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Found 17 results

  1. Hallo, ich habe mir letztes Jahr im August über Amazon ein Dreierset LL120 mit Lighting Node bestellt und noch zusätzlich zwei einzelne Lüfter. Nun ist es so, dass bei einem Lüfter die LED nicht mehr richtig funktioniert (flackert oder zeigt falsche Farben an oder geht garnicht. Eins von den Möglichkeiten). Im Anschluss "spinnen" dann auch die Folgelüfter. Nun habe ich den Lüfter vom Lightning Node getrennt und alle anderen Lüfter funktionieren jetzt wieder wie die sollen. Zumindest für ein paar Tage. Nun ist es manchmal so, dass nach einem Systemstart nur ein Lüfter von vier beleuchtet ist und die übrigen Lüfter folgen erst nach ca 3 Minuten (nach Systemstart mit davor ausgeschalteten Netzteil). Möglicherweise Lighning Node defekt? Die ICUE Software habe ich mehrfach installiert und deinstalliert und auch verschiedene Versionen probiert. Hat bitte jemand eine Idee oder Ehrfahrung? Nach allem was ich bisher gelesen habe scheint ein Lüfter auf jeden Fall defekt zu sein. Das heißt die LED vom Lüfter. Wollte nun ein Supportticket erstellen. Kann das sein, dass es nur über die Supportseite der USA geht? Viele Grüße
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ich mir weiter helfen könntet :sigh!: Mein Setup was ich anschließen will besteht aus: Commader Pro + H100 RGB Platinum + Lighting Node PRO + 1 Lüfter LL120 RGB Im Anhang ist das Foto um es besser zu erkennen. Wie ich es zurzeit angeschlossen haben: Türkis = LED Kabel von den drei Lüftern an den RGB HUB Lila = Der Strom für die Lüfter an den Commander Pro Grün = Die LED Streifen(4Stück) Grün2 =Den RGB Hub mit dem Commander auf LED Steckplatz Blau = Den USB vom H100 Cpu Kühler an den Commander Pro Rot = Habe ich glaube ich doppelt gemacht ist der USB von H100 :D: Wenn ich es wie beschreiben anschließe erscheint die H100 nicht unter den USB Geräten und ein Lüfter leuchtet nur halb. Und ein LED streifen spielt ganz verrückt. Ich habe gefühlt alles schon ausprobiert und komme zu keinem Richtigen Ergebnis. Danke für die Hilfe im voraus:biggrin:
  3. Hi, I just installed a Lightning node pro with 3 fans. 2x LL140 and 1x LL120. The lightning node pro is not detected by my ICUE software, my ram and headset are. I have used usbDeView to find out if the usb ports on my mobo arent connected but that aint it. Usbdeview confirms that de lightning node pro is connected to my mobo. i also disabled fast boot in windows. Besides that, what more can i do? Does someone got a clue why de LNP isnt detected by ICUE? Thanks, Thijmen_l
  4. I can see it in the iCUE software, it recognizes it, but it does nothing. I've the H115i PRO working properly. I guess it's not a conf problem. I've connected to an USB slot in the motherboard and I've connected to a SATA too. I've selected 2 LED strips on both channels. Any clue?
  5. Mahlzeit, ich hatte mir jetzt den Lightning Node Pro mit den 4 Streifen geholt. Habe soweit alles angeschlossen, USB und Sata passt soweit. Wenn ich die Streifen einzeln anstecke, dann Leuchten alle, egal ob am Port 1 oder 2. Sobald ich allerdings an einem Streifen den nächsten verbinde, leuchtet weiterhin nur der erste. Tausche ich durch, leuchten auch nur die ersten. Was mache ich falsch?
  6. Here are my parts that I am trying to all connect to my commander pro 3 QL 120RGB Fans 5 LL 120RGB Fans 1 XD5 Pump 2 RGB hubs 1Commander Pro Each set of fans would go to RGB Hub and I have YSplitters for the fans but I cant plug the pump into the commander pro along with the other 2 rgb hubs. Do I need to get a lighting node pro to plug both hubs into and then plug that into the commander pro? That would free up a port for the xd5 pump.
  7. Hey all, first time posting here, just joined the pc family last night and finished my build. Everything works perfectly except the ls100 strips (I was going to use 1 or 2 250MM strips) I bought for the inside of my case. I wanted some type of rgb lighting that was linked w my ICUE environment as I already had the RAM and keyboard from Corsair. I really liked the diffused glow from the LS100 strips and was able to throw it on the top and bottom of my case hidden pretty well. Anyways, I also had a spare Lightning Node Pro around as well to help me w this. So I daisy chained the two strips and then used the y splitter type plug to plug into the Lighting Node in LED channel 1. Connected SATA to the power supply and finally connected the USB to the usb header 2.0 on motherboard. When I boot up, it doesn't turn on. Did I do something wrong or am I missing something here? Would appreciate any help here! Building the pc wasn't too bad but the rgb world is still confusing me... Also is this even possible or did I mess up buying these
  8. Hello, my problem is that my three LL-fans doesn't shine. I have a 680x were these were already instaled with a lighting node pro. Icue knows the node pro but not the fans... Thanks
  9. I built my PC weeks ago and installed Corsair LL120 RGB fans later on for a better airflow. It works completly fine before I installed the iCUE software and then choosed the wrong "Lightning Channel 1" for the fans, I think i choosed HD RGB Series fans and then switched to LL and now I think it has corrupted my LL120 Fans(3 of them). I tried uninstalling software and everything but it doesn't revert the damage. I really need help because of my stupidity. It seems like the lighting effect is different and not as bright as it was before I messed it up.
  10. Hello all, I am currently thinking of getting a Corsair LL 120mm fan to replace the outer fan which comes with my CPU cooler. I was wondering how I should connect it so I can change the RGB on said fan. If I understand things correctly I will need to plug the power cable of the LL fan into my CPU_OPT fan header and plug the RGB cable of the LL fan into the Lightning Node Pro? Is there anything I am missing or am I completely incorrect? This is my first time with anything RGB so I'm quite a noob at this. Thanks!
  11. Hi! Total noob here building my first pc. Decided to do an RGB build. I bought the commander pro, 2 packages of three LL 120 mm fans (that come with the lighting node pro), one LL 140 mm fan and CORSAIR iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller that comes with the led strips. I must admit i have not found good documentation of how to connect any of it yet. I have researched a bit and i have not found good documentation on how to connect it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. tldr: How to connect together: 6 x 120mm fans 1 x 140 mm fan corsair led strips commander pro
  12. win 10 64 i7 7700k msi z270 gaming m5. on lastest update and when i force updated my commander pro my lightning node pro decided to vanish from this earth... changing plugs dindt work... [ame= ] [/ame] this method dindt either... fans are just cycling rainbows but not like the software would... also, after i tried replug the intern USB cables some funky stuff happened. :laughing: Im not running dual PSU's but software seems to think I do now. Help :(
  13. So a few weeks back I decided to hollow out my pc piece by piece, clean the case/parts and rewire the whole thing in a more professional manner. Upon doing so and getting the system back up and running I decided to upgrade the cooling as all except for the water cpu cooler and corsair exhaust fan were stock. And dusty af. So I pitched everything and decided since I prefer Corsair products to spend the extra cash and go that route. I got the LL120 3 pack combo with the rgb hub and lightning pro in addition to another ll120 fan for a total of 4, plus the corsair standard 120 red led on the exhaust which is fine; a total of 5 fans. I built this rig myself and over the years have upgraded as necessary. It's an older msi z77mpower mobo with an i7/3770k, 8 gigs of ddr3. gpu is an evga gtx 970 which runs my game of choice WOW at max settings no issues, and newer games just fine when turned down a little. This thing has held up great considering some components are near 8 years old. Rewired everything neatly behind mobo plate to maximize the cooling and aesthetics. Tested group by group and all was fine. 4 new ll120 fans running perfectly at reboot (both fans and rgb) in their default pattern, as soon as the drivers for icue load in win7 the profile takes over and the lights automatically switched to whatever I had set. Everything was working as intended and very well I might add. Idle I was 86-95 and load bout 115-125. degrees spiking to 135. Cool. The ll 120's arranged 2 top, 1 front, 1 bottom and a standard 120 rear exhaust. All pointed correctly and looking beautiful with the rain theme in i cue. All are connected to the mobo with the rgb cables routed through the hub and into the lightning node. So I decided to pick up the commander pro plus another 3 pack combo for a total of 7 ll120 fans. Planned on hooking up 6 via the commander pro and the extra to a 4 pin connector on modo. I wanted a total of 10 fans all said and done as I'm now planning an eventual mobo/cpu/ddr/gpu upgrade this summer sometime. This way the case will be ready. Next step, power down and map this out. Take another look everything is fine. All ssd's, opticals, sound and rgb is perfect. Temps are perfect. power down. I removed the power cord, the monitor cables, keyboard/mouse. unscrewed the side panel where the fans were to be installed. Installed 3 fans and re routed the wires through the grooves on the side panel only. I haven't touched the rig, only the side panel. The diagrams I find for properly installing the commander pro look obnoxiously small on my phone. So I need to power up the computer. I plugged all the cords back in, but did nothing with the fans on the side panel left em powerless. Boot up windows, which took forever and a day. It hung twice. Finally back in windows and I noticed the fans were working but no rbg at all. Temps are perfect, but Rbg is non existent. Bring up icue and its showing everything working as intended. Try changing a setting to a different scheme or whatever and nothing. No colors at all. Rebooted several times and nothing. Fans work, rgb no. So I needed a break and decided to play a game since the fans work technically. Log in the game and I get an error. Probably a patch or update. So I scan the game and update it, of course it hangs. So I reboot and the ssd drive that is just for this one game is gone! Nowhere to be found, in bios or windows. So power down and switch the sata cables from another ssd to the game one and viola. Maybe the cables died, so I switched back to the original cables and left the other ssd drive disconnected and it worked fine. Game updated and no problems, So as of now I have 4 rgb fans all hooked up correctly with the fans working but no rgb lighting and 1 ssd sata drive not being recognized. I spent some time to add my specs below. It's an older tx650w corsair ps. Is that the issue? Motherboard MSI z77 Mpower Processor i7-37770k Memory F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL Video Card # 1 EVGA GTX 970 Hard Drive # 1 Corsair Force GT 120gb ssd Hard Drive # 2 1tb seagate 7200 rpm Hard Drive # 3 PNY 240 gb ssd Hard Drive # 4 Corsair Force 90gb ssd Optical Drive # 1 asus dvd rw Optical Drive # 2 lg blu-ray RW Power Supply CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 650W ATX12V/EPS12V Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Monitor 2x LG 34um95's Operating System W7 premium 64 bit running dx 11 SP1
  14. Alright so i just got get corsair 570x case,Commander Pro, Lightning node pro and 3 LL120 Fans. I Installed them succesfully all of them are lighten up and are spinning, but somehow i still dont see them in the iCUE software and in link. I Really do want to change the color of the Fans and Lightning strips Screenshot Below ↓
  15. Ok so after I completed my recent build I decided I wanted to add an LL120 fan to get some extra RGB lighting, but bought it without doing much research. I bought the single LL120 fan and not the three pack, as I didn't want to spend that much money on the full pack. To get the single fan's RGB to work can I get away with just purchasing the Corsair RGB LED Hub and directly plugging it into my mobo? Or will I also have to buy the Corsair Lightning Node Pro? I've seen people asking similar questions to this but I have been unable to figure out if I can just get away with one of the two components, as most others have more than one fan. Thanks for the help.
  16. Guten Tag! Seit dem neustem Update (0.05.104) ist mir aufgefallen das wenn ich die Helligkeit auf 0 bzw. Aus stelle das nach paar Sekunden alle 3 HD 120 Lüfter und mein Lightning Node PRO wieder auf Regenbogenfarben zurück springen. Genau das selbe wenn man ein Profil anlegt wo man nichts einstellt und es Dunkel ist und nach paar Sekunden schaltet sich es von alleine auf Regenbogenfarben. Woran liegt das und kann man das beheben? Mit freundlichen grüßen! :p::biggrin:
  17. Hey everyone! I'm new to the RGB craze and I'm desperate need to have disco lightning in my apartment. I'm planning to start a new build and the case I chose to use is CORSAIR CRYSTAL 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case. In the description it says that it includes a Lighting Node PRO and Two CORSAIR LL120 RGB fans. I plan on installing my 240mm radiator at the top and purchase 2 Corsair LL140 RGB fans. My dilema is that I initially thought on buying an ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING and pair it with a ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 (I purchased it already) just to discover that the motherboard shockingly does not have an RGB header. My question is (I'm sorry if it's dumb), how will I be able to sync the LL fans so they can be detected and manage the RGB effects in iCUE? Would I need to buy an RGB controller of some sort? I'm confused lol. Thank you in advance!
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