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Single-Key Ghosting on K95 Platinum

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I've been having an extremely frustrating bug recently with my K95 Platinum where the keyboard will only accept a single keyboard input at a time. While I can still use my computer, it prevents me from running, strafing, or doing any complex maneuvers in any game.

Diagnosing the input on the Microsoft keyboard ghosting website (https://www.microsoft.com/applied-sciences/projects/anti-ghosting-demo/) it only seems to apply to non-command keys, with shift, cmd, tab, ect all working for keyboard shortcuts- just the moment I press another letter key the key I have held stops being pressed, only allowing one-key key combinations.

If I boot into BIOS mode using S+B the keyboard works perfectly, though I can't use any lighting, G key shortcuts or any of the features of ICue, not exactly ideal. On a computer with no ICue software all keys work perfectly, and other keyboards work perfectly on my machine.

The keyboard is plugged directly into a USB port on the computer, though I normally run it through a USB-C hub.

I've tried reboots, updated to newest firmware, uninstalled and reinstalled icue, uninstalled stream deck, just about everything I can think of, and nothing seems to work.

This keyboard has been fantastic up until now and it clearly still works hardware-wise, just unsure of what the root cause would be. Any help would be much appreciated so I can get back to editing and streaming.


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If you manually quit CUE, does the problem persist?  Not sure if this is hardware, software, or OS originating yet. 

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I'm having this exact same issue with two K70's. If it helps to give more context on what I've done, iCue was completely updated when the issue began. I reset both keyboards, uninstalled/reinstalled iCue (deleted any and all cached files in appdata or program files before reinstalling), checked thoroughly through any and all Windows settings relating to the keyboard and nothing. It's exclusive to my PC as well. I have another rig that I plugged both keyboards into and it works just fine. I even talked to Corsair support and they basically resorted to replacing the device (though I'm outside my warranty so that won't work). Doesn't matter if I have iCue open or closed, this issue persists only on my PC.

Any input would be appreciated because I love the keyboard and this only started happening so suddenly.

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