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Pssh Good Luck. These fans though they look great are one of the worst purchase decisions I've made in recent memory. I bought 6 of them and have constant issues where they will magically work, then suddenly one or two will freeze, then I reboot and two different ones won't turn on all together. If I switch between hardware lighting and a profile I made like Arc some of the fans will switch while others remain stuck on hardware lighting. I've tried the typical canned answer of troubleshooting the fans 1 by 1 and I get no consistency as to which fans will work and which won't. I'll plug a fan into slot 1, works fine, can switch profiles, turn a fan into slot 2, works fine then I put a fan into slot 3 and it won't light up. Oh, must be fan 2 is the problem then. Swap fan 2 for fan 3, both work, put previos fan 2 into slot 3, lights up just fine, put a fan into slot 4, lights up just fine. Put a fan into slot 5, nothing. Remove all those fans and start over, completely different result. Something is significantly wrong with iCue and/or the most recent Firmware version. When I have a chance I'm ripping all 6 of these LL120's out of my case and replacing them with something else. I'm done with Corsair all together after this.
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