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ICUE Link w/ Commander Core XT and 5000T case

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Does anyone know if you can mix the commander core xt and the new ICUE Link systems?  My question is because I have the 5000T case with its RGB controlled by the Commander Core.  Everything else (AIO and Fans) will be controlled by the Link System.  I'm wondering how ICUE is going to handle both systems.

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they obviously can't plug together, but on the software level iCUE shouldn't care at all. Each controller is always independent.

If iCUE couldn't control both types, that would be a massive buillet to their own foot 🙂 

Now that i think of it, they would be capable of such a dumb move ^^' lol but very unlikely.

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The new CUE Link controller should show up in the software, just as if you added any other new Commander Pro/Core/XT, LNPro/Core device.  Everything connected to it will function like one lighting group, just as the controllers do now.  What you are not going to be able to do is make the CUE Link take over all the other devices.  Only CUE Link devices will be part of that chain.

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Posted (edited)

I have done this today swapped out all 10 QL fans to the new XQ fans

and still have a commanded core running the aio lcd part and a commanded core xt running 2 strimmers V2's in mobo mode but configured with icue  and both are being seen and usable in icue still 

only issue i had was you cant plug the cable on the same side as the rad pipes its to tight 

but lucky the new box takes 2 feeds so i have 6 from front and top 3 and 1 rear on anther cable 

just waiting on shorter white cables to be in stock so at moment i am using the long ones that comes with the fans

i have just ordered the h150i and plan to buy the lcd upgrade kit once released 



oh and the time warp mode for the fans is pretty cool not something i have seen before 

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