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  1. Release Notes for iCUE v4.13.223 are now available: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=41640&stc=1&d=1625769455 7/8 - We have updated the release notes with the following bullet under Known Issues: * Due to changes in theNVIDIAGeForce driver, fan support has been disabled temporarily-we are actively working on an update to resolve this. CORSAIR iCUE Software Release Notes v4.13.pdf
  2. Release Notes for iCUE v4.12.214 are now available: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=41461&stc=1&d=1623369287CORSAIR iCUE Software Release Notes v4.12.pdf
  3. CUESDK has been updated to v3.0.378! Release notes: Protocol version raised to 14. Extended `CorsairLedId` enum with `CLI_Oem101` … `CLI_Oem250` identifiers. Extended `CorsairLedId` enum with `CLM_7` … `CLM_20` identifiers. Extended `CorsairPhysicalLayout` enum with `CPL_Zones7` … `CPL_Zones20` identifiers. Extended list of supported devices with: IRONCLAW RGB K100 RGB K70 RGB MK.2 K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Lighting Node CORE M65 ELITE RGB MM700 Scimitar ELITE RGB STRAFE RGB MK.2 VENGEANCE RGB PRO SL VIRTUOSO RGB VIRTUOSO RGB SE [*]Dropped Visual Studio 2012 support [*]Removed `register_callback` example
  4. We can't provide these files as they're bundled with ASUS' AC software. We don't have access to these files individually. Part of the partnership with ASUS and iCUE is that we respect each other's software as this type of integration requires applications installed together. As for Lighting Service, this is what you need:
  5. Release Notes for 4.11.240 are now available: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=41240&stc=1&d=1620919445CORSAIR iCUE Software Release Notes v4.11.pdf
  6. Baio, You have several questions and I can help provide some answer. However, if you need an immediate answer, it is best to reach out to the tech support team. Here is what I understand what you want to know: 1.) Why is Armory Crate required to be installed? We are using ASUS' SDK and 'Lighting Service' to control their products. Without an install of their software, your ASUS motherboard or GPU will not be visible in iCUE. 2.) Why cannot you not use Armory Crate and iCUE simultaneously? Only one software can control the hardware at a time. If you have both software open, you'll get adverse effects because both of our hardware is not designed to be used simultaneously with each software. If you want to use ASUS software, then you must quit iCUE first (and vice versa). 3.) Why are you constantly seeing the Red Triangle? Red Triangle denotes some sort of error that prevents lighting control of your DRAM. The error could be any number of reasons (driver, memory controller, software access was revoked, etc.). The only way to properly diagnose this problem is to contact Tech Support so you can provide a log for our analysis. My advice is you should only be using iCUE 4, using the latest version of Armory Crate (not Aura Sync), and making sure only iCUE 4 is open. Make sure before you open iCUE that Armory Crate is NOT running.
  7. We need to make an enhancement on our side to increase the LEDs that are supported by their new cards. Unfortunately we weren't aware of this until after they released their product.
  8. Thanks for reporting this - this is not a known issue but I will report this so we can get it resolved. The iCUE window should remember the size and position so when you call to it from the taskbar or the task manager, it should be the same.
  9. iCUE 4.10.273 Patch Notes • Multipoint is now supported for all compatible Slipstream Devices. To start the process, users must have a combination of compatible Slipstream keyboard, mouse, and/or headset. A wizard has been implemented in the ‘Connections’ tab for your respective Slipstream USB Receiver. Please note a firmware update is required for all devices to support Multipoint pairing. • Resolved an issue related to firmware update with HS75XB • Implemented tutorials for K65 MINI • Implemented Weight Tuning feature for NIGHTSWORD • Implemented an Enhancement: Add Screen to Setup Wizard for RGB Fans • Implemented Enhancement for Nexus that Loop pages on start / end screens • Added CORSAIR One Blue Color to Custom Palette • Changed the Scaling for Opacity Slider • Changed "Set as Default" for DPI Presets to "Activate" for Clearer Consistency • Updated Message for 8K Polling on SABRE PRO mice • Resolved an issue with iCUE crashing when Skip is used during message to Re-plug Device • Resolved an issue that iCUE crashes from sleep and hibernation • Resolved an issue that Installer has a delay before launching successfully • Resolved an issue for Alert State that after "Reset" button to Restore to Normal Operation is pressed, it takes a few seconds for GUI to disappear and effect to take place • Resolved an issue that renaming a Lighting Effect when "hidden" disables the effect entirely • Resolved an issue with the Color Picker Wheel and Lighting Effects: Solid not appearing properly • Resolved an issue that Homepage sensor widgets do not update temperature units when changed until after iCUE restart • Resolved an issue for Home Screen Add Widgets Window that when scrolling through items, scroll bar keeps adjusting and popping the page up • Resolved an issue that when Enabling Dashboard Products by Toggle, all Items should be Selected • Resolved an issue that Sensors were automatically activated when user click to the on button in Dashboard tab • Resolved an issue that ALT + F4 on iCUE can cause window Title bar to appear • Resolved an issue that the 'Settings' tab doesn't close when its icon is selected • Resolved an issue that background should be darkened when Pop-Up is open • Resolved an issue that users should be able to deselect Remap: Keystroke field • Resolved an issue that Sensors on Home screen, when populated, all populate on the left column instead of filling in both columns • Resolved an issue that the scroll wheel doesn’t interact with the scroll bar of the home screen • Resolved an issue that system profile search engine cannot work automatically • Resolved an issue that Text Editor and File Explorer of Launch App Action should have a button added • Resolved an issue for MACRO that uncheck in "executive uninterrupted" button works incorrectly after restart system • Resolved a typo with surface calibration • Resolved an issue with spelling in Language Selection • Resolved an issue that the information of Import Profiles is not localized • Resolved an issue that the information of Export Profiles is not localized • Resolved an issue that the brightness of Nexus doesn't sync with iCUE when user starts iCUE first time. • Resolved an issue for NEXUS widgets that do not update temperature units when changed in iCUE Settings • Resolved an issue for Nexus that missing function "Mic Mute/Unmute" of VOID Surround Series headsets • Resolved an issue with Slipstream compatible mice unable to pair Wireless mice through the "Connections" tab • Resolved an issue for K100 that Control Wheel: Info is overlapped when users do the last instruction • Resolved an issue for K100 that allowed users to incorrectly select specific keys for predefined effects • Resolved an issue for SABRE PRO mice with the name being too long to allow for selection of buttons • Resolved an issue for K65 MINI that menu does not work when swapping menu key function • Resolved an issue for VOID PRO USB that beat effect shows the wrong color • Resolved an issue for DRAM that Lighting Effect Water that Ripple and Base colors affect the opposite element • Resolved an issue for Hydro X that Lighting does not work when multiple reservoirs are configured • MSI JCORSAIR Port will now match and share lighting data in profiles with Lighting Node PRO • Resolved an issue for K65 MINI’s FN Shortcut list not being translated • Resolved other various minor bugs and issues
  10. Contact our tech support and they can help you diagnose the issue.
  11. Remove the plugins and see if that helps.
  12. C-attack, we actually do backup iCUE 3 profiles. Going back to 3.38 will work without having to export the profiles when you migrate from 3 -> 4.
  13. I have to be honest - I don't believe we've ever tested iCUE on a setup like this. If you're crashing moving from one monitor to another, there could potentially be a bug that will follow iCUE 3 -> iCUE 4 since the backend is still the same. We can try to reproduce this but it would help if you can send us the application crash logs. Otherwise trying to replicate this will be difficult.
  14. I will report this to the devs - its odd CPURemote would cause this. This stuttering may be unrelated to our audio driver then.
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