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Corsair Commander Core XT Faq and Diagrams.


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Hi Everyone.


This Faq will cover Corsair Commander Core XT. 














  1. Precisely control fan speeds in CORSAIR iCUE
  2. Control up to 264 total RGB LEDs on up to 6x fans and 6x light strips
  3. Intelligently detects any combination of up to six CORSAIR RGB fans
  4. Two included temperature sensors
  5. Connect a CORSAIR RGB Fan LED Hub (sold separately) to control lighting for up to 6x additional RGB fans
  6. USB 2.0 pass-through
  7. Powered by CORSAIR iCUE software
  8. Embedded magnets for easy installation
  9. Sata Powered
  10. Max Current - 4.5A
  11. 6x 4-pin PWM fan headers
  12. 6x 4-pin CORSAIR RGB headers
  13. 1x 3-pin CORSAIR RGB header
  14. 2x Thermistor ports- Dimensions (mm): 109mm x 65.5mm x 13.5mm
  15. Warranty: 2 years





Typical 6 Fan Concept Diagram






More to follow.



















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Great write up as always 🙂

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Looks great as always. Thanks Zotty!

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Nice one! Awesome write up! Any idea what the ID port if for?

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On 1/19/2022 at 11:04 PM, hallamnet said:

Nice one! Awesome write up! Any idea what the ID port if for?

check out the 5000T buddy.. new case. the ID port Connects to the case for its ID so that the Commander Core XT can tell iCUE how to configure its self to support that case (chassis lighting etc)

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Will it intelligently control non-Corsair PWM fans?

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1 hour ago, skimbro1 said:

Will it intelligently control non-Corsair PWM fans?

It should control other PWM fans.  However, you may need to be cautious about heavy duty industrial type fans and there were a few odd PWM fans out there in the past.  

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Hi all, I'm new and made the mistake of buying the 570X mirror case, now I have all Corsair RGB components ( plus few other brand )🙂

I have two questions for setting up the system ( Work in progress )

1) I bought the Lian Li strimer as I saw that it is compatible with iCue, the specifications say it has 162 leds, I have to configure it as a led strip connected to Commander XT but the maximum is 60 leds, is there another option ?

2) The Corsair case logos are seen as LED strips, is it okay to connect them directly to the Commander XT same the Lian Li strimer ?

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i just installed the commander core XT in my system.

The weird is, the cooling preset not function at all. the fan attached at commander core XT go to full speed.

Only Zero RPM preset only can be use.

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Hi guys, I have a question for you, I'm setting up a new pc with customized liquid cooling, considering the fans (4 x ql 120) (7x ql 140) and the rgb components of the hydro series (block for cpu and pump / tank and GPU) I have a total of 14 connections for the leds, I wanted to connect them all through core xt which is the simplest in my opinion to use, but I have only one usb port remaining on the motherboard, do I need 3 xt cores? how can I do? thanks in advance: D

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Buenos días.

Primeramente pedir disculpas si este tema no va aquí y seguido, como expondré el texto traducido al ingles, mis disculpas nuevamente si está mal traducido.

He adquirido una caja Corsair 5000T con 160 leds y 10 ventiladores QL120 con 34 leds cada uno.

Las tiras led de la caja van conectadas a un pequeño circuito y de ahí a la entrada RGB del Commander XT. 

Mi pregunta es la siguiente: ¿Si conecto 6 ventiladores QL120 (34x6=204 leds + 160 leds de las tiras = 364 leds. Commander XT soporta 264 leds), funcionarían todos los leds?

Mi idea es comprar otro Commander XT y conectarle 6 ventiladores QL120 (204leds), la bomba XD5 (10 leds) y el bloque CPU XC7 (16 leds) en serie a la entrada RGB.

Las tiras led de la caja y los restantes 4 ventiladores QL120 al Commander XT que viene con la caja. Pero también me paso de los 264 leds (34x4=136 + 160 = 296 leds).

¿El pequeño chip donde van conectadas las tiras de la caja se encarga de gestionarla o solo es un hub?

¿Qué solución podría tener?

Un saludo y gracias de antemano.



Firstly, I apologize if this topic does not go here and often, as I will explain the text translated into English, my apologies again if it is poorly translated.

I have purchased a Corsair 5000T case with 160 leds and 10 QL120 fans with 34 leds each.

The led strips in the box are connected to a small circuit and from there to the RGB input of the Commander XT.

My question is the following: If I connect 6 QL120 fans (34x6=204 leds + 160 strip leds = 364 leds. Commander XT supports 264 leds), would all the leds work?

My idea is to buy another Commander XT and connect 6 QL120 fans (204leds), the XD5 pump (10 leds) and the XC7 CPU block (16 leds) in series to the RGB input.

The led strips of the box and the remaining 4 QL120 fans to the Commander XT that comes with the box. But I also go beyond the 264 leds (34x4=136 + 160 = 296 leds).

Is the small chip where the strips of the box are connected to manage it or is it just a hub?

What solution could I have?

A greeting and thanks in advance.

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