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  1. Ich möchte gerne Makros erstellen. Seit dem Update auf iCue 4 geht das nicht mehr. Die Tastatureingabe (in iCue) sowie die virtuelle Tastatur (in iCue) zeigen das US/QUERTY-Layout an. Die Software ist auf Deutsch gestellt, das Layout auch (in den Geräteeinstellungen -> Layout). - In Windows sind keine weiteren Layouts installiert. - iCue up-to-date - Firmware up-to-date Es funktioniert im ganzen System. Nur die Makros nicht, da sie das Englische Äquivalent senden. Und ehrlich gesagt, das ist der einzige Grund (neben dem Alu-Finish) warum ich diese Tastatur gekauft habe. Einstellen der entsprechenden Englischen Taste als Send-Befehl (ich brauche das '+' Zeichen) funktioniert nicht, da mein Shift-Modifier nicht erkannt wird und somit nur das '=' gesendet wird. Auch auf der virtuellen Tastatur kann ich keine andere Sprache/Layout auswählen, da passiert einfach gar nichts. Neuinstallieren der Software hat nichts gebracht. Was mach ich jetzt? PS: Das erzeugen von Makros ist inzwischen extrem aufwendig, ein paar Sachen wurden (echt) verbessert, das meiste aber nur verschlimmbessert.
  2. I just recently installed ICUE 4 and have been trying to get everything set up, but am having issues with it picking up the fans on my commander pro. I have attached some screenshots (1-4 in chronological order as I couldn't upload a video), but what is happening is that the fans will show up for 1/2 a second, read a completely wrong rpm (11k+ rpm) then disappear from ICue again. The fans are running at a constant speed and I am able to control lighting ( ram, gpu & mobo through ICUE, but argb headers have to be done through armoury crate for some reason). I would like to reduce the fan speed as they are pretty loud, but running at a constant sounding rpm. I am unsure of what as I am unable to control them through ICUE and they are only connected through the commander pro. Thank you!
  3. I have Acer Predator Helios 300 and I recently installed iCue software for my Headphones HS70 Wireless. But its draining my battery so hard. My laptop used to work like 3 hours but now its only 45 minutes. I uninstalled iCue and then it started working for 3 hours back. Is there any way i can use iCue software and it will not impact the battery? Because iCue really enhances the sound of the headphones.. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi, Is there a way to add/configure the Lighting Channel list with a non-Corsair RGB strip, to fit the custom number of LEDs? I have 4 Phanteks 400mm Neon Digital RGB strips which each have 28 LEDs. Yes, I am aware of the current requirements and pin connections, the last part is just software configuration. I have experience with programming, so not afraid to configure files.
  5. Hello, I am new to the AIO scene and I wanted to know if my watercoolor will auto adjust rpm to cpu temp.:D:
  6. Hey all, I was trying to figure out how to remotely activate macros with ICUE. I can't seem to figure it out at all. Is there a way to trigger a macro from my phone or do i have to physically press a button on my PC computer each and every single time? My keyboard is a K95 RGB Platinum and its using 3.21.28 firmware (up to date). I'm using ICUE software version 3.31.81 I'm also using Google Remote Desktop software from my phone. That is also updated I believe. Windows 10 64bit PC as well
  7. Hey, so, I am here to vent out my frustration a bit and also give some feedback along the way, so without any further ado let's get into it. 1. Void visualizer So, I'm really into gimmicks like this but I'll be honest, being a bit of an audiophile as well, I can't agree with having to buy one of your headsets only to have to use this feature and the fact that it's not available otherwise only with some 3rd party software is really annoying. I don't like having to constantly switch between software when listening to music or playing a game. I see this as a scheme more or less to force people to buy your products and it's a bit of an.. well you know what kind of move it is no need to state it. Secondly I think you could get more people to buy your products if this feature would work without a corsair headset. Due to the fact that it's limited to only working with your products I'm actually considering selling my keyboard and mouse and getting something else, it's that big of a deterrent for me personally. 2. Hopes and expectations So, I was holding out on upgrading my pc for the past 3 years cause I wanted to do a full on Corsair build well for all of the parts where you guys manufacture something in hopes that this issue will be addressed. Sadly you never changed the policy here so I am now inclined to just getting other brands that have any sort of RGB effects that are more on the cheaper side of things. I never mind having to pay a premium for something, but if I do, I have higher expectations, seeing as nothing really changed even if there are plenty of complaints about this out there is a bit sad if you ask me. All those voices out there, crying out for a change, but, in the end, just being ignored. 3. Backups Being someone who invests quite a bit of time into making all sorts of profiles with specific actions/lighting effects a feature to sync everything to the cloud would be really awesome. I'm not even asking you to have things stored on your end, like some sort of sync to any type of drive would be great. Or even an option to export and import all of your profiles at once would be nice. It's one of those quality of like type of things that you could do, again, never implemented for whatever reason. 4. Product quality For something that is a bit more on the expensive side of things you would expect everything to be better working, sadly I am among the very few who got the K button light issue 1 week into owning the keyboard. And yes I did read the forums and tried all sorts of solutions mentioned there, and no I did not spill anything on it as that seems to be the reason why this might happen. I tend to take care of things as much as possible. That's about it, I don't think I will be entering the forum anymore, but please feel free to leave any comments you like. These are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience using your products, I do know they might vary from what others think, but I didn't come here to have any sort of debate. Also, your forum emoticons are really out of date, an update here might also be nice. Cheers!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a small problem and I can't find a solution that works anywhere. My Void wireless will randomly say Auto shutdown initiated and power down, in the middle of a game. This must be a a software bug because I have auto shutdown disabled in the cue software settings. Can someone please tell me how to stop this from happening? I tried everything, reïnstalling the drivers and the cue software and resetting my device but to no avail, nothing works. Thanks in advance, Thierry
  9. Hi eveyone, Im just wokring on getting the RGB profiles setup on my Legion 7i and i found that for some reaosn type lighting doesnt work on the laptop itself. To be clear i do not mean the hardware profiles that are built into the rgb controller. I mean the actual real type lighting that my k95 RGB, My K95 Platinum my MM800 and even my M65 corsair products do. This is very apparent that its a software limitation that is only there to upsell the real corsair products. When i plug any of my type lighting devices into the laptop it suddenly becomes available and i can customize the key response lights. but heres the kicker, in this mode i can only press keys on my K95 platinum to get my laptop keyboard to respond. What is up with that? Can anyone from corsair comment on this as its deeply infuriating and i cant raise a support request for a product that technically didnt come from corsair.
  10. Hey Forum, Just bought an Harpoon Wireless Mouse a few hours back. Started installing the device immediately, however the dongle doesn't seem to work. I have already tried using a different device (My laptop) and checked the usb ports. Also tried following the steps in the installation folder, but those are very simple and clear. the dongle should work immediately when the mice turn on to 2.4 Ghz mode, however when I plug in the dongle, windows doesn't even make the "connected" sound. I am assuming that the dongle is busted and would have to return the mouse, however I wanted to check if I might be missing some issue here. Thanks in advance, M.
  11. Hallo, Ich habe vorgestern mein ICUE geupdatet und nachher neu gestartet. Jetzt startet ICUE nicht mehr. Das lade Symbol (Windows Kreis) erscheint kurz dann verschwindet es wieder. Ich habe auch eine Neuinstallation durchgeführt jedoch gleiches Ergebnis. Jetzt weiß ich wirklich nicht mehr weiter hoffe jemand kann mir hier Helfen. MfG, Chris
  12. Hi everyone. Looking to buy Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2x16 GB) 3200MHz, and I have a couple of questions: 1. Is this enough for an i5 9400F + 2070 setup? 2. I use a lot of software for work (Skype, Trello, WorkTime, PS, Chrome, Blender), so do I need to buy 4x16 GB instead of 2x16 GB?
  13. SOLVED! Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I updated iCUE yesterday, and now it won't run. When I start it, the window pops up, and after a second or two it shuts down. I have tried reinstalling, I've tried to remove the folders for corsair in "AppData" before reinstalling, I've tried an older version, but it's all the same. I use iCUE for my Void RGB Elite headset and my K70 keyboard. Any help would be appreciated, as I use iCUE alot when gaming.
  14. It takes 2/5 of the initial screen, and since it runs on background on startup(I can't not have it run on startup because my rgb dark core mouse and k68 keyboard ALWAYS lose their profile when I shutdown my notebook), it always opens after a while of loading(not instantly) so, for example, when I'm clicking around on my desktop or another program, it suddenly pops up, and since the banner takes 1/4 of my entire screen, I end up pressing it, which in turns open my browser with the playlist link tutorial.
  15. I have a Corsair Void Pro RGB and the equalizer profiles just isnt working anymore. I reinstall the software, did try another port of USB, did try to check for updates and nothing worked well. I also read in this forum a bunch of threads but nothing worked for me. I'm kinda sick of trying to solve this problem because I don't have any suport from Corsair. Anyone can help? :sigh!:
  16. Hey all, I just received my 2 Commander Pros in the Mail. I replaced my thermaltake ones and hooked up 10 fans, 4 temp sensors, 4 light strips. They are all functioning. But when I go into the iCue software, only the Commander Pro that is directly connected to my MOBO shows. So if I want to check the temp of my GPU (All GPU fans/temps on 2nd commander) , it does not show. My 1st commander (All CPU fans/lights/etc) is showing and able to be controlled fine. Do I need to do anything special to get them both to show? I've read several places on the forum that its fine to have multiple and to daisy chain them. Any Suggestions?
  17. I am going to be getting a motherboard soon and would like to know if the rgb can somehow get wired to icue even if it isn't corsair so my colors can match? I notice most motherboards have razor support and other rgb software but not ICUE listed. If this can't be done I will be very disappointing as I have over $400+ in corsair stuff and can't get my motherboard in sync and future stuff like cpu cooler.
  18. Hi, I am considering a couple Corsair keyboard models because I'm furious that my new Razer BlackWidow Essential keyboard requires the Razer Synapse software to be installed/always running in order for the keyboard's backlighting to remain in "Static" (always-on) mode. (Adding a TL;DR below to cover these complaints, since I'm really here to ask about Corsair products.) I am looking at the K68, K70 or STRAFE RGB keyboards specifically, but I need to know if they meet a couple basic requirements, and I haven't been able to answer these questions from web searches/reviews. QUESTIONS: Can you configure these Apex models so that the backlight is all the same color without any dimming/morphing effects? (I want it always green, always lit so long as the computer is awake.) Do you need any special software installed in order for the keyboard to remember its backlight settings once configured the way you want it? (see my TLDR for background) In other words, if software IS required in order to set the keyboard up the way you want it the first time, can you then disable/uninstall it and the keyboard remembers how it's supposed to be configured? TL;DR: On paper, the BlackWidow Essential is my perfect keyboard: All the keys I need, no features or keys I DON'T need, satisfying mechanical keybed, and great-looking/functional backlit keys. There are big problems, though: The keyboard defaults to "Breathing" mode, where the green backlight very slowly builds and then fades, so half the time you can't see the keys in the dark (where I work). The keyboard has no on-board storage for settings, so any user settings (like the "Static" mode that keeps the keys lit all the time) only work if you are actively logged in to a Windows user profile where Synapse is running and configured. (If you lock the computer or boot to a login screen the keyboard returns to "Breathing" mode.) Synapse is crummy software that wastes space and resources, and even spontaneously quits a lot, so I have to keep re-starting it in order to fix the key backlights. I boot between Win 8.1 and Win 10 a lot, and this seems to freak out the Synapse configs between the two operating systems. (I usually have to open Synapse and re-configure it after booting to a different OS.)
  19. I tried to give the latest version a chance no matter how many times i gave windows 10 a fresh install but have had nothing but issues with it for example it would close down every now and then. Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB lights would go out of sync and lose connection with the iCUE Software. Until it's fixed I'm staying on v3.24.52 if ever it will be fixed don't like seeing my ram become out of sync and a restart temporary fixes it. Shouldn't have to downgrade to sort out a few bugs which should of been checked before releasing it if anything it should be pulled until it's fixed.
  20. Hallo Welt, ich habe mir vor ca 1 Monat die Tastatur - K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Mechanische Gaming-Tastatur – CHERRY® MX Low Profile Red - gekauft. Bis gestern ging alles tadellos! Heute nachdem der PC hochgefahren ist ist bei der Software iCUE ein "Rotes Dreieck" (s.Anhang unten) zu sehen. Die Maus funktioniert. Somit meine ich das etwas mit der Tastatur nicht stimmt, denn heute morgen ist diese auch "ausgefallen" und war komplett "tot". Die Tastatur funktionierte gar nicht - weder Beleuchtung noch Tasten. Die Maus, die ich über den USB-Anschluss der Tastatur bediene funktionierte zu diesem Zeitpunkt. Habe die Software nochmals neu installiert - ohne Erfolg. Nach Neustart funktionierte die Tastatur wieder - die Einstellungsmöglichkeiten über die Software jedoch weiterhin mit einem "roten Dreieck" gekennzeichnet. Würde mich um Unterstützung freuen. Sollte ich was vergessen haben zu erwähnen schreibt es mir, ich reiche dies dann mir schnellstmöglich nach. Mit freundlichem Gruß legendaer05 Anhang: https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5397/8iqcpg2k_jpg.htm
  21. k95 Platinum Here are the logs s, I have tried completely reinstalling and deleting all appdata folders reg edits etc 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: iCUE version: 3.22.74 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: Updates server: https://www3.corsair.com/software/CUE_V3/ 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: Build type: Public Release 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: Applicaiton ID: 8352 2019-11-30T18:17:27 W cue.locale: Cannot find dir for qt *.qm files 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init.font: Using Regular text font family: "Open Sans" 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init.font: Using Title text font family: "Gotham Bold" 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.hid_device_detector: Start worker thread. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.devices.enum.hid: Leaving working state. DeviceEnumeratorBase::WorkingStateChangeReason::UserSessionPropertyChanged Session disallowed. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.devices.enum.router: Leaving working state. DeviceEnumeratorBase::WorkingStateChangeReason::UserSessionPropertyChanged Session disallowed. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.devices.enum.clink: Leaving working state. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.plugin: Trying to load library: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Corsair/CORSAIR iCUE Software/plugins/CUEPlugin.dll" 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.plugin: Library is loading, will check if it's plugin: "CUEPlugin.dll" 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.devices.enum.phost: Leaving working state. 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.plugin: Processing already finished 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.sensors.storage: SensorInfo load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.configuration_manager: Cooling storages load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.profiles.folders.tree: Profile order deserialization started: "C:\\Users\\Doxnet\\AppData\\Roaming\\Corsair\\CUE/profiles/tree.cueprofileorder" 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.profiles.folders.tree: Profile order deserialization finished: "C:\\Users\\Doxnet\\AppData\\Roaming\\Corsair\\CUE/profiles/tree.cueprofileorder" 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.ocp.storage: OcpSettings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.device.hw_lightings: Old hardware lightings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.device.hw_lightings: Hardware lightings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.dashboard.widget_provider: Widget data storage load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.llaccess: Northbridge: AMD unknown 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.llaccess: Southbridge: unknown 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.llaccess: Slot count: 4 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.actions.macro.win: Init time: 0.400837 (init: 2.5e-06 reset: 3.87e-05 ) here are my computer specs Latest windows 10 Update November 2019 Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD FX-8350 21 °C Vishera 32nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 805MHz (10-10-10-30) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 (Socket M2) 36 °C Graphics HP 24ec (1920x1080@60Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Undefined) 40 °C Storage 931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 ATA Device (SATA ) 33 °C Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)
  22. I currently have an Open Beta version of Corsair's iCue Software for my Dark Core RGB Mouse. I haven't had any problems with setting up the profiles with the mouse, but recently I had purchased a STRAFE keyboard online and I can't get it to work with my current iCue Software nor have I been able to find another program that would work with my MacBook Pro. Any resolutions to this issue would be greatly appreciated. Specs: Computer: MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2019 (Running Mojave 10.14.6) Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Keyboard - RGP0018 - Cherry Red MX
  23. I am doing research into a new build and I would like the RGB to have some degree of synchronization so it does not just become random rainbow all the time. I am OK with using two or three different software platforms to make this work, but want to avoid direct software conflicts. I really like the capabilities of iCUE, but have found conflicting information on motherboard RGB software interfering with iCUE and vice-versa. Has anyone had a lot of success or failure with a specific brand/type of x570 boards? Thanks!
  24. We all know iCUE. But there are not enough many interesting functions in my opinion. I recently bought a Farbwerk Nano device from a small German company, Aqua Computer. Not an advertisement. Of course, their software has fewer functions than iCUE, but there are a number of interesting ones. 1. Their adapter, the easiest for rgb tape, can control 90 diodes. Less than node ligthning pro. But they have a farbwerk 360 version that supports 360 diodes, which is many times more than any corsair system, although a commander about a maximum of 120 diodes can be. 2. The program part is, in a sense, paid. When you purchase, you get free software updates for six months. Then your program simply stops receiving updates, but continues to work. A one year license renewal costs 10 euros. 3. Although not such a diverse system of editing effects. But there are those that I would like to see in iCUE. For example 4 types of sound analyzer. You can choose yourself what frequencies the spectrum analyzer will show which is very convenient. And also edit the frequencies you need to display yourself. Plus you can choose from which source to take the sound. 4. Ambient backlight as in NZXT ambient. (I also have it, but it’s a little difficult to configure there, and sometimes it’s buggy). You choose which section to capture its width and so on. How many diodes it will be used. As a result, for 30 euros you get a Farbwerk Nano with an addressable LED strip of 15 diodes. You can choose with external or internal connection, on this adapter there is a button for switching modes or off and a light sensor. But there is a nuance, not many profiles can be made and it is not completely possible to edit or create effects as in iCUE. They also have an expander as Splitty4, to which you can connect a Corsair cooler and manage them. Is it possible to have such functionality in iCUE? Music Visualisator options. Audio Filters Audio and Video settings Edit audio Filters Ambientpx = Ambient lightning.
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