled as a single fan in iCUE. this means they will all receive the same signals at the same time and keep them all matched....
  3. Had a number of Minifigs reside in my cases over the years. but the red one on the moon buggy has lived in or on my PC cases since i was a teen.. i am 52 now lol. this build (4790k) was from when the 570x got released,
  4. 1. either should work fine buddy 2, again should be fine. but you have the nzxt hub anyways 😉 3, leave the rad fans connected how they should be.. this insures your cooling system will operate as intended regardless of other hardware/software and indeed OS..
  5. its fine buddy. Motherboard header is reading it as double speed.. this is completely normal 😉
  6. hey buddy. yep that would work,,, one of my diagrams.
  7. https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Pump-Reservoir/Hydro-X-Series-XD7-RGB-Pump-Reservoir-Combo/p/CX-9040005-WW it has that one as an option.
  8. One Commander Pro.. 32 Fans.... The Truth is out there.....
  9. Hi guys. yes indeed it allows you to light an RGB Fan LED Hub direct from the PSU. the LED's in the Fans will light up White.. you have no control of color.
  10. image links fixed and edits made. more to follow 🙂
  11. Hi Buddy. Looking good so far. 3 x Lightning node cores would be the way forward for RGB unless you can get hold of any RGB Fan LED Hubs, if you can source those then we can bring you down to one commander pro and power fans in groups of 4 by using powered PWM Hubs.. this would leave PWM headers on said commander pro for your Pump.. heres how i did mine.. 32 Fans on one Commander Pro
  12. Hi Buddy. Not sure what is going on. but yes that PSU does have Silent Operation Mode. you able to see what temps its seeing? or.. do you have much of a 5v load on it? RGB/USB etc?
  13. Hey bud.. I have 2 x 55m 360s's up top (fittings towards rear of the case) and 2x 55mm 480's in the front (fittings at bottom). i would also advise splitting the loop if using 4 large cap rads like i have. its all soft tubed in the back 😉 .. hope this helps with your quest?
  14. hey bud... cant see that being an option. its pretty much a data output for temps and power usage..
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