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  1. Hi, is it possible to show my fans in the Dashboard view, and if so how? If not, anyone knows why? Thanks.
  2. when i put the fan speed on the lowest my fans dont slow down video i have the magnetic spinning ones.
  3. When I turn on my PC, one of my case fans seem to be making like a clicking/grinding sound. I just recently replaced the front 2 stock case fans with Corsair AF120 LED fans. One of the original fans did the same thing and I can't figure out what it could be. I took the inside of my pc apart the other day and it fixed the sound issue for about a day. The back two on the radiator are still stock from my prebuilt. What could this be and how can I fix it?! https://streamable.com/lvagkf
  4. Hi All, I have a h150i elite cappelix, which I want the fans to be managed by the commander pro. Obviously I still need the commander core to wire up the pump. So see my design below. I have a 5000X case. What I did is: - removed the PWM fan controller included in the case --> wired it up to the commander PRO - Used the commander PRO as the FAN controller for the H150i fans - Connected all casefans and H150I fans to the RGB hub included with the case - Connected the Pump to the commander core So my concrete question is: Will the H150 elite cappelix setup work with this setup? Or do I have to connect the fans and RGB to the commander core in order to get it working?
  5. I recently built a PC and don't have much experience with using fans as it is the first time I have ever done such a thing. For some reason my back fan is running at max speed and I am unable to change it through the icue software app. The fan is currently plugged into a controller along witht the other 5 fans i have. I have tried plugging it into the motherboard but the same issue remains but it loses its RGB. The fan having the issue was a separate fan (2 are part of the water cooler and 3 came with the case) so im unsure if the fan itself is fauly or if it is another issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. How do I install a rear exhaust fan to the iCUE 465X RGB Mid-Tower ATX Smart Case ? It does not show this in the quick start guide / manual. How do I mount it and where should it connect to? I have some long screws but they are too thin and there are no nuts. Should the short fan screws be used? Do I need washers? Where do the screws go through on the rear of the case?
  7. Hi I have recently bought Corsair CC-9011166-WW Carbide SPEC-Delta RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Gaming Case - Black. The text spec at amazon does not make clear that for the RGB fans to run and light up it requires an RGB motherboard, which i dont have ( requirements for fans to run should be clearer) I tried to solve problem with a Corsair Commander PRo. Alsas the fans now run but still no RGB lights . I think the dable connection is incompatible. I was told that there was no solution for the installed fans. That the only solution would be to replace them with "Corsair CO-9050104-WW iCUE QL120 RGB, 120 mm RGB LED PWM Fans (102 Individually Addressable RGB LEDs, Speeds Up to 1,500 RPM, Low-Noise) Triple Pack with iCUE Lighting Node CORE Included - White". I note that this includes the Lighting Node Core which i cannot find anywhere as an individual component. At this point i am not sure i have confidence in my advisor and i wonder if you can help me understand 1. Can the current fans , installed in my case work spin and light up with the addition of any other hub or controller. Maybe it's just the Lighting node core for lights to attached to the commander pro and then on with sata to psu? OR 2. Is there something i am missing or doing wrong and it either can work without anything additional or with another part OR FINALLY 3. is it correct that i must buy the white fans i lit above and replace the fans in my case to get the RGB lights working and why would that be? Do the fans have a different connector, or do the fans simply need the included lighting node Core. thanks Pic of case i bought https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07KGSJRC3/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza
  8. Hey guys, I just finished my set up and I am trying to get the Brimstone Icue Profile to go to my 4 LL120 RGB Fans. It works with my keyboard, mouse, and headset, but doesn't transfer over to my fans. The Icue Software seems to show that the orange color should be presenting on the fans, however they seem to only respond to the rainbow profiles. Any advice? Tips? Solutions? Thank you!
  9. I just recently installed ICUE 4 and have been trying to get everything set up, but am having issues with it picking up the fans on my commander pro. I have attached some screenshots (1-4 in chronological order as I couldn't upload a video), but what is happening is that the fans will show up for 1/2 a second, read a completely wrong rpm (11k+ rpm) then disappear from ICue again. The fans are running at a constant speed and I am able to control lighting ( ram, gpu & mobo through ICUE, but argb headers have to be done through armoury crate for some reason). I would like to reduce the fan speed as they are pretty loud, but running at a constant sounding rpm. I am unsure of what as I am unable to control them through ICUE and they are only connected through the commander pro. Thank you!
  10. Hi all I'm literally going crazy. I have 6 sp140 pro fans that all worked when plugged into the lighting node on its own. I have just added a commander pro with the lighting node and no matter what I do or swap around I can not get more than 3 fans to light up. All fans work up to plug 3 and nothing else onwards what the hell is going on?
  11. Hi, i have recently acquired a new corsair case, the fan lighting doesn't seem to be working correctly, as you can see it the photo the fans seem to get dimmer as they go down and i cant change anything in icue, everything is properly connected to the node core, I'm stuck, thank you in advance the photo is here, wont let me upload to this website: https://ibb.co/j8H3dRX
  12. Hello there, I'd be grateful for any advice. I'm registered blind and starting a new build with the Crystal 680x. Although I've built systems before, the hardest part is working out all the product features and how things fit together especially when I don't have the benefit of being able to see diagrams in instruction manuals. I've listened to quite a few YouTube videos and read lots of reviews, but still have some questions. 1. I've bought the iCue Capillex H150i which features a 360mm radiator. As the only place to mount this is in the front of the case I was going to remove the existing 3 fans, mount the radiator and its two fans onto it and then fit the case's original 3 fans onto the top/bottom. Does that sound like the way to go? 2. Could someone please describe how I can remove the hinged side window to make things a bit easier when I lie the case on its side to fit the motherboard? 3. I feel a thumb screw with some kind of attachment on the back of the case just to the right of the expansion card slot covers. What is this and how is it used? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. hello, i have 4 sp120 pros connected to the lighting node core, i can only get 3 of them to light up, on icue i have selected ML PRO RGB SERIES FAN HUB (there is no SP120 PRO that i can select, just the standard sp120) when i select the number of fans two different channels seem to control the rgb on just 1 fan for example: if i select two fans it lights up two leds on fan 1 so if i select 6 fans it only lights up 3 fans (with 2 leds on each), i dont know what im doing wrong, any help appreciated
  14. Hey, so I have Corssair H100i cooler and 465x case, but for some reason the iCUE softwarae doesn't detect the 3 fans on the case. I've tried to reinstall iCUE but it hasn't worked
  15. Hi everyone, I´m having issues with a Corsair RM1000i, every time I´m using apps I get random high speeds in all fans they get very loud, when PC is in idle it doesn´t. The thing is that this is not hapenning with an old OCZ stealthstream 600W, I have tried with 2 PCs, I thought this happened due to my old PC , but I bought everything new except the power supply, it just happens with the corsair. I have seen in the task manager that every time this happens it says that consumption from CPU , SSD and GPU is very high.
  16. Hello there, I've now started my new system and wanted to check my plan for adding the 360mm radiator and ML fan at the front of the case was OK before I go any further. For those that don't know me I'm registered blind so doing this by feel and logic, and whereas I've built systems before the hardest part is getting to know a new product without benefit of being able to see the diagrams in instruction manuals. Given the glass front of the case, My plan was to have the mounting bracket at the front, then the 3 ML fans drawing air in and then the radiator on the inside closest to the motherboard. I was going to use the long screws provided with the H150i to hold the whole assembly together. Does this sound OK? It may sound silly as I can only see a little light but I wanted to have the fans visible through the front so the lights show up in the dark. Hoping someone can just confirm I'm on the right track before I go on. Thanks in advance.
  17. How can I arrange my fans and hubs so they will work and will the diagram I made work? I am going to upgrade to the parts list here https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Somebody32x2/saved/p4Pfyc The important parts are here: Case: 5000x RGB Fans: H150i ELITE CAPELLIX (3x ML120) 4 total SP120 RGB ELITE's (3 in the case + one extra) 3 QL 120's I will have the following hubs: Commander Core (Comes with AIO (6x PWM + 6x RGB)) Lighting Node Core (Comes with 3x QL120 (6x RGB)) The built-in controllers for the 5000x RGB (I think 6x PWM + 6x RGB) An extra 4x USB 2.0 splitter (Tell me if this should change to something else) After hearing that each controller can only handle one type of fan I made this diagram: I am new to this and assumed everything needs usb 2.0
  18. I have purchased a Carbide 175R box which has an RGB fan on the front. I want to put three more fans in it and I have doubts about how I could get the best possible ventilation. One of them, I'm going to put it at the back to extract the hot air. I have the doubt whether to place the other two in the front part so that they introduce fresh air or in the upper part so that they extract hot air. By the way, What are the washers that come (8 units) for? Thanks in advance. He adquirido una caja Carbide 175R la cual trae un ventilador RGB en el frontal. Quiero ponerle tres ventiladores más y tengo dudas de cómo podría adquirir la mejor ventilación posible. Uno de ellos, lo voy a poner en la parte trasera para que extraiga el aire caliente. La duda la tengo si colocar los otros dos en la parte frontal para que introduzcan aire fresco o en la parte superior para que extraigan aire caliente. Por cierto, ¿las arandelas que vienen (8 unid) para qué son? Gracias de antemano.
  19. Hey, everyone. I'm new to the forum and I had a specific question about the Obsidian 500D RGB SE. I'm planning on doing a new PC build this year (or possibly next year if PC parts don't go back down in price or come in stock) using an Obsidian 500D RGB SE. I was curious if anyone here has done a build with that using an AIO liquid CPU cooler and - if so - whether a front-mounted 360mm unit or top-mounted 240/280mm unit provides better ventilation. I've seen photos on PC Part Picker showing a front-mounted 360mm in an 500D RGB SE both with the included radiator fans on & off. Is using only the three front-mounted 120mm LL RGB fans (the ones that come with the case) with the 360mm radiator enough, or does having the radiator sandwiched between those and the radiator's fans provide better cooling (despite how bulky it is and if the motherboard can support 9 fans in total)? I am looking for a slimmer build, so I am leaning toward a top-mounted 280mm cooler and using its included fans until I can afford to replace them with 140mm LL RGBs to match the 500D RGB SE's included ones; additionally, having a top-mounted exhaust seems like it'd provide better ventilation than a front-mounted intake unless you are going to add both a 120mm rear fan (which I plan on using as well [an LL120 to complete the set]) and two 120/140mm top fans.
  20. I recently built and installed my new PC and have been having issues with my 9 QL120 RGB fan setup. The iCUE software is switching the order of my 2 Light Node Cores that I have plugged into my Commander Pro USB ports. I have tried swapping the USB ports which seems to work initially, but the next time i restart my computer it switches the order of the Light Node Cores in the iCUE software again. Is there a way to switch the order of the Lighting Node Cores in iCUE software, or do I have to go about this a different way? Here is how I have my Corsair products hooked up: 6 QL120 RGB fans plugged into 1 Light Node Core the 6 power cables are plugged into the Commander Pro, and the Light Node Core is plugged into the Commander Pro's USB and Sata cable is plugged into the PSU 3 QL120 RGB fans attached to H150i radiator on the top of the case, the 3 power cords are plugged into the radiators splitter and the RGB cables are plugged into a 2nd Light Node Core. That 2nd Core is plugged into the Commander Pro's 2nd USB port and Sata cable is plugged into the PSU The Commander Pro's Sata is plugged into the PSU, and the USB is plugged into the Motherboard. Thank you for any help, I have attached a photo to show the numbering order on my 2 Lighting Node Cores. I am trying to get the visor effect to go through 1-6 red and then 1-3 green (according to my photo) but it's going 1-3 green and then 1-6 red
  21. I've had the H100i v2 for three years and it works pretty well. However the two fans have degraded to the point that I constantly have to take the cooling unit out to fiddle with the fans and spray air into the mechanism in the two fans. And yet they still make a clicking and clacking noise all the time. So I need to buy new fans for the cooler, except I need to know WHAT fans to buy! I tried buying the proper MM size fans, but the power connectors where the wrong type. I could really use help on finding the correct type of fans that are the quietest and silent as possible, to buy for the H100i v2.
  22. Hello, I recently purchased a new PC with Corsair RGB RAM, light strips, and LL120 Fans. I've been having an issue with Corsair LINK that whenever I shut down my PC and restart it the software can't control anything (Even though it sees them). I decided to switch over to iCUE to see if it would fix the problems. Now in the dashboard I can see my Vengeance RAM, but nothing else. When I goto add a new item (Through the '+' beside dashboard) I see everything except the fans and strips. Something weird I noticed though is the Motherboard has 4 fans listed, (I have a total of 4) 3 are the LL's and 1 is a generic case fan. Thanks for your time!
  23. Hello! So, recently I believe my fans ports to my commander pro are being destroyed for some reason. I have been using new corsair products for about 3 months now. Two weeks ago all three of my fans stopped working ( I have 3 fan splitter ), my response was to switch power ports on the commander pro. Switching did fix it, however, today the new port stopped working as well. So now 2 of my 6 fan ports don't work ( I tested the old one again ) . I'm afraid that I may have a faulty commander pro or maybe it cannot use a 3 fan splitter. The reason of me using 3 man splitter is because I have a full water cooling Corsair computer and I want to be able to control my RPM of my pump through iCue. Thank you for your time I really appreciate it! :) The Cooling Kit : https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08C7QJC7G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Additional Fans : https://www.newegg.ca/corsair-co-9050092-ww-case-fan/p/N82E16835181168?item=N82E16835181168&source=region&nm_mc=knc-googleadwordsca-pc&cm_mmc=knc-googleadwordsca-pc-_-pla-_-case+fans-_-N82E16835181168&gclid=CjwKCAjwx6WDBhBQEiwA_dP8rTIlWDWTEUOLm_7_PvLC7p8MuSQIaTmcjQ78RFsIAv4IwCPXFMFcIRoCjcsQAvD_BwE 3 Pin Fan Splitter : https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07PXLHNZ6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  24. I plan on getting the Corsair 465x with 3 LL fans (680x is too big lol) and also a H150i which has ML fans. Will they work together? Correction: I didn’t think there were different h150i’s. H150i refers to the Elite Capellix variant
  25. When I go to bed I'll simply put my PC to sleep to be able to easily access it the next morning. I have a Corsair 4000X with an h100i elite capellix, and all my 6 fans are plugged into the included Commander Pro. Whenever my PC goes to sleep, whether automatic or manually, once it is awoken the fans don't light up, though the AIO pump does and iCUE is still running. The only fix is to go into iCUE, click the "lighting setup" tab, and then click "lighting effects" and then my lights are back until the PC is asleep once again. It also sometimes happens when the PC was restarted or turned off. Anyone know of a fix?
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