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Just a few questions I have to ask would appreciate someone who has knowledge on this topic

I have a commander core that came with my H150i Cappllix cooler. I’m using a Corsair 5000X case. I have 3 SP fans on the front panel 1 in the rear. And the ML’s default on the cooler. I have a ATX 24pin Lian li strimmer+. I want to somehow connect the strimmer to work with icue right now iM happy with how everything is set up and I know you need an adaptor to go from the Lian li controller to a led port from my research correct me if I’m wrong. Just want to know is there any way or an adaptor I can put into the commander core to link the Lian li strimmer+. If I can’t what would you recommended to do? And also is it possible to connect the lightning node pro and the commander core together? 

Cheers Dan

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