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  1. I don't know about you, but when I spend almost $200 on a keyboard, I expect a first class product. Both the hardware and software need to meet a high bar. I purchased the K70 RGB PRO with the Cherry MX Brown switches. I was excited about this keyboard because of the onboard memory and the advertised capability to store macros directly to the keyboard. When gaming, I want the ability to program keep-alive type actions which would be undetectable by “anti-cheat” checkers. Specifically, I don't want software running on the computer. If this is your use case, you might want to look elsewhere. After a day of frustration, here is my (incomplete) list of deficiencies for iCUE 4 and the K70 RGB PRO. For reference, I'm using iCUE 4.26.110 and keyboard firmware 1.2.18 (both current as of 8/12/2022). Initial confusion using “Lighting Effects” and “Hardware Lighting”. One would expect that you would configure lighting profiles within the app and then copy these into the hardware. But that's not how it actually works. There are 2 different and mutually exclusive sections to configure. “Lighting Effects” controls the keyboard lights while the iCUE application is running. “Hardware Lighting” is a completely separate configuration which controls the keyboard lights when you completely quit from the iCUE software (and exit the dock icon). You can't copy configurations between these sections. There is a “Lighting Library” that indicates that it's “for sharing Lighting across profiles and devices” - but you can't share between the hardware and software profiles! So once you set up your “Lighting Effects” (software) then you need to completely recreate the same thing in “Hardware Lighting”. If you look at various postings, you'll find that many people are confused about this. Example: configure something in “Lighting Effects” - then use Device Settings to copy the profile to the onboard memory. When you quit out of iCUE - the keyboard goes dark. Why? Because you didn't configure “Hardware Lighting”. The same (odd) technique is used for key assignments. There is a section “Key Assignments” - this is only meaningful while the iCUE software is running. There is a separate section “Hardware Key Assignments” which is only meaningful when the iCUE software is NOT running. You can't copy between the sections. So, when trying to program a hardware macro, you need to program in iCUE (in the “Hardware Key Assignments” section). You need to use Device Settings to copy the profile to onboard memory. Then you need to completely quit iCUE in order to test your macro. You'll need to re-open iCUE to edit the macros. Programmable delays. We want to build a keep-alive macro. Every 5 minutes, hit the spacebar. Delays are programmed in milli-seconds. So 5 minutes = 300,000ms. But the text input in iCUE only supports a 5 digit number. So, your maximum delay is 99,999ms. That's annoying, but we can always create 5 delays of 60,000ms each. Random delays. I was very excited that the keyboard supported random delays. A macro that activates every 5 minutes exactly is too obvious. I'd like to wait a random time between 3 and 6 minutes. Unfortunately, the random delay is also in milli-seconds and also limited to 5 digits. It is impossible to create a random delay of 0-3 minutes. Mathematically, stacking 3 delays of 0-60,000ms is not the same as a single delay of 0-180,000ms. Repeating macros. A keep-alive macro must repeat. iCUE provides “toggle” macros. With a toggle macro, you hit the key once to start the macro and hit it again to stop. Perfect, right? Unfortunately no. A “toggle” macro does not imply repeat. You hit the key to start the macro and you can hit it a second time to stop it before the end. Once it hits the end, it stops regardless. I was trying to define a HARDWARE macro for keep alive. After fighting with this for some time and coming to the conclusion it was broken, I tried to define the same macro in the SOFTWARE key assignments section. There is an option in the SOFTWARE section to repeat continuously. This feature is not available for hardware macros - hardware macros can't repeat. If you're thinking you can cut/paste, to repeat, software macros can be quite large - but hardware macros are limited to 256 steps. The K70 RGB PRO boasts 8MB of onboard memory - but it's divided such that you can't create a single macro with more than 256 steps. Lighting and Macros. The keyboard has lots of fancy lighting. It is pretty nice to be able to light only the keys used by a specific game, allowing the rest of the keyboard to go dark. But what would REALLY be useful? How about lighting/flashing a key while there is a toggle macro active? But that's not an option. The best you can do is change the lighting when the key is pressed and pressed again - but remember, the macro can be shut off by another macro (or might simply end without repeating). So you can't be sure that the macro and lighting are sync'd together at the keypress. It's all too easy to get to a point where activating the macro shuts off the lighting and vice-versa. There is absolutely no visual indication that a macro is running - and no mechanism though lighting to create such an indication. Macro Editing in iCUE. The macro editing window in iCUE shows 7 steps. It's not resizeable. You can't scroll using cursor keys. You scroll with the mouse wheel or by dragging the small/imprecise scroll bar. The mouse wheel scrolls a maximum of 10 clicks/steps of the scroll wheel. So if your macro is 1000 lines, 1 click of the scroll wheel is 100 lines (with only a 7 line window). Given that a single key press is 3 lines (key down, delay, key up) - this is nearly unusable. There's no ability to cut/paste the macro sequence into an external editor. There's not even the ability to cut/paste a command between 2 hardware macros; you can only cut/paste within a single macro. You can't run multiple macros at the same time. Let's say you define 2 toggle macros. Macro 1 hits the “1” key every second. Macro 2 hits the “2” key every 2 seconds. It would be nice to independently toggle these macros. However, once you start macro 2, it silently terminates macro 1. In this post https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/130429-macros-simultaneously-working-possible/?do=findComment&comment=788802 a Corsair employee describes this as “an OS limitation”. Really? Corsair either owns the keyboard OS, or simply isn't using it properly. Doing multiple things in a single-threaded process is a problem that's been solved many times. And I'm being kind, assuming that he was talking about hardware macros and the keyboard OS. There really is no excuse for this limitation on the Windows-side using software macros. These last 3, I'd classify as would-be-nice. Subroutines. There aren't any subroutines. If you want to wait 15 minutes, you have to code 15 delay statements. I thought - “Hey, I can bind that to another key and invoke it!” - but no, that doesn't work. Assign a delay macro to F1. Create another macro on F2 that hits the F1 key - it doesn't run the delay macro, it actually hits “F1”, ignoring the macro. Comments. There aren't any comments. A macro with a few dozen steps is pretty hard to read. It would helpful to have the ability to add comments/annotations to the sequence of keystrokes. The sequences are especially hard to read because keydown-delay-keyup is represented by 3 steps. Of course 3 separate steps are required if multiple keys are involved, but for a single key, this could be represented as a single command (even if it gets executed as 3 distinct steps). Another reason for comments is the 7-line editing window. It's very difficult to know where you are when editing a large macro. Random conditionals. It's hard to call it “programming” without conditionals. But I guess we've already established that (in hardware mode) we don't even have the ability to repeat. A “stretch feature” would allow the ability to include random options. Example: 20% of the time, execute sequence A. 80% of the time execute sequence B. I honestly wasn't expecting this, but I'll toss it in as a “would be nice”. Summary. If you're looking for a keyboard with a solid build, nice keys, and impressive lighting, Corsair keyboards will fit the bill. However, if your primary motivation is for macro programming, especially hardware macros, then I'd suggest you look elsewhere. I haven't decided if I'll return it yet, but it clearly hasn't met my expectations.
  2. Hey Everyone, Get ready to switch it up with our new K70 PRO RGB MINI WIRELESS Gaming Keyboard! Combining both performance and customization, this hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is a must for enthusiasts and gamers alike. With up to 200 hours of battery life and 20 lighting layers per key, the K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS delivers customized performance, no strings attached. Here's a few quick highlights: Three ways to connect: Sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, Bluetooth®, or USB wired Compact 60% form-factor big on customization, with swappable MX switches and 360° RGB with a 28 LED LightEdge strip Store up to 50 onboard profiles with custom macros and vibrant RGB lighting effects with up to 20 lighting layers per key powered by AXON Powerful iCUE software enables dynamic RGB lighting control, key remaps, macro programming, exclusive integrations with select games, and more Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: Does the keyboard come with all necessary tools to replace keyswitches? A: Yup! Included is a keycap and keyswitch puller. Q: Is this keyboard compatible with consoles? A: Yes! This keyboard is compatible with XBOX and PlayStation 5. Q: How long does it take to charge? A: Anywhere from 3 hours from 15% battery when keyboard is off, and up to 5 hours from 0% battery when keyboard is in use. Let us know your thoughts below!
  3. I recently bought a K70 RGB MK2 and I noticed that you cannot change the color of three small white LED indicators for num lock, caps lock, scroll lock. they default to white. but upon closer inspection I found out that the indicators are actually RGB, after tinkering through icue software for hours, I could not find any possible method to change their colors. today weirdly when I turned on my pc, the indicators turned cyan (the color I've set for other keys) which means the indicators are RGB. Does anyone know how to customize those 3 indicators?
  4. Has anyone added dampening foam under their K70 MK2? I was thinking about adding it to help reduce the ping sound.
  5. I first got my k70 keyboard and the volume know was working fine. Then I got my hs60 headset and once connected the volume knob of both the keyboard and headset didn't work smoothly anymore . When making rapid adjustments to volume it takes about 5 seconds or more to catch up. I feel like this has something to do with the 2 devices volume control conflicting, though I am not entirely sure.
  6. Currently when starting ICUE with my K70 RGB I receive an error message that the device is not found (profiles are still intact and keyboard acts normally), before this I originally received a message telling me to "turn on wireless keyboard" even though the K70 is wired. I have tried different USB ports and have updated the ICUE software to the latest version (4.13.226) with no change. ICUE allows me to update the firmware to 3.08 but I am hesitant as the keyboard works fine (I'd rather have a working keyboard than use ICUE) and the software does not seem to be communicating with the keyboard as it only indicates "?" as being the current version of the firmware. I love the board and have never had any problems with it whatsoever. Should I update the firmware? Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. I have a K70 Vengeance keyboard (model CH-9000067-NA). It's worked fine for years, but seemingly out of nowhere it will suddenly execute strange macros that make my session unusable (lots of windows pop up, I cannot type anything, etc.) If I unplug my keyboard, it calms down but in order to actually stop it I have to log out of my profile and restart. Then it might or might not happen again after restart. I've read several threads about this problem. The first suggestion was to hard reset they keyboard by unplugging it, holding ESC and plugging the keyboard back in. Hold ESC for 5 seconds and let go, and the keyboard should flash to indicate it's successfully restarted. This never works for me-- I never get the flash indicating the reset has occurred. Next I read that I should flash my keyboard using the iCUE app, which I had not installed before. I downloaded it and started it up, and it does not recognize my keyboard at all! It recognizes the internal hardware (CPU, GPU, etc.) but I don't see the keyboard and there doesn't seem to be any way to manually install or have the app search for it. i was looking for some other older software (Corsair Gaming?) that might help me to disable macros, but I don't see this software available for download and similarly I don't see a product page for my keyboard where I could manually download drivers or firmware. I'm at my wit's end here. Can someone help me out with this problem?
  8. hola, tengo un problema con el teclado corsair k70, mi problema es que cuando conecto el teclado algunos led van de color diferente, al que yo asigno, tambien parpadean y nose que hacer
  9. So recently, since about mid-December every 3rd-4th time I boot my computer up, my USB keyboard(Corsair K70 vengeance Red LED) doesn't seem to be getting power when the computer boots up. All it takes to 'fix' the keyboard is to unplug and replug the USB cable. Which makes me think it's somehow the computer not registering the keyboard and sending power to it. I've had the keyboard since about August-ish, and it's worked perfectly fine until a Windows update in December, when the issue first started. Things I've Tried: I'm sure it's not the fault of the USB port the keyboard is plugged into, since the mouse works fine when swapping ports. I'm fairly sure it's not the BIOS power options for USB devices, etc. (I've set it so it sends power to all USB devices whether it recognizes them as a keyboard/mouse or not.) Basically, at this point I'm fairly sure it's either something caused by Windows 10 or the keyboard itself is faulty. If anyone happens to also have this problem, or knows of a fix for it, I'd really appreciate the help.
  10. Hi, I own the keyboard for about a week, and it's my first mechanical. I wonder if the ping sound should be this prominent: https://vocaroo.com/1c8oVH9Nw3nt These are brown switches, I'm pressing the keys with moderate force, and it's somewhat higher in real life, but that's the best I could do in recording. I even exchanged the keyboard already as I thought it might be damaged, but the 2nd one sounds more or less the same. I know that some ping is normal due to aluminum case, springs in switches, but I can't hear anything like this in any of the numerous review/typing tests on the net.
  11. Ich bin auf der suche nach einem vollständigen Keycap-Satz für das K70 Keyboard. Ich habe bereits ein Ticket geöffnet, aber werde einfach ignoriert (# 6799727)... Weiß jemand wo man die Keycaps sonst bekommt? EDIT: Antwort erhalten <3
  12. Bonjour, j’ai un soucis avec mon clavier Corsair k70. Celui-ci répète des touches de manière aléatoire. Je précise que ces touches se repentent bien plus que 2 fois, parfois si je ne rappuie pas sur une autre touche, elle se répéterait sans cesse. Parfois c’est même la touche supp, ce qui est très embêtant. Cela a l’air d’arriver lorsque j’appuie sur deux touches très rapidement (temps entre les 2 très court), ce qui est le comble pour un clavier mécanique. Ce que j’ai essayé : - Mettre à jour le clavier (même forcer la màj) - Mettre à jour ICue (même réinstallation) - Réinitialisation du clavier - Fermer tout autre logiciel qui rentrerait en conflit avec ICue (dans mon cas: ASUS Armoury Crate) Aucunes de ces manipulations n’a résolu le problème. (Je suis sur un pc fixe). Je penche plus vers un soucis logiciel, car en jeu je n’ai aucun soucis ! Dernière chose, je ne suis plus très sûr depuis quand le soucis dat, car il n’a fait que s’empirer. Mais j’ai changé de pc vers le mois de novembre et ça me parait être la période vers laquelle le problème est apparu. Ce serait peut être lié .. Je précise qu’au début, je n’avais le soucis que lorsque je devais rentrer le mot de passe pour accéder à mon pc. Une fois celui-ci lancé complètement, plus de soucis (mais ça c’était avant lol). J’ai alors partiellement réglé le soucis en utilisant le clavier virtuel. Merci d’avance pour toute l’aide que vous m’apporterai.
  13. Hello, i am searching in the market to buy a new wrist rest for my K70 RGB Rapidfire, but i cannot find the same wrist rest on the markets. So, I would like to ask if anyone knows if other wrist rests from k70 models will be suitable for the K70 RGB Rapidfire. Thank you in advance guys, hope you are all safe!
  14. Hi, I've been given an old keyboard from my partner to use with my new build, a Vengeance K70 RGB. I've got no trouble with it being detected in iCue, and setting up lighting effects while the computer is on, but I've got no option to create hardware lighting for the keyboard, for when the PC is locked or powering on, which I've been able to do for my other products (LL120 fans and Vengeance RGB Pro RAM). There's simply no tab on iCue to allow me to do this, the options I have for customisation of the keyboard are "Key Assignments", "Lighting Effects", "Performance", and "Device Settings". I believe it has the functionality to do this - when my other products default to their hardware lighting, the keyboard was switching to an old profile my partner had been using with an older software version (it's been sitting in storage for a couple of years before I started using it) and I've done a reset by holding the escape key while plugging the keyboard in and it now uses a default profile where most of the keys are red, except the wasd keys which are lit up white. Is there any way that I can set a hardware profile for the keyboard? It would be nice if my RGB matched over everything when my PC isn't connected to iCue. I'm using iCue version 4.10.273, and the firmware for the keyboard is up to date, version 3.08
  15. I just purchased a BRAND NEW K70 RGB MK2 and upon opening the box I was extremely disappointed to find that almost EVERY keycap is cracked on the underside on the plastic "cross" support that connects the keycap to the actual mechanical switch on the keyboard. These are thin cracks that vary in size and shape, some are straight and some are jagged, some cracks split into other cracks (see attached images). This is the second Corsair keyboard that I've had this same problem with. I'm furious because this K70 was bought to replace the K68 that I got refunded under warranty with the local supplier. The K68 eventually had a key break due to these cracks and that's how I discovered the problem in the first place. I was NOT expecting the K70 to be faulty on arrival, I even bought it from a different supplier and almost a year apart from when I originally bought the K68. This is clearly a manufacturing fault that Corsair refuses to fix as the only commonality of these two keyboards is that they have the same keycaps. As well as I've seen plenty other users complaining about this exact problem going back to even 2015. The fact that corsair has a "How to: Get keycap replacements" page worries me as this is obviously a common problem. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036225532-How-to-Get-keycap-replacements I don't know how these keycaps are passing any kind of proper Quality Checks as this is a clear Quality Deviation and not up to the standard I expect from Corsair. It saddens me because I love everything else about the keyboard, the design, the beautiful RGB and lighting control, the Cherry Switches, but the keycaps are badly made. It feels like they want users to either fork out the extra for a set of PBT Keycaps that are more durable or to get forked (or buy a more expensive keyboard that include the PBT caps like the K90/K100 range). I cannot afford the K90/K100 range, nor the PBT Keycaps on top of the price I paid for the K70 (all these products are far more expensive in South Africa). I checked the keycaps on a friends cheap mechanical keyboard for reference ("Trust" brand) and after over a year of heavy use his keycaps are not cracked at all and made of a thicker plastic than Corsair's keycaps. For those who might ask, this is not due to the way I'm handling the keys, on the K70 I used the provided keycap remover tool and was very careful in how I removed them for this exact reason. I am an electrical engineer and work with sensitive electronics on a daily basis.
  16. When I started my computer this morning the keyboard stayed dark. I reconnected the USB cables and the keyboard lit up but the computer went dark. I reset the computer and the keyboard stayed lit up but was not recognized by the PC or iCUE. Tried resetting the USB cables again but no luck. Nothing I try has worked to get the computer to recognize the keyboard, Is it truly fried or can anyone suggest anything else I can try. iCUE sees the HS60 headphones and the H11i cooler.
  17. Hey my newly bought k70 mk2 rgb turns on with rainbow colors when opening, after a while its color remains red. And nothing change this colour. Keyboard always red :) I try Device Settings / And Changed polling rate (anythnig) This is the only way I can change the color. 1 - icue run keyboard colour freeze always icue closed keyboard profile colour worked :))) 2 - and iclue closed on systry. And restart application worked full compatible iclue with coloured keyboard:D What can i do thnx
  18. I have a Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blue keyboard for my desktop PC. I had a little container of sauce on my desk that I picked up, but the people at Buffalo Wild Wings didn't secure the lid, and it spilled on my keyboard. Most of the left third of the keyboard was covered in the sauce. I was drunk, so against my better judgment, I spilled water on it to try and clean it. I don't think anything got into the board underneath, but I'm not totally sure. The next morning (it was dry by then), I took off all the key caps and used cotton swabs with dish soap and water to clean the spaces between the keys as well as I could, and I washed the key caps. I used cotton swabs with very warm water to clean the surfaces of the keys and pressed them repeatedly (I got this technique from a Paul's Hardware video on cleaning mechanical keyboards). The keys in that area still seem sticky, and no matter what I do, when I turn on my computer, the keys don't register. Some of the LEDs still work, but not on the regular keys - just the brightess key and the other couple keys on the very top right of the keyboard (the ones that aren't removable), so the keyboard is getting power. It just won't type. Do I need to disassemble the whole keyboard?
  19. First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed in another thread or if it does not go here.:sigh!: The keyboard started the day with LEDs working badly, they did not change to the corresponding color (all the white keys and those that were bad were in yellow for example) and also, these were working with a different mode, moving to the right. This could not be modified, after not even with the ICUE software I could solve anything, not even updating it. I decided to restore it with the button behind, from here the keyboard does not turn on any lights except the scroll lock, num lock and caps lock, these blink constantly. As I read it is in bios mode, but I am not being able to get out of it either by touching f1 + the winblock key. I also tried restarting it by pressing the ESC key but it didn't work. In addition to all this, in ICUE, I cannot update the keyboard FW. It detects it, starts updating it, reaches 100, disconnects it from windows and is there, I have to unplug it and plug it in again to be able to use the keyboard. PLEASE HELP, I already contacted support and got no response.
  20. Hi! So I've already encountered the problem with the keyboard not being recognised and even disabling the inbuilt keyboard at login screen. Disabling FileVault, a sub-optimal solution, has solved this. However I wish to use my Mac in a dock, closed, and boot into Windows via bootcamp. At boot, you must press option (alt) to achieve the boot loader and select the Windows partition to boot into, however, the K70 doesn't seem to be recognised by the Mac and holding Alt does nothing, MacOS loads. This is very problematic as it means I am unable to use my dock. I like this Corsair keyboard but the problems with MacOS mean I may have to return it if I cannot find a solution.
  21. I picked up a K70 keyboard at the thrift store, and I've been happy with it. I've given it a good cleaning (taking the keycaps off, etc.) and there's no sign of damage. I've only used it for basic typing, and none of the advanced features. All the keys are lit, and the basic keys work. Multimedia controls don't work, but volume up/down does. I've got no idea what the keys on the top or the "BIOS/1/2/4/8" switch does. Since it's from a thrift store, I can't look at the box, or ask the previous owner what it is. The label on the bottom is worn off, so I can really only tell it's a K70. I'm looking into these things now but I can't get iCUE to detect it. I also can't find even a basic manual on Corsair's web site. Trying the keyboard reset methods doesn't seem to work either. Can someone tell me what this is? Any ideas why it's not showing up in the iCUE (or the older Corsair Utility)? I've restarted the HID service for the multimedia keys, and no luck with that either. Also, I'm wondering what the keys on the top are for. (Or a link to a manual would be nice) Edit:I'm not sure why the images aren't embedding. Here's links to the top and the bottom
  22. Hi all. So I have recently switched from pc to macbook. I am a programmer, not a gamer and love this keyboard, it works a treat. For what I do it is easier to run on a mac than a pc which was networked to a linux box. I don't like the rgb colours that comes standard with this keyboard so after I finally got icue installed I have them all pretty much turned off. They keyboard is plugged into a dock, which is then in turn plugged into the mac. This means that when the mac is running I have my muted colours on the keyboard, which is great. But when the mac is off and unplugged demo mode (or so I believe is demo mode) comes on. This lights up my home office at night time and is really uncessary. I did see a post on this fourm a while ago about being able to change the demo mode settings. I booted up my pc and opened up icue to see how to do this, but I don't see any area where I can do this. I have changed the 'hardware lighting' but that seems to only work when the mac is on. Is there a way I can either force demo mode not to turn on (without powering off the dock), or at least dull the keys so they are not shining all night? thanks all
  23. Hello, after trying some mechanical keyboards I was very displeased with both keys loudness and pinging (or resonation of metal base). I already tried K70 RGB Low Profile Red (it was not mine), that looks and sounds amazing, too bad it's not on my country's market yet, so I can both order it from overseas (and risk not being able to RMA it, if it'll have any defect), or choose from some other available variants. So far, this one is my absolute favorite, yet I want to be sure whether the other variants won't be as good. My first question goes for standard K70 RGB MK.2 Silent Red. I'd like to know whether there's some kind of pinging or other noise coming from both keys and metal base? There's also STRAFE version that comes with semi-metal base, thus much lower chance of pinging. Yet, I'm not sure. I watched some videos, in some there was audible pinging, while in others not. It's huge deal for me, as I don't want any unpleasant noises outside of keys themselves. Then there's another available Low Profile version, K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE with Speed switches. About these switches, on HyperX keyboard they are not much good in my opinion - of course, they're extremely responsive, but I don't like the sound - some keys are making weird "clack" noise (little different from others). I'm worried it's the case of every keyboard featuring Speed switches, so also this low profile variant. Last question stands... Is Low Profile Red actually much louder than standard Silent Red in your opinion? I didn't find any good comparison between these two switches. All of this may help me with choosing perfect keyboard I'd be finally satisfied with. I'm actually tired of paying not so small money for something that's making unacceptable noises (out of standard sound of mechanical switches, they'll always be a bit louder). Of course, I could go for membrane, but that'd be huge step back for me now as I got used to feeling and responsiveness of mechanical keys. Thanks for all replies!
  24. Hello, Recently my K70 (non rgb) has been having an issue where the backlight program button would randomly go into its program mode which stops any keys from typing but instead just turns the lights on and off. Changing the bios switch fixes it but only temporarily. Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes 10 mins or so. Its getting annoying having the keyboard basically stop working and having to flick the switch. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to stop this issue? Thanks
  25. Hi everyone, I have a K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard I purchased about two years ago. Everything was working smoothly until about two days ago when I changed the CPU and GPU of my PC. Now the keyboard only shows the color red. When I flick the switch on the back of the keyboard to the BIOS setting it changes the WASD and arrow keys to white, but every other key is red. When I import a new profile, I can change the color of the "Windows" button but everything else remains the dreaded red color. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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