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Found 20 results

  1. I know this has been posted repeatedly, but I have never found a forum with a fix. I love my mouse, but the point of buying this was for wireless..... It worked perfectlyt the first two days i had it, then i had to charge it and it has never connected again after that and i can only use it wired... I have tried hard resetting ther mouse by turning it off and turning it on while holding the side buttons, i tried initatring the dongle connect on icue settings. Nothing has worked. I have the dongle in a USB 3.0 slot on my pc. i dont have pictures attached bc theres really nothing to take a picture of. any help accepted. thank you
  2. Today I just put in my headset and saw that my headset left speaker was not working but when I used the sound regulator it started working and wen am no touching the sound regulator the speaker is not working can some one help me find a solution pls? I don’t know if it is a fabric defect because I had my headset for just 1 month and I don’t know if I need it to go to garantí or if there is a solution
  3. I recently picked up the corsair HS50 Pro Wireless headset and installed the iCUE program and I cant for the life of me get it to sound like my other headset did for warzone, footsteps are getting blended in with the horrific sound of enemy gunfire and teammates too, it just sound like a cheap headset and I would really like to figure out how to fix it as it cost me a pretty penny, the only preset that i have had a little bit of success with was the default "pure direct" setting, but even then i don't even hear the footsteps until they are right beside me or I'm dead, also the static noise and hissing that this headset produces is awful, i will probably get another headset if this persists and i cant find a good balance for audio.
  4. Hey Folks, I’m thinking about getting the Corsair ONE a200 with the Rizen 5900x for gaming. That seems to be the machine that Corsair is marketing towards gamers. However, I wonder if the i200 with an Intel 11900K would be slightly faster? I’ve been comparing game benchmarks, and the Intel chip seems slightly faster the the Rizen chip, especially for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which I love. What are your thoughts? If price is no object, is the i200 better than the a200 for gaming?
  5. Hallo Zusammen, ich habe seit heute eine Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB. Mein Problem besteht mit den progammierbaren Seitentasten. Wenn ich die Push to talk im Teamspeak oder Discord belegen will, dann erkennt die automatische Tastenerkennung meine Seitentasten von der Maus nicht. Somit wollte ich das dann per Makrobelegung innerhalb der Corsair-software ändern. Somit habe ich drt 4ten Taste der Maus ein makro zugewiesen welches die numpad 4 sein soll. Soweit funktioniert das auch, aber wenn ich jetzt Path of Exile spiele, dann wird diese Taste nicht mehr erkannt. In anderen Spielen wird sie jedoch erkannt. Woran könnte es liegen? Ich habe jetzt keine Funktion innerhalb der Software gefunden die soetwas beheben könnte. Für Anregungen wäre ich dankbar. Grüße Ufoo
  6. Specs: Intel Pentium 6600k, Gigabyte Aorus270x G7, 32GB Adada XPG Sectrix D60G 3200, Gigabyte 1070 g1 Gaming 8, Sun Flower LeadexIII 750W, 6x Corsair LL140 Hallo Leute, ich bin absolut neu hier, bis jetzt habe ich versucht mein Problem selbst oder mit einem Freund in Griff zu bekommen. Ich habe das Problem, dass meine Lüfter sich beim Spielen immer aufhängen. Es ist nur ein Lüfter, der seinen Modi Ablauf einfach einstellt. Ich habe den Lüfter HUB und auch den Lighting Node PRO schon einmal ausgetauscht. Das gleiche Problem. Der Kanal 6 macht immer Probleme. Manchmal auch der 5te, aber das nur selten, bzw. nur die Hälfte der Beleuchtung. Nach einem Neustart, bleibt der Lüfter meist schwarz. Erst wenn der Rechner einige Zeit ausgeschaltet wurde, geht die Beleuchtung wieder normal. Ique Software ist aktuell, wurde mehrfach neu installiert. Auch das BIOS ist aktuell. Windows neu Installation, nix hat geholfen. Ich habe auch Probleme mit meiner RAM RGB Beleuchtung, aber das nur am Rande. Hat jemand noch einen Tipp, was ich noch tun kann? Ich bin mit meinem Latein am Ende. Besten Dank schonmal im Vorraus :-)
  7. Okay, so my problem started a few months ago on an old generic keyboard that I was using. I had been gaming and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, every single key on the keyboard began to type multiple, different letters. I thought it was just the keyboard dying, so I bought a nicer one(Corsair K70). I've had it for about a month now, but now I have the same problem. While in the same exact game I had been playing on my old keyboard (DayZ) certain keys started acting up. But this time, it's only a few keys, and not every single one. AND, while I was writing this same exact thread last night on a different keyboard, it fixed itself, but now, the next day, it started up again while in a game. I have tried everything from language settings, to BIOS updates, installed new drivers, nothing works. I'll give you an example of the keys that are acting up. P = iop[eqrtuwy Enter = \] 0 = 4512367890-` . = bmnv,./CXZ| ; = FGHJKL;'ADS These are the only keys that this is happening to. I havent spilled any liquid on the keyboard, I've taken great care of it. I popped they keys off and everything looks normal. Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks. :) More about : keyboard typing random letters gaming
  8. Been having this issue from since I bought this mouse. When booting up from a cold boot all my hardware except for the Glaive is detected. My Glaive doesn't work until I plug it out and plug it back in again. I've tried several solutions such as; - disabling fast boot in BIOS - using other USB ports - uninstalling and reinstalling drivers - updating chipset drivers - reinstalling iCUE Now funny enough when I uninstalled iCUE from my system and did another cold boot the mouse was detected just fine! So correct me if I'm wrong but it's looking like an iCUE issue here. I'm running the latest version after an update today and the issue still persists! Am I alone with this problem or is there a fix? EDIT This issue has now been resolved. It was due to the PC not being plugged into a wall socket and receiving constant power. Previously it was plugged into a surge protecter power strip which was turned off every night, for some reason when powering on the mouse would not receive power upon boot. Now it is left plugged into a wall socket that is left switched on and the mouse now boots up with everything else.
  9. Hallo, ich habe mir das Corsair Void Pro gekauft. Der Sound war super, bis ich die Icue Software installiert habe. Sobald ich meinen PC neu gestartet habe, ist der Sound so abgehackt und verzerrt. Ich habe bereits in den Icue Einstellungen geguckt, doch leider nichts gefunden. Kann mir jemand helfen, wie ich das Problem beheben kann? LG., Freshy_2019
  10. Hello everyone! We recently announced our new CORSAIR VENGEANCE 5180 Gaming PC featuring NVIDIA's RTX 2080 and an 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8700 processor. Tech Specs: Warranty: 2 years Dimensions: 398mm (L) x 276mm (W) x 351mm (H) CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB DRAM: 16GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4-2666 Storage: 480GB CORSAIR FORCE MP300 NVMe M.2 SSD, 2TB HDD Motherboard: B360 Micro-ATX Operating System: Windows 10 Home Advance 64-bit Power Supply: CORSAIR CX750 750W 80 PLUS Bronze External Connections: Front I/O panel includes 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1, Headphone, Microphone Product Page: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-PCs/CORSAIR-VENGEANCE-5180-Gaming-PC/p/CS-9030001-NA Step Up Your Game Video: [ame] [/ame] Set Up Video: [ame] [/ame]
  11. Hi, I recently decided to look up what my k70Lux RGB can do. I got it last year as a Christmas present and never looked into exactly what all it was capable of. I found some really cool stuff like custom profiles and programs that have custom lighting effects for various games (like far cry 5). However, there are a lot of games that I specifically enjoy that I feel are in need of similar effects. As with almost every ambition that comes to my mind, this is probably way more complex than I have time for, but I would still like to know if theres a way I can program my own lighting effects for the games I enjoy most that haven't already been done by someone with more talent than me. If anyone has information on how to make homebrew lighting effects that can interact with a game you choose, please let me know. Thanks! Purple Robot
  12. Hello, I'll share profiles I make for my k70, that I use for work or gaming, they'll be ALL in ISO Italian layout, so some tweak for ANSI keyboard layouts may be needed before using. Now I'm using CUE 2.15.83 in Advanced. Lupo Marcio Pretty simple and straightfoward. Enjoy! [ame] [/ame] Ark: Survival Evolved Nothing fancy, is already complex by itself, adding other effects will make it only more chaotic. I needed to make it for the freakload of commands that there are in this game, at first it can be confusing, but you'll get used to. I rebinded some commands that you can see in this screenshot and in the green rectangle there are what I remembered changes, mostly of them are whistles because they're too many to be only in the alphabet part of the keyboard. FYI Apostrophe is the key after "0/=", "Subtract Divide Add Multiply" are the symbols up in the numpad and "Decimal" is the dot always in the numpad. "Period" and "hyphen" are the keys above the "alt gr" key. RUST Profile for the game in title. Uses a gray-rusty color palette taken from RUST's banner/header (dunno how to call it). Pressed keys turn to a bloody red because this game is not good for try harders (I'm one of those), with a little ripple. As usual you can turn this to a text layout if you enjoy the colors. [ame] [/ame] Metal Gear Solid V: TPP & MGO Profiles for MGS fans like me. The TPP layout uses the Big Boss' arm as principal color palette, gold from the infiltration suit of Ground Zeroes (rings on upper arms and thighs) and a cyan from the iDroid with wave effect from the pressed keys (and for the keys in the simple layout). The MGO layout as a difference from the TPP, has a more neutral color palette, based lightly from the teaser wallpaper, with the cyan of Team Solid (and iDroid) and the orange of Team Liquid in the simple layout. Obv you can change colors to comply your favorite team. Enjoy. The zip has 2 profiles, so it's up to you to switch off the keys and toggle the simple layout. You can simply make a copy for switch between gaming/texting. The video shows TPP gaming/texting, MGO gaming/texting. Keyboard is not centered because my smartphone makes fun of me. [ame] [/ame] Put out those flames!! I made this profile just for fun since I didn't see any with this concept.... I think? Every key is water you drop on the flames, but like like greek fire, it'll come back with a powerful blaze. [ame] [/ame] PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS I merely stole the video template from Surject's topic, check his Knight Rider K.I.T.T. profile for K95, it's really cool! Making this profile helped me A LOT for locating keys that I usually don't use. Bg has a fixed gradient from color palette of the presentation image of the game, gray for streets, red for bricks and cyan from sky (for ANSI users, a little tweak between layers bg2-bg4 and wave2-wave4 may be needed). Color coding for meds, weapons/weapon related options, movement and poses (crouch/prone). There is little feedback animation on the med keys. As the video shows, all keys has a subtle gold wave-dark ripple effect to make it prettier, that can be enhanced through the opacity slider of the two bg separators. Lastly can be used as a normal typing keyboard with the simple layout. Enjoy. [ame] [/ame] PAYDAY2 It has a little intro with "gold" falling to the ground to a blue (and red-ish pulse) bg fading to a darker tone going to the numpad. F-key are lit with typical police strobe that can be lowered/powered with the transparency of black layer on-top. All the layers upon the BG-strobo lights can be toggled off, and turn on the "simple layout" layer, to have something for non-gaming use. F1-F2-T-F-G-V Have a little animation on the numpad ("feedback" when in-game). Enjoy. [ame] [/ame] Left 4 Dead Yellow pulsing background with some single key red pulses. It has some toggles for all needs, from WASD to versus related keys (like group chat), Yes/No votes and lastly steam screenshots. Hope you like it. [ame] [/ame] Autodesk Maya 2016 Simple cheat sheet, it's partially color coded, it has most shortcuts I use for modeling and animation. Maybe I'll update it. It has multiple profiles and switching when ctrl/alt/shift/ctrl+shift/alt+shift are pressed to show other shortcuts, no worries they retain the function of the key. Please, release the modifier keys in inverted order (ctrl+shift→shift-ctrl) to not have a faulty profile switching, but no worries: you can restore the main profile by clicking the 9 numpad key. IN ORDER TO WORK PROPERLY all profile must be in a folder (for the sake of tidiness), all profiles have to be linked all to Maya.exe, and last but not least "Maya" profile must be the first profile in the folder. Hope this is helpful to someone. [ame] [/ame]Maya - by Lupo Marcio.zip L4D2 by Lupo Marcio.zip PAYDAY 2 - By Lupo Marcio.cueprofile PUBG by Lupo Marcio.cueprofile Put out those flames - by Lupo Marcio.cueprofile MGSV_by_LupoMarcio.zip Rust_by_LupoMarcio.cueprofile ARK by Lupo Marcio.cueprofile LupoMarcio.cueprofile
  13. i was looking to upgrade my gaming rig to gtx 1060 and had to upgrade my PSU so i decided to look for 450w PSU and finally found VS450 80+ certified, i wasn't googling this PSU first because i was pretty sure this should be good as it's corsair product. problem is i left disappointed after i reach home and google this PSU, a lot of people on the internet forums (really, a lot) said that this PSU is not good enough, even very bad as it is considered tier 4 PSU for my daily gaming needs especially on a higher end specs. so i finally decide to create an account here and ask this on corsair forum, is vs450 really that bad for gaming?? tell me your honest opinion if this is enough for gaming, biased or not.
  14. Hi all, I just bought a k55 today and Im having this annoying issue when I start any game, the macro key starts to blink with no reason at all and random keys get pressed like the keyboard its going crazy. I have installed the latest version of the CUE and I updated the firmware to the latest version as well... tried different usbs etc... and the problem persists, I really dont know what to do, please some help! :(:
  15. Hi guys, The new and improved line of VOID PRO gaming headsets are now available. Featuring a redesigned microphone and improved audio quality and overall comfort. Check out this quick blog about it: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2017/august/void-pro or Watch Adam give a brief tour of the new headset. [ame] [/ame]
  16. APOLLYON (V2) Full details & HQ pics; https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/XtnH99 PC PERIPHERALS SETUP BENCHMARKS AMA here or over on PCPartPicker!
  17. 2 questions i have about the linking of peripherals 1) how to sync the lighting of multiple devices (I own the K70 RGB Rapidfire as well as the M65 Pro and the Polaris MM800 as well as Void Wireless) and i would like to sync my devices with one another such as the visor 2)how come the visor effect down not slow down it feels the same if not like 95%+ of the speed of normal when setting it to slow have the latest version of CUE and i looked online but most people who i see doing this use some old version of CUE by the looks of it as the tabs are in different places
  18. Hey guys! So I'm relatively new to corsair products... But this macro GUI is... "Special" I cant get a stupid repeating right click macro to work... Can someone help me?? If it helps It's a M65 Pro RGB, and a Corsair Gaming K70 LUX Mechanical Keyboard (Red) So please help me if you can. the GUI is not so straight forward...It makes me go :eek:
  19. Hi All I recently bought an ASUS z170 pro gaming motherboard along with corsair CMK16GX4M2A2400C14. When installing ram on DIMM A2 and B2 i get a red dram led error. I then changed the position of the RAM and only DIMM B1 and B2 seemed to work. Does anyone know if this is a CPU issue or just incompatibility of RAM with motherboard? Thanks
  20. Nothing is working on my keyboard in terms of macros and keys like lock key I have a K40 keyboard from corsair. NOT RAPTOR. It is this http://www.ebuyer.com/726169-corsair-k40-gaming-keyboard-backlit-multicolor-led-ch-9000223-uk Unfortunately, i dont have the CD that came with it any longer so im trying to find the keyboard driver online. I have already tried the Raptor K40 version and the macro buttons are not working. Nor is lock button etc. I have searched the official downloads page for my driver but i cannot find. Can someone help me find the correct driver please? Thanks!
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