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  1. So I recently built a new PC for Win 11 and reused some parts from my old system. One of the parts I reused is my H100i V2 AIO cooler. I was still using iCUE 3 on the old system so I decided to switch to iCUE 4 on the new one. iCUE 4 detects it and it's all working as it should, but when I started creating more profiles I noticed that I can only customise hardware lighting which is the colour it displays when iCUE is not running and this is not linked to your profiles anymore. In iCUE 3 I could assign a different colour for each profile but not in iCUE 4. Fine it's only a small single colour rgb corsair logo, but still, what gives?
  2. As all of you know, iCUE is our software that manages literally every CORSAIR product to date. I'm sure some of you are iCUE experts by now 😉 If you are new to our ecosystem, no worries! Check out this Pro-Tip for setting RGB lighting ✨! What iCUE lighting effects, macros, and profiles are your favorite and/or most used? Show us your configurations so others may use it too 😁 We wanna hear you! Do you have any iCUE suggestions that would make your experience better? Please leave your suggestions down below so we can read over them!
  3. hi everyone I have a problem I don't know if its a common issue or not because i just tried it now for first time, i have dark core pro rgb SE and Virtuoso SE and i tried to splitstream connect them with one wireless USB which in this case the one with the virtuoso. when its done configuration the connection is perfect and every thing works fine except for the RGB it stuck on both devices to RED and no matter what profile you are on its still red, it seems like the rgb zones not responding to the icue app. when i revert the connection back again (every device connected to its Wi-Fi USB) the RGB works fine again
  4. Combine spectacular style, superb gaming performance, and a compact tenkeyless design with the CORSAIR K60 TKL RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard! Lightweight and rugged durability comes built-in thanks to an anodized brushed aluminum frame, crafted to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Here are a few quick highlights: Exclusive CORSAIR OPX RGB Optical-Mechanical Keyswitches deliver hyper-fast input with 1.0mm actuation distance and smooth linear travel, guaranteed for 150 million keystrokes. Convenient FN Shortcuts add functionality without added keys, controlling media playback, volume, and onboard lighting on-the-fly Full N-Key Rollover with 100% Anti-Ghosting ensures your commands and simultaneous keystrokes always register correctly, no matter how many keys you press or how quickly you press them Turn your keyboard into an extension of the game with iCUE game integrations and guarantee you’ll never accidentally interrupt your game at critical moments with the Windows Key Lock Mode Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: Does the keyboard come with RGB? A: Yup! Stunning Per-Key RGB backlighting offers visually spectacular effects with virtually unlimited lighting customization, or choose from a variety of pre-installed effects for instant illumination. Q: What is the polling rate? A: 8,000Hz Hyper-polling transmits inputs up to 8x faster, getting actions into the game as quickly as possible. Q: What material is used for the keycaps? A: The keyswitches are topped by sturdy polycarbonate keycaps with a standard bottom row layout, enabling you to personalize your setup with custom keycap sets. Q: Is the cable detachable? A: Yup! The detachable USB Type-C cable enables you to quickly set up the keyboard with easy cable management, and can be quickly unplugged and taken on the go for simplified portability. Let us know your thoughts below!
  5. hey guys, this PC mod has been on my bucket list, Corsair "Fallout" Case Mod & Custom Gaming PC with Intel 12900k and RTX 3090Ti PC. Intel i9 12900K CPU ATX Z690 ASUS PRIME Motherboard with 2.5GB Ethernet RTX 3090Ti EVGA FTW series graphics card Corsair 64GB DDR5 RGB, 1TB M.2 drive 2TB M.2 drive 2TB SSD Corsair 850W PSU Corsair 240mm AIO CPU Cooler with LCD Five Corsair SP 120mm RGB Fans
  6. I have a K95 that is a few years old, and a couple of the leds have died. I can't figure out what kind of smd led these use to get a replacement, as I can't send it in under warranty at this point since it's too old and I've already repaired some broken switches myself. Can anyone point me to the right part? I can fix it if I could source the exact part but it's been near impossible to find an answer from the searching I've done.
  7. Game in a Whole New Light 💡 with Philips Hue and iCUE! Philips Hue lighting can now illuminate your game room in dazzling RGB ✨that is fully synchronized with our iCUE software and compatible products. Controlling Philips Hue lights right from your desktop via iCUE is incredibly simple and intuitive. iCUE recognizes the Philips Hue Bridge automatically – just switch the Philips Hue integration to “ON” in iCUE settings, and a new Philips Hue tile will appear on the iCUE homepage ✔️ From there, you can program and customize Philips Hue light bulbs, lightstrips, and other RGB lights, just as you could a CORSAIR iCUE product 😎 Philips Hue lights can be set to lighting scenes like Rainbow Wave 🌊 and Color Pulse 🌈, or configured to dynamically react to keystrokes or system temperatures, perfectly synchronized with the rest of your RGB setup. The lights can also react to your CPU temperature 🌡️, alert you to notifications 🚨, or react to in-game cues from a host of supported games. With iCUE and Philips Hue, you can create completely customized lighting conditions and add visual appeal to streams, video, and gameplay, all from a single interface. *Support for Philips Hue Play gradient light tubes and Philips Hue gradient Signe lights will be available soon. For more information about Philips Hue, please visit: www.philips-hue.com To download the latest version of iCUE, please visit: www.corsair.com/icue
  8. Play, work, and live elevated on one of the thinnest, fastest, high-performance low profile mechanical keyboards ever, the CORSAIR K100 AIR! With an unbelievably thin design at just 11mm at it's slimmest point, CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile keyswitches, and hyper-fast wireless connectivity this keyboard delivers outstanding performance for boosting your gameplay or productivity. Here are some quick highlights: Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Keyswitches offer an incredibly short 0.8mm actuation distance with a tactile bump for ultra-responsive gaming and typing Dedicated Media Keys, a multi-functional Aluminum Volume Roller, and 4 Macro Keys are all fully programmable to perform complex macros, custom actions, or convenient shortcuts to maximize your productivity and gaming potential Connect wirelessly with sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS and Bluetooth®, with secure AES 128-bit encryption Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software unlocks dynamic wireless RGB lighting control, key remaps, macro programming, and more Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ below: Q: What is the battery life? A: Up to 200 hours of wireless battery life, so you can play and work for days! Q: Is this keyboard compatible with consoles? A: Yes! This keyboard is compatible with XBOX and PlayStation 5. Q: What material is the frame? A: A sleek brushed aluminum frame makes the K100 AIR the stylish centerpiece of you entire desktop and workspace.
  9. Having a PC in the room can be a bit distracting (aka it makes me wanna play games all day 👾) so to counter that do you have a separate game room/work office that you have your PC set up in? Or is your set up in your bedroom? Is it in the common room? How much RGB is lighting up 💡 your set up? If you use Philips Hue light strips, make sure check out the new Philips Hue x iCUE integration post to learn more about how you can spice up your set up✨! We would LOVE to see some photos so please feel free to show your space below!
  10. Hello, I bought the "Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit", it comes with a AC Power Supply, but I would like to connect the "Smart Lighting Controller" directly to the Motherboard or PSU. Is it possible? The AC Power Supply output: 5V and 5A *PS: Sorry, english is not my main language.
  11. I saw on a thread on the LTT forums someone asking about ICUE in linux, and Nick, the corsair affiliate over there, said for the OP to gather linux users to post over here to voice our desire for linux support. So here I am. Here's the thing about garbage market share numbers: for one, they're obviously not at all accurate. Steam (and some other stat reporters) list linux at around 1 percent, however their methodology is flawed, and then you take something like the Humble Bundle, who reports up to 15 percent of their sales come from Linux. Which is insane given that most of the games they sell don't even run on linux natively. Further, in the enthusiast, general computer-loving community, linux has a far greater proportion of users. Even just releasing a minimal client for things like RGB and fan control, even if it's just something as simple as communicating using the dbus interface, would be all that's necessary to support linux, we can do the rest ourselves. Further, it's been shown time and time again (the Humble numbers are one great example), that when a manufacturer, platform, or developer shows that they are willing to even give token support to linux, we will absolutely throw all the money at that manufacturer/platform/developer. Linux users more than any other group will do most of the work for you, and gladly contribute back as much, if not more, than we are given in terms of support/advancing any software. That's the nature of open-source. Even if you want to release your software on linux under a proprietary license, we will still do a ton of the work and handle most of the support, that's the nature of linux. We just need at minimum the means to do that. Please, please consider doing something like this. Vendor-specific RGB control software is one of the last creature comfort things we are lacking in linux, and treating us as the first-class citizen we deserve to be treated as will give an outsized benefit
  12. Hi all, Devices: K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard Dark Core Pro SE mouse Current state: Both keyboard and mouse lighting are controlled by Wallpaper Engine This means my wireless mouse looks like a Christmas tree and drains more battery than it needs to. Brightness is basically an ON or OFF toggle in Settings, and turning it to OFF also turns off the battery indicator light which I would like to keep on. Desired state: Keyboard lighting remains controlled by Wallpaper Engine Mouse lighting controlled through iCue, so I can turn all zones off except except the battery indicator Is the above desired state possible!? Thanks, RaffScallion
  13. Hi All, I hope this is in the right place and that someone is able to help me. I have had my H150i AIO cooler around 6 months, it installed fine and for around 4-5 months worked perfectly. One day I turned on my PC and after around 45 mins the pump light changed itself to red. I quickly took my headphones out to listen to see if the fans had accelerated their RPM, no.. So I looked on iCUE and the pump was working as normal, CPU temp was cool, pump was working at it's regular rate and so were the fans. I know the constant red light usually means pump failure but there is no failure here? The PC continues to work fine and every so often the red light goes to the default rainbow wave and then switches back to the red. One thing that may be useful is that when it is red I can change the colour to either blue or green but nothing in between such as cyan. The BIOS also looks as I would expect. I tried forcing updates on the AIO and it didn't fix it. I also uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE which fixed the issue for maybe a week and then it started again. Hopefully someone is able to assist me with this. I have attached a picture of the pump and iCUE at the time of writing this. Thanks :)
  14. Bonsoir, J'ai reçu aujourd'hui mon nouveau tapis MM700 RGB XL. Tout excité de l'installer, j'ai vite déchanté... Le tapis n'est pas détecté au redémarrage de Windows. Obligé de le débrancher puis de le rebrancher pour qu'il s'allume. Le gestionnaire de périphérique mentionne un périphérique USB non reconnu. Vous l'avez deviné...c'est le tapis. Un code erreur 43.. Cette erreur disparait après la manip de débrancher puis rebrancher. Je suis donc parti dans un combat contre d'autres applications RGB de mon PC. Adieu AURA d' ASUS... réinstallation complète de ICue après une désinstallation propre en passant par RevoUninstaller puis d'autres manips : Changement de câble USB-C Changement de port sur la CM à l'arrière Mise à jour du BIOS : OK Les chipset AMD : OK (CM ASUS X570-PLUS) Les MAJ de Windows 11 Pro : OK Désactivation du FASTBOOT dans le BIOS Les paramètres concernant l'USB dans le BIOSQ sont tous ACTIFS Mon clavier K70 RGB MK2 fonctionne parfaitement avec iCue... C'est totalement incompréhensible d'autant plus que le tapis fonctionne juste en débranchant et rebranchant... J'ai vu d'autres sujets datant de 2021 sur le forum concernant ce soucis. On est en 2022 et le problème persiste... J'ai lancé un ticket, j'espère trouver une solution, sinon retour à l'expéditeur et je me tourne vers une autre marque. Signé : un client agacé
  15. Hey everyone, Get ready to meet the newest member of our VENGEANCE RGB DRAM family - better than ever in DDR5! Attain top-of-the-line DDR5 performance with higher frequencies and capacities. Here are a few quick highlights: Illuminate your system with ten individually addressable, ultra-bright RGB LEDs per module, encased in a panoramic light bar for vivid RGB lighting and allowing your build to irradiate from any viewing angle. Take control with CORSAIR iCUE software and customize RGB lighting, monitor real-time frequency and onboard voltage regulation Optimized for maximum bandwidth and tight response times on the latest Intel® DDR5 motherboards Equipped with a solid aluminum heatspreader that efficiently conducts heat away from your memory, designed with refined VENGEANCE styling to compliment modern systems Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ below: Q: What voltages will DDR5 use? A: DDR5 will have lower, more flexible power usage and will go down to just 1.1V Q: Can I combine multiple kits of CORSAIR DDR5 memory? A: You can buy multiple kits of CORSAIR DDR5 memory, but we do not recommend combining them, as our memory kits are only validated for their rated performance when using only the modules provided within that specific kit. Q: Does DDR5 have XMP or Extreme Memory Profile? A: Yes! DDR5 employs a new specification, XMP 3.0, while DDR4 remains on XMP 2.0 For more FAQs, please refer to our DDR5 Memory FAQ Thread and to our DDR5 Memory Blog. Let us know your thoughts down below!
  16. Hi I am pretty new to PC building and this forum so I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I was wondering if this wiring setup would allow me to control all the fan speed / RGB lighting of the 7 fans. Thank you.
  17. I am running the following hardware; iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler CORSAIR iCUE COMMANDER CORE XT Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller 10 x 120mm Corsair iCUE ML RGB ELITE Premium 1 x 60mm Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 Keyboard I have the fans setup like this. The Commander Core XT is plugged into the motherboard Th H150i is plugged into the passthrough of the Commander Core XT Fans 1-6 are on the Commander CORE Controller that came with the Capellix Fan 7-10 are on the COMMANDER CORE XT The Lian Li cases RGB is plugged into the RGB header on the motherboard Both the motherboard and Lian Li case are being controlled by iQUE How can I change the order of the Fans so they look proper in the case? Right now I'm just running Rainbow wave which looks ok but if I switch to something like Visor the sequence of the fans are all out of whack. I have posted a pic of where each fan is. Basically what I am trying to do is have the fans go in this order. 1, 2 & 5, CPU Cooler, 3 & 6, RAM, 4 & 7, 8 & 9 & 10, Front RGB on case itself, Key board Or atleast get the corsair fans going the right way even if I can't reorder the motherboard and case rgbs. Here's a video of what happens when I turn visor on. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. Anyone else running into an issue where the LEDs completely stopped working while in wireless mode? I can plug in the charging cable and the lights will turn on while the switch is off, but is will not light up when the USB is unplugged. I have had the headset for over a year and never had this issue until this week. I normally run the LEDs at very low brightness settings but i appreciate the LED on the mic lighting red when muted. now none of the LEDs work unless plugged in before turning on headset. just wondering if this is something that i should RMA or if it might be eligible or if there is a fix for it. Thanks!
  19. Here at CORSAIR, we are your one-stop shop for PC building with all of our different hardware and peripherals. With the CORSAIR PC Builder, we can provide guidance with your build just based on your preferences (ex. size) and goals (ex. performance, maximum RGB). Let's take a more in-depth look at the builder. The Builder is kept up to date with the newest components on the market and verifies compatibility between products, giving you less to worry about! ☺️ Our fully comprehensive builder will automatically sort out incompatible products and recommend the best hardware for your build based on its components. Alongside seamless build guidance, filters for each step of the builder will expedite you to building the meanest, cleanest gaming PC. You're in complete control! Customize and choose the aesthetic of your dreams or wildest imagination. 💭 At the end of your build, all CORSAIR hardware may be checked out through the online CORSAIR store. Save time and skip the hassle of navigating through five different websites to find your components, and instead check out from one location. The remaining motherboard, processor, and graphics cards are the only items to be purchased separately. 🛒 The CORSAIR PC Builder provides a simple tool to test compatibility between not only our products, but your motherboard, CPU, and GPU as well. Building the perfect PC just got easier with the ability to do it all under one roof. See for yourself what you can build on our builder HERE.
  20. Hey Everyone, We are super excited to announce our first ever PRE-BENT liquid custom cooling kit, the XH5000i RGB PRO! Skip the effort of bending tubes and use that extra time to play a few more games 😎 Here are a few quick highlights: XD7 RGB Distribution Plate system powers your loop with an integrated high-performance Xylem D5 pump that offers low-noise cooling XC7 RGB PRO CPU Water Block combines premium construction and extreme cooling performance, compatible with Intel® LGA 1700, LGA 1200, and AMD® AM4 sockets 256 Individually addressable RGB LEDs integrated into the CPU water block, pump/reservoir, and cooling fans, controlled via our powerful CORSAIR iCUE software Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: What cases are compatible with the kit? A: This kit is bent to fit perfectly into our CORSAIR 5000X and 5000D Series cases. Q: Am I able to further customize my pre-bent tubing? A: Of course! This kit includes a cutting and bending kit (heat source not included) if you want to further customize your pre-bent tubing. Q: Does this kit come with coolant? A: Yup! We include one liter of clear XL8 Performance coolant to keep your loop running clean and cool, pre-mixed with anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial inhibitors. Let us know your thoughts below!
  21. Hey Everyone, Get ready to switch it up with our new K70 PRO RGB MINI WIRELESS Gaming Keyboard! Combining both performance and customization, this hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is a must for enthusiasts and gamers alike. With up to 200 hours of battery life and 20 lighting layers per key, the K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS delivers customized performance, no strings attached. Here's a few quick highlights: Three ways to connect: Sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, Bluetooth®, or USB wired Compact 60% form-factor big on customization, with swappable MX switches and 360° RGB with a 28 LED LightEdge strip Store up to 50 onboard profiles with custom macros and vibrant RGB lighting effects with up to 20 lighting layers per key powered by AXON Powerful iCUE software enables dynamic RGB lighting control, key remaps, macro programming, exclusive integrations with select games, and more Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: Does the keyboard come with all necessary tools to replace keyswitches? A: Yup! Included is a keycap and keyswitch puller. Q: Is this keyboard compatible with consoles? A: Yes! This keyboard is compatible with XBOX and PlayStation 5. Q: How long does it take to charge? A: Anywhere from 3 hours from 15% battery when keyboard is off, and up to 5 hours from 0% battery when keyboard is in use. Let us know your thoughts below!
  22. I'm fairly new to iCue but have managed to get most things working right. I have an Asus x99-S and updated my ram to Vengeance RGB Pro 4x8GB. I have it in quad channel mode, in slot A1, B1, C1, D1. I had to enable SDP write in bios but iCue can only find 2 out of 4 stick. C1 and D1 are not detected but if I place all for slots in Dual Channel (A1, A2, B1, B2) all 4 sticks are detected and everything is good. Does anyone know how I can get it to all sticks to be found in Quad mode? and what would happen if I got another 4x8 kit and populated the other slots?
  23. Hello, About a year and a half ago I acquired 4 QL120s for my build. Quite quickly one of them had a green part of an LED die. I replaced it through Amazon and for a while everything was fine. However, time has passed and I now have two fans presenting the same problem (one with 6 bad LEDs and one with 2 bad LEDs). I have read other people are having the same issue and each time the solution was to replace them. However in this case, some bad LEDs seem to work on some occasions. Could the controller be the problem ? Or are they just on the way out ? It's a shame paying such a premium for LEDs and having them fail. Should I contact customer support ? Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. I can attach pictures if you feel they would be relevant.
  24. Bonjour, Je voudrais acheter un ventilateur pour mon PC fait main, et j'ai un boitier Corsair 4000D Blanc Airflow. Je voudrais acheter un pack de ventilateur RGB mais je ne sais pas lequel prendre, et je voudrais savoir si c'est obligatoire d'avoir un RGB Hub, ou si la carte mère et le logiciel iCue se suffit pour faire fonctionner et gérer les ventilateurs RGB. Merci d'avance pour la réponse ! :)
  25. Bonjour, Depuis ce matin, le logiciel ICUE refuse que j'augmente la luminosité de casque Corsair . J'ai essayer de chercher des mis-à-jours, de redémarrer le logiciel ICUE et mon PC, mais rien n'y fait. Et le "curseur" pour augmenter la luminosité du casque est grisé et est bloqué à 0%, ce qui fait que seul mon casque est éteint. Avez-vous une solution à me proposé ? Merci d'avance.
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