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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, here are some helpful links for the new iCUE NEXUS companion touchscreen! iCUE NEXUS FAQ Page If you're making your own custom background images for the iCUE NEXUS screen or custom elements, here's a handy diagram to get you sorted when creating assets.
  2. Zotty's RGB superthread has been moved to the iCUE Software section. Link: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880
  3. CORSAIR iCUE - Frequently Asked Questions 1.) What is iCUE? iCUE is our newest software that connects all your CORSAIR iCUE compatible products together in a single interface, giving you complete control of everything from RGB lighting and powerful macros to system monitoring and cooling control. 2.) What products does iCUE support? iCUE provides support for every peripheral in our last version of CUE (2.X) but also expands support DIY devices that used LINK. Our current iCUE compatibility page can be found here. You can also refer to this list we've compiled in this thread. 3.) Why is iCUE missing support of some of my devices? While we made every attempt to support as many products as possible, certain products had reached EOL (End of Life) and did not fit well into our new ecosystem. These products will not have support in iCUE: H100i H80i Commander Mini Cooling Node Lighting Node We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and hope that you can still enjoy the large number of products we currently are still supporting. 4.) I experienced a bug or I notice a feature is missing. How can I help report this? If you notice a bug or notice that a feature is missing that used to be in CUE or LINK, please post in the iCUE section of the CORSAIR User Forums. It is important to describe in as much detail as possible as well as exporting and attaching to your forum post the system info an logs. You can find the option to do this under settings. This will greatly help our developers in being able to research and apply a fix quickly. 5.) I've upgraded to iCUE from CUE 2.x and it's crashing at startup or my game with SDK support isn't working correctly. Help? If you run into either of these, it's possible the upgrade process didn't complete correctly. You can resolve this by trying the following: 1. Exit iCUE 2. Go into into AppData (C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local) and delete the CORSAIR folder inside it. 3. Restart iCUE, set up your lighting (especially lighting channels for Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO). 4. Then start up Far Cry 5 and see if it works then. *Note: These instructions will wipe your iCUE profiles and settings. 7.) Where is RGB Share? We are currently revamping RGBShare so that we can improve the quality of profiles as well as the interface to provide an even greater experience. This will return in a few months as we work on the enhancements. 8.) What is DASHBOARD? Dashboard is an evolved version of the LINK feature that focuses on device information. Here you can use our newest modular interface to display any or all applicable device/system information. 9.) Where is the Standard and Advanced Modes of Lighting? We heard everyone loud and clear about the drawbacks of having different types of lighting per mode. Therefore in iCUE, we are now combining all of the lighting effects together. In addition to being able to use preset lighting effects with custom lighting effects, you can now actually select individual keys with preset lighting so you can have patterns like Visor play over a specific group of keys. This opens up an even greater number of patterns that you won’t find anywhere else! 10.) What is Lighting Link? Lighting Link is the ability to configure lighting patterns that play across all of our supported devices. For example, you can experience Visor go across the keyboard, headset, mousepad, mouse, strips and fans (with our Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro) and cooler. In addition, and unique to CUE, you can display simultaneous lighting patterns and get an incredible show of lighting effects playing together. Watch Visor go across your devices while having Rain on top of Spiral Rainbow, for example. Set lighting for each individual device but still see type lighting ripple play across everything. 11.) Where can I find more information on iCUE? You can find our entire collection of tutorial videos here. Check back often as we plan to produce tutorials on new and existing features in iCUE. Additional community guides/tutorials have been put together as well and can be found here. 12.) I have a specific question and can’t find it here in the FAQ. How can I get help? We are constantly monitoring the forums together so if you can’t find a solution to your question, feel free to post here in the forums and we will respond as quickly as we can. You may find certain threads locked. That is because we want to ensure people know those questions have been addressed and can use them for reference while searching. However, it is okay if you ask a question that may have been answered already. We are more than happy to help regardless!
  4. Q: Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO doesn’t change modes when I apply them in CORSAIR iCUE. A: Some motherboard vendors have a feature called “SPD Write” disabled by default, this feature will need to be set to enabled for CORSAIR iCUE to control Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO. Q: Can I control Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO from CUE? A: Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO are best controlled via CORSAIR iCUE. Vengeance LED and Vengeance RGB can be controlled by our legacy software, CORSAIR LINK™, as well if desired. Q: Can I use 3rd party software to control my Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO? A: Currently, Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO is best controlled with CORSAIR iCUE software and games/programs that use the CORSAIR iCUE SDK. While there are other RGB controlling software programs from various manufacturers, none provide the full experience that CORSAIR iCUE does currently. Q: Can Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO be used with my Lighting Profiles in iCUE? A: Yes! With iCUE, you can create custom profiles with different lighting effects for Vengeance LED/RGB/RGB PRO. Q: What color heatspreaders does Vengeance RGB/RGB PRO come in? A: Vengeance RGB/RGB PRO are available in both black and white. Q: Will there be a DOMINATOR RGB? A: We cannot comment on unannounced products. Q: What do I do if Vengeance RGB PRO is showing static red lighting on the top and bottom LED? A: A lit red LED shining on the top and bottom of the Vengeance RGB PRO lightbar indicates that the module is in firmware update mode. To resume normal operation, force a firmware update from the iCUE Device Settings window and wait until all modules have successfully undergone a firmware reflash. Q: Why does the Vengeance RGB PRO module lighting remain off when rebooting my system? A: Vengeance RGB PRO uses a hardware save feature when it plays back a lighting effect. If you turn a module off (either by setting lighting to black or not assigning a lighting effect), the module lighting will remain off until a lighting effect or a color other than black is assigned to the module in iCUE. Q: There seems to be a delay writing to the memory on my Z170/Z270 motherboard? A: This is a known issue with some versions of the Intel Management Engine driver. We have found the shortest delay is with version of this driver, and recommend installing it for optimal use.
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