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K70 Keyboard suddenly stopped working


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Hi Guys,

This will be my first thread, so don't kill me if something is wrong.


Last weekend I bought a Corsair K70 RGB with Red Mx Cherry keys. It was working totally fine, untill today. Suddenly the keyboard stopped working. The led's went into the basic modus (so every key turned red, besides the wasd en arrow keys. These went white). And none of the keys are working anymore. When I connect the keyboard to my desktop, windows says: device description request failed. Also the Corsair CUE Software doesn't recognize the keyboard anymore.


I will list here all the things that I already tried:

- Setting the keyboard to the BIOS mode (the switch on the backside of the keyboard).

- Resetting the keyboard (pressing the small button on the backside of the keyboard)

- Uninstalling drivers and installing new drivers.

- Re-installing CUE

- Using the two USB-connectors on USB2.0 ports.

- Using another USB 3.0 port.

- Using a USB-Hub and connecting the keyboard to it.

- Let Windows update the drivers (which wasn't working).

- I also tried to use the keyboard on another desktop (also using Windows 10). Here the same problem...


I also saw today that Corsair had updated CUE with a new software (released on 16-01-2017. Could this perhaps be the problem?


I've already tried to contact Corsair via Customer Support, but it always takes longer than 2days before I get an answer...


Hope you guys can help me out, would be awesome since I really love this keyboard (when it still worked of course).

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Alright guys,


I've managed to find a solution!

Just hook your keyboard up to a laptop/desktop with windows 7 running on it (don't know if a VM with windows 7 would work too). It will say that it doesn't recognize the USB-device. Just go for the option ''undo installation'' in the device manager. When that's done, unhook your keyboard and hook it up again but now you have to hold the Esc-key 10seconds. This will reset the keyboard. Windows 7 will recognize your keyboard again and will install the drivers. Let it finish doing that. After that you can again hook it up to your main pc, which detects your keyboard again. It will download the drivers and your keyboard should be up and running again.


Last note:

I don't know if this will be temporary or permanent. As soon as I know more, I will update this post!




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After another day of use I can most certainly say it's working as it should be. The thing is, I don't really know if the ESC (re-enabling demo-mode) made any difference. Perhaps hooking the keyboard to a Windows 7 machine did already the trick.

Anyways, my K70 is working again like a charm.


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