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  1. Hi! I am having an issue with the CPU cooler in my PC build. Whenever I boot my PC, the fans on the cooler run and it looks like the cooler is working. However, in my BIOS, the RPM shows 0 and the CPU (Intel i7-12700K) temperature rises. Is there anyone who is having the same issue and/or knows what I can do to fix it?
  2. I was playing and wanted to put the volume a bit up and when i did it the left side stopped working. It just works when i put the volume at 50 or something like that (the volume of the headset not of the pc). Pls help
  3. Hey Corsair, I need help to solve a problem with Corsair iCue4. I have a error : " The entry point of procedure " UnregisterSuspendResumeNotification " is unfindable in the dynamic link library USER32.dll ". My computer is under Windows 7. I haven't update avaible. Thanks for all Have a nice day
  4. All of a sudden my keyboard spacebar just stopped working. It just started messing around with my rgb brightness and not actually pressing space. I’ve had this guy for about 3 years and has been totally fine. Am I due for a new one?https://share.icloud.com/photos/040ehaIhWv5KeEe1vXae0nfig
  5. I get that the HS70 Pro is newer than the non-pro version but 3+ years with no firmware updates seems odd considering in that time Nvidia has released a new GPU series and Microsoft has released an entirely new OS not even touching the CPU side. Has there really been nothing new released or is my iCue just not finding the latest version?
  6. So, I built my first PC today. It booted up fine, but gave me two errors- one that my CPU was above temperature and another that there was a CPU fan error. I’m using the h150i elite capellix to cool an i9-12900ks. I have the tach cable plugged into the AIO spot and the other cable plugged into the icue commander that came with it. I also have the fans attached to that commander which turn on when I start my system. So, I don't believe there are issues with the commander or it’s connection to the motherboard. My pump also doesn’t show up in the bios, there is no pump speed displayed only an N/A. Could my pump/tach cable be faulty or is there something else that would cause this problem? I’m fairly certain the heat block is installed on the processor correctly with an appropriate amount of thermal paste, but I’m more than willing to redo it if that could be the issue causing this, but I don’t really think it is. I am planning to go out and buy a standard heat sink to see if that’s able to cool down my CPU and maybe isolate if it’s the h150i that’s the problem. Thank you for your help :)
  7. I was fully upgrading my pc and I needed new fans because I changed my power supply since I got an rtx 3070 ti. I have a 750 w power supply, but only one fan spins? I have plugged everything in for leds and they work great however only my top fan wants to spin. Even when I plug the other fans into different places on the motherboard for where fans go the others don’t work. I know for one this is not a fan issue, because right when I installed them all of them turned on and were running but after that they never did again. I’m wondering if I don’t have enough power output to them, but I have no clue how to chnage that or if it’s truly the problem.
  8. I recently bought the Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro, but when i plugged it in to my pc everything worked fine, except the actual mouse cursor. I could right click, click, scroll, but I could not actually move the mouse. Please help.
  9. Ich habe mir heute eine neue Maus gekauft und zwar die sabre rgb pro, davor hatte ich nie corsair Produkte, von daher habe ich 0 Erfahrung mit iCUE. Die Maus funktioniert so weit, allerdings verändert sich das sobald ich iCue herunterlade, denn ab da hören die Daumentasten auf zu funktionieren. Das Problem will was ich auch versuche nicht weg gehen und ich bin gerade ein wenig am verzweifeln. Deshalb wollte ich fragen ob irgendjemand eine Idee zur Lösung hat oder selbst derartige Erfahrungen gemacht hat.
  10. Hello everyone, let's cut to the chase: If I install iCUE, the headset starts making a hissing/white noise sound whenever there is sound playing. Of course I can try to lower my windows sound and pump up the program sound, but when listening to something quite the white noise is VERY persistent and annoying. Upon uninstalling iCUE the hissing is gone and nowhere to be found and cannot be replicated. I have found this post, but the help there did not work. I think the issue is the same though: iCUE does not uninstall the Windows driver and windows is using the faulty windows driver. In completion with iCUE it is doing the hissing sound. Another issue I am having with iCUE is the mic LED. Without iCUE installed the LED is white when unmuted and red when muted. Muting and unmuting changes the LED immediately. Upon installing iCUE the LED is green when unmuted and changes slowly to red when muting urself. But the delay is about 2 seconds. Can the delay be turned off somehow and how do I fix the white noise? Just so the question won't be asked: Sidetone is off. I have tried soft resetting my Virtuosos I hope somebody can help me, since I'd like to take use of the equalizer, since the virtuosos need the EQ for better sound. Thanks in advance
  11. I want to add RAM to my PC, i have 16gb DDR4 RAM in it already (from a different brand), but i want to add my corsair 32gb RAM to it, so i have 48gb RAM in total, but is my motherboard able to use this, as my motherboard wants Un-buffered and Non-ECC RAM, will my corsair RAM be accepted by my motherboard?
  12. Just built a new rig for a friend. I used 6 brand new ML RGB fans that came from two Capellix AIOs I installed in my personal rigs. The fans work. All 6 were rainbow from the moment I powered on the pc. As soon as I installed iCue and updated the Commander “PRO” the lighting on four of the fans stopped working. The other three show as the four LED ML Pros in iCue. All six fans show up in iCue and they do show lighting effects are applied. Changing the effects on the last three do nothing. The case is the Corsair 465x RGB that came with three LLs, Commander Pro and a RGB Hub. There’s no option for the Capellix ML RGB fans in the fan setup in iCue, only ML RGB Pros. I’m wondering if I need a Commander “Core” or “Core XT.” Any thoughts? Thanks y’all!!!
  13. So my HS60 SURROUND headphones are relatively new (8-6 months) and while I was playing Valorant my right ear volume stopped working and now my sound quality is very bad.
  14. I have no clue why but after my pc updated to the newest version of windows 10, whenever I try to open iCUE the app starts running along with the processesit uses but then iCUE immediately closes. I've already fully uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still doesn't work.
  15. Hi y'all, I recently purchased 6 Corsair SP120 RGB Elite fans. When I installed them out of the box using the included Corsair Lighting Node Core, they worked completely fine. However, upon clearing my temp files, the RGB on all but one of the fans turned off. Solutions I have already tried: -Restarted my PC -Tested all 6 of the fans one by one in the one working Node Core port (All 6 fans work fine, just not all at once) -Replaced the initial Node Core with another of the same model that was included with the fans (2 kits of 3 fan setups)(Still no success) -Doing a clean reinstall of Corsair iCue (Twice) -Checking to make sure that iCue was formatted for 6 SP RGB Series Fans I feel like I have tried every solution I could find on the internet to no avail. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated. PC Specs: ROG STRIX B-450f Gaming|AMD Ryzen 7 5800x|EVGA RTX 3060|4x4gb Corsair Vengeance LPX|Corsair RM850x (PSU)
  16. I would appreciate some help optimizing my wiring, it's gotten a bit unwieldy and I could use some expert advice. I had posted this in another thread and realized I should have started a thread. TL;dr, I can't control the fans very well that connect to my Commander Core XT Case is Corsair 5000D MSI Pro Z690 DDR4 XC7 CPU Block XD5 Pump/Res EKWB Red Devil GPU Block Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 2x16 (probably not relevant but they are in the ecosystem) Commander Pro Commander Core XT Lighting Node Pro 3 ML120s Pro on Side Rad in Push config 6 QL120s 3 on front of case for intake, 3 on top rad in Pull config 1 AF120 (I think, it's one of the fans that came with the 5000D) Extra Items Available on Hand: Lighting Node Core, Lighting Node Pro, RGB Fan LED Hub XC7 is Connected to daisy chain connector on the XD5 Pump. XD5 Pump is plugged into LED 1 on Commander Pro Lightning Node Core is daisy chained to the Commander Core XT Commander Core XT is plugged directly into Mobo Commander Pro is connected directly into Mobo iCUE is updated as well as all the devices connected MSI Mystic Light is set to NOT override any software controls. Bios is updated HWMonitor has Corsair turned off in settings, but my issues below happen without running HWMonitor Issues I am currently having: ML120 fans are running limited lighting (I understand this is because I mixed fan types on my lighting node core (I suspect I should run the 3 ML120s to the Commander Core XT so that it only has those 3 fans connected I fixed this by moving the 3 top rad QL120s to the lighting node core and the MLs to the XT. Fans 7, 8, and 9 are acting bizarre in iCUE, I can set them to Extreme and they ramp up, but I cannot turn them off using a custom preset of "Fan Off" using RPM, %, or custom curve or by setting them to the Zero RPM default preset Bonus Question: I have an ARGB to Corsair 3 Pin adapter coming, my plan is to plug the EKWB GPU block 3 pin into Commander Pro LED 2 and set it to an RGB Pro strip (EKWB has 9 ARGB LEDs, so the Strip was the closest with 10) I appreciate any and all help and advice
  17. I bought the 4000X RGB and installed everything, seems to work fine for the most part. The three fans on the front panel light up fine with RGB, but only the top fan is spinning. All the cables were labeled, so I plugged the one fan into the MOBO fan channel, which I guess I assumed was daisy-chained with the others like modular power, so that one being powered would power all three, but no, only the top fan spins. Which is weird, because all three are lit up fine. Are there two additional fan power cables that I'm missing somewhere? I'd prefer not to take it apart again but I can if needbe, but I didn't see a single other plug that was ready to plug in, unless it's hiding somewhere. MOBO is the B560-A by Asus ROG, if that matters. Thanks.
  18. I have had awful issues with this headset since I bought it and now I don't know what to do Context: Was playing on my PC when all my sound vanished, despite my input and output recognizing the headset and my audio being way up on everything, nothing works. iCUE constantly now marks it as unavailable, pairing doesn't work and takes hours for it to just stop. The dongle / usb constantly flashes red and then goes off after a while, then on the off chance it goes white the sound is still broken and isn't "focused" if that makes sense, the sound is there, but shooting guns ingame will make my eardrums burst. I have done literally anything in the books, repairing software, restarts, reinstall, recharging, pairing, etc. I have done everything I possibly could have and nothing has worked and I've received no help from Corsair about this issue. I have done everything. At this point I have no idea what to do. Any and all help is appreciated.
  19. Apologies in advance if this was posted in the wrong section -- new user, first post. I joined the forum to ask for some help with my Flash Voyager USB storage card. Earlier today, I was forced into visiting two libraries in the hopes of printing out some documents, but the flash drive was unable to connect to any computer into which it was plugged; normally, the blue indicator light on the flash drive will flicker as it connects to the computer without much of a wait, but now the light flashes briefly only once and remains solid without ever fully connecting to the computer with its files accessible. The afternoon before, I was making some final preparations for the documents ahead of printing them; two of the files were PDF documents, and I had finished editing them by adding text via the Microsoft Edge web browser. I saved the changes without incident and properly ejected the device, having seen no apparent problem with the device before earlier today. One librarian connected the flash drive to several other computers without any luck; that would prompt the suggestion that the flash drive may possibly have been corrupted somehow, while another librarian at the other location seemed stumped as to the cause of the problem, suggesting that the device may have just gone "kaput" for no rhyme or reason whatsoever. Again, the last action taken with this flash drive before this malfunction was executing a Save on these two PDF files via Microsoft Edge -- one-click save, no error message, no improper ejection. If the device had indeed been corrupted somehow, that final set of actions would have been the only probable cause. Once I returned home and attempted to connect my USB stick onto the very computer which it had been last successfully connected less than 24 hours earlier, I encountered the same connectivity problems. How this drive can go from functional to unfunctional in a matter of hours is a total mystery. Depending on the computer, the symptoms of the problem are slightly different: connecting the drive will not generate any pop-up Autoplay connection message, but the "Safely Remove Hardware And Eject Media" icon may still appear. A button for the disk drive may or may not appear, or might appear after waiting several moments (it normally would appear immediately upon being connected to the computer, usually within a few seconds). What's more, it won't display as "CORSAIR" like normal, but will have a general name of "USB Drive" instead, and won't indicate the presence of files or available disk space. If an attempt to eject the drive through the taskbar icon is made, the display (instead of "CORSAIR") will read "SM324BC MEMORY BAR" as the inserted device. Depending on the computer, attempting to double-click or right-click the "USB Drive" icon will either freeze the folder, making it unresponsive, or will prompt a pop-up message asking to "please insert a disk" as though one isn't present. I wanted to be as concise as possible in explaining the last 24 hours here, so I have also included screen captures of how the flash drive has performed since getting it home earlier this evening to go along with the information included above. If anyone can possibly diagnose the problems I've described, and perhaps most importantly suggest any corrective measures to take here, please feel welcome to reply with whatever information you can offer. I'm sure this isn't a new, unfamiliar problem to the forum over the years, so please feel free to share any advice that could diagnose the issue, or may provide some probable fix for it. Thanks in advance for any comments or replies after this message. - SirAMaDon_790
  20. This started happening after a reset of my windows while fixing other issues. The headset connects to the wireless adapter when turned on, plays the turning on sound, but never plays the connected/mic status sound. Additionally, the headset SHOWS as connected within the iCue software, and even plays sidetone properly, but in Windows Sound Settings it does not play any sort of audio and the mic doesn't receive any audio either. If voice prompts are on, I get no sound indicating status changes and whatnot, but if they're off I get the on-board beeps. Another side effect of this is that if the headset is on, I cannot watch or listen to any media. It seems to freeze whatever I'm attempting to watch or listen to (ex. Youtube videos never load) I've already tried most methods to fix this (re-pairing headset and adapter, soft-resetting headset, deleting drivers, re-installing iCue, etc.) but I haven't found anything beyond the standard that has fixed my issue.
  21. Hello I really hope someone can help me out as I have been trying to figure this issue out for a few days now and nothing. I bought a SP120 RGB pro last week for my new Acer TC-1660-EB11 and connected it through the Lighting Node Pro. The Lighting Node Pro was connected through the provided SATA connection and i plugged the USB directly into the motherboard USB header. The fans spin and the lights work fine but I can't connect the fans or node to the ICue 4 software. I purchased a Commander Pro thinking the Node wasn't working and after installing it was dis appointed to see that ICue still won't detect the Commander or fans. Fixes i have tried are reinstalling, repairing, turning off the quick boot in windows and BIOS, uninstalling the drivers, downloaded USDBeview, playing with the device manager, restarting the box with the pin hole and unplugging/ replugging the SATA. Already sent a ticket to corsair but haven't received a response yet. Nothing has worked and i'm starting to get frustrated I figured spending the 80 dollars on a commander pro would help and am now in the same boat. Is there anything i have missed or any work arounds someone has figured out on here? Edit: also have tried installing ICue 3 with the lighting node but not the Commander Pro.
  22. my headset has begun to emit a short "beep-boop" sound randomly every couple of minutes and i have no idea what is causing it. it is not the power on/off, low battery, or microphone mute/unmute sound. i have tried powering off and back on, changing the usb slot, and googling everything but it seems like no one has cracked the nameless beep code of corsair headsets i guess. honestly why aren't they in the manual or accessible somewhere?? anyways let me know if anyone knows what this sound means because it's driving me crazy other things to get out of the way: i am sitting right at my laptop so it isn't anything to do with range, this has happened before to me but it is unknown what made it stop because it sort of just did it on its own or a power cycle fixed it, and my headset is i want to say around 4-5 years old now. not sure what else to add but i'll try to respond quickly bc i wanna get this fixed now that it's literally not stopping as far as i can tell using it right now and i wasn't exactly planning on getting a new one any time soon
  23. Hey! I recently updated my mouse, but since that time I can no longer use it with the dongle. It only works with the bluetooth now. I tried to force a dongle update ( now on v.5.4.99), but it didn't change anything. I also did a mouse reset ( several time) , but still nothing. On the ICUE side, I uninstalled and reinstalled it (now on v. 4.17.244), but when I connect my mouse with a wire, it no longer appears in ICUE. So, I can't force a mouse update. Can you help me ? HArpoon RBG wireless: S/N:081120281154
  24. Hi all, My ironclaw wireless broke some weeks ago within warranty. I applied for an advanced RMA where Corsair sends you a new mouse before you have to send yours back. You have to pay the cost of the mouse as collateral but then they refund it once they receive your faulty mouse. Problem is, my card declined twice, as the billing and delivery addresses did not match, or something like that? I have had no such trouble with this card in the past and have made other purchases with it since without issue. Contacted my bank and they said there's no reason my card should decline. I also tried paying directly from the card and through paypal. I thought maybe the billing and shipping addresses are stored in my corsair account? But whenever I try to access my account to change these, the servers are down for maintenance. Can someone help me out here? Cheers
  25. Hi, so for almost a year now i've had 10 QL120's installed in my PC, I build my PC all brand new, the fans are all hooked up to corsair hardware, 6 fans are connected to the Corsair Elite Capellix cooler, the other 4 are connected to a RGB hub and a Corsair commander pro, I use iCue to control the fans and lightning, so no 3th party software or hardware. Now for the problem, a few LED's from 5 fans always show a different color then what I assign it, currently it's set to all white and some LEDs are pink (as shown in the picture) this is for a few colors, with yellow it becomes red for example, and for some colors it's working perfectly fine, I've been in contact with Corsair customer support, they couldn't fix the issue and send me new fans, they worked for about a day and then it went back to acting weird. I've tried fully reinstalling all Corsair software and resetting the commander pro, elite capellix and RGB hub, this didn't help as well... I've also tried switching the connectors, it doesn't matter in what port the fan is plugged into, the same fan with the same LED's keep acting strange. I'm all out of ideas, I really hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance! Morris
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