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Found 4 results

  1. So while trying to iron out some noisy case vibrations the radiator fans cause at certain RPM on my case by playing with the fan speed curve, I noticed that the CPU was actually really hot at idle and that my CPU wasn't even overclocked.. So I checked it while I was rendering out some video in Premiere and observed this hot nonsense. Clearly it has to be thermal throttling to all hell. I missed the end of the render so I'm not sure of the time difference between load end and the idle screenshot, but it can't be much more than 10mins maybe I'd guess? It basically sits around 70c at idle and then under even very light load pops up to 80c - Ambient temp in the room is 21c right now. - Radiator is mounted on top of the case - fans mounted in push to exhaust out the top of the case - this is my second h115i after the first one had a failed pump. When that one was still working it was WAY better than this one is and actually pushed out heat :( The only part of the radiator that feels warm at any time (under load or at idle) was the corner closest to the input pipe, the rest all felt very cool. It's really such a small area that was warm and the air coming through it was warm as well, but the rest was no different feeling between under load and at idle temps to me and all. I'm trying to figure out if the CPU block is just mounted badly? Has a blockage in the radiator? both? :confused: Any help decoding what is going on would be most appreciated!
  2. Flufsi

    High Fan Speeds

    So uh I built my pc a while back and have always had this issue but when my CPU usage goes up to like 60% or more (i7-8700k) my case fans (3 hd120's) start spinning to high speeds and I was wondering if there's a way to make them speed up on high cpu heat, not usage %?. To cool my CPU I use an H150i Pro but thats not the issue it's the case fans (not connected to the H150i)
  3. Brimstone is a fiery profile for lovers of orange or to compliment a orange-themed build/battlestation. [ame] [/ame] This is the second profile in a new series I'm creating under the current working title of "The Collection" Download Link Available On My Website: http://lewisgerschwitz.com/corsair.html Come join me on Discord! https://discord.gg/h4GZBN8
  4. Hi guys. I'm hoping someone can provide some advice. I am fairly new to building my own PCs, this will be my second. (1st was a compact rig in a Corsair Obsedion250D) Anyway, I was looking at the Carbide Air 240, and thinking once built, further down the line I could slip in a second graphics card to re-up the specs. My concern is Do Graphics cards so close together end up with heat problems? http://www.corsair.com/en/~/media/032BFC4859E54389A3F80DD53B95E445.ashx?w=700
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