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Troubles with ICUE and Fans

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I have the ICUE 220T Case with 8 LEDs and 4 fans. I just tried to change it to custom profile with the "Wave" Setting, only to find that one fan turns on and does the respective profile. When I went to choose the ripple one, only two of the fans worked, two opposite ones than the other one stated. I have no problem using the preset lighting profiles but only the custom ones. Thank you in advance for any tips! 

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Watch out for the "lighting timing" in the top right corner of the graph.  It defaults to 1.0 seconds and that will only allow a flicker before it repeats.  The three tools you have to manipulate the wave are length (tail), velocity in LEDs per second, and the total time before the effect resets at LED#1 (Lighting Time).  You also need to make sure the effect is applied to all lighting elements, but I'll assume that's not it.  If the lighting time is not the issue, you'll need to post a screen shot so we can see what's going on.


Screenshot (464).png

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yeah the lighting timing fixed it, figured out it was the wrong setting i wanted 😅 thank you for helping me figure that out though! One last question so i can figure out the setting i would like, do you know how to make the spiral effect? Sort of like the spiral rainbow. Thank you again!

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This can be relatively simple to very complex depending on exactly how you want the effect to look.


If you want a simple rainbow wave, you set up the wave with R-O-Y-G-B-V-R color dots and then set your length and time to preference.  Screenshot(467).thumb.png.baea3fbc9e1e26caf65dd9d719efdfe3.png



The rainbow spiral effect itself or any other continuous spiral is a lot more work.  It's isn't really a wave, but a set of continuously shifting gradients.  You create a gradient for each "section" with the number dependent on the how many LEDs are in the ring.  For 12 LED rings like the HD, LL, QL, QX, you use the same gradient for every 2 LEDs working around the outside.  It go something like this.


LEDs 1+2 = R-O-Y-G-B-V (then what ever lighting time you require)

LEDs 3+4 = O-Y-G-B-V-R (same time)

LEDs 5+6 = Y-G-B-V-R-O

LEDs 7+8 = G-B-V-R-O-Y

LEDs 9+10 = B-V-R-O-Y-G

LEDs 11+12= V-R-O-Y-G-B


This creates a color shift in each section, in rainbow order and the appearance of motion.  When you first finish setting it up, they will be off proper clock time.  Change to another profile, then back to this one to reset the clock time to 0 and sync the effects back the starting point.  If you have a fan with center LEDs, you'll need to assign them to one of the out ring gradients as in that same section.  It won't match up exactly and most have less than 6 center LEDs.  


With 8 LED center hub fans like the AF/ML/SP Elite and SP-Pro, you do the same thing as above assigning a gradient to each LED.  However, with 8 you either need to double up on two colors or more likely come up with some intermediate color points to add to the list.  You can throw in a deep purple or cyan blue to increase the count to 8 colors.  Also, while I used V for violet in the abbreviations, technically it will be magenta 255/0/255.  


You also can apply this principle to other color sets.  So if you want a "cool rainbow" you can do the same gradients with just the green-purple spectrum or the opposite with warm colors.  

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