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  1. The picture of the 1000D is the Commander Pro in iCUE. It has it's own special firmware that supports the front lighting in a 1000D. To apply a setting to a fan or pump in iCUE v4 you need to select the drop down box under the individual fan/pump and then select what Cooling Preset you want applied to that fan/pump.
  2. Wow.. This looks AMAZING!! Love the new update. Has a nice new modern feel. Well done Corsair!
  3. Thank You =). Yes I have a Asus Optical Drive in the case now (had an old Sony before) I have a Corsair 280mm Rad top mounted with the optical drive installed and everything fits perfectly. I used the Corsair Mounting brackets that came with the pump and mounted them to the back of the radiator. I just turned the pump so the inlet / outlet is facing the glass on the 678c and Yes I was able to install Corsair LED strips along the inside edge of the case for edge lighting.
  4. Odd, I don't agree with your assessment of the 680x. I have one that runs 24/7 have front and bottom as intake, top and rear as exhaust. Fans run about 8-900rpm through an AIO in the front. Have no temp issues what so ever. Only temp issue I had was in the rear chamber and adding a couple fans back there fixed that problem. Custom built PC's require critical problem solving at times. If you were experiencing temperature issues some investigating into why may have been in order.
  5. Wow, that looks great. Nice job man. Love seeing people's custom case mods.
  6. You need to download and install the latest Armory Crate software and then it will show up in iCUE. You should download that from Asus website for your motherboard under driver's to get the latest version.
  7. Correct you are pushing COOL air through a radiator.. isn't that the best idea? Aren't you trying to cool the coolant in the loop? So which is better? blowing cool air through a radiator to cool the fluid or blowing HOT air through the radiator to heat up the coolant? Having fans on a AIO or Hydro X radiator as intake (bringing in cooler outside of the case air) over a radiator will bring down coolant temps in a loop (AIO or Hydro X) by between 1-3c usually depending on the Ambient air temperature. You are comparing old cases where air gets trapped inside a case with newer cases that are vented (have holes) and large fans moving copious amounts of air through them to the ones from the 80's and 90's where they were pretty much a sealed up box. That is no longer the case today. The 680x has plenty of areas for air to escape. Lots of holes and vents. With high static pressure in a case the air is being pushed out all of these holes and vents as well as the 120mm fan in the rear sucking it all out. I have a Hydro X setup in my main PC. Had my top and rear fans to exhaust and front as intake. By flipping my top fans to intake I gained 3c drop in coolant temps and have monitored all my component temps and they also dropped a bit by bringing in cooler air. If you are still worried the 1 120mm fan isn't going to be enough to vent the internal air and you are dead set on a top AIO rad installation flip the bottom fan to exhaust as well as the rear and do intake top and front. I still believe you will get the best results with all fans intake and the one rear as exhaust. I think you would be surprised at the results. As for the filter question the 680x is filtered in 3 locations. Top, Bottom and Front. If you are looking at brackets for GPU sag.. I would wait on that. The GPU mount is designed to hold the GPU pretty level. there are the usual GPU mounting screws that hold it in place as well as a bracket that slides down the applies pressure to the GPU mounting bracket to help keep it more level. I would mount it and see if you like how it looks. I have a EVGA 1080 in mine and it's fairly heavy as well. Doesn't sag.
  8. As far as static pressure goes the QL are 1.55mm -H20 vs 1.61mm -H2O.. not a huge difference really but LL are better yes. Would you notice a difference in AIO temp. IMO it would be minimal and probably not noticable.
  9. There are a few versions of that case. The Mirror Black and the standard versions. If you go here you can see Zotty has done a lot of work on setting up wiring diagrams to aid in correctly connecting the wiring on the 570x. Hopefully this helps explain how to connect things correctly. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=182609
  10. If you still plan on mounting the AIO on top then I would flip the fans on the AIO to intake instead of exhaust. Use the rear 120mm as exhaust. If the rest of the fans are set to intake you will have positive pressure inside the case and today's cases are more vented so air escapes easier. Positive pressure will help keep the internal components cooler and flipping the fans on top to intake will keep the CPU cooler. It will also help keep dust from building up inside the case. You can research positive and negative pressure on YouTube and get videos from Linus tech tips etc that explains it better. Also that case is designed to vertically mount a GPU. The metal isn't that thin there and sag on my 1080 is non existent. My 680x is my Plex server at home. It's on literally 24/7.. and I've monitored all the temps including the 6 HDD I placed in the rear chamber (I modded the case to house an additional 3 HDD) that is my only complaint with the case is lack of airflow in the rear chamber. I modded the back side panel to add an additional 120mm intake fan and 2 more 92mm fans (one front intake one rear exhaust) to keep drive temps at reasonable levels.
  11. Beautiful job there! looks amazing. =)
  12. I have a 680x with a GTX 1080 vertically mounted in mine. I have no issues with thermals vertically mounted with the two bottom fans installed as intake on the floor of the 680x. (Mine are also LL fans through out the case.) That case although some complain about the glass limiting airflow.. actually works very well and I have no thermal issues with any of my hardware in there and it runs 24/7 365. I would suggest mounting the AIO Radiator in the front instead of the top. You want to pull in cool ambient air across the radiator to keep the CPU as cool as possible. If you install it on the top you will be pushing warm air inside the case created by all the internal components through the radiator which in turn will increase the fluid temp. which equals a warmer CPU. I used a H150i Pro 360mm in the front of the case for the CPU and did the floor as intake and top and rear as exhaust and it has worked out great. Just something to consider. Installing the LL fans in the floor shouldn't affect you being able to vertically mount your GPU. You will need a Riser cable of course to make the necessary connection from GPU to Motherboard. Corsair has a very nice riser cable for that as well. https://www.corsair.com/us/en//Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Premium-PCIe-3-0-x16-Extension-Cable-300mm/p/CC-8900419
  13. First of all Very nice looking build! Really like the QL fans as well. As for the Front Corsair Logo you may need to enable that in iCUE to get it to light. I don't know how you have that wired exactly but if you can elaborate on how and what it's connected to for lighting channels I may be able to help. It is possible to connect the LL and QL on the same hub. However the lighting effects are going to be off due to the lack of RGB on the backside of the LL fans. So some patterns in iCUE you may select may look off as you would have to set all the fans in iCUE to QL fans even though two are LL. Honestly.. I would save up a tad bit more and swap the two LL to QL, Sell the two LL and recoup some of your cost there. Then all the fans would be the same and the lighting effects would all work correctly. Also I would remove the Lighting Node Core and Keep the other RGB hub. That will also free up a USB 2.0 header for you as well as a extra SATA power connection and a RGB channel on your CoPro. Connect all the Fans to the RGB hub in order and set them up in iCUE on the lighting channel as QL fans and 6 connected. That should get them all lighted and working. Effects on the LL will be off a bit (due to the lack of LED on the back side) but should get them all working.
  14. Thank You. And Thanks for all your assistance during my build. Much Appreciated! newfiend~
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