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Absolutely love the ease and looks of the ICue Link system.  The one thing I'd ask for and I'm sure it's been addressed is reverse blade fans. Especially in the larger cases having all of the fans look the same without having the X over half of them would be amazing !

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I signed up just to repeat this and surprised no one else is. Lian li (and Phanteks) are leaving Corsair in the dust slightly with fan design. But i love corsair for their link design, They definitely 1 upped Lian li on cable management. Especially the wireless pump head 

One other thing i really want to see less (or turn off)  pastel colours. They are nice but every now and then you want a change. i.e more presets without pastels and rainbow but fully bright reds blues purples etc. you can see them all in rainbows so we know it's possible 


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