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Firmware Version 5.20? (Force GS)


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I've bought a Corsair Force GS 240GB and I was having issues with the device sometimes not being recognized in the UEFI(ASUS P8Z68-V) after a reboot. I had to hard reboot for the SSD to become available again as 'a proper boot device'. So I thought of updating its firmware, and consequently downloaded the Corsair SSD Toolbox.


The firmware version of my device is supposedly "5.20", but I can't find any references to that version, and when I try to update through the toolbox it says:


"No firmware update information was found for this drive." :confused:


I'd like to update to the latest firmware to see if that solves my other problems.


P.D.: I'm currently using one of the Intel Z68 SATA 6 Gb/s ports for the SSD and I've the latest BIOS update.



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It's not like the device wasn't recognized at all, since I was able to install Windows 7 in AHCI mode. The problem was that sometimes the SSD wasn't recognized after a restart, but I think I've resolved my problem by uninstalling Intel RST and switching back to msahci, and since then I haven't had any problem. Does that make any sense? I may have not made myself clear and I see that now, sorry. I'm updating the post to better reflect what my problem is.


Also, now that my SSD is consistently recognized throughout multiple Windows Update induced reboots, I've noted that sometimes it's called 'Generic SSD' (in UEFI), and others 'Corsair Force GS240'. The device seems to work properly now but, should I be worried?


And I'm still curious as to why I can't find anything about the 5.20 firmware version? Supposedly, 5.05a is the latest fw version for my device. I didn't buy it in the future, so, I'm somewhat confused about this.

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Not sure if changing drivers makes a difference but it seems like it has.


I wouldn't worry about the BIOS calling the drive a Generic SSD, Open the Corsair SSD toolbox and if the information still displays correctly it should be fine.


There isn't much info available regarding FW 5.20 but it is a valid firmware. it's possibility due to a different BOM.


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