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Mural & Corsair products problem

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So I had this PC for a long time now, it came along with light up corsair fans built into the PC and I also purchased a K55 RGB PRO keyboard with a HARPOON RGB PRO mouse but I have a hard time finding out how to activate the spiral rainbow effect or any lighting links and murals on my K55 RGB PRO keyboard yet I can somehow activate all those on my HARPOON RGB PRO mouse.  I also don't know how to make ICUE detect my corsair fans so i can change the color of them. I don't know if i need a specific corsair keyboard type for the linking types and etc and same with the fans.  And also I have the latest version of ICUE installed so I really don't know what's going on. If someone can please help me on this situation it would be appreciated 😁!

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The K55 Pro keyboard has a 5 lighting zone layout, unlike more expensive keyboards that are per key lighting.  It cannot do murals or complex lighting.  It was sort of an odd duck in this regard and when they released the K55 Pro XT they finally added per key lighting with a notable price increase.  You have to let that board do it's own thing from the choices available.


What Corsair RGB fans do you have?  They need a Corsair controller (Lighting Node Pro, Lighting Node Core, Commander Pro/Core/XT).  That controller then connects to the motherboard via USB 2 internal for communication.  Without those things, no CUE control.  

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