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Found 22 results

  1. I have 10 LL120 fans in my case. And sometimes they randomly switch colors. They will be fine most of the time but suddenly they will start switching to random colors or just turn off. Sometimes they wil switcxh back to the colors they are suppost to be and they will switch again. Sometimes it seems just random what LED does what and sometimes its the same patern as they are supposed to be but in different colors or just some of the colors stay okay while others switch. It happens to the same 6 fans (i think it might be the controller but i dont know for shure) all the switches happen after +- 1 sec and after 3-5 switche they will turn normal for 5-30 second before going crazy again.
  2. Hey guys, just curious about why my 3 LL120 fans are operating, but not lighting up. Were lighting up just a few days ago and then all of a sudden stopped lighting up all at the same time. I have checked the connections and they are all connected. I read in another thread for me to try and switch out the ports on the node pro, but I have also seen that they ICUE software is not picking up my lighting node at all (software has been updated). Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I am new to the forums here so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm seeking guidance and an answer to a question regarding icue sequencing throughout a theoretical build as follows: What I have: h150i cappelix with commander core included and it's 3 fans, 3 separate 140 mm QL fans , and a 3 pack of 120mm LL fans that includes a lighting node pro. My Question: what is the setup with the least number of connections necessary for all 9 fans to function in sequence with any profile? (How many cocore, co-pro, lighting node pro, RGB hubs, connections, etc at minimum are needed?) Thankyou
  4. Hallo, ich habe einen Pc mit einer Corsair CPU Wasserkühlung und RAM. Vor kurzem habe ich die 2 vorhandenen Gehäuselüfter (NZXT H511) mit zwei Corsair LL 120 ersetzt. Ich habe mir diese Einzelnd gekauft, dazu ein Corsair Commander Pro und den Corsair RGB Fan Hub. Ich habe den Commander, sowie den Rgb hub richtig Angeschlossen und mit den zwei Lüftern jeweils verbunden (Commander per Usb an das Mainboard Asrock B550 Extreme 4 die "Stromverbindung" der Lüfter in den Commander und die "Rgb Verbindung" in den Rgb Hub und habe diesen mit dem Richtigen kabel an den Commander angeschlossen.) Der Commander wird mir in der Icue Software angezeigt der Rgb hub jedoch nicht. Außerdem leuchtet ein Lüfter gar nicht und der andere nur an einer stelle Grün. Was mach ich? Ps: Ich kenne mich nicht so gut mit Pc´s aus und weiß nicht was ich falsch gemacht habe. Viele Grüße und danke schonmal im Vorraus!
  5. Hi people of corsair land! one day I turned on my pc and my fans just didn't light up. I tried unplugging the USB that my lightning node pro was connected to, and replugging it, that didn't work. Updated icue, that didn't work. Used a different SATA power cable on my psu, didn't work. Basically unplugged and replugged everything and the fans rgb still doesn't work.
  6. Hi, need assistance. I have a Corsair 680x case with 6 LL120's, a H100i Platinum RGB AIO, Wireless K57 RGB keyboard and a Harpoon Wireless RGB mouse. I have all 6 LL120 fans connected to the fan hub and commander pro. All 6 fans light up and spin. However, the ICUE software only recognizes fans 3 to 6. Fans 1 & 2 do not appear in the list to control speeds. In Lightning setup I do have selected 6 LL120 fans. Under lightning channel I do see all 6 fans and can even go led by led. How can I have icue recognize fans 1 & 2 and also have icue be able to control speed of the fans???
  7. Hello ladies and lads, I am having some issues with my LL120 fans, I currently have six on my build (Brand new build). Whenever I do any mundane task or even on idle, my fans randomly spike and kick on so loud. I unfortunately do not have Commander Pro in this build just the LNP. Is there anyway at all to control my fan curve or something to stop this issue, as the fans are great, it's just this random kick in spike that's doing my head in. Thank you in advance guys! -Ryder
  8. Hello, I recently purchased 3 LL120 Fans, 2 For my radiator and 1 for the back of my computer. I set up the 3 fans without my liquid cooler (H100i RGB Pro) and iCue detected my Lighting Node just fine, however I recently tried installing it alongside my liquid cooler and I have run into an issue. My Lighting Node is not detected! I have tried everything, (Upgrading and downgrading Firmware.bin) etc; and I can't get iCue to detect my lighting node. All the lights however do light up Rainbow I just can't change it! Things worth noting: -I only have 2, USB 2.0 headers on my board and I bought a splitter so I can connect my WiFi card, my Liquid Cooler, and of course the lighting node. - I also bought a SATA Splitter because the RGB Hub and the Node use up 2 SATA's and the Cooler needed one meanwhile I only had 2. Interesting Findings: - My Liquid Cooler is connected to the SATA going straight to the Power Supply (Not the splitter) and I tried switching it to the splitter and I noticed that the RGB's would not light up on the splitter, however iCue somehow still detected my Cooler - Downgrading the firmware on my Lighting Node makes my fan a solid color (white) however if I upgrade to the latest version my fans light up rainbow (still not detected obviously). P.S I have noticed I am the only one with this problem, everyone else has fans that won't light up and won't detect I on the other hand have fans that light up and won't detect!!! - ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! :)
  9. Hello, I recently purchased the White 680x, it comes with 3 Black LL120's. I plan to purchase the white H100i rgb radiator, and 3 extra white LL120's. I am new to the RGB game and would like to know if both the Black LL120's, and White LL120's can run on the same circuit, or would I need to set them on different node pros/commander pro? Thank YOU!!!!
  10. Hi, I bought a Corsair ICUE 465x RGB case, which also came with a Corsair Lighting Node Core pre installed. I also installed a Corsair H150i Pro RGB Cooler. The case came with 3 x LL120 RGB fans and I installed 3 x additional Corsair LL120 RGB fans. I have connected all 6 fans into ports 1-6 of the Node and all 6 fans spin. However, only 3 fans light up, the front 3 fans, plugged in to port 1-3 of the Node. Also, the Node does not show up in Corsair Link or in ICUE. When I swap aprons the wires, the other 3 fans light up when connected to ports 1-3. So ports 4-6 are just not working. Any ideas? Thanks Marcus
  11. Hello guys, I need some help with this Ever since the most recent software update on the Lightning Node Pro, all six of my LL120 fans, just suddenly began to flicker/flash. I've always had my lighting effects running on Rainbow Spiral mode and sharp flashes of these colourful lights just all of a sudden began shooting into my eyes and I have no choice but to switch around to other modes. I think the issue happen whenever the colours change to Green/Blue and maybe Red but when I click [update] on the Settings tab and the software reinstalls, all the lights are fine (for the short period during the installation) and it goes back to the issue again. I have the fans set to a white now and I suspect it is a software problem. Can anyone help me resolve this? Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, I have 9 LL120 fans, 4 Corsair RGB LED strips, and 1 Corsair H150i RGB AIO. The fans came with 1 fan hub and 1 Lighting Node Pro each. Not to mention, I have ample SATA connectors for the PSU already. I believe my motherboard has 2 usb 2.0 ports and 2 fan headers (3 if you include the CPU fan header). What do I need to get this build up and running in the most cost effective way? I am unsure if connectors, splitters, or a commander pro would be neccessary. Thank you so much in advance!
  13. Hi guys, I have just accomplished (after many videos and lots of advice) building my first gaming pc. I used the corsair 500D SE case as it fitted the bill perfectly the main thing was keeping it flashy but not too over the top and a reasonably small size as I don't have my own room for it at the moment so I have it in my front room. However, from my pc description you can see that I have an I9 9900K cooled by a H150i. This had to be front mounted to allow for the 360mm rad. This is obviously obstructing the intake of cold/cold air into my case and I find my GPU (gigabyte aorus RTX 2080TI) getting rather hot at approximately 74 degrees just gamigg. After reseaching it seems that card does operate rather warm touching 80 degrees at times from what I have read. My question is to this if you that have a similar set up what is the best way you have found to get as much air flow through the case as possible? I have played about a bit with the set up but at the moment I am running the three LL120 fans that come with the case in a push configuration through the rad and using 2 of the ML fans that come with the rad as exhaust fans. I did it this was as wanted the RGB fans on show on the front of the case and had read that it would make minimal difference running them compared to the ML that come with the rad. I am now thinking I may invest in a 3 pack of LL120 fans to use as exhaust fans on the top and rear and then using the standard ML 120 fans that come with the rad as a pull configuration on the back of the rad. Thanks for any help and taking the time to read my long question I wanted to provide as much information as possible for you guys. Also some pictures of my first build let me know how I did try to be kind 😂 Nathan
  14. Just installed a commander pro and connected 6 LL120 fans to it. The RGB for all 6 fans works fine, but when I try and adjust the performance it either only shows 4 fans when I set the 6 fan ports to auto, and when I set fans 5 & 6 to 4 pin, it will show them, but shows the RPMs as zero. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello there First time posting here. My question is how can I connect 12 Corsair LL120 Fans in my Case? Planning to make a custom waterloop build. I'll be using the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case and want to put 6 120mm fans and between a 360mm radiator on both top and bottom of the case. Can someone tell me how to connect these 12 fans? Kind regards swifty05
  16. Hello, I'm building a PC in about a week and am currently ordering parts. My case is the Corsair iCUE 465X with an included Lightning Node CORE and 3x LL120 fans (pre-installed in the front). I'll also have a H100i RGB Platinum AIO which I planned to install on the top side, but I heard that it won't fit due to my RAM (G.Skill 2x 16 GB Trident Z Neo; 44mm height). The new plan is to install the radiator in the front like this ML - Rad - LL ML - Rad - LL Front ___ - ___ - LL The ML fans would be the ones included in the AIO and are for the rad. So they would be connected only to the pump, wouldn't they? These fans would be inhale fans. This way I have still place for three more 120mm fans (2 top, 1 rear) so I think about buying a 3 pack of LL/ML fans which will include a NoPro. My mainboard is an Asus Rog Strix x570-e Gaming (if that matters). I think I buy ML fans because their performance is better than LL, but I'm not sure if it works as intended. I can't mix LL and ML fans on a Lightning Node CORE, but does it work with a NoPro? If it doesn't work I should be fine with connecting the Lighting Node CORE and NoPro directly to the Motherboard instead of connecting the Core into the NoPro? And if this doesn't work I would buy 3x LL fans and connect the Core into the NoPro (which should help with cable management too)
  17. Hello Everyone , This is my first post on this forum and i'm looking for help. My issue is probably known but there's no shame to give more details about it while hoping for a solution. Anyways , my issue is i have 4 Corsair Fans ( LL 120 x 4 ) installed in my case , One of them is oftenly working perfectly and the 3 others are whether turned off for no reason or Bugged ( the RGB stutters , bugs , the lighting effect stops etc.. ) Current Situation : The First Fan is working fine The Second Fan : One Half is turned off , the second half is working ( weird, i know ) The 2 Other remaining fans are actually OFF. PS : The Fans are Spinning , this post is only about the RGB LED. IF you are going to ask me if i followed the instructions of how to install the fans ( cables , SATA Power , LNP , HUB , SOFTWARE ( iCue ) ) , Yes , everything is well connected and installed how it should be ;): . Looking forward to see if there's any saviour out there. Have a Good and wonderful Day/Night , Thanks. Little Update - More Info : PS no° 2 : The Original LL120 Bundle seemed faulty , i received a new bundle in order to fix the issue but it doesn't seem to do any good. I'll Keep my Hopes High tho :) .
  18. I built my PC weeks ago and installed Corsair LL120 RGB fans later on for a better airflow. It works completly fine before I installed the iCUE software and then choosed the wrong "Lightning Channel 1" for the fans, I think i choosed HD RGB Series fans and then switched to LL and now I think it has corrupted my LL120 Fans(3 of them). I tried uninstalling software and everything but it doesn't revert the damage. I really need help because of my stupidity. It seems like the lighting effect is different and not as bright as it was before I messed it up.
  19. I'm having weird temperature and fan issues. I'll describe first then ask specific questions. First off, here's my hardware set-up. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/tDRJ7P So, Corsair iCue shows different CPU temp than other programs. It shows idle fairly constant around 29 degrees while CAM, CPUID, and Core Temp show it constantly fluctuating between low 40's to mid 50's with occasional swings from high 30's up to mid 60's. Here's a photo showing the discrepancies: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvSN1qfHeS-Gj5lVLkDFQsFa_QIm1w This means my fans are constantly revving up and driving me crazy. I have the CPU fans plugged into the CPU fan plug on the mobo and the case fans in a chassis plug slot via a fan hub and I've set up separate fan curves in the UEFI… but the case fan seem to be ignoring it. The CPU fans certainly are - they're running off of iCue, but I can't tell where the case fans are getting their performance profile from. One more note - while gaming, my CPU temps don't really rise from what they're doing at idle. So, here's what I'm asking: Why are the monitors showing different CPU temps than iCue? Does this affect my fan speed negatively, ie, should the CPU fans be spinning faster than they are, but iCue thinks they don't need to since it sees the CPU at a much lower temp? Any ideas why my temps are fluctuating so much? It's just idling and there's a 15-20 degree swing constantly. I’d imagine that a beefy (and expensive) cooler like this would keep things cooler. How can I force the fans to follow the performance curve I've set up in the BIOS? Perhaps it's getting a profile from somewhere else, but I couldn't tell you where. As far as I can tell iCue doesn't let you set performance for anything but the CPU fans. This fan noise fluctuation literally every 5 seconds is making me nuts. Thanks!
  20. I have 9 LL120 fans (three 3x packs), 3 of those being attached to the radiator for my H150i Pro. I also have 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs and a Commander Pro. The 6 fans that aren't attached to the AIO are all plugged into the same RGB Hub, and the 3 AIO fans are plugged into the other RGB Hub, with both Hubs being plugged into the Commander Pro. The problem is that the hub with the 6 fans works perfectly fine and lights up while the hub with the 3 AIO fans doesn't. The fans still run, just with no RGB lighting. I did notice that the 2 cables connecting the hubs to the CoPro were slightly different. They both look like 3-pin cables, but the cable for the working hub has 3 wires while the non-working cable only has 2, and one of the pins is sort of hollowed out. I found another cable that matches the non-working cable, but I can't find another cable that matches the working one. I'm not sure if I need to get another cable somehow or if I'm just doing something wrong. Was my CoPro or fan packs supposed to come with an extra LED cable, or am I just not plugging in the fans properly? Thank you in advance!
  21. ich habe ein Problem. ich hatte ein Software update von ICUE auf v3.17.94. Lief für eine halbe stunde ca einwandfrei, danach fingen die lüfter 3 bis 6 an zu flackern und fielen danach komplett aus. Nach einer Neukonfiguration der Lüfter half leider auch nichts (alle Lüfter markiert und das Leucht-Profil geändert.) Nach mehreren neustarts leuchtet jetzt der lüfter 3 konstant in weiss, ändert aber nichts an der farbe. (auch nicht wenn ich den 3. lüfter alleine anschließe). Wenn ich die lüfter einzeln am RGB-Hub anschließe (am anschluss 1) tun sie normal. den RGB-Hub schließe ich zunächst mal aus, da dies das selbe Problem habe, nachdem ich probehalber den rgb-hub von meinem PC angeschlossen habe. Angeschlossene RGB-Lichtstreifen Funktionieren normal. Deinstallation bzw. Windows neu installieren brachte leider keinen Erfolg. Gibt es hier einen Software-Fehler? Da das Problem ja erst nach dem Update auftauchte. Ich hoffe mal, dass nicht die Lüfter wieder defekt sind, wären jetzt in 8 Monaten das dritte mal. Meine Konfig Windows 10 64-bit Corsair icue v3.17.94 Corsair k95 (funktioniert ok) corsiar h115i (funktioniert ok) coarsair vegance Pro (funktioniert ok) Corsair Commander (firmware 0.8.210) 6x Lüfter Corsair LL120
  22. Hi all, new member here. I've been browsing the forums here quite a bit lately but I thought I'd join to ask a question I've been unable to find the answer for so far. FYI- I bought the 3 pack of LL120's that included that lighting node pro and the hub. Okay, so installing these fans was a bit of a headache, I had to do a lot of trial and error before I finally got them all lighting up properly. Anyway, everything works lovely now unless I unplug my PC or it loses power for whatever reason, afterwards they will not light up. Upon booting, the iCUE software acts as if they're still working and shows the LNP and the animations and such, but the RGB lights remain off. To get them back on, I have to open up the case and unplug the USB from the LNP and SATA power, and then plug back in the SATA power first, then the USB to the LNP. For some reason I have to do it in that specific order or they will not light back up. My question is: is this normal behavior? Do you have to do this every time your PC gets unplugged or loses power? And could this problem be solved if I just bought the Commander Pro? I only ask because it's a bit of a hassle to open up my case every time this happens in order to reset them. I also opened up a support ticket about a week ago with Corsair to find out more information but they never got back with me. Thanks in advance!
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