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  1. Hello! My K57 Wireless RGB keyboard stopped working wirelessly. I have iCUE installed and have attempted to update the firmware thinking that could be the issue. Unfortunately, the firmware is up-to-date and even forcing a firmware re-installation did not fix the issue. From what I can tell the dongle wont power up or be recognized by windows when plugged into any USB2.0/3.0 port in my PC. In iCUE the dongle firmware version shows a "?" and the dongle polling rate is greyed out. I even tried the method of resetting a wireless keyboard found on your support page. I did see the lighting on the board flash, however, the dongle issue remained. I am at a complete loss here, as I even un-installed every keyboard driver VIA Device Manager from within Windows 10. I restarted my computer knowing Windows would automatically fetch and re-install the device driver. As expected, windows did re-install the driver, but the dongle issue persists. I have owned this keyboard for about a year now and have never run into any issues using it on multiple computer systems. I paid $100.00USD for this keyboard on amazon brand new and there is no sense in having a wired up wireless keyboard. It is entirely redundant. Below I have attached a picture of a Screenshot of my iCUE software showing how the dongle cannot be recognized or is dead entirely. This has me baffled and I have reached out VIA the Support System. --- I have also responded to a previous thread in which the original poster and others are having the same issue I am facing. The thread however was at least a year old. So I am posting my own thread in hopes of receiving a faster response. Link to my reply in the other thread is here.
  2. So I just got my HS75 XB headset and I can't get the mic to work. I have my headset assignment to my profile. But when I go into a party it doesn't show me talking, I have my headset unmuted and I can even hear myself talking, but it won't display I'm talking on my Xbox. It doesn't even say anything like, "a headset couldn't be detected" in the party
  3. Hello 👋 I have a Corsair HS60 PRO headset Suddenly, without warning, I was playing Valorant. Suddenly the speaker sound disconnects for a minute or two and then suddenly comes back, but the sound is weak and there are problems and strange sounds. I checked the ICUE program, the program did not show me the headset, I deleted the program and reinstalled it, but the same problem and within the Windows settings writes to me that the headset is not known As HS60 pro, I decided to remove the shunt and use a 3.5mm wire. It works without problems, but when connected via USB, the reputation does not appear in the program and does not work Note that I sent to support via e-mail and no one responded to me. Please support as soon as possible. Thank you
  4. So after a week or so of lighting malfunctions I have my keyboard functional. It types a it normally does, but there are no lights except for the upper 3 indicators. the three lights in the top left (Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock) are blinking together at a constant pace. about 1 or 2 times each second. I am lead to believe my keyboard is in some manufacturers debug mode. upon opening icue, i am immediately prompted with a "mandatory" update which goes as follows: 1 open icue 2 "a mandatory firmware update is available and required for the optimization of your device." ( i can click away, and the keyboard still works albeit without many features.) 3the update progresses, once it reaches 100% i hear the windows usb noise, the blinking lights pause before the keyboard returns tom this limited state. 4 Icue remains on this update screen for some time before arbitrarilly giving an "update successful to version 3.21" after this process takes to long i presume. 5 nothing changes, and Icue still has a "?" for the firmware version of my keyboard. 6 immediately after icue has another update available once i click on the keyboard. same version update; 3,21. 7 repeat without any successful updates. i suspect due to the blinking lights that my board is in some factory reset mode that prevents it from interfacing with icue properly. there is no rgb functionality and icue offers no options. i feel like I'm just a step or so away from restoring full functionality. icue recognized the keyboard model, but has a "?" next to the current version. it says there's an update available, (v3.21) but that update never applies correctly. Here's what I've already tried to correct the issue: 1 turning everything off and on again. 2 unplugging everything 3 soft resetting the keyboard with the esc key technique 4 trying to put the keyboad in and out of bios mode. this does nothing, i cant tell if bios mode even enables. 5 manually reloading the firmware by using the pinhole on the bottom, then loading new firmware provided by corsair support. despite this, my keyboard persists in this limited state. the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock blink consistently, there's no rgb and icue offers no customization options. please help restore my k96 rgb platinum to its proper functionality. thank you for your time.
  5. I recently bought a corsair harpoon, using the 2.4ghz dongle it worked just fine but trying to use it via bluetooth with windows and it would not appear or pair. I tried to use bluetooth with Ubuntu and it worked so I know for a fact that the mouse is not faulty. I there a driver in windows that i must install before using bluetooth? Thanks.
  6. Title. Don't bother linking me the instructions, I already followed this: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/blog/Enabling-Aura-Sync-Control-for-Your-CORSAIR-RGB-Memory I re-installed Aura to the stable version 1.06.17. Version 1.07.71 keepscrashing for me. I re-installed and fully updated iCue I installed the Aura Plugin I updated my motherboard BIOS It just won't appear in the Aura Sync software even after scanning.
  7. I just bought my headset over the weekend and have been using it for about 2 days now. I have the Void RGB Elite Wireless headset. I installed iCUE 4 and when I tried to change from stereo to surround, there was no audible difference. I also tried changing the equalizer and listened to music while doing so, and there was no difference at all. I called support and they suggested I use a different program for equalizers or uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE (which I have tried 3 times). I would really like to have full surround sound enabled for my headset. Is there a way to fix this or do I just need to give up and return the headset? :(
  8. So I got the Corsair Void Pro RGB USB a week ago, and it's already not working! Today when I turned my computer on, it didn't light up and the mic didn't work. Usually there are 3 beeps when it turns on, is that supposed to happen? Please help! It also doesn't connect to CUE 2, for some reason. Is this a fake headset? Or is it just faulty.
  9. Guys, need a emergency help! I bought this headset maybe 5 month ago and since that I had problem with Windows. I always used the sound adaptor because my mother board do not have a P3 entrace. Always my device get disconnected for no reason, so I had to put it again to work. So yesterday, the problem happened, but not worked when I put it again. I got that error: "USB device not recognized device descriptor request failed code 43" So I tested the headset in a Phone and its working very well. I formated the windows to see if that will solve my problem and didnt worked. Please someone help. I need that to work every day ;-;
  10. I'm trying to remap numpad keys to the Gkeys and they will NOT save. I have deleted the old profiles after a hard reset on the keyboard by holding ESC while plugging it in again. I deleted the profiles created new profiles selected my options for the remapping and lighting selected the profile i wanted to save saved it to a new slot quit the program repaired the installation of iCUE, tried again, and did not work cleared memory thru iCUE, forced updated of firmware, tried again, nothing just the lighting gets saved...not the remapped keys. On top of all this, the iCUE program freezes every 10 seconds when doing an action it seems like. What is going on here? EDIT: the remapped keys run fine and work when iCUE is running in the background...but i don't want this software running. iCUE version: latest, 3.37.140 K95 FW: 4.11.25
  11. The number 1 and number 2 on the numeric keyboard stopped working for me. It works before logging into windows, when I am typing my password, but after logging in, a few seconds pass and only those 2 keys stop working. When I turn off the bloqnum light, the keys work normally (they turn into end and down arrow). I already tried reinstalling firmware, updating icue and uninstalling drivers. if I try to do a macro on iCue, it detects the key perfectly, but other apps don't. some games recognize the key, but do not do any action.
  12. It have been happening for quite some long time. Hoped that updates would kill this. BUT it's still a big issue. Every time i boot up my pc none of my custom made action buttons works at all, and the only thing i can do to fix this is under "app's and applications" and either uninstall and install the whole thing again, or push repair. what can i do?
  13. Ich habe mir die H150i gekauft und sie mit allen kabeln verbunden die Wasserkühlung wird auch bei icue erkannt aber die pumpe leuchtet nicht alles andere funktioniert also in icue wird alles angezeigt und sie kühlt auch, da ansonten alles funktioniert weiß ich nicht woran es liegen könnte.
  14. Hello, I've just built myself a new rig (details below), and after a couple weeks of use and various software updates (I assume that's caused the problem, as I didn't see this issue at first) I've encountered an issue where the RGB lighting for my corsair fans and CPU cooler become erratic shortly after booting the computer up. This does not seem to affect the lighting on my RAM or keyboard. I am running the latest version of the iCUE software, and my hardware drivers for the lighting node, RAM, etc. are all up to date as well. I've also checked for OS updates and anything else I could think of, but the stuttering seems to toggle itself on and off randomly. Here are videos of the stuttering: Fans: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mv9l5qzwxx0ic4/fans.mp4?dl=0 CPU Cooler: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2gp278x8q6huj27/cooler.mp4?dl=0 Has anyone else experienced issues like this before? Thanks in advance for your help. Build details: MB: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake 8-Core, 16-Thread, 3.6 GHz (5.0 GHz Turbo) LGA 1151 (300 Series) 95W CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series, H100i RGB Platinum SE, 240mm Radiator, Dual LL120 RGB PWM Fans RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB (1 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Intel XMP 2.0 Des GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SSC Gaming ACX 2.0+ Cooling Graphics Card (04G-P4-3975-KR) SSD 1: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM) SSD 2: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E1T0B/AM) Case: Crystal Series 680X RGB ATX High Airflow Tempered Glass Smart Case — White Case Fans: 3 LL120 RGB fans included with the case, 2 LL120 RGB included with the CPU cooler, 1 (obviously unaffected) ML120 PRO included with the case PSU: CORSAIR RMx Series RM850X 850W 80 PLUS GOLD Haswell Ready Full Modular ATX12V & EPS12V SLI and Cross Keyboard: K95 RGB Platinum XT Monitor: Samsung 32" UR59C Curved 4K UHD Monitor OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  15. Hello, Not sure what the (1) 5 times is for but thats how iCue named this headset. Anyhow. Since today it wont charge. Its blinking red and it seems it wont charge at all. There is some sound coming out of it that follows the blinking beat a bit. I tried the cable on my tablet. the cable is fine. I tried charging with a phone charger from the wall. I tried forced updating the up to date firmware. I made sure my PC was on and my headset in USB mode. Then unplugged the head set and then the dongle. Then plugged the dongle. Then checked if the headset was on USB mode before plugging that one back in. Then left it for 15 min. No changes. Help!
  16. When ever I plug my USB into my mouse I can only use it for the first 30 seconds before it stops working and i cannot move the mouse. My very temporary fix is to unplug it and plug it back in, this will give me another 30 seconds before i have to do it again. I am up to date on my drivers, firmware and all sorts. Any fixes, temporary or otherwise would be much appreciated. -Sam
  17. I was mid game when my left ear stopped giving out sound. No settings were changed, or any updates made. It just stopped. I tried the following troubleshooting steps. Restart pc. Uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart, make sure icue is on and then turn on headset. Soft reset on headset. Uninstall icue and reinstall as admin. Nothing has worked. I've seen people say to check the balance levels in windows sound settings. But I have windows 10 and for me the option of checking the levels of each specific ear physically isn't there. The option doesn't exist on my OS. Can anyone help me?
  18. So i currently own in my rig K70 RGB mk.2, H100I platinum pump, Vengeance RGB ram, and a lighting node pro connect to 4 strips and 4 LL 120 fans. The fans and the strips after about 4 mins or so after start up the lights start to freeze up or shutter(any color changing mode). The only way i can fix is to restart my computer or sometimes restart Cue software. But, still it keeps happening and i dont know why. Everything is update as well. Would anyone know whats going on and how to fix?
  19. Hi, I bought a Corsair Void Pro RGB 2 weeks ago. I've been amazing by them. Perfect audio quality, good battery duration, long distance wireless. Everything was perfect. Suddenly, yesterday, after leaving them charging all night as always on the powered USB HUB I've got, I unplugged them from the USB and tried to turn them on. Nothing happens. When I plug them in again, they turn on, but they act strange. I can't turn them off, I can turn the mic off. Apart from that, they are working OK, but they are not wireless anymore... When I unplug them from the USB charging, they turn off and won't turn on again. After 2 weeks of use, is normal that the battery has died? iCue shows now battery is 100% when usually it won't show more than 94%. Things I've tried so far: - Tested several charging modes (HUB USB, PC own ports, Phone USB Charger) - They are not on bootloader mode. (On bold, as will be the first thing I'm gonna be told for sure) - Tried a soft reset as stated here, but I can't do it as I cannot unplug them and turn them on. - Tried a firmware update via iCue. Is there any chance this a known issue and is fixable? I have already asked refund from Amazon and bought a new pair, but the new pair is arriving mid-may and I don't have another headset... Best regards
  20. So i've had Corsair Vengeance LPX memory (CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16) in my computer since Dec 2017 and it has been working great with XMP enabled as this is stock overclocked memory. The box says 3200mhz on it and thats what it was set too. The issue now is I went and bought the exact same kit to go from 16GB to 32GB and my computer was blue screening and apps were crashing constantly. Once I turned off XMP it was fine. I ran MemTest86 with xmp on and off, With it on I got about 700 errors at one point and another try it crashed the program. With xmp off it works fine no errors and finishes a pass no problem. I tried different slots, I even exchanged the ram for the same one and I have the same problems again. SO XMP worked on old memory but not new memory. The only difference I can see between the sticks is the new stuff is VER 4.32 and the 2 year old ram is Ver 5.32. So the old ram has a newer version number than the new stuff? I checked and the packaging has changed since the old one and the serial number is a higher number indicating it is newer stock made more recently. Sorry for the long rant but This is all the info I have and I am at a loss what to do. And yes my Bios is up to date. Thanks for the help.
  21. Hello, I'm new here. So, I set up my pc this week and I had a frustration with my RGB :/ Beside what my hardware info says Ive got 3 extra LL120 fans in my case, 5 total including the ones in the AIO ( 2LL 120). When I first turned on the pc everithing was working in rainbow mode, until I run the Icue software, then the RGB of 3 LL120 connected to the hub stopped working. Icue recognized my keybord, my h100i SE and its 2 LL fans (this fans RGB are connected to the AIO, not to the same hub as the other 3 LL), vengeance pro, my asus motherboard and my case (which is connected to the node pro if i'm not mistaken). I've tried a lot of things.. update bios and firmware, update windows, change the usb port in motherboard, uninstall and install icue like 10 times and the problem persist. When I unnistall Icue and restart my pc the rainbow effect comes back. I've tried using link aswell and then it does not recognize node pro, nor vengeance rgb nor the AIO and keybord. It just recognize my led stripe in the case and 1 fan (i dont know if it is node pro working or not) then i have the option to add more fans, when i do this i can control the 3 ll fans but not the rest. I don't know what to do anymore.. Sorry for my bad english (I'm brazilian). I will appreciate any help.
  22. Hi, i bought a Void Pro RGB Wireless headset yesterday. Everything except the microphone if working. As soon as i turn on the headset the voice says "microphone off" and a red led light is showing on the mic. I have read that i might be a compatibility issue with Windows 10. Since yesterday afternoon i have looked trough this forum, Corsairs support page and a countless number of other pages for a fix. So far it dosen´t seem like Corsair have any intention of fixing this or acknowledge that its a big issue. They give some sporadic tips on how one might be able to solve it. I have tried everything i can in order to get the microphone to work. Looked at my privacy settings, setting it as default, reinstalling the iCUE software, tried with the software on and off, Updating the headset, pairing it again and a lot more so called fixes with no result. So i am at the roads end here. Either i get it working today, or i return this for another working product from a different company. I have never used a Corsair headset before. But if it this kind of quality, with almost no support or any official patch to fix this, i will never use a Corsair headset again. I mean come on Windows 10 has been the most used system for years now. If they have known about the problem for this long and still have not come up with an official fix, they are not interested in fixing it now either.
  23. Hello everyone, I did a lot of research but couldn't find my answer on Google so here I am. I just finished building my new Lian-Li O11 Dynamic rig and of course I bought as much RGB fans as possible to showcase the build. I just picked up 6x SP120 RGB Pro and installed them today. The 3-pin fans work fine (currently plugged directly into 4-pin headers on the motherboard, I'm ordering a fan splitter to power the remaining 3 fans), the RGB 4-pin are plugged into the Lighting Node Core that comes included in each 3-pack fan kit. That is powered by a SATA cable (the same SATA cable that's also powering my SSD & HHD if that matters) and the other end plugs into a USB 2.0 header. The fans are plugged in sequential order 1>2>3>4>5>6. Here's the weird part, the fans do not light up. I updated iCUE to the latest firmware today, sometimes it would light up, but 95% it wouldn't, I was messing around with the settings and sometimes when I set my fans to "SP120 RGB (non pro series)", it would light up but I wouldn't be able to control the lighting at all. Then a restart and it's all gone, back to square one. I'm super frustrated, am I missing a component to power these lights? I even checked my power supply cable, switched 2.0 header ports, even swapped out the Lighting Node Core to see if that was defective. Nothing is working, please someone shed some light on this. My specs: R7 3800X Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master G.Skill 32GB TridentZ 3600MHz @ 16CL Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT Seasonic Gold Prime 850W PSU DeepCool Castle 360EX AIO Lian Li O11-Dynamic EDIT 1: So I got all the lighting to work on the fans. I just unplugged all and restarted and went one by one. In iCUE my fans only work when its set to SP RGB SERIES Fan even though mine are SP RGB Pro Series. Whatever, but the weird pard is that the LEDs are all wonky, all fans are flashing difference colors when I use Rainbow shift but one fan. The one fan does it correctly, the rest are not correctly colored unless I put them all to white LED. Even certain static colors don't match, for example I tried yellow and 3 of the 6 fans are yellow, the rest are magenta and other random colors. https://imgur.com/a/WD3Z469 EDIT 2: I swapped out USB headers, did not work. I swapped out lighting node core, did not work. I did test each fan individually and when they're plugged into port 1, every effect works normally. Any fan plugged from Port 2-6, they all flash/flicker so I know it's not a fan or LED issue. So fan#1 plugged into port#1 works fine. Fan #2 plugged into port #2 flickers. But if I switch the ports from Fan #1 to port #2 and vice versa. Fan #1 would flicker and Fan#2 would work flawlessly. And its not a lighting core issue because I did the same with a brand new lighting node core, same symptoms. But what's the cause of this? I even tried to plug the lighting hub core into a separate SATA cable for the PSU. Still didn't resolve the flickering when I set a pattern.
  24. I've owned a HS60 headset for a year now, and the first few months everything was working fine. But then, around 8 months ago, my iCue refused to open. I didn't really use it that much back then, so I didn't think it was a big deal. But since it also reset my settings, I'm getting sick of the white noise and poor audio quality. I've tried everything to make it work and start up, I've re-installed it countless times, deleted everything related to corsair on my computer, uninstalled my headphones, everything I've thought of. When I try to open iCue, it flashes the loading cursor for a split second, then nothing. Only Corsair.Service is sometimes open in Task Manager. What could be causing this problem and how can I fix it? EDIT: I finally found the solution, I had to move the Corsair folder from Program Files (x86) to Program Files. Now the program opens and I can see the process in Task Manager, but I get the warning "Failed to start iCUE service", and I can't change any profiles or settings. Any help?
  25. Hi all, So I recently bought my K95 and I just now wanted to use a macro on my game, Squad but it wouldn't work. What I wanted to do was assign my function keys from F1 to F6 onto my G-Keys, but whenever I do so nothing registers that the function keys are assigned. I've tried the option Macro, Keystrokes and Function keys in iCUE, but nothing works... Best regards, Squids
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