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Recently I got the ice elite capellix 150h with LCD display that comes with the commander core... I have 12 fans and I am planning to get the commander core so I can plug it all... My question?... How? It is possible? This is my first time doing this by my own and I don't want to make a mess, please someone help me with "how to"

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I have 3 af120 rgb elite fans from the H150i elite capellix LCD, 3 fans from the 5000D RGB airflow and another 6 af120 RGB elite fans I bought separately... 12 fans... I am planning to get a commander core xt to plug the another 6 but is it right? How? I pick all the fans the same. What should I be concerned about? How? There is trouble shooting I should know?

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With 12 fans you will need two controllers — the Commander Core from the AIO and the similar Commander XT. Each controller acts like a separate lighting group and each will appear in cue as an individual device. You will not connect the two controllers together and there is no direct device to device communication. 

If you want all fans to be blue, you simply set a static blue lighting effect on each controller. There are lighting link presets that automatically apply the effect to all CUE devices, but there is a more limited set of effects that can be universally applied. What you can’t do is run a complex sequential effect from fan 1-12. Timed moving presets will run from fan 1-6 on each controller separately. 

The LCD requires a usb 2 connection and so does the Commander. They have a usb splitter that usually works, but some motherboards don’t like multiple devices on the same line. The Commander XT also requires a usb 2 connection. So if the splitter doesn’t work you will have one more device than available usb 2 ports. You’ll need a powered usb hub. If you have an AMD x470/570 board, you likely also will need a powered usb hub. 

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