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  1. What cue version were you using before? The change to the current system with the 5 custom effect limit was made several years ago. However, if this profile was saved to your keyboard, it should still be saved to your keyboard. The update process doesn’t erase data saved to the KB, although you wouldn’t be able to change it.
  2. Try running the surface calibration and see if it calms down. As you said, if the problems drops off when you quit CUE, then something isn't quite lined up right in the software.
  3. If you think I have restated your post, read it again. Pointing out a feature you have missed and agreeing with one of your points is not restating it. There is a battery meter. You have to add it. If you are staring at the percentage on your peripherals all day long you are not using them in the right way, but I think you made my point about the cell phone perfectly. Hopefully you can come to terms with the world.
  4. Anything you can set as a scene also can be set as a profile. The ability to quick change into a dark state with a hot key is there.
  5. Go into CUE and check the Device Settings tab for the mouse. In CUE 4 the pointer speed keeps getting set to max and Enhance Pointer Precision is turned on by default. You most likely want Pointer Precision off if you don't normally use it and pull the dial back to the middle on Pointer Speed. There is no normal way to exclude a device from the CUE program while it is running.
  6. I would start a ticket with Corsair. Odds are there will need to be some replacements. In the meantime, try setting static blue or other patterns aside from the color pulse. I have not heard of any specific bugs with that pattern lately. You also could try a repair install of CUE from Windows Apps list. It is quick and harmless, but I find it interesting this is occurring across two different channels. A force firmware update on the Commander Pro controlling those channels might be closer to the mark.
  7. I think they are going to tell you the warranty is not transferable and valid for the original purchaser only. You definitely need the original purchase invoice.
  8. There is no connection between fan motor and RGB functionality. You can pull all the PWM cables and the fans will stop, but still light up. Wobbly? Lighting? Or sticker hub?
  9. As above. There is only one pump outlet (the left of the two port side). You have to use that. All other ports are return inlets.
  10. The scenes are a quick master overlay for lighting only. So they are useful for throwing on full rainbow, black (off), or something else on specific occasions. However, for complex rotations or to set up quick changes, you want to do this with the normal software profiles. Those can be programmed to cycle in a certain order (the whole list) or just specific ones. This is done by creating a special "profile change" in the Actions tab and then dragging the profiles you want into the list. If your profiles differ by lighting assignments only, you can often speed the creation process along by duplicating an existing profile, then changing the name and lighting. You'll have to see which is more useful to you: quick change to a black out software profile or opening the CUE app and using a scene with static black on all devices. The profile can be set to a hot key for jumping in/out immediately.
  11. Unfortunately if that noise is steady and consistent your original premise is likely true. My advice is follow through on the RMA. These things only get worse over time and you'll kick your self later for waiting.
  12. The final step is to take it out of the case and run the system with a 24 pin jumped so you can have SATA power. Easy to manipulate and it will be very obvious if it is mechanical or bubble related. However, taking it out is certainly a pain. I would start a ticket with Corsair and see what they say. Once removed, you wouldn’t want to put it back in if it’s still making that racket. Something else to listen for is bubble noise is erratic and inconsistent. A bad motor noise is cyclical and mostly even.
  13. One thing you can do is make sure you export entire profiles (all boxes checked), then you can reimport one of the profiles, apply the curves to all other profiles. Then the extra profile(1) can be deleted.
  14. Corsair Support is can be contacted through the main website and is private correspondence. This is the user forums where other users can help with problems or general information. You don’t seem to be asking for help, but wished to express your displeasure with the products. There’s not much troubleshooting we can do for you and the above suggested you have returned the products.
  15. If you look around I don’t think you’ll find another “digital PSU” from anyone else either. I think that concept has had its day for the moment.
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