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  1. Hi, My much-loved K70 RGB's keycaps started dropping like flies about 2 weeks ago, within the space of a couple days over 1/3 of all the keycaps on the board were literally crumbling under my fingers. The surprisingly thin edges of the grey plastic was evidently cracking and subsequently breaking off leading the caps to no longer sit on the switches. After filling out an RMA ticket with Corsair they swiftly sent a full replacement set of keycaps, the overall experience was fantastic and I was incredibly grateful to have my keyboard up and running again very quickly. A week later and to my horror 2 of the brand new replacement keycaps have crumbled in as many minutes. After quickly removing every single keycap from the keyboard to prevent others following, it's clear that many of the grey studs on the caps are indeed beginning to crack again. I have absolutely no idea what the hell could be causing this, clearly it's not the keycaps as if two batches of caps were prone to breaking surely this issue would be more widely discussed, and I can't find anything about it online? Has anybody had any experience with crumbling keycaps before? Assuming the keycaps are not the problem what on earth could be happening leading them to break so consistently? I don't consider myself a remotely heavy typist and play no games that involve 'mashing' or keys to be held down for any length of time. Can anybody please offer any suggestions or insight the problem? Will Corsair possibly replace the board? I'm pretty worried right now as this board was damn expensive and replacing it would suck pretty bad. I'm reluctant to buy replacement keycaps as this will very likely just happen again. Thanks, Wonga
  2. Hello Everyone, I recently got a Corsair K70 Mk 2 and I am loving it. The only issue I am currently having is that there is a space bar rattle on the right side of the key. Here is the link of it below: [ame] [/ame] Please let me know if there is any way to fix it.
  3. Hello, I've had my K70 Mk2 SE for about 6 months now and there's a problem with the scroll wheel, from time to time when I go to use it the scroll wheel will just keep scrolling and I can't use the keyboard whilst it's stuck scrolling. Only way to stop it is the old in and out, Any ideas/tips? (only happens when scrolling down)
  4. Hey all, One of the LEDs on my keyboard has a blown out green LED, only red and green are working. I'm looking for replacement LEDs, if I understand correctly these are SMD LEDs, just not sure which ones to get. I'm comfortable soldering SMD components and plan to DIY, just don't want to tear down the keyboard to figure out what LEDs they are if someone here actually knows 🙂 Thanks!
  5. I just got this keyboard a few days ago and had windows updates and had to restart my computer and would not get past my omen logo screen. So the keyboard is blocking windows from booting. I unplugged the keyboard and did a hard reset and would boot then state keyboard error. I took it back to best buy and exchanged for another. Guess what doing the same thing. I have tried this keyboard on my laptop and works just fine for fresh boots and restarts. I have gotten with CS and got a ticket in and they told me to check windows updates, reinstall iCUE and go from there... Nothing has fixed the issue. Anyone have any ideas? My K55 works fine same with regular keyboard as well. HP Omen with intel 17-7700 16gb ram 500gb 970 EVO SSD 1tb hd GTX 1070 stock build minus the SSD i added.
  6. Need replacement for my CORSAIR K70 RGB A S D keys that became damaged (still usable) and look bad. Went through CORSAIR support (nice guy!) but told my key board was at the end of its life! and no key are available! Wow, really my keyboard is well taken care of, not abused, and I wish they would have said it only last a few years! They told me the switches were good for what a million presses? Bottom line does anyone have any idea on where to get replacements for those three keys for a keyboard I dearly love.... its the A S D keys. Thanks! Bill W:sunglasse
  7. Hi, I own the keyboard for about a week, and it's my first mechanical. I wonder if the ping sound should be this prominent: https://vocaroo.com/1c8oVH9Nw3nt These are brown switches, I'm pressing the keys with moderate force, and it's somewhat higher in real life, but that's the best I could do in recording. I even exchanged the keyboard already as I thought it might be damaged, but the 2nd one sounds more or less the same. I know that some ping is normal due to aluminum case, springs in switches, but I can't hear anything like this in any of the numerous review/typing tests on the net.
  8. Don't get any lewd thoughts, here's the question I asked Corsair support and their response. I'm posting here in hopes someone maybe has a more bootleg but still valid solution. Thanks!
  9. I started having an issue where certain keys would change color on the keyboard to something they aren't set to, and it wouldn't show up on the utility engine. Sometimes the lights change to what they should be, sometimes they flicker to a different color. The color depends on the color they are set as. http://i.imgur.com/p3aYtOZ.png The error keys are B, H, Y, 6, F6 and Page Up http://i.imgur.com/jXPmQOw.png Does this mean it's broken or is it a software/firmware problem? Both of them are up to date and I've already tried uninstalling the USB drivers from my computer and installing them again.
  10. Recently took receipt of a K70 RGB keyboard. The keyboard seems fully functional when plugged directly into my PC. It is recognized by the software and I successfully updated the firmware to the latest. However, when trying to connect the K70 RGB through an IOGear GCS932UB KVM (http://www.iogear.com/product/GCS932UB/) it doesn't work. I can get the lights to light up but the no keys are registered. The software also doesn't register the presence of a keyboard. This is a KVM that is known to be fully functional. I've used for a 2 years or so with quite a few other keyboards (other manufacturers) with no issues at all. Since the KVM does not provide an additional USB port (other than one for the keyboard and mouse each) I've plugged the additional "surprise" K70 RGB connector (the one not marked with a keyboard) into my primary PC directly. I have tried changing the BIOS setting to each of the available settings but with no luck at all. (A separate issues is that changing the BIOS setting results in the keyboard lights changing intensity for each keypress when plugged directly into my PC.) Anyone else successfully using a KVM with this keyboard? If so what KVM are you using? Or do I possibly have a faulty unit (especially considering the varying led intensity in the various BIOS modes)? Thoughts?
  11. My K70 will not work though a IOGEAR KVM. I saw a post that suggested going in to BIOS mode by selecting Windows lock and and F1 at the same time for 5 seconds, but it doesn't do anything. Can you help?
  12. I'd like to know if the MX Cherry Silent switch has the same tactile feel as the MX Cherry Browns? I've saw a demo on youtube but wanted to hear from anyone that uses them and can tell me if they are as tactile as the Cherry MX Browns? Thanks
  13. I made a similar thread a few days ago because since getting the K70 & M65 i noticed a 'Device Disconnected' sound every single time i boot into Windows (the same noise when you unplug a USB device for example.) After doing loads of digging around thinking it was nothing to do with the new keyboard and mouse, i noticed that when i disable CUE from starting with Windows the noise disappears. So this confirms that this is most definitely an issue with CUE, just thought i'd put it out there so it can be fixed in future updates. Thanks.
  14. I have a Corsair K70 RGB MK2, It works fine on my own laptop , but I wish to also use it with my work laptop . I have saved lighting profiles to the three internal memory slots , thinking that will allow me to access/ use those profiles when plugging in my keyboard to my work laptop , although the keyboard works, it won’t let me access the lighting profiles , any ideas what I can do ? I’m not able to download the Icue software to my work laptop . Thank you for any suggestions.. it would be great to use it for work too as well as private laptop .
  15. About a day or two ago I spilled some soda I had on my desk onto the right side of my K70 keyboard. It doesn't seem to be affecting the keys themselves, just the RGB. They keep blinking and flashing, they're also randomly changing colors or stuck on a solid color, or slightly dimmed. The caps lock, scroll lock and number lock indicators are also blinking and changing colors too? It's annoying and I want to fix this somehow, but it's alright if I have to live with the consequences of my mistake LOL. Any ideas of how I'd go about doing that?
  16. Hi Has anyone fitted pudding keycaps to their K70 RGB MK.2 LOW PROFILE keyboard? And if so, what and did you purchase? What would you recommend? Thanks Neale S
  17. My media keys (play/pause, stop, next, previous, mute and volume wheel) are not working anymore. I think this happened after I updated to the latest iCue release. My keyboard is plugged directly into my motherboard, the keys were working previously, and I've tried reinstalling iCue, plugging motherboard into different USB ports and flipping firmware switch on the keyboard. I don't know what to try anymore... It's very annoying not being able to use my media keys. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  18. Hello i have problem with keyboard corsair k70 mk2. My problem is that the colors are blocked on the keyboard and they cannot be reset by a soft reset, I attach the current photo of the keyboard where it is shown how it should display and displays incorrectly, please help, maybe some hard reset to solve my problem. Regards Max https://imgur.com/4QYOatO https://imgur.com/2ukT14d
  19. Hi! I just installed iCue on MacOS (I have it on Windows and all works fine). Nevertheless, on MacOS, the RGB profiles work but the back button, forward, etc (everything except the two main click left and right buttons) are basically dead. As soon as I quit iCUE software, the RGB profiles are gone (back to rainbow) but my buttons work. Any reason why? How can I have both functionalities? :) Thanks!
  20. Hi Is there anyone who can tell me the correct way to reset a K70 RGB MK2 LP to factory defaults? These instructions below are on the FAQ. none of them work. My issue is that with some games I play, the keys seems to stick and in I turn left, release the key but my character or car keeps on turning left, ir I run and when I stop, my character will keep on running for a few seconds. f you have a K95 RGB Platinum or any MK2 keyboards: Unplug the keyboard. With the keyboard unplugged, hold down the ESC key. While holding down the ESC key, plug the keyboard back into the computer. Keep holding the ESC key until the keyboard begins to flash. Unplug the keyboard again, then plug it back in. For all other keyboards: Unplug your keyboard. With the keyboard unplugged, hold down the ESC key. While holding down the ESC key, plug the keyboard back into your computer. After about 5 seconds, release the ESC key. You will see the keyboard lighting flash if the reset is successful. I've already rma'd the board and I still have the same issue. Thanks Red
  21. Hello, So I just created this account since today I just noticed that the "RED" LED light is not working on one of my keys(letter Z). I'm using a Corsair K70 Mk.2 Cherry MX switch. So after noticing that I tried the following: 1. Restart my computer 2. Reset my keyboard with that ESC button method 3. Uninstalled and Re-installed my iCue - this includes deleting all corsair files with the %appdata% and %localappdata% method. 4. Tried a different computer. All of the above didn't work. Also, I did some tweaking on the color profile and noticed that if I change it to a Static color Yellow the letter Z is on Green, if I change it to Pink the letter Z is on Blue, if I change it on White the letter Z is on Sky Blue. Has anybody encountered this on letter Z and has any fix for it? Thanks!
  22. Hi guys, I am using a K70 RGB Mk II and a Harpoon RGB Pro as my mouse. Everything was working really nicely, no issues at all, then last night while I was playing Cyberpunk, my keyboard froze. It wouldn't accept inputs. I restarted my system by pressing the button on the tower. When I then tried to switch profiles through the button on my keyboard (I don't have them synced to programs or anything), two profiles with coloured patterns (one has rainbow wave and the other has colour shift) will change. However, when I try to switch to my default one, which is just the solid colour white (I use this for doing uni work, etc) it does not switch. It just freezes the colour it was doing before. Additionally, the WinLock button does not change colour. This happens on both my colour shift and solid white profiles. It produces the input - the computer will obey the WinLock command, but it will not change colour at all. I have found that if I switch to my solid white profile, then change the brightness, it will flick back to the profile I want. But I have to fiddle with it every time to have it recognise it. So far, I have restarted my system, updated my iCue software to the latest available version and deleted and manually recreated my iCue profiles. None of these efforts have had any effect. Prior to now, I have not had any issues at all with iCue software. It has worked perfectly. That is why I am confuised about this. My mouse is changing profiles (I have it set to lighting link) correctly. There are no issues with it. It also did not freeze originally, while I was playing Cyberpunk. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  23. K70 MkII RGB Hi all, I know i'm probably flogging a dead horse here, and I'm sure this has been discussed in here before, but none of the solutions I have found work, or fully match what's happening. I have an early 2015 macbook pro, running mojave 10.14.6 With the K70 rgb in normal mode (not bios), the keyboard seems to work fine on the login screen, so I can type in my password and press enter. Once booted, many of the keys along the edges of the keyboard stop responding (SHIFT, CTRL, SPACE BAR, BACKSPACE, ENTER etc.) I have tried deleting /Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboardtype.plist and rebooting. I have the latest icue installed, but this doesn't seem to make any difference if it's installed or not. iCue recognises the keyboard and even uploads the on-board settings. I have tried unplugging the usb and plugging it back in, and going into bios mode and back to no avail. The keyboard identifier doesn't work, as it asks you to press the key next to the left shift key, but that's one of the ones that doesn't work. It's weird that it works fine initially at the login screen. Does anyone have a definitive solution? Corsair support just said iCue is a beta and then went quiet. This is what I got: ... Not helpful. Thanks in advance for any advice and help. Toni.
  24. Hi all. So I have recently switched from pc to macbook. I am a programmer, not a gamer and love this keyboard, it works a treat. For what I do it is easier to run on a mac than a pc which was networked to a linux box. I don't like the rgb colours that comes standard with this keyboard so after I finally got icue installed I have them all pretty much turned off. They keyboard is plugged into a dock, which is then in turn plugged into the mac. This means that when the mac is running I have my muted colours on the keyboard, which is great. But when the mac is off and unplugged demo mode (or so I believe is demo mode) comes on. This lights up my home office at night time and is really uncessary. I did see a post on this fourm a while ago about being able to change the demo mode settings. I booted up my pc and opened up icue to see how to do this, but I don't see any area where I can do this. I have changed the 'hardware lighting' but that seems to only work when the mac is on. Is there a way I can either force demo mode not to turn on (without powering off the dock), or at least dull the keys so they are not shining all night? thanks all
  25. I just had a K70 MK2 refurbished (red keys) delivered from SCAN 4 days ago and every key is working except the delete key below INSERT. The delete key does not put me into the BIOS on startup. The delete key below numpad 3 does work. The onscreen keyboard delete key is detected. What I've tried: Factory reset through https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025465031-How-to-Reset-your-keyboard Exiting iCUE iCUE version: 3.36.125 Firmware version: v3.24 Is this a hardware issue and should I use RMA? EDIT: As a side note, with iCUE open, using the volume spinner too fast can lock the volume at 0/100 and lock the keyboard. This does not happen with iCUE closed.
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