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  1. Hola, acabo de comprar los carsair virtuoso se gunmetal y estuve durante 2 dias bien sin embargo en algun momento empezo a dar un fallo ya que los conectaba y despues de unos minutos chirreaba el sonido o no daba audio, estuve viendo y al parecer dicen que es por el firmware, tengo instalado icue 4 y el firmware de los audifonos son los siguientes Receptor v. 0.16.80 Audifonos v. 0.17.149
  2. Hello, I have my headset on firmware 0.17.149 (ICUE V3) and i want to update it on firmware 5.2.68 (ICUE V4) I want to know if someone has the firmware file (.zip or .bin) to update it manualy via icue V4. Because my Headset is blinking red. Thank You
  3. since I updated the keyboard to the new firmware (3.29.32) the combination of keys wind lock key + f1 no longer works, it is consequently for me it is impossible to put the keyboard in bios mode, and therefore be able to use it on ps4. do you know how to solve?
  4. Hello, after updating the iCue Software to v.4.13.223 the Wireless Receiver got an update to v. 5.4.99 whichafter it stopped connecting to the Headset(v.0.17.149). The Headset itself is working perfectly fine while in wired mode and connected via the USB cable. When I connect the Receiver to any USB Port it flashes Red for a while. The iCue Software recognizes the Receiver and displays version number 5.4.99. The force update option for the Receiver is clickable but does not do anything. When I set the Receiver to Playstation mode "USB Wireless Receiver Pairing" is not clickable. If set to Multipoint then "USB Wireless Receiver Pairing" is also not clickable. The Option to Pair additional devices is Clickable and Prompts a new window to open which descripes where to best connect the Wireless Receiver to. Confirming that prompt closes that window after which nothing happens again. Re-Installing the iCue Software did not change anything. I already contacted Support 3 days ago, but got no response yet. I hope there is a way to resolve this issue.
  5. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on... :( Going to create a ticket now with support, but I would love to get some quick tips if someone have them... Cyberpunk 2077 is waiting. *cry* Many thanks!
  6. (SOLVED!) I finally managed to unbrick my Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT !!! Created a new post so people can find this fast, I had problems finding this when searching for my AIO. It bricked during firmware update via iCue. RGB turned off and fans went full throttle and iCue lost contact with AIO. I'm gona give you the steps I followed and will hope that this will save someone lots of time and problems. Start with a check that you are running the lastes iCue app version, if not install the latest then continue with the steps below: 1. Download the H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31 firmware file from: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmslc6o3ggzfpqy/CUEVQIupN3b6a9964-aaea-44be-968a-1c88e1fa4dba_temp_H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31.hex/file (Rename it ti something shorter like: H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31.hex) 2. Restart Windows 10 in safe mode (Safe Mode: Shift + Restart in Windows, Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Start-up Settings > Restart > F4 = Safe Mode without network). 3. Make sure none of the Corsair processes started, open Task Manager with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and check and End Task if they are running. 4. Go to Services (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (Taskmanager) -> Services -> Open Services at the bottom) and STOP/DISABLE the Corsair Services. (3 of them total, you will need to enable them again after firmware is updated and you rebooted out of Safe Mode, then reboot again after that) 5. Go to Corsair installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\ , on my machine) and locate the following application (DO NOT OPEN IT OR RUN IT!) XMCBOOTLOADER.EXE. 6. DRAG AND DROP the .hex file from step 1 over the XMCBOOTLOADER.EXE. The app should now connect to the bootloader, and force the firmware upgrade in a CMD window. When the flash is done the RGB will light up instantly and the fans will go to quiet mode. If you get an error during first time, do not panic! Try again, sometimes it can take up to 3-4 attempts to get it to flash all the way. 7. Reboot into normal Windows mode and enable (automatic) all 3 services for Corsair app, then reboot again and check iCue if it can connect to AIO. ALSO, when you want to upgrade the firmware via iCue (very risky), do it in safe mode! Some processes interfere with the connection between the AIO and iCue (HWInfo, Steam, Logitech control app and so on) Good luck! :-)
  7. about a week ago i plugged in my K70 RGB Rapidfire to a folder titled CRP DISABLD popped up with a file in it labled "firmware.bin". i've already sent a ticket in but no one has responded yet. is there anyone who can help me?
  8. Hallo Corsair Community, ich bin seit ca. einem halben Jahr stolzer Besitzer einer Corsair K57 Wireless Tastatur. Leider habe ich seit letzter Woche das Problem das sich diese nicht mehr Aktualisieren lässt sowie sich nicht mehr mit dem K57 Dongle Koppeln lässt. Sobald die Aktualisierung startet geht die K57 aus und muss erst vom USB Kabel getrennt werden und dann Aus und wieder Ein geschalten werden damit sie wieder an geht. Ein Soft Reset und die Versuche diverser Foren Einträge haben auch nicht geholfen. Das ganze wurde auf 3 verschiedenen Systemen getestet, mit iCUE 3 und iCUE 4 (auch mit Clean Install) und mit verschiedenen USB Slots (USB 2.0 & USB 3.0) jedoch ohne Erfolg. Der Dongle wurde ohne Probleme aktualisiert. Derzeitige Versionen sind folgende: iCUE v4.9.350 (Aktuell) K57 Dongle v2.2.71 (Aktuell) K57 Tastatur v1.1.164 (Veraltet) ---> v2.2.71 (Neue Version) Ich denke das der Dongle und die Tastatur durch die Software Unterschiede nicht verbinden können. Kennt jemand das Problem oder hat einen Lösungsvorschlag? Ich habe bereits Anfang letzter Woche ein Support Ticket (2004197933) geschrieben jedoch noch keine Antwort erhalten. Grüße
  9. Hi Corsair As a Firmware Engineer I have just build a new Workstation with a Ryzen 5950x, Asus Rog Croshair VIII Hero motherboard. Using a Gentoo Linux, currently with kernel gentoo-sources 5.4.80 gives the following warning on boot. dec 24 12:46:28 nova kernel: nvme nvme0: missing or invalid SUBNQN field. dec 24 12:46:28 nova kernel: nvme nvme0: Shutdown timeout set to 10 seconds This issue with invalid SUBNQN field is a known issue in a number of NVMe units. If you look at the kernel code you will see that it has a dedicated quirk for it. See NVME_QUIRK_IGNORE_DEV_SUBNQN in https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/nvme/host/pci.c So my question is what is fixed in firmware 13 for the drive? Does it include the wrong SUBNQN field? I can't find a detailed changelog, preferable with info about for each commit done to the firmware codebase between the two releases. Second is the firmware files available somewhere or only the tool? Based on the input from others regarding the new firmware and performance I will be relectant to upgrade until I know if the issue about the SUBNQN is fixed. If anyone have an upgraded MP600 1TB, can you please boot a linux (just a bootable USB pen) and verify if you see the issue. Just use the journalctl -b
  10. What I was able to find (very old thread) was that the reason the "DIY" devices are not recognized or supported is an issue with the firmware on the Lighting Node Pro? Has this been resolved? Workarounds? ...am I missing something?
  11. I recently purchased the new CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO CHAMPION SERIES mice. Everything was working perfectly and I thought it was good idea to download the iCUE software & update my firmware. After installing iCUE (v4.11.274) and pressing the firmware update button, windows instantly tells me the device malfunctioned and is no longer recognizable. So mice is not working, plugging it into any different usb port doesn't do anything. I followed the troubleshooting guide which told me to hold left+right click and unplug + plug in and this did not work either. But pressing down the tiny little hole while plugging in the mouse does open a storage device called "CRP_DISABLED". Inside of it exists a firmware.bin file. I'm guessing I need to replace this file? I can't find any resources or download archives to grab a newer firmware to manually update my device? Does anyone have access to the firmware here for this specific mouse or is there another way for me to fix my mouse?
  12. Hello everyone. I bought an ironclaw yesterday and was working fine until I tried to update the firmware when I installed iCue. After that my mouse stopped responding although it is on with rgb and everything and is charged. It is not showing up on iCUE or windows (on windows it is shown as "Game mouse" instead of Ironclaw rgb wireless that was in the beginning). I still get the dongle on iCUE though but every option is greyed out. I tried a fresh install of iCue, an older version of iCUe, a different PC but it makes no difference. I'd like to add that i tried connecting my mouse to my mobile and it worked fine via bluetooth :biggrin:. But on computer it doenst work wired or wireless. Imo something went wrong on the firmware update and the dongle upgraded and mouse got corrupted but i really have no clue how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. have a nice day i have a CDC RGB PRO SE. But icant install new fw on this dongle. How can i do. Thnx. my icue version 4.
  14. Greetings, I called into support because some of the lights on my Strafe RGB MK.2 were not showing the correct colors, but the keyboard was working otherwise. I tried holding esc and plugging it in a few times before reaching out but that seemed to do nothing - I did not see the keyboard flash as per the instructions nor did the colors change. Support provided me with firmware that I used to do a hard reset per their instruction. After replacing the firmware with the file from support, my keyboard no longer works at all. I can get to the CRP_DISABLED drive and the USB pass-through works, but nothing else. I replied to support via email but have not heard back in days. How long is the typical support response? If I don't hear from them soon I will try calling again but I don't want to start another ticket, per the support site instruction. Is there any way for me to recover the previous firmware or at least get the Strafe into a usable condition? Thanks. Edit: Called support. Apparently they sent me the wrong firmware. Once I got the correct file for my keyboard, it returned to its previous state. The lights still aren't working correctly but at least I can use it as before I changed out the firmware.
  15. I've already contacted customer support and have an open ticket (2004094175) who have told me that I should try reinstalling iCUE, but that didn't work. So I'd read that reflashing my H150i PRO RGB firmware might help with some disconnection issues I've been having, I click the "Update firmware" button in iCUE and wait for half an hour as the "Updating" button spins on the screen. Eventually I get frustrated with waiting and hit "Abort," true to the warning message that came along with clicking the "Abort" button when I restarted and logged back into Windows my H150i PRO RGB wasn't there. Since then I've tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE (didn't work) Shutting down my PC and clearing CMOS (didn't work) Attaching my H150i PRO RGB to a different USB (didn't work) Reflashing using a firmware I found on the Corsair forums (didn't work) The firmware I found on the Corsair forums was for the H150i PRO XT, and I've got the H150i PRO RGB, which may be why the manual flash didn't take. (I get an "Unhandled exception" warning when I try to use XmcBootloader.exe with the H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31 firmware.) Customer support has told me that they DO NOT have firmware for the H150i PRO RGB, so I was hoping that maybe somebody here in the user forums might have an old copy of their firmware lying around? Or maybe some other good suggestions on how to un-brick my cooler? I don't have a backup cooler lying around, so an RMA is kind of the last resort for me. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer!
  16. I bought a refurbished Strafe RGB from Amazon not even a week ago and I had been using (and loving) this keyboard without issue since then. I had downloaded iCUE and applied the necessary updates, per usual. On Wednesday afternoon, I shut down my PC (I do this a couple of times a week; normally it's in Sleep mode). About 7 hours later, I booted up my PC again, but my keyboard did not turn on and was unresponsive. There were no lights at all. Thinking it was a fluke, I restarted, but still nothing. I tried plugging it in to various USB ports, but still nothing again. Instead I noticed a message pop up saying "CRP Disabled" and my PC treating it as a storage device with only "firmware.bin" contained in it. I did lots of searching and found that the general consensus is that the firmware file has somehow been corrupted. I tried a soft reset (hold Esc when plugging it back in) just to see if maybe that would help anything, but it didn't. I've already submitted a support ticket about this and am still waiting to hear something back, but in the meantime I'm feeling rather desperate to get this resolved, so that's why I decided to post here. I was really enjoying the keyboard and it's a real bummer to have something like this happen 4 days after getting it. I'm also on a bit of limited time, because if the issue cannot be resolved, I need time to be able to contact Amazon to have a replacement sent. I'd really appreciate any help or other suggestions.
  17. iCUE states "There is a new firmware version available for K95 RGB PLATINUM 3.21. Do you want to update firmware now?" Upon hitting the update button it fails to "Failed to check for a firmware update." I don't understand. It already found an update, how does it fail to find it again? Is there just a file I can download and input manually? (I have unplugged literally all corsair equipment except for the K95 Platinum, so check that off the troubleshoot list along with reboots)
  18. First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed in another thread or if it does not go here.:sigh!: The keyboard started the day with LEDs working badly, they did not change to the corresponding color (all the white keys and those that were bad were in yellow for example) and also, these were working with a different mode, moving to the right. This could not be modified, after not even with the ICUE software I could solve anything, not even updating it. I decided to restore it with the button behind, from here the keyboard does not turn on any lights except the scroll lock, num lock and caps lock, these blink constantly. As I read it is in bios mode, but I am not being able to get out of it either by touching f1 + the winblock key. I also tried restarting it by pressing the ESC key but it didn't work. In addition to all this, in ICUE, I cannot update the keyboard FW. It detects it, starts updating it, reaches 100, disconnects it from windows and is there, I have to unplug it and plug it in again to be able to use the keyboard. PLEASE HELP, I already contacted support and got no response.
  19. iCue is telling mere there is a firmware update for my Strafe RGB keyboard. When I try to perform the update, the update fails and the keyboard disappears from iCue until I exit and restart iCue. Any suggestions?
  20. Hello - So, brand new system on newly installed Win10x64. Has been running fine for a couple of weeks through various stress tests etc, until a long file copy operation. Transferring around 1/2 TB from an internal Nvme (Raid0) to a pcie card Nvme takes about 3 1/2 hrs. During this process got the red light shutdown. Tried one more time, and same thing. It is obvious I'm not the only one, eg. the thread here: (https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=186076) What I don't get, is why a low power operation (was consistently taking 14/5 A on 12/5 V) during the copy with no other high power operations running, should trigger the OCP, especially since hours of stress testing caused no problems. Anyway, I ran the file copy again on single rail and it ran fine. So, I guess I'm asking whether I should RMA? One of the reasons I went for this PSU was its (supposed) ability to run OCP on the individual rails. Another thing that seemed strange, was the Link software reports the Firmware as N/A. What does this mean?? There is no firmware?! There is firmware, but Corsair does not know what it is?!? Joking aside, is it possible to update firmware, and is the N/A normal? Thanks. [Off Topic Explanation: Some might wonder why the file copy takes so long, given the hardware involved. The answer is Backup4All - I got it years ago when the single threaded operation didn't really matter. It does now, yet it seems the company still sell their 1 thread software. I wish I could find a reliable multi-threaded file backup prog. but when I've tried they all messed up the incremental backups - except Backup4All]
  21. The latest firmware of H100i Platinum RGB black edition not white edition (v.1.01.15) downgrades the pump power from 3000 rpm to 2800 rpm in Extreme mode. Can you please share the previous firmware image (v1.00.33) for me to reflash? This is really annoying and I need your help on this case. Please. This is urgent. Here are the screenshots of pump power from that I took from the latest firmware (v.1.01.15): and here are from the previous firmware (v1.00.33):
  22. I've had my Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless for almost a year, and until recently I had a problem where clicks would register twice. This was fixed with a firmware downgrade (Dongle 0.5.49 and Mouse 0.5.64) but I've been noticing a new issue present in the past week or so. The fast double click problem is back, but also holding down the mouse will register 4 or so clicks. This makes moving files across folders, desktop, and moving windows near impossible. I am a coder, so this makes my experience very frustrating. Does anyone have any solutions to this? Uninstalling/Restarting iCue has not worked for me, and any other firmware change still has the double click issue. This happens on Windows and Mac machines. Thanks.
  23. Hello, I have come here to get help for a serious issue. So on September 11 (yes quite the awful day), I turned on my PC and I saw a notification about a new firmware update for iCUE. So I updated iCUE and it told me to restart my computer, so I did. After restarting, all of my Corsair products stopped working! I thought, okay, maybe I should fix the firmware, but the thing is, my keyboard and mouse won’t work and I can’t get past my lock screen! I tried plugging in a spare keyboard and mouse, but that doesn’t work either! I tried unplugging and replugging my devices back in too, no success. The closest I’ve gotten was using my Xbox One controller and pressed the Xbox button, which at least brought me to the Enter PIN screen, but of course, I need my keyboard to actually type it. I really need to use my computer, as this is my only way to comfortably do any work. I have a K55 RGB keyboard, HARPOON RGB mouse, and a HS60 headset. P.S. I don’t know which version iCUE updated to exactly, that’s why I included the date. P.P.S. I contacted Corsair support 4 days ago and FINALLY got reached out, and it was great help, but it required me to get passed the lock screen, and of course, I can’t do that.
  24. I bought a not heavily used Neutron GTX 120 GB. I use it in a Vantec USB 3.0 external enclosure to run Devuan Linux. The SSD is nice, but it's got one quirk. When I power-up, I must wait 5-10 seconds between pressing Esc and F9 (this is on an HP laptop) because the SSD does not power-up immediately. I must wait until I see the blue lights on the enclosure before pressing F9. At first I thought the enclosure was faulty, but I switched enclosures and nothing changed. I've used Intel, Crucial, Toshiba, Mushkin, Samsung, and other SSDs I've forgotten, all with Linux via external enclosures, and never seen this behavior. I don't believe there's newer firmware than the current M311. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 1) Has anyone else seen this behavior? Were you able to mitigate it? 2) I ask that Corsair support add this bug to their list for the next version of firmware.
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