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  1. Hi! I have the Corsair 680x, I decided to buy three LL120 white edition because I wanted to complete the RGB Fan Hub, so I have 3 "normal" LL120 (black, these comes with the case) and 3 white edition LL120. The "old" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "1, 2, 3", these are working and the RGB is ON. The "new" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "4, 5, 6", these are working BUT the RGB is OFF. I don't know why, all are "LL" model, it's a problem that the new are white ed.? just changes some specs like rpm, cfm... the quantity of leds are the same. I have iCUE (last version) and I put in options that I have LL fans and I have 6, but nothing changes... iCUE detect all fans, I can change the RPM, but I can't change the RGB, is off. Please, help me, try to give me a solution, I paid a lot for these fans and Im sending mails to Corsair Support like 5 days ago and I dont have any reply.
  2. I had just finished my new build that has six fans (3 SP120 rgb pros, and 3 LL120 Rgbs) I had set it up and got it working just fine with a Node pro and Rgb hub. But I had decided to switch the fans into different spots, moving their cable to different ports as well. Now for whatever reason, there are 2 different fans synced up to 2 other fans with the lighting. All of them light up just fine, but when I go into lighting setup the two that seemed to have synced with other fans don't light up. I can provide more info if needed.
  3. Hi, so i have a problem with my Corsair LL120 fans, which were bought in a 3 pack with node pro controller. My pc has 2 years and until now i hadn't had any problems with it. Few days ago one of my fans stopped showing rgb's. I was really confused and tried to swap cables on rgb hub to see if this is a hub problem, but then something strange happened. I swaped some of the cables and for now only one fan is fully showing animation, but other 2 are just working without rgb. I have them connected in first, second and third port on the hub and hub is connected to node pro. In Icue i have everything setted exactly how it should be. I should mention that my node pro and rgb hub are both connected to the same sata power cable chain. And another thing, sometimes, when i just turn on the computer all 3 fans work perfectly fine, but the next day they can shut themselves down (i mean rgb of course). Please someone help me with this problem because i can't handle it by myself.
  4. Hi, I'm just about to finish building my pc and I have got a LL120 rgb fan (rear fan) and a h100i cpu cooler now my motherboard has 1 Jrgb, 1 jrainbow and 1 jcorsair connection and along with that I have 3 rgb case fans that comes with my case now I have connected the rgb case fans to jrainbow and then im.left with thr rgb fans for the h100i(cpu cooler) and thr rear ll120 fan. Now I can connect the cpu cooler fan H100i to to the jcorsaie 1 and I can get access to the icu software to control it and then I have a hub for the rear fan (LL120) now where do I connect the hub on the motherboard so I can control it using the software. Any please help. And is my case rgb fan connection right (it matches with the pin on the motherboard Jrainbow1) thank you. I really need help please
  5. Moin, ich habe mir ein Corsair 680x mit schöner RGB Front geholt. Nun, diese ist leider komplett asynchron. Habe in iCue alles mögliche ausprobiert. Hilft nichts. Wenn ich Lüfter 1 beleuchte, leuchtet dieser auch. Bei Lüfter 2 Beleuchtung leuchten einfach Lüfter 2&3, bei Lüfter 3 leuchtet dieser nur oben. Anbei ein paar Fotos dies das verdeutlichen. Alle Lüfter sind richtig rum montiert. Hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen.
  6. Hi, so my setup is this (we're only looking at the lighting part, the speed control is working fine): I have 8 LL 120 fans connected to my first Commander Pro, 4 on each channel, they are working fine. The lighting of the Corsair RAM as well as the case (1000D) are working as well, the case is connected to the first port of the case's Commander Pro. Now to the problem: I have 2 fans connected to the second port of the Commander. The lighting works fine when iCUE loads (spiral rainbow, inner and outer LED rings are changing colors as they should). After about 10-15 minutes, the outer ring of the first one stop changing colors and stays static, as well as the whole second fan. The inner ring of the first fan continues to change. After that, they aren't controllable by iCUE anymore and nothing but a complete power down will help. What am I looking at here? Is the Fan Hub corrupted? Is the first fan somehow damaged? Is it a software problem? I'm kinda lost :-/ Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, I recently purchased the White 680x, it comes with 3 Black LL120's. I plan to purchase the white H100i rgb radiator, and 3 extra white LL120's. I am new to the RGB game and would like to know if both the Black LL120's, and White LL120's can run on the same circuit, or would I need to set them on different node pros/commander pro? Thank YOU!!!!
  8. Hi, I bought a Corsair LL120 fan a while ago, but sadly didn't notice that the RGB lighting can only be turned on with Corsair's controller. So here's my question: can I turn on RGB lighting (even without any effect) without a controller? I can do some DIY with what I have, because I can't buy the controller nor the pack of fans since they're out of stock here. Soooooo.. is it possible to know on the RGB cable which is the 5v pin and which is ground/data? I can't even connect it directly to the motherboard, because I only have a 12v connector... As I said, I can do something with what I have, maybe with an Arduino or something.
  9. Bonjour, j'ai récemment acheter le boitier icue 465X RGB. J'ai installé ma configuration dedans mais lorsque je démarre ICUE, le logiciel ne détecte pas le node core pourtant alimenter via l'alimentation sata et brancher en USB avec la carte mère. De plus, les ventilateurs (3 LL120 RGB d'origine avec le boitier) n'ont jamais eu leurs leds d'allumées même au démarrage de windows. J'ai tout essayé, de réinstaller ICUE, de redémarrer le service ICUE, de changer de port USB (car j'ai un H100i GTX en refroidissement qui est correctement détecté), d'intervertir le port d'alimentation avec celui de mon disque dur, de brancher les ventilateurs sur les ports 4, 5 et 6 du node core au lieu des ports 1, 2 et 3. Mais malheureusement, rien n'a changé. Pouvez-vous m'aider à régler mon problème ? J'ai remarqué qu'il y avait un bouton sur la carte du node core, à quoi sert-il ? Cordialement.
  10. Hi all, First-timer on the forums, and a first-timer building a PC with any sort of RGB or liquid cooling, so apologies for the newbish questions! As per the title, I've got a Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro motherboard, and a Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE cooler for the CPU, but I'm a bit stuck as to how to connect the cooler (and associated fans) to the motherboard. In addition to the H100i cooler, I've also got another LL120 RGB fan (with two more being delivered) and so all three additional fans will also need hooking up. Putting the cooler to one side for a moment, am I right in thinking that to connect my three RGB fans up, I'll need to connect them all to an RGB LED Hub, and then connect the Hub to a Commander Pro? The Commander Pro would then connect to a USB header on my motherboard. Is that right? Would the setup be similar to this diagram (found elsewhere on these forums) minus the LED strips, and with only 3 fans instead of 6: If that's the right way to go, how would I add the H100i into that setup? The cooler comes with another two fans itself that attach to the radiator, which is fine. So there'll be a total of 5 fans in my machine. The H100i has a SATA power cable, a cable that plugs into the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard, a cable that plugs into a USB header on the motherboard, and then four other cables: two for connecting the fan power cables (from the fans on the radiator) and then a 4-pin cable that splits off into a 3-pin cable - this is where I'm confused. Do the RGB cables that are on the two fans plug into those? (One fan would plug into the 4-pin, and the other fan plug into the 3-pin?) If I've got the LED Hub and Commander Pro in my machine anyway (to power/control the other three fans) would I even need to connect the two fans on the radiator to the H100i, or could I skip that altogether and connect the two fans to the Hub, in the same way that the other three fans are connected? Again, sorry for all the questions but this is all new to me. I haven't built a PC for about 9 years, so things have moved on somewhat, and I'm hoping you more knowledgable folks might know what on Earth I'm harping on about. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hi, I've got a Corsair 220T with Lighting Node Core. Attached to it I've got 5 LL120 fans which looks really cool. But can I put a LS100 led strip in the last available spot in the Lighting Node Core? And can I see the Led strip as a led strip in ICUE? Or do I need another Lighting Node Core or a Lighting Node Pro? And which would be best/easiest? Thanks in advance! Kidiot
  12. Hi guys, I am looking for some advise regarding my new LL120 RGB fans. I am not sure if it is relevant but they are both replacing my Hidro100i v2 stock fans. Both are connected to the commander pro for power and to the LED hub for "color". - The fan on the top left is plugged into LED 1 (of hub) and fan on top right to the LED 2 - this shows that fan 1 is working but still awkward color. There is a section that is still blue with the marquee effect in red. Is this fan bad? - The fan on top right is plugged into LED 2 and is not working at all. If I switch to LED 1 still shows same behavior (spot blue light - no effects). picture of the fans (also attached): https://imgur.com/a/zaFylut If I swap their location in the hub none works (both present the blue spot light-no effects) Am I so unlucky and got both fans broken? Thank you all
  13. Hi ich habe gestern meinen PC zusammengebaut. Zu den 3x LL120 Frontlüftern im Gehäuse (Corsair Crystal Series 680x schwarz) habe ich einen LL140 Lüfter eingebaut und damit den mitgelieferten Hecklüfter ersetzt. Die 3 LL120 waren bereits mit der mitgelieferten Lighting Node Pro verbunden. Zusätzlich habe ich den LL140 angeschlossen. Die 4 Fan Header habe ich über einen Lamptron PWM Fan Hub mit dem Mainboard verbunden. Jetzt habe ich das Problem, dass die Lüfter sich drehen aber nicht beleuchtet sind. Ich bin auch nicht der erste der dieses Problem hier im Forum postet, aber alles was in diesen Threads drin steht funktioniert nicht. Hier allg. Infos: iCue Version: 3.24.52 Node Pro Firmware Version: 0.10.4 Was ich versucht habe. 1. Ich habe alle RGB Header mehrmals umgesteckt. 2. Ich habe jedes mögliche SATA Stromkabel für die Node ausprobiert. 3. Ich habe jeden USB Header am Mainboard ausprobiert. Auch den an dem die AIO hängt. 4. Ich habe beide LED Ports der Node ausprobiert. 5. Ich habe jeden möglichen Lighting Channel ausprobiert, auch wenn er eig. gar nicht dafür zuständig ist. (z.B. RGB-Stripes Channel) 6. Alles diese Schritte habe ich für jede BIOS Version durchgeführt, die es für mein Mainboard gibt. (F3, F4, F5b, F10, F11) Bevor die Frage kommt: Ja, die Lighting Node wird erkannt und wird in iCue als verbundenes Gerät angezeigt. Auch in Corsair Link wird sie angezeigt, wobei dann dort steht, dass iCue dafür zuständig ist, aber mit iCue funktioniert es ja nicht. Bitte um Hilfe. LG
  14. My wish is to build a wonderful computer for summer lan events. The theme is white and RGB. I picked up parts from several online retailers. Case directly from the store, all other parts from online. The order went to the week and the parts arrived. I'll add pictures and experiences later.
  15. Hi, This is my first thread here so please tell me if I am doing something wrong! :D: I purchased a brand new case, the corsair 465x icue rgb! I build it fully and it looks awesome! 1 problem, my 3 ll120 fans at the front, spin, light up, but dont get recognized in icue! They have the standard rainbow color, but I can't change it sadly to my setup color theme! Anyone got a fix? Thanks, Mees
  16. I bought the LL 120 fan kit with the Lighting Node PRO about a month ago. I have not seen such a glitchy set of hardware in my life. I have had so many issues with the node not turning the fan LED's on. This seems to happen after I shut down the computer for a little while (shutdown at night, turn on the next morning or evening). I have tried all the suggestions I have found to make it better. I have gone into the BIOS and turned Fast Boot off and turned XHCI Hand-off on. I have disconnected the power cables and pressed the reset button on the node until the fans came back on. These were the early struggles. It used to be a crapshoot. Sometimes the lights did turn on on the first startup try, and sometimes they didn't. That is not the case now, and I do not know what has changed. I now seem to be at a constant point where, after the PC has been shutdown over night, I turn on the PC and the fan lights do not turn on. I then re-shutdown, before I log in to my Microsoft account, then restart my PC. This causes the fan lights to turn on. So yes, I am at the point where I have to turn on my PC, then right after, turn my PC back off so that I can turn it back on so the fan lights work. Does this sound as ridiculous as I think it is? Does anybody know why this happens!? Please help if you think you know why I am having this issue. I would like to have the fan lights come on after the first time I start my PC. I am currently using the iCue software to control my lighting node, keyboard, and RAM. It is so disappointing to have this issue considering how cool the lighting effects are with these fans, something I have seen over and over again regarding issues with these fan kits.
  17. If I were to use the lian li 011 dynamic razer with 6 rgb fans plus the h150i pro rgb aio how would i set up all the fans and rgb?
  18. Hello, I built my build 3 months ago from new and has been working correctly, but a few days ago 3x of my LL120 fans stopped lighting up, they spin but no lights, I have 6 in total and the other three light up fine, please help! I've checked the connections they all seem to be in fine, and updated all software and drivers. Specs: Asrock taichi Z370 Intel I7 8700k H150i pro EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Evo m.2 SSD scandisk SSD WD hard drive (mech) 16gb Corsair vengeance RGB (white 2x8gb) 6x LL120 RGB Fans Corsair RMX750w PSU Lighting Node Pro crystal 570x
  19. I built my PC weeks ago and installed Corsair LL120 RGB fans later on for a better airflow. It works completly fine before I installed the iCUE software and then choosed the wrong "Lightning Channel 1" for the fans, I think i choosed HD RGB Series fans and then switched to LL and now I think it has corrupted my LL120 Fans(3 of them). I tried uninstalling software and everything but it doesn't revert the damage. I really need help because of my stupidity. It seems like the lighting effect is different and not as bright as it was before I messed it up.
  20. After updating to 3.17.94 today (July 5th, 2019) 5 out 6 LL fans are going crazy: 5 out of 6. You can see the fan in the lower right is normal. When it's set to Temperature via Lighting Link it looks like this: Temperature. They all should be the same color. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?
  21. Hallo zusammen, ich habe das Problem, dass ich nicht alle 3 Lüfter gleichzeitig mit RGB versorgt bekomme. (Ich nutze die LL120 RGB Lüfter) Den Anschluss habe ich wie in der Bedienungsanleitung beschrieben vorgenommen und auch die ICUE Software installiert und über diese versucht die 3 Lüfter anzusteuern. Immer leuchten nur die Lüfter 1-2 und 3 bleibt aus. Um einen Defekt der LEDS der Lüfter auszuschließen, habe ich jeden einzeln angeschlossen und einzeln funktionieren sie auch. Es funktionieren immer nur die Anschlüsse 1-2 und ab 3 gibt es keine Beleuchtung mehr... Die 3 Lüfter sind jeweils vorne in meinem Gehäuse verbaut. (Unten = Anschluss 1; Mitte = 2; Oben Gleich 3) schließe ich die Kabel an das Hub von oben nach unten an, dann leuchtet nur der unterste Lüfter nicht... :/ also das gleiche Problem nur umgekehrt von der Reihenfolge. Ich habe bereits alles mal deinstalliert inkl. Appdata löschen; Neuinstallation von ICUE; internen USB Stecker getauscht und nochmal über Icue versucht mein Setup einzustellen...wieder nur 2 Lüfter, die leuchten...siehe Anhang zu meinen Einstellungen in der Software. Auch die Umstellung/Umsteckung des Beleuchtungskanal führt zum selben Ergebnis. Der Händler hat mir bereits Ersatz geschickt und ich habe sowohl den Hub als auch das Lighning Node Pro ausgetauscht, mit dem selben Ergebnis. Die Lüfter habe ich bisher nicht ausgetauscht, da diese ja mMn funktionieren solltem (wie oben beschrieben) Ich hoffe ich konnte mein Problem detailliert genug schildern, damit jemand bei der Fehlerbehebung helfen kann. Vielen Dank vorab! iCUE Setup.pdf
  22. Hallo, ich habe 3 LL 120 RGB Lüfter im Pack mit der LNP gekauft. Dann nach ein paar Wochen gingen die Farben der Lüfter nicht mehr wie ich es eingestellt hatte, sondern alles flackerte nur noch. Dann bekam ich eine neue LNP, doch das Problem bestand weiterhin. Nun bekam ich einen neuen RGB HUB und auch das brachte nix. Hat jemand noch Tipps. Das Problem tritt direkt beim Start auf was bedeutet, das es nicht an der Software liegen kann. Denkt ihr es kann am Netzteil liegen??? Wegen der Spannung oder Ampere??? Habe das System Power9 mit 600W.
  23. Hello everyone. First of all, I am French and use Google Translate, my English will be bad I have 6 LL120 fans and the Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE PREMIUM case with the Corsair Commander Pro. When I turn on or off my PC, a light effect (which I like a lot) is activated. This effect has never been done by myself and I come to your home to know how to reproduce it and keep it permanently. I give you the youtube video link here: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRYsJ4UJKhc[/ame] Thank you to all the people who will help me find the light effect that I have been looking for for several weeks :(:
  24. Hey all! So I recently bought the two pack kit of Corsair's LL140 that comes with the lighting node pro, along with that a I bought and extra LL140 and two LL120 (for my radiator) as well as some RGB strips. When I swapped out the old case fans with the LL140's and got everything hooked up to the lighting node pro (using slots 1-5) slots 1-3 work fine, slot 4 has two LED's permanently on white and slot 5 has no LED's on; the two RGB strips work fine BTW. I've attached an image showing what's going on.
  25. So a few weeks back I decided to hollow out my pc piece by piece, clean the case/parts and rewire the whole thing in a more professional manner. Upon doing so and getting the system back up and running I decided to upgrade the cooling as all except for the water cpu cooler and corsair exhaust fan were stock. And dusty af. So I pitched everything and decided since I prefer Corsair products to spend the extra cash and go that route. I got the LL120 3 pack combo with the rgb hub and lightning pro in addition to another ll120 fan for a total of 4, plus the corsair standard 120 red led on the exhaust which is fine; a total of 5 fans. I built this rig myself and over the years have upgraded as necessary. It's an older msi z77mpower mobo with an i7/3770k, 8 gigs of ddr3. gpu is an evga gtx 970 which runs my game of choice WOW at max settings no issues, and newer games just fine when turned down a little. This thing has held up great considering some components are near 8 years old. Rewired everything neatly behind mobo plate to maximize the cooling and aesthetics. Tested group by group and all was fine. 4 new ll120 fans running perfectly at reboot (both fans and rgb) in their default pattern, as soon as the drivers for icue load in win7 the profile takes over and the lights automatically switched to whatever I had set. Everything was working as intended and very well I might add. Idle I was 86-95 and load bout 115-125. degrees spiking to 135. Cool. The ll 120's arranged 2 top, 1 front, 1 bottom and a standard 120 rear exhaust. All pointed correctly and looking beautiful with the rain theme in i cue. All are connected to the mobo with the rgb cables routed through the hub and into the lightning node. So I decided to pick up the commander pro plus another 3 pack combo for a total of 7 ll120 fans. Planned on hooking up 6 via the commander pro and the extra to a 4 pin connector on modo. I wanted a total of 10 fans all said and done as I'm now planning an eventual mobo/cpu/ddr/gpu upgrade this summer sometime. This way the case will be ready. Next step, power down and map this out. Take another look everything is fine. All ssd's, opticals, sound and rgb is perfect. Temps are perfect. power down. I removed the power cord, the monitor cables, keyboard/mouse. unscrewed the side panel where the fans were to be installed. Installed 3 fans and re routed the wires through the grooves on the side panel only. I haven't touched the rig, only the side panel. The diagrams I find for properly installing the commander pro look obnoxiously small on my phone. So I need to power up the computer. I plugged all the cords back in, but did nothing with the fans on the side panel left em powerless. Boot up windows, which took forever and a day. It hung twice. Finally back in windows and I noticed the fans were working but no rbg at all. Temps are perfect, but Rbg is non existent. Bring up icue and its showing everything working as intended. Try changing a setting to a different scheme or whatever and nothing. No colors at all. Rebooted several times and nothing. Fans work, rgb no. So I needed a break and decided to play a game since the fans work technically. Log in the game and I get an error. Probably a patch or update. So I scan the game and update it, of course it hangs. So I reboot and the ssd drive that is just for this one game is gone! Nowhere to be found, in bios or windows. So power down and switch the sata cables from another ssd to the game one and viola. Maybe the cables died, so I switched back to the original cables and left the other ssd drive disconnected and it worked fine. Game updated and no problems, So as of now I have 4 rgb fans all hooked up correctly with the fans working but no rgb lighting and 1 ssd sata drive not being recognized. I spent some time to add my specs below. It's an older tx650w corsair ps. Is that the issue? Motherboard MSI z77 Mpower Processor i7-37770k Memory F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL Video Card # 1 EVGA GTX 970 Hard Drive # 1 Corsair Force GT 120gb ssd Hard Drive # 2 1tb seagate 7200 rpm Hard Drive # 3 PNY 240 gb ssd Hard Drive # 4 Corsair Force 90gb ssd Optical Drive # 1 asus dvd rw Optical Drive # 2 lg blu-ray RW Power Supply CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 650W ATX12V/EPS12V Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Monitor 2x LG 34um95's Operating System W7 premium 64 bit running dx 11 SP1
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