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  1. Build on hold for another week now as my delivery of Alphacool Nexxxos 45's V2 1 x 420mm and 2 x 360mm 45's v2 posted back to Germany. How unlucky can i get, must be a black cloud over me. The 360's had small dings in the sides (looked like a golf ball) these and the 420mm had awful blotchy paint. Never had an issue before with there quality, must be covid and not giving a toss. Peed off now, at least my 16 fan 50cm rgb ext cables for the front will be here tomorrow.
  2. Cheers, Will have a play to see how it sits, am i right with the pick LeDoyen. UPS strikes again,, no rad delivery today now 5pm.
  3. I am after a Corsair Hydro XG7 Rgb extension lead, any one know where i can get one from please within the good old Uk. (why can't Corsair just use standard connectors). Aghh. Excuse the nails ..i am stressed.
  4. Thank you for your idea, do you mean like the pic below, but slid on the loop bracket closer to the right, towards the glass. I would loose the fans on the right rad inside though ,is that right, or am i looking at it wrong LeDoyen.
  5. Just thought i would place a few parts in case to see how they looked. 350mm Linkup pcie 4.0 extreme riser cable arrived, Still have to fit Asus 10gb fibre pci card in so i got the 300mm one with a bit more head room. Will also get some 5mm black pads just to sit under the riser pcb plate on the power supply shroud. Pity the stand offs are in the wrong place , could have done with holes like the pump top plate on the h/drive caddy. Rads should be here today from Alphacool if UPS decide not to change delivery again, then goes the stress part of wiring the fans ..oh joy. What do you guys think of location of res/riser cable length or any other valuable info/advice. Just on ebay now to get a corsair rgb extender cable for the XG7 gpu block as its way to short, will prob have to get some for the LL fans but will see when fastened to the rads how many i need.
  6. Any ideas on riser cable length on top pcie 4.0 slot to the power supply standoffs on Corsair 1000D please. I have tried to measure as the crow flies and bending the tape measure in a bit of a loop to the standoffs ,i get around 300mm.as i will be mounting it using the twin vertical io plates towards the front glass.
  7. c-attack It will be the 2 x 360s push pull front and 2 fans above the rads to fill the spare holes ,then the 6 x 140s up top then the 2 at the rear or 1 x 140 at the rear.
  8. Thank you guys, c-attack... but you could dedicate one Commander to one stack? LeDoyen ..and only run one cable to the controller? (commander pro) i take it. I am snapshotting the hell out of this advice for quick reference. Why oh why could corsair no go down the simple Lian li connect fans together way, then one lead to rule them all.
  9. Hi. Just wondering how much power draw 22 Corsair LL 120/140 fans would need guys, and how many can you run on a single channel at a time pwm or splitters using the corsair hardware. I will be starting my build this weekend if the rads arrive from Alphacool, and im in 2 minds as to run the fans from pwm hubs and above corsair gear that came with the fans.( how many would i need as i have 2 x commander pros) or get an Aquacomputer OCTO with 7 x pwm headers with 100w total 25w per channel. It also says you can use splitters. https://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_info.php?products_id=3832 Could use this for my Ek Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 res/pump Rgb to get flow/temp as i did with the Aquaero 5 pro i just took out from 900D. What do you think guys.
  10. Someone else posted photos of waterblocks gunked with corsair coolant a few days ago...I saw that too, that is when i just happened to look at my sons loop when i noticed it. His rads are Ek coolstreams and were flushed with hot water numerous times when opened.I did check it a couple of months ago and noticed his soft tubing was not clear anymore but did not see the flakes coating the tubeing until i flicked it in the area in the pic. His tubing is XSPC FLX 19/13. Can not get to strip his down for a deep clean and hard tube change yet as im on with mine. As above ..if i use distilled water, what other protection do i put in that is in premixed coolants.
  11. Thank you for that LeDoyen. My son in law says Linkup pcie-4.0 riser cables are the best ,he has one running at full speed on his x570 / nvidia gtx 3090for his Ms flight sim game. I will ask him to get me a 270-300MM Linkup pcie-4.0 riser cable ,and cross my fingers my 2080 super is detected and set to pcie-3.0 on the x570 rog crosshair formula board.
  12. Thank you LeDoyen for your quick response. So if i buy a Linkup pcie-4.0 cable (best ones known to work properly) do you think it would post to bios, as i read somewhere if you use a pcie-3.0 riser on a pcie-4.0 board you get a black screen and can not get to bios screen to change it,or is it rubbish. I just do not want to buy 3.0 cable then a gen 4.0 after xmas it is a waste. I do not want to get it set up and it not be able to get into bios and then have to strip it all down.
  13. Hi . I was planning on putting Ek's Mystic Fog coolant into my loop (bought 3ltrs) but froze in horror over the weekend when i saw some You tube vids slating Ek's mystic fog for breaking down in there loop after a few months. I do not know what to in this instance ,as i have always put clear coolant in my loops and never had any issues ,namely Ek's Cryofuel clear. With my new Corsair 1000D build i thought sod it, its about time i used some colour, surly they must have sorted all the issues of coolant stain/breakdown in loops, they have had years to sort this. Then i noticed my sons Corsair build i did a year ago (pic below), the Ek Cryofuel clear was breaking down in his loop, i was shocked as my previous 900d build used the same coolant and was fine on my yearly flush/refill. I just stripped down my 900d build and cleaned the cpu block and the Hydro xg7 block and they were fine. When i tap on my sons soft tubing you can see some flakes breaking away and go through the loop and around the res. This is going to be a major clean and install, good time to set his up with hard tubing. Have other guys on here had issues with coolants breaking down, or brands that you have used that did not. If i decide to sack the Ek Mystic fog off and use pure distilled water instead, what do i need to put in the loop along with the water please. Thank you
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