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As much as I love various Corsair products, iCUE tends to be my biggest complaint  / PITA and makes me wonder what the engineers , devs etc. are doing. 

Out of all my Corsair products, only my iCUE Commander Core XT  and ST100 RGB headphone stand are identified with iCUE 5 but with iCUE 4 it is able to identify more such as my Corsair Virtuoso's, memory, motherboard etc.

So this forces me to revert back to older versions or else you cannot set the equalizer on the headphones for example as it does not identify the dongle or headphones, if it does you can not pair them properly either as it doesnt discover anything until reverted. 

Various steps of removing , connecting via USB, uninstalling hardware completely, removing / re-install of iCUE, pressing the mic button for 10+ seconds etc. are not solutions to whatever is coded within the software. 

Not sure if this is the correct place to post as this is my first time creating a topic.

I feel this deserves more attention and I'm surprised I have not seen more complaints or improvements on this, as this has been an issue for years at this point which is unacceptable for the price of these headphones and other peripherals .


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