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HS80 max Icue program wont recognize the hs80 max receiver nor headset

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Hello so i have the hs80 max headset for about 5 months now and i have a lot of connection and recognition issues 

First and the most annoying one, As I'm watching a video or even gaming  Icue just wont recognize the hs80 max receiver or the headset (but i can still hear) note that if i have my mic muted while Icue decides not to recognize the receiver or the headset and try to unmute my mic is doesn't unmute.

I sort of have found a solution to the problem just restarting the Icue program but at the same time i lose rgb on my corsair keyboard and rgb fans, after the i reopen Icue the program recognizes everything and goes back to normal.

Second I've tried everything i could find on the internet from deleting everything corsair related on my pc audio drivers etc. uninstalling the Icue app and cleaning every folder of corsair but still nothing after a while it just wont detect the receiver and headset.

Third while I'm away from the pc with the headset and it happens to lose the connection form me being to far and later on reconnects from me going back to the pc the Icue app again just doesn't recognizes the receiver or the headset (and again i need to restart the app just to recognize the headset and receiver).

It happens from 3 to 5 times a day and now after 5 month i just cant be bothered alt+tabing form a game just to restart the app or just after being away to make a coffee with my headset and it happens to disconnect needing again to restart the app.

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