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  1. After my vaction the headset (Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE) isn't starting. When connected to power all LEDs are flashing red (the mic, ears and the small status LED on the Bottom). There is also a quite crackle sound coming from the speakers. I tried already the folloing thinks: Installed latest iCUE Software Installed latest Firmeware (force install) on the Dongle Updated Windows 10 Rebootet many times Tried different USB Ports Tried USB and Wirless mode on the headset Used Different Chargers Updated Motherboard drivers Removed the Headset drivers and installed them again Different USB Cables This small clip shows the problem: [ame] [/ame] Do you have any Ideas?
  2. Hey guys. I recently bought a pair of corsair virtuoso se headphones. After a few days of using I have noticed a significant distortion problem i some circumstances. I'm using them mostly in wireless mode with usb dongle, but the problem is present also in wired mode. The problem appears only with these eq settings. Video that shows the problem and the piece of video where I discovered the problem below
  3. Hi, I've been experiencing this issue for over a week now. No matter how much I charge my Corsair Virtuoso (non SE version) when I unplug it, iCue show's the battery status on Critical Low and the led on the headset blinks red really fast. However, I can use the headset more than 12 hours on that bugged "Critical Low" status, but as I can't see the real battery status, sometimes when I'm playing games it just goes off and drives me insane. I tried : Repairing iCue Re-installing iCue Soft-resetting my headset (holding the mic button for 15 seconds, then switching to usb mode and back) Re-installing Windows and deleting everything I even tried the headset on another computer and the issue persists. Please, please help me. I tried everything that I could but I just can't solve it. I created a support ticket but it's been over a week and they haven't written me back. iCue version : 4.12.214 (Also tried 3 but issue still happened.) Windows 10 Pro (Version : 21H1, Build : 19043.1055, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0) Does anyone know how to hard-reset this thing ? Or can anyone send me a firmware file so I do a force update and see if it solves this problem ? Any help is appreciated...
  4. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on... :( Going to create a ticket now with support, but I would love to get some quick tips if someone have them... Cyberpunk 2077 is waiting. *cry* Many thanks!
  5. Hello All, I'm not really sure how to describe this problem, but I've had it occur on two different computers so I want to seek out help. I am using the Void Pro Wireless headset with Dolby Surround set to on. When I'm playing games or watching movies, sometimes randomly the audio will shift mid-talking in a cutscene or something. It won't cut out or anything, but it's like all bass just suddenly stops and the voices sound like they've lost their depth. then it will come back after like 5 seconds. It's done this with several games, and seems to do it whether or not im in discord calls. I've not been able to find a clear forum post like this issue, so decided to make an account and post one myself. Does anyone know what is going on or what I need to fix? I installed this headset on a fresh computer with no speaker and I believe no audio drivers besides the basic ones that come with Windows. This is the only audio device I use for output - I have a Blue Yeti mic for input. As far as I know I have disabled the auto-adjusting feature in windows, but I will double check just to make sure. Thank you for any support
  6. (SOLVED!) I finally managed to unbrick my Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT !!! Created a new post so people can find this fast, I had problems finding this when searching for my AIO. It bricked during firmware update via iCue. RGB turned off and fans went full throttle and iCue lost contact with AIO. I'm gona give you the steps I followed and will hope that this will save someone lots of time and problems. Start with a check that you are running the lastes iCue app version, if not install the latest then continue with the steps below: 1. Download the H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31 firmware file from: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmslc6o3ggzfpqy/CUEVQIupN3b6a9964-aaea-44be-968a-1c88e1fa4dba_temp_H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31.hex/file (Rename it ti something shorter like: H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31.hex) 2. Restart Windows 10 in safe mode (Safe Mode: Shift + Restart in Windows, Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Start-up Settings > Restart > F4 = Safe Mode without network). 3. Make sure none of the Corsair processes started, open Task Manager with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and check and End Task if they are running. 4. Go to Services (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (Taskmanager) -> Services -> Open Services at the bottom) and STOP/DISABLE the Corsair Services. (3 of them total, you will need to enable them again after firmware is updated and you rebooted out of Safe Mode, then reboot again after that) 5. Go to Corsair installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\ , on my machine) and locate the following application (DO NOT OPEN IT OR RUN IT!) XMCBOOTLOADER.EXE. 6. DRAG AND DROP the .hex file from step 1 over the XMCBOOTLOADER.EXE. The app should now connect to the bootloader, and force the firmware upgrade in a CMD window. When the flash is done the RGB will light up instantly and the fans will go to quiet mode. If you get an error during first time, do not panic! Try again, sometimes it can take up to 3-4 attempts to get it to flash all the way. 7. Reboot into normal Windows mode and enable (automatic) all 3 services for Corsair app, then reboot again and check iCue if it can connect to AIO. ALSO, when you want to upgrade the firmware via iCue (very risky), do it in safe mode! Some processes interfere with the connection between the AIO and iCue (HWInfo, Steam, Logitech control app and so on) Good luck! :-)
  7. I have upgraded to iCue 4 but I have an annoying problem regarding overlapping text as shown in the attached image. Could you please make the text editable on widgets (possibly including the option to change the font + fontsize)?
  8. Guten Tag, am Anfang der Woche hatte ich mit meinem Corsair Virtuose SE regelmäßige Tonausfälle für ein paar Sekunden. Wollte daraufhin die Software deinstallieren, da ich vermutet habe, dass es an dem Programm liegt. Aber sobald ich die Software deinstallieren will kommt die Fehlermeldung ""Auf den Windows Installer-Dienst konnte nicht zugegriffen werden. Dies kann auftreten, wenn der Windows Installer nicht richtig installiert wurde. Wenden Sie sich an den Support, um weitere Unterstützung zu erhalten" Und seit gestern geht bei mir das Headset mit Bluetooth überhaupt nicht mehr! Nur mit USB-Kabel. Außerdem wenn ich iCUE aktualisieren möchte, wird es aktualisiert aber dann steht bei mir in den Einstellungen das immer wieder ein Update verfügbar ist. Kann also unendlich viele Updates herunterladen Wisst ihr woran es liegt?
  9. Bonjour, J'ai fait l'acquisition d'un AIO Corsair H150i Elite Capellix pour accompagner une grosse upgrade ma config. J'ai donc installer sans problème le watercooling, l'USB était branché sur un port USB 2.0 de ma carte mère comme indiqué sur le manuel et le sata était bien raccordé à un câble alimentant mon SSD et mon SSHD. Mais au moment de démarrer, la pompe clignotait rouge et un son de succion se faisait entendre. J'ai 6 ventilateurs connectés au commander core fourni avec le watercooling : les trois fournis également avec le watercooling, et trois autres HD120 RGB. Lors du premier démarrage, pendant que la pompe clignotait rouge et faisait son bruit de succion, les ventilateurs étaient allumés et tournaient à une vitesse raisonnable, le rgb avait une couleur fixe blanche/bleu/vert. J'ai donc déjà chercher sur plusieurs forum et les conseils de changer le SATA qui, pourtant marchait tout à fait. J'ai donc mis branché le watercooling sur un autre SATA où il était seul branché dessus. Sur cet allumage, la pompe ne faisait plus de bruit de succion, mais affichait un rouge constant, et surtout les ventilateurs tournaient vraiment fort mais le rgb était éteint à l'exception d'une seule led sur deux ventilateurs qui était verte. Icue est bien sûr installé, l'erreur "pump failure" s'affiche. Le bios est à jour et windows reconnait le Commander Core puisqu'il se trouve dans les périphériques USB. J'ai essayé la technique de supprimer le périphérique puis d'actualiser comme conseillé sur le site corsair : rien. J'ai rechangé pour un autre cable sata (toujours issu de l'alimentation Corsair RM1000x) : rien. J'ai changer le branchement USB en le mettant sur un autre port de la carte mère : rien. Fait surprenant: avec ce deuxième branchement, la pompe semble fonctionner puisque la température processeur tourne autour des 25-27°C (information visible lorsque je suis sur le bios). Des idées ? Parce que je commence vraiment à sécher de mon côté...
  10. Hello, i have a Hi80 V2 and ive noticed Icue 4 doesnt support it but i also have the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL, XMP 2.0 Ram Wich isnt supported by ICUE 3 Id like to change my Settings of the Pump & Fans of my Hi80 V2 to extreme while keeping my ram rgb lighting the color.
  11. I started having an issue where certain keys would change color on the keyboard to something they aren't set to, and it wouldn't show up on the utility engine. Sometimes the lights change to what they should be, sometimes they flicker to a different color. The color depends on the color they are set as. http://i.imgur.com/p3aYtOZ.png The error keys are B, H, Y, 6, F6 and Page Up http://i.imgur.com/jXPmQOw.png Does this mean it's broken or is it a software/firmware problem? Both of them are up to date and I've already tried uninstalling the USB drivers from my computer and installing them again.
  12. Bonjour, J'ai un problème sur mon casque Virtuoso Wireless SE il ne se connecte plus à son dongle et ils font de la lumière rouge clignotant (micro, dongle, diode sur le coté gauche du casque) sauf le logo Corsair sur les côtés du casque qui est en bleu clair. Le casque fonctionne en mode USB avec micro. J'ai forcé la maj sur le dongle avec ICUE en v4 qui a marché mais sans succès, j'ai fait de même avec le casque mais avec ICUE en v3 car impossible de le faire en v4 car bouton grisé, Maj réussi mais sans succès. J'ai essayé de réappairer le dongle et le casque mais il reste bloqué sur la vérification du branchement du dongle, appairage testé depuis les paramètres du casque, car dongle bouton grisée. Le casque a commencé à clignoter rouge car je l'avais laissé en mode Wireless plusieurs heures sans l'étendre et dongle débranché, j'ai rechargé le casque toute la nuit et rien n'y fait. Merci d'avance.
  13. So I bought the Corsair h115i cooler and installed iCue but it doesn't show up. I just see the profile menu and a big empty space on the right. I don't know how to fix this. (Gigabyte Z390 UD mobo)
  14. I just bought a brand new HS60 Haptic, everything's fine however when I install iCue, I get static noise. I checked all the previously made threads about the issue but none of it helped. I hope there is a fix for this, I don't want to refund it since I really like it... I switched over from a Void Pro RGB USB which had the EXACT same issue, hoping it wouldn't happen with HS60, however the same issue persists with this model as well. - I tried uninstalling drivers, iCue, manually downloading drivers, switching USBs, nothing worked. Please fix this Software issue already Corsair!
  15. I just bought a brand new HS60 Haptic, everything's fine however when I install iCue, I get static noise. I checked all the previously made threads about the issue but none of it helped. I hope there is a fix for this, I don't want to refund it since I really like it... I switched over from a Void Pro RGB USB which had the EXACT same issue, hoping it wouldn't happen with HS60, however the same issue persists with this model as well. - I tried uninstalling drivers, iCue, manually downloading drivers, switching USBs, nothing worked.
  16. Hi. I recently bought the harpoon rgb wireless mouse and I immediately ran into problems! Suddenly the mouse (occasionally) stutter for a few seconds and then "stabilizes" shortly after. At first I thought that maybe it could be a defective item ... so I asked for a return and I had another one sent ... but this too has the exact same problem! With the wire all this does not happen. Since win 10 I have disabled all energy savings (for each usb hub) ... I have also set the performance mode, I have "unparked" also the processors but nothing, this problem continues to persist. With the old mouse (the one I sent back) I updated the mouse to the latest firmware version available through ICUE .... and nothing has changed ... on the contrary, I think it has made the situation even worse. Before using the new mouse, I also formatted the PC and tried it without ICUE. In short, I really think that this line of mouse is, most likely, defective and that the 1000hz polling is just marketing! The fact is that I also find myself with this mouse, the problems I had with the first one. I exclude the software a priori! My configuration is: i7-6700k (NO OC), RTX2080S OC gigabyte, 16gb DDR4, ssd 1TB, Win7/Win10 PS: Ah .. I forgot. I also tried the mouse on win 7 and it has the exact same problem!!!!! Also I see that many people have the same problem as me! Has anyone found the solution? Because otherwise I ask for the return of the product directly! Thanks and sorry for my English
  17. iCUE Version: 3.38.61 (updated today from 3.37 something) OS: Windows 10 This started yesterday. I have the HS70 Bluetooth since Thursday 11. From time to time, while watching videos or playing games with friends, my Keyboard (Corsair K70 MK2) will blink and my headset will disconnect and cut my mic/audio. After 0.5~2 seconds I hear a sound saying "mic on" or something like that coming from it, and then it's back to normal. I even had to re-set the phone and mic as discord defaults while I was on a call and this happened. Since both the headset and the keyboard are new and it only started today, I think it might be connected to iCUE or something else. I updated iCUE when the headset arrived (so the pc would recognize it) and then again today, so the problem started after that first update (11th). Is there anyone with this problem? Can anyone help me? Thank you! Edit: It seems to be fixed after doing an iCUE clean install. Still monitoring. Edit 2: Happened again today (18). I unplugged it and plugged it back earlier. That might be the cause, the driver/iCUE probably messes something up after unplugging and plugging the headset back.
  18. So my mouse has been acting up for a while. Left clicking seems to not register unless I press where the red circle is on the attached picture below. If I click in the red circle, it's a single click. If I hold there, I can drag files and highlight text. Anywhere above that circle and it's basically hit and miss for clicking. Sometimes it registers no click. Sometimes a double click. I can highlight stuff or drag a file to a point, then it just deselects everything/drops the file in place. Right mouse button seems to work completely fine regardless of where I press. Any chance Corsair is working on some new mice prototypes with better buttons?
  19. Hello guys, i have just bought Corsair Fans for the first time and hope i'll find some help here. I have bought ML 120 RGB Fans but not the regular ones, i bought the exact same that are used with the H150i Capellix (white), because i wanted to have all my fans the same. My Capellix will arrive next week, so i only got 4 of the ML 120's in my system right now and i connected them with an RGB HUB and a Node Pro. Then i installed iCUE and here comes the problem, if i choose one ML PRO RGB Fan in the software it shows one LED on the first fan, if i choose two ML's it shows the second LED on the first fan, if i choose three ML's it shows 2 LEDs on the first one and one LED on the second fan and it goes on like that. I'm wondering if it's a bug or the Capellix fans will only work with the Commander Core? What i've already tried: - Switched the fans on the RGB HUB to different positions - Switched the channel on the Node Pro - Reinstalled iCUE Nothing changed. Would appreciate any help
  20. Good evening, Recently I bought an iCUE 465X RGB Case. It comes with 3 LL120 RGB fans and an iCUE Lighting Node CORE. Today I finished upgrading to the new case. I plugged the node in Sata Power and an USB 2.0 Header of my MB. Fans RGB are connected to the node. When I start up the PC, the LL120 fans are spinning, but the RGB isn´t working. I tried plugging to the other USB Header, enable legacy usb support, disabled fast boot and the node isn´t even detected by USBDeview. What can I do next to detect the point of failure?
  21. Hey guys, I am new member of the Corsair community. I really do enjoy the Corsair products. But recently I got into two problems. 1. Problem My MM800 RGB Polaris sometimes only lights the color RED. When I quit iCUE, then it turns back into his RGB rainbow circle. 2. Problem I cannot update my ST100 RGB. Everytime I try to update it fails and the ST100 RGB won't be showed on my iCUE Software. When I restart the iCUE Software is everything back to normal. I tried uninstalling and reinstall. But thore problems still appear. Do you guys have the same problems? Any solutions? Best regards
  22. Hello ! First timer here :D So my issue is that I swapped my Noctua air cooler for a Corsair Hydro Series - H100x (240mm) and according to specs with my case it says 240 rad can be mounted on top: https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/CARBIDE_SERIES_275R_QSG.pdf Even the site show the rad top position as available: https://cwsmgmt.corsair.com/responsive/img/275r/stand_alone_radiators-1.jpg Now when I tried to place the Rad/Double Fan combo on top, my 2 RAM sticks are in the way; and by a good margin, it's not like 3-4mm away, I cannot see the screw holes at all... My RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 2 x 8 Go 3333 MHz CAS 16 So my question is, am I ****ed for a top mount even though the case manual says it should go in, or I could try mounting it in front tube down even though my big *** 3090 will be in the way of the tubing ? Or maybe it is the ram sticks ? Is there sticks that are less high ? Thanks a ton!
  23. I purchased this product and MAN was I excited, I've always wanted a corsair void product. I get it home, do all the plastic peeling, and plug that baby in through my motherboard's audio IO. It doesn't show up as a device on iCUE, and I have to change my audio settings to Realtek to be able to even hear anything from them. I also change the microphone default device to Realtek microphone and while it picks sound up, i have to like TAP it hard for it to pick anything up. My friends in discord told me I sounded like I was 50 feet away in an empty warehouse. I'd really love some advice about this but I do plan on going back to walmart around ~5PM est to return it. It'd be nice to have a solution by then because I love the feel of this headset. (Edit: I'll be checking this thread every half hour.)
  24. TLDR; Three QL120's connected to Lighting Node CORE then to Commander Pro, not showing up in iCUE PRODUCTS -Corsair Carbide Spec-06 White Case -iCUE LS100 Starter Kit -H100i AIO Cooler -QL120 RGB Fan Kit (Contains Lighting Node) -Commander Pro -RGB Hub SETUP Firstly I have fitted the LS100 kit inside my case, with two of the 250mm strips internally and one of the 450mm strips replacing the LED's that came in the front of the case as they were not iCUE compatible. These are daisy chained and connected to LED Port 2 in the Commander Pro. I took the two LL120 fans from the H100i and mounted them inside my case. These both go to the RGB Hub which is then connected to LED port 2 of the Commander Pro. For my H100i I have mounted 2 QL120 fans to it (Because the LL120's face the wrong way so the lights would be pointing at the radiator and the front of my case is covered). The third QL120 is below the radiator. All three of these fans go to the included Lightning Node CORE, which is connected to the Commander Pro via USB port 1. All accessories are lit using a Lighting Link mode. PROBLEM The QL120's cannot be found in the iCUE software. When connected to the Lighting Node they simply light up white. There is no option for selecting the Lightning Node in the software, even through the Commander Pro. If I connect one to the RGB Hub and tell it I have 3 fans then the connected QL will display the test LED, but because the RGB Hub is set up for the LL120's, I cannot connect all the QL's through the Hub as they have more LED's and they will not light up correctly. EXTRA While extremely unlikely to be related, I recently replaced my PSU and Motherboard. I'm 75% certain that the RGB in the QL120's were editable through iCUE before this. I did not unplug anything relating to them except the fan control to the AIO pump, which is now connected again.
  25. when I'm playing the games they crash, Windows stops recognizing the ssd, I have to restart the computer to get everything back to normal. when this happens it does not let me enter any sdd folder since the following message appears: " a device has been specified that does not exist" Curiously this started to happen to me with the new Windows update the 20H update. Cpu: ryzen 2600 Motherboard: asus x570 Pro (with 3001 version bios) Thanks!
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