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  1. Double check the manual for the motherboard and see if that top M.2 slot supports PCIE/NVMe. Motherboard standoffs installed? Double check CPU is installed correctly. Failing all that, remove the motherboard/CPU/RAM/GPU/PSU from the case and test it outside of the case. All that said, as long as you're 100% sure the CPU is installed correctly (double check anyway, and check the pins on the motherboard carefully), I'd wait to put a cooler on it before going any further. It will heat up extremely fast without one.
  2. Not true. Some things still require running as admin to prompt UAC confirmation. Removing the AppData folders is recommended as part of a full uninstallation. Just hitting the uninstall button will only remove the program from program files. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- Yes, removing AppData will remove profiles. These should be exported from iCue beforehand if they are precious to you.
  3. Did you remove the Corsair AppData folders from your User folder when you 'uninstalled iCue completely'? Can often make a difference 🙂 Sounds like something that might be sorted by running as admin.
  4. This is brilliant. Very modern and pleasing to the eyes. Good job! Very inviting 🙂
  5. Can't see any reason that wouldn't work :) The PWM Hub has it's own power as well, so don't believe it would push the limits of the Commander Pro. I'm sure the Grand Master of All Things Spinny - Zotty, will have more knowledge than myself.
  6. You use it as a Usenet drive? Ok, so it's likely had a huge amount of writes to it. What does CrystalDiskInfo or similar say your wear is at? How much data written?
  7. Zotty's FAQs provide all you should need :) http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880
  8. Seeing quite a few complaints about iCue 4 removing old legacy products. The same thing happened with the move from Corsair Link to iCue many years ago. You can't expect a company to continue supporting a product long past it's realistic relevance.
  9. This thing was great to build in! Love the cable cover on back to neaten it all up. Just wish the magnet was a tiny bit stronger. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Cheers for the guide Zotty!
  10. After the 30XX pricing debacle, I've shifted to PLE (and Umart due to proximity), for main purchases. PLE's service was above and beyond all else. Covid shipping and the like might be taking a pretty heavy toll on deliveries too (manufacture/shipment/warehousing/etc etc). Fingers crossed it pops up sooner!
  11. Interesting, Scorptec aren't usually full of it but I haven't heard anything from any others either. Couple of others you might wanna check (from my 3080 launch list heh) - Umart, Computer Alliance, maybe even have a look through staticice.com.au (handy when hunting parts for the best price at retailers). Picked up a Wraith Prism for the VR rig a couple of weeks back, honestly not as impressed as I expected to be with the general consensus being that it was a solid little cooler.
  12. Curious mate, what retailer? Aussie here and haven't heard about a recall.
  13. That's very odd. It doesn't have any integration with iCue. Would be like saying your fridge doesn't work because your car has a flat tyre.
  14. Dingo89

    680x warped

    If you had these issues shortly after purchasing, it's on you to take it back to the place of purchase. Every message is in bold text and quite easily comes across as shouting (as much as text on a screen can do). Have you actually continued contact with support? Or have you stayed quiet yourself and not followed up after they've said they will escalate? I get you've had a bit of a rough run, which sucks don't get me wrong. But these guys would be dealing with a lot of other people at the same time. The occasional friendly poke to ask "hey guys, what's the latest on this? Is the escalation progressing?" certainly wouldn't hurt. I personally deal with hundreds, if not thousands of hardware parts each year. On the very rare occasion I've had to contact support, it's usually been no longer than a week of back and forth contact regarding troubleshooting/etc, then a resolution being discovered or offered. (Certainly a lot better than another particular brand starting with 'C' out there that I had the pain of dealing with a couple of times recently. That was like pulling teeth for 3 months). I'd suggest a polite poke to find out where things are at. Considering most people are stuck at home these days, things are likely to be busy for a company like this.
  15. I personally haven't been hands on with a recent MSI board, so can't offer any insight there other than to say 'best of luck' no matter what you choose :)
  16. I'm a pretty big fan of ASUS's products (I've seen a LOT of flakey/dead Gigabyte, AsRock, Msi boards. Some Asus, but nearly as high of a percentage). I'd be RMA'ing the motherboard, nothing to lose at this point. If the TUF board is working perfectly, that would be worth mentioning to them as part of your troubleshooting.
  17. I can't help but think this is an issue with the motherboards USB more than anything else, since you're also having issues with your Naga Chroma and Wave 3. Do you have any other systems available to test?
  18. Works a treat! A couple of things to note; I went the most basic route with this, without setting a root password. So for the following part, I had to go with 'sudo' [b]sudo [/b]systemctl daemon-reload [b]sudo [/b]systemctl enable virtualhere [b]sudo [/b]systemctl start virtualhere With VirtualHere, I tried to install as a service at the start. This was a bad idea, they want $49USD for a licence for this... Bit rich for my blood. Uninstalled the service and all was good. However, you are limited to 1 Device without a licence. I ran this on a Raspberry Pi Zero (non-W) with a Wi-Pi (not a typo, it's a pretty old USB adapter from when I had my old Raspberry Pi Model B), with a Zero4U USB HAT. LOVE how simple this was to set up even with my little mess ups. You are a legend for this Fanman03.
  19. Just the usual. Chrome, Discord, etc. I've heard from others that 16GB is fine, 32GB if you must. You're likely to be more limited by internet speed and SSD storage capacity.
  20. Understandable. And I know all about MFS2020, 16GB does the job, but on my rig (i7 8700K @ 4.7Ghz, GTX1070, 32GB RAM), MSF2020 and background tasks easily chewed around 17GB or so. I'm installing it on my laptop at the moment (i7 8750h, GTX1070, 16GB RAM) and don't expect it to be a problem even with only 16GB RAM. It runs beautifully though. Such a gorgeous sim.
  21. It's likely they will work. Imagine the nightmare motherboard manufacturers would go through if they had to test the thousands of different RAM kits on the market one after the other, and for each motherboard. Personally, for Intel systems at least, I've ignored the QVL for RAM.
  22. Honestly mate, you are much better off just selling the kit you have, and buying a 32GB kit :)
  23. You might be out of luck there. To my understanding, the Pro is now the current model. Non-pro was phased out. If I'm wrong someone please let me know though :)
  24. Hi Mr340, I tried the exact same thing you're looking at. While RAM speed/timings would behave when set manually, RGB did not play nice with each other. In the end, I sold my 16GB non-Pro kit, and bought a 32GB (2x16GB) kit of Pro's. It was a fun experiment, but definitely doesn't work together to their full ability on their own. RGB was very broken, but that's the nature of trying to mix 2 different kits in this way.
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